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Solar eruptions and energetic particles.


Solar eruptions and energetic particles.

Ed. by Natchimuthukonar Gopalswamy et al.

American Geophysical Union


385 pages



Geophysical monograph; 165


Recently coronal mass ejection (CME) and solar energetic particles (SEPs) have received a significant amount of study, thanks the peculiarities of solar cycle 23 and to new orbiting and ground-based systems. Researchers were able to take measures of unprecedented sensitivity to test assumptions and refine models. The results here include the aforesaid ejection, including their initiation and relationship with flares; SEPs, including the source material for large events and observations of energy-dependent charge states; flares and energetic particles, including radiative diagnosis and particle acceleration in solar flares and escape into interplanetary space; CME-driven shocks and SEPs in the heliosphere, including radio bursts and SEP events; and space weather, including geoeffective CMEs and energy particles.

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