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Solidified water soluble wood preservative and method of making the same.

A solidified water soluble wood preservative characterized by a solidified elongate body of a boron compound known as having beneficial effects as a wood preservative, in combination with copper oxide. The method of making the solidified water soluble wood preservative includes the following steps. Firstly, mixing powder-form copper oxide (CuO) and a powder-form boron compound known as having beneficial effects as a wood preservative to form a powder mixture. Secondly, heating the powder mixture at temperatures in excess of 700[degrees]C until the powder mixture melts to form a homogeneous liquid mxture. Thirdly, forming the homogeneous liquid mixture into a body. Fourthly, annealing the body at temperatures of between 300[degrees]C and 550[degrees]C.

ISSUE DATE: 12/14/99. INVENTOR(S): Payzant; John Donald, Edmonton, Canada, et al. ASSIGNEE(S): Genics Inc. FILING DATE: 05/03/96. NUMBER OF CLAIMS: 8. PATENT NUMBER: 6001279.
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Date:Oct 1, 2001
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