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 Under midnight's moonlit mist, She returns From distant
lands. With lost melodies She calms my crying, and Soothes my sorrow. I
recognise your birthmark, Warbler. I long for you to return to me. 

In Irish folklore, the voices of sedge warblers heard singing at midnight were said to be that of deceased infants who had returned temporarily to soothe their keening mothers.

 I gceo gealai mean oiche, Filleann si O chriocha ciana. Le
ceol caillte Ciunaionn si mo chaoineadh, Is cneasaionn si mo chra chroi.
Aithnim do bhallbroinne, a cheolaire cibe. Is cian liom go bhfillfidh tu
aris chugam. 

Creideadh trath gur fhill anamacha linbh marbha mar cheolairi cibe ag mean oiche chun suaimhneas a thabhairt da maithreacha chaointeacha lena gceol binn.

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Title Annotation:Special Issue: Ireland
Author:Ni Ghriofa, Doireann
Publication:Prairie Schooner
Article Type:Poem
Date:Dec 22, 2011
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