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Solicitation ban removed in Florida.


A Florida circuit court judge overturned two Florida statutes prohibiting solicitation of clients by an accountant. Richard Rampell brought suit against the state of Florida, contesting Florida statute section 473.317, which prohibited fee quotations by accountants, and Florida statute section 473.323, which prohibited client solicitation by an accountant without prior invitation. Suit was brought by Rampell after a disciplinary complaint was filed against him for business solicitation of two potential clients.

In striking down the statutes, the court found they limited free speech and were overly broad in scope. The court went on to say these rules discouraged competition among accountants and favored senior accountants over newer members of the profession.

The case is currently being appealed. The outcome could be of national significance to accountants. (Rampell v. State of Florida, CL87-4207)

Wayne J. Baliga, CPA, JD, vice-president, AON Corp.
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Author:Baliga, Wayne J.
Publication:Journal of Accountancy
Date:Mar 1, 1990
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