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Solange. (Spotlight).

AGE: 16. HOMETOWN: Houston. She lives with her parents in what we heard was a mansion. "That's not true. It's a five-bedroom house." CLAIM TO FAME: She's Beyonce Knowles' little sis, but she just released her own CD Solo Star. TINY DANCER: Solange joined a children's dance troupe when she was just 2 and, at 13, got a real taste of being in the spotlight when she toured as a dancer with Destiny's Child. "It was a growth experience for me, not artistically, but I got a chance to see how much hard work it is going on tour." DADDY, CAN I HAVE A RECORDING CONTRACT?: Solange's father is the manager of Destiny's Child, and the dance gig was a chance for her parents to gauge how well Solange could handle the demands of show biz. "My parents said that if I could deal with all the hard work without complaining, then we could see about getting me a record deal." SHE WRITES THE SONGS: Solange says her favorite song on Solo Star is "This Could Be Love." "I wrote and co-produced it. I also wrote songs for Kelly Rowlands' a lbum." BOY BUDS: The boys of B2K are featured on Solange's "Dance With You" track. "For the last three years, we've been friends, and I've always wanted to work with them because I knew they were talented." SISTER, SISTER: Does Solange ever feel like she's living in the shadow of her ultra-superstar sister? "No, not at all because I'm just doing this to have fun. My goal is not to sell 300 million, billion, gazillion records but to make music as long as I'm happy."
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