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Solar energy at home roofs - WAPDA may start buying it.

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Islamabad is moving to selling power to WAPDA through connections from roof top solar installations and mortgaging of home solar panels. It had recently finished 32.5% tax on imported solar equipment. According to engineers this should induce WAPDA to buy home solar power. Many homes have 4kW solar panels costing Rs700000 to Rs800000 including installation due to long (6-8 hours) load shedding. A recent reduction of 32.5pc tax has lowered this cost to Rs506250. Its average annual generation will be about 6838 units. Of this 3500 units will be consumed in houses and the remaining 3340 kWh can be exported/ sold to WAPDA. Due to WAPDA tariff of Rs16/kWh and 18% GST panel owners will annually save Rs. 55968 in bills and Rs. 10074 on GST. And if he sells his extra power to WAPDA he will earn Rs. 53444 from selling 3340kWh for Rs16/kWh.

This would mean net annual savings of Rs119486 (Rs. 55968 + Rs. 10074 + Rs. 53444) saving meaning payback in about 6 years for an expense of Rs700000. But this period may be considered long' and may not attract many people to solar technology. One way of reducing the payback period is to have a higher electricity export tariff added an engineer.

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Publication:Pakistan Engineering Review
Date:Apr 15, 2015
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