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Solid lubricant additives dispersions.

This selector guide provides information about the company's solid lubricant additives dispersions. According to the brochure, these additives enhance the lubrication qualities of automotive, industrial and consumer lubricants. Uniquely dispersed microscopic graphite, molybdenum disulfide, boron nitride or PTFE particles that are very slippery are said to create a durable, low friction lubricating film. When these additives are added to a liquid lubricant, they are said to reduce component friction, resulting in less wear, reduced energy consumption and improved load carrying capabilities. These high performance attributes, coupled with high and low temperature advantages and the immediate, non-degrading benefit, are said to make these additives superior to liquid chemical systems, according to the manufacturer. (Acheson)
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Title Annotation:Brochures
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Nov 1, 2007
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