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Solder Joint Reliability.

"Solder Ball Joint Reliability with Electroless Ni/Pd/ Au Plating--Influence of Electroless Pd Deposition Reaction Process and Electroless Pd Film Thickness"

Authors: Yoshinori Ejiri, Takehisa Sakurai, Akai Kunihiko, Yasushi Sugimoto, Yoshinori Arayama, Yoshiaki Tsubomatsu and Kiyoshi Hasegawa;

Abstract: The influence of the electroless Pd deposition reaction process and Pd film thickness in electroless NiPdAu plating on solder ball joint reliability was examined. It was found solder joint reliability was influenced by Pd replacement reaction time, and was excellent when replacement reaction time was short. After multiple reflow cycles and thermal aging, the optimum thickness of the Pd film was found to be 0.05--0.2[micro]m. The authors inferred that the high adhesion at the dendrite layers of the IMC-solder interface resulted in excellent solder ball joint reliability after reflow cycling. The IMC thickness is one of the factors that influences solder joint reliability after thermal aging. In (CuNiPd)6Sn5 IMCs that contained trace amounts of Pd, growth of IMCs was prevented by Pd, resulting in excellent solder ball joint reliability after thermal aging. (SMTA Journal, vol. 30, no. 3, Fall 2017)

"R1--A Reliability Comparison Study between 14 Lead-Free Alloys"

Authors: Jorg Trodler and Heinz Wohlrabe; joerg.

Abstract: Solder joint reliability plays a key role in the quality of SMT assemblies. This paper presents a reliability study named Rl. Included in this study is a reliability experiment with 14 different solder alloys (13 lead-free solders and an Sn63 alloy used as a reference), six different surface finishes, and six different SMD chips, combined with three different pad layouts. A high-cycle reliability test was used, where failures were evaluated using Weibull analysis, and then subjected to variance analysis. (SMTA International, September 2017)

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