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Sold out.

So I'd thought that Thrasher had been removed from the shelves of the stores here in my town (paranoid, crazy man thinking). Just turns out that it sold out. I guess that is what happens when you live in a super skate city like Vancouver. My, how times have changed. Growing up in Edmonton, Canada we had to fight to skate. When I got myself into this crazy skateboard world there were no parks, just gangs of teenagers. Our gang was more about smoking the weed than doing the tricks. In the winter when the skate bug would hit we walked into the underground parkades (heated if we were lucky) and skated whatever we could find. It wasn't really considered breaking and entering only because they all were unlocked. We would usually get about a full hour before the security would catch on to us. Sometimes there would be a dozen dudes in a huge underground game of POSER (POSER is the game of skate for the non-poser) when The Law would show up. Then we all would run. That was the adrenaline rush. There is just something about being a skater and running from The Law that we can all attest to. Think about all the times the law has come and kicked you right out. If they only knew. If we were not skating their forbidden places we'd be doing a lot worse. And now that The Man has started to build skateparks everywhere he can't understand why us skaters keep skating the streets. Well, I sure hope The Man doesn't read this. There has been all this talk of getting skating to the Olympics. The only way skating could get to the Olympics is if every single skate stopper was removed from every building, block, rail and curb of the world. Number two, getting a self-respecting skater to actually enter. Three, getting said skater to pass a friggin' drug test. The last time that I checked there was only one Andy Mac in our scene. Let's keep it that way. But what if I got all this stuff bassakwards, and if skating were in the Olympics? Then all of the world's skate stoppers would be removed. Skating is changing. A wise man once said that only poor men will gamble. So, I ask, do only rich men place bets?

John Richards

Vancouver, Canada

Rich men cash checks--T-ed
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Title Annotation:MAIL DROP
Author:Richards, John
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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