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Let's shift to agroecology for healthy food, good soils. Jun 13, 2022 704
British farmers being paid to bury burnt wood as part of new carbon capture trial; Researchers in a multi-million-pound trial are placing 200 tonnes of a charcoal-like substance under woodland and farmland in an attempt to improve British soil health and turn waste carbon into a useful nutrient. By, William Morgan Jun 13, 2022 465
Experimental Characterization of the Seismic Responses of Silt-Interlayered Stratified Sandy Tailings Slopes Using Centrifuge Shaking Table Tests. Zhang, Zitao; Hu, Jing; Zhang, Xuedong Jun 9, 2022 7840
Equip Yourself for Your Permaculture Farm: Learn how to integrate permaculture practices with the right machinery to improve soil quality, decrease disease, and save water naturally. Meyer, Jeff Jun 1, 2022 1815
Carbon Stock Potential across Different Land Covers in Tropical Ecosystems of Damota Natural Vegetation, Eastern Ethiopia. Hussein, Abdulbasit May 31, 2022 8322
Mechanical Behavior of Plastic Strips-Reinforced Expansive Soils Stabilized with Waste Marble Dust. Amena, Shelema; Kabeta, Worku Firomsa May 31, 2022 5662
Metagenomics Shows That Termite Activities Influence the Diversity and Composition of Soil Invertebrates in Termite Mound Soils. Enagbonma, Ben Jesuorsemwen; Babalola, Olubukola Oluranti May 30, 2022 4620
Sources Identification and Health Risk Evaluation of 10 Heavy Metals (Metalloids) in Soils of the Aibi Lake Basin, Northwest China. Zhaoyong, Zhang; Jieyi, Guo; Pengwei, Wang May 27, 2022 7648
EGA and AUS to research food waste re-use for residue soils. May 26, 2022 738
Rock dust could help reduce carbon emissions from agriculture industry. May 25, 2022 266
Effect of Phosphogypsum Amendment on Chemical Properties of Sodic Soils at Different Incubation Periods. Hasana, Haile; Beyene, Sheleme; Kifilu, Alemayehu; Kidanu, Selamyihun May 24, 2022 8509
Semianalytical Solutions to the Axisymmetric Free Strain Consolidation Problem of Unsaturated Soils under the Homogeneous and Mixed Boundary Conditions. Huang, Yuanchun; Wang, Lei; Shen, Sidong May 19, 2022 8668
Soil Nutrient Balance and Soil Fertility Status under the Influence of Fertilization in Maize-Wheat Cropping System in Nepal. Rawal, Nabin; Pande, Keshab Raj; Shrestha, Renuka; Vista, Shree Prasad May 17, 2022 9176
Soil Physical Characteristics and Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity in the Landform of Barito Delta, Kalimantan, Indonesia. Arisanty, Deasy; Rahmawati, Novi; Rosadi, Dedi May 17, 2022 9343
Effects of Conservation Agriculture and Conventional Tillage on the Soil Physicochemical Properties and Household Income in Southern Ethiopia. Lejissa, Lemlem Tajebe; Wakjira, Feyera Senbeta; Tanga, Agena Anjulo May 12, 2022 9950
Variations in soil physico-chemical properties, soil stocks, and soil stoichiometry under different soil layers, the major forest region Liupan Mountains of Northwest China/ Variares nas propriedades fisico-quimicas do solo, estoques e estequiometria do solo sob diferentes camadas de solo, a principal regiao florestal das montanhas Liupan do noroeste da China. Rahman, M.; Zhang, K.; Wang, Y.; Ahmad, B.; Ahmad, A.; Zhang, Z.; Khan, D.; Muhammad, D.; Ali, A. May 11, 2022 9012
Student who jumped into River Tyne meets the firefighters who saved his life; The medical student jumped the barrier and ended being buried in silt in the pitch black. By, Flaminia Luck May 10, 2022 1091
Comparative Study on the Field- and Lab-Based Soil-Water Characteristic Curves for Expansive Soils. Zamin, Bakht; Nasir, Hassan; Sikandar, Muhammad Ali; Ahmad, Waqas; Khan, Beenish Jehan; Ahmad, Mahmo Report May 2, 2022 5546
Research on Progressive Stabilization Filter System of Silt Foundation around Tube Well. Zhang, Canhong; Hou, Wenang; Ji, Enyue; Yang, Zhanmin; Wang, Baotian Apr 28, 2022 4647
Take some good care of your soils. Apr 23, 2022 355
Take some good care of your soils. Apr 23, 2022 363
Effect of silica fume on the undrained strength parameters of dispersive soils. Ozturk, Ogan; Turkoz, Murat Apr 22, 2022 3470
Geotechnical Characteristic Assessments of Floodplain Soils Using SCPTU Data in Nanjing, China. Zhang, Mingfei; Tong, Liyuan; Wang, Qiang Apr 22, 2022 8944
Physical Quality and Porosity Aspects of Amazon Anthropogenic Soils under Different Management Systems. Soares, Marcelo Dayron Rodrigues; Souza, Zigomar Menezes de; Campos, Milton César Costa; Cooper, Mig Apr 13, 2022 6866
Spatial Variability of Soil Organic Carbon Stock in Gurje Subwatershed, Hadiya Zone, Southern Ethiopia. Addise, Temesgen; Bedadi, Bobe; Regassa, Alemayehu; Wogi, Lemma; Feyissa, Samuel Mar 31, 2022 8626
Experimental Study on the Strength Characteristics of Expansive Soils Improved by the MICP Method. Tian, Xuwen; Xiao, Hongbin; Li, Zixiang; Li, Zhenyu; Su, Huanyu; Ouyang, Qianwen Report Mar 25, 2022 5468
Overconsolidation Characteristics of Silt Layer in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Guan, Dashu; Zhang, Wei; Zhou, Guoqing; Zhu, QiYin; Zou, Jiaqiang; Zheng, Jiaxi; Huang, Wenhao Mar 15, 2022 3419
Verde Resources to develop carbon based soil amendment blends through M&A agreement with Rice Tech LLC. Mar 14, 2022 298
Midlands engineers solve silt in pumps challenge. Mar 13, 2022 748
Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Slope Failure in 3-D Spatially Variable Soils by Finite Element Method. Ding, Ya-Nan; Qi, Zu-Fang; Hu, Miao; Mao, Jin-Zhu; Huang, Xiao-Cheng Mar 2, 2022 6302
Soil health practices have different outcomes depending on local soil conditions. Devine, Scott M.; Steenwerth, Kerri L.; O'Geen, Anthony T. Mar 1, 2022 5024
Evaluation of Soil Quality for Different Types of Land Use Based on Minimum Dataset in the Typical Desert Steppe in Ningxia, China. Tian, Ying; Xu, Zhe; Wang, Jun; Wang, Zhanjun Feb 27, 2022 10651
Effect of Mineral Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium Fertilizers on the Productivity of Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) in Acidic Soils of Wolaita Zone, Southern Ethiopia. Tsige, Bekalu Abebe; Dechassa, Nigussie; Tana, Tamado; Laekemariam, Fanuel; Alemayehu, Yibekal Feb 16, 2022 13797
Analytical Study on Surface Settlement Troughs Induced by the Sequential Excavation of Adjacent and Parallel Tunnels in Layered Soils. Dong, Cong; Lin, Jian; Cao, Guangyong; Cheng, Hua; Shi, Linlin; Zhang, Xiaohui Report Feb 15, 2022 5008
Silt cleaning at Khanpur Dam to start from Feb 14. Feb 12, 2022 158
Silt cleaning at Khanpur Dam to start from Feb 14. Feb 12, 2022 158
Annual silt cleaning to affect water supply. Feb 12, 2022 198
Thermo-Hydromechanical Coupling Responses Driven by a Central Heat Source in Unsaturated Soils. Wang, Wei; Liu, Jingjing; Chen, Jing Feb 4, 2022 6441
Contemplated Investigation and Statistical Prediction of the Swelling Potential of Expansive Soils Using Index Properties of Holte Town, Southern Ethiopia. Entonyos, Tilahun K.; Dasho, Defaru K.; Pampana, Vasudeva R. Jan 31, 2022 6270
River Freshney dredging project to be extended to benefit wildlife; six weeks of work to clear silt. PETER CRAIG @GTPETERCRAIG Jan 22, 2022 386
Experimental Investigation on the Vertical Bearing Characteristics of Jacked Piles in Saturated Silt Foundations under Excavation. Jiu, Yong-Zhi; Zhang, Zhen; Zhang, Xiang-Yu Jan 10, 2022 7173
Experimental Investigation on the Pressure Distribution Law and Calculation Method of Muddy Water with High Silt Content. Zhong, Lijia; Liu, Fengyin; Wang, Bo; Yang, Zhao; Zhou, Dong Jan 4, 2022 6981
Can Farmers Reverse Climate Change Through Carbon Farming? Smith, Aaron Jan 1, 2022 2284
An Assessment of Water and Soil Parameters Using Geospatial Techniques, A Case Study of Botanical Garden of University of the Punjab, Pakistan. Khalid, Arsla; Anwar, Momina; Naveed, Nashrah; Sarwar, Faiza Report Jan 1, 2022 3358
Soils in old-growth treetops can store more carbon than soils under our feet. Dec 24, 2021 477
Research on a Critical Hydraulic Gradient of Piping in Noncohesive Soils. Zhang, Can-Hong; Ji, En-Yue; Wang, Bao-Tian Dec 18, 2021 4086
Influence of Humidity State on Dynamic Resilient Modulus of Subgrade Soils: Considering Repeated Wetting-Drying Cycles. Xin, Gongfeng; Zhang, Anshun; Wang, Zijian; Shen, Quanjun; Mu, Minghao Dec 14, 2021 5394
Shear Strength Deterioration of Compacted Residual Soils under a Wind Turbine due to Drying-Wetting Cycles and Vibrations. Zhou, Yan-Ming; Deng, Zong-Wei; Fan, Zi-Jian; Liu, Wen-Jie Dec 13, 2021 5135
Grain Yield and Nitrogen Uptake of Maize (Zea mays L.) as Affected by Soil Management Practices and Their Interaction on Cambisols and Chernozem. Nigussie, Ashenafi; Haile, Wassie; Agegnehu, Getachew; Kiflu, Alemayehu Dec 3, 2021 10220
Excess salt in soils puts food security at risk: FAO. Dec 3, 2021 635
Soil Quality and Pomelo Productivity as Affected by Chicken Manure and Cow Dung. Van Dang, Le; Ngoc, Ngo Phuong; Hung, Ngo Ngoc Dec 2, 2021 6884
IMPACT OF FALLOW ON SOIL HEALTH IN MOKOKCHUNG DISTRICT, NAGALAND, INDIA. Temjen, Wati; Singh, Maibam Romeo; Jungla, Tali Dec 1, 2021 5151
Screening Different Desert Soils in Makkah Province to Detect Novel Antibiotics Producing Actinomycetes. Hausawi, Abdullah A.I.; Baeshen, Nabih A.; Al-Hejin, Ahmed Mahmoud; Al-Matary, Mohammed A.; Almaaqar Report Dec 1, 2021 4348
Biochemical Fingerprints of Some Endemic Plants Growing in Gypsum Soils: Attenuated Total Reflection-Fourier Transform Infrared (ATR-FTIR) Spectroscopic Study. Kayabas, Aysenur; Yildirim, Ertan Report Dec 1, 2021 6582
Development of Some Novel Suction-Based Correlations for Swell Behavior of Expansive Soils. Zamin, Bakht; Nasir, Hassan; Mehmood, Khalid; Iqbal, Qaiser; Bashir, M. Tariq; Farooq, Asim Nov 30, 2021 5647
Woolly mammoth's 45,000-year-old body discovered with roundworm eggs in faeces; The Tadibe mammoth calf was discovered in the silt of Lake Pechenelava-To, Yamal, in July 2020, where scientists have concluded it had been preserved in Arctic permafrost since prehistoric times. By, Will Stewart Nov 5, 2021 457
Waitrose deal boost for Root Zero potatoes. SION BARRY Business editor Nov 3, 2021 523
Carbon and nitrogen stocks and organic matter fractions in the topsoil of traditional and agrisilvicultural systems in the Southeast of Brazil. Frazao, Leidivan Almeida; Cardoso, Paulo Henrique Silveira; Neta, Maria Nilfa Almeida; Mota, Mauro F Report Nov 1, 2021 8034
Soil properties sensitive to degradation caused by increasing intensity of conventional tillage. Estevam, Rodrigo Fernandes Herrera; Peixoto, Devison Souza; Filho, Jose Fernandes de Melo; Amorim, H Nov 1, 2021 11457
Diffusive fluxes and water-extractable concentrations of different nitrogen forms in a temperate agricultural soil. Inselsbacher, Erich; Peticzka, Robert Report Nov 1, 2021 3552
Short-term effects of rice straw biochar on hydraulic properties and aggregate stability of an Acrisol. Parker, Nathaniel; Cornelis, Wim M.; Frimpong, Kwame Agyei; Danso, Eric Oppong; Bessah, Enoch; Arthu Report Nov 1, 2021 7223
EFFECT OF ARSENIC(As) ON GROWTH AND PHYSIOLOGY OF MAIZE(ZEA MAYS) IN VARYING SOILS. B. Hussain, M. Sanaullah, M. Iqbal, F. Mahmood, F. Azeem, M. Shahid, T. Shahzad and S. Hussain Oct 31, 2021 6912
Winemakers are looking towards carbon farming, one of the oldest agricultural practices. Oct 25, 2021 206
River gates to open in bid to cut silt in lake. TONY HENDERSON Reporter @Hendrover Oct 18, 2021 491
Carbon-neutral potatoes set to hit store shelves. SION BARRY Business editor Oct 13, 2021 440
Root Zero - UK's first carbon neutral potatoes - are grown in Wales. Oct 5, 2021 447
Senator Cynthia Villar and the Bureau of Soils and Water Management Turnover of Composting Facilities to Farmer's Cooperatives, Irrigator's Associations and LGUs nationwide geared towards Sustainable Agriculture. Oct 5, 2021 811
Aggregation and dynamics of soil organic matter under different management systems in the Brazilian Cerrado. Torres, Jose Luiz Rodrigues; Silva, Venancio Rodrigues e.; Costa, Danyllo Denner de Almeida; Pereira Report Oct 1, 2021 10734
Forms of inorganic phosphorus in carbonatic soils in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Oliveira, Naelmo de Souza; Schiavo, Jolimar Antonio; Laranjeira, Lais Thomaz; de Moraes, Eloise Mell Report Oct 1, 2021 7452
FAO launches new tools to stimulate soil re-carbonation. Mohammed El-Said Sep 25, 2021 940
The solution is under our feet. Sep 22, 2021 609
Application of a Stress-Fractional Model for Capturing the Stress-Strain Behavior of Granular Soils. Lu, Wei; Yang, Jiangong; Wang, Jinan Sep 22, 2021 2625
Isolation of Metarhizium guizhouense and Metarhizium robertsii strains from soil-exposed Amblyomma americanum (Acarina: Ixodidae) from northwest Arkansas, USA. Goldsmith, Austin; Loftin, Kelly; Steinkraus, Donald; Szalanski, Allen; Cleary, Dylan; Castrillo, Lo Report Sep 1, 2021 6310
Salt-tolerant plants to add fertility to Pakistan's salt-affected soils. Aug 11, 2021 541
Bacteria from Mayon soils may have antibiotic and anticancer properties. Aug 8, 2021 949
Peat and other organic soils under agricultural use in Germany: Properties and challenges for classification. Wittnebel, Mareille; Tiemeyer, Barbel; Dettmann, Ullrich Aug 5, 2021 12679
Climate change and soil organic matter in Scotland: time to turn over a new leaf? Aitkenhead, M.J. Report Aug 1, 2021 16020
Distribution of subsoil microbial activity and biomass under Australian rotational cotton as influenced by system, crop status and season. Polain, Katherine; Knox, Oliver; Wilson, Brian; Guppy, Christopher; Lisle, Leanne; Nachimuthu, Gunas Report Aug 1, 2021 9448
Summer irrigation of pasture enhances the transfer and short-term storage of soil organic carbon in the particulate and mineral-associated organic matter fractions. Carmona, Carmen R.; Clough, Timothy J.; Beare, Michael H.; McNally, Samuel R. Aug 1, 2021 10932
Sheep grazing to control weeds enhances soil carbon, not nitrogen. Sainju, Upendra; Hatfield, Patrick; Ragen, Devon Aug 1, 2021 6978
Soil organic carbon and nitrogen in soil physical fractions in woody encroached grassland in South African savannas. Mureva, Admore; Chivenge, Pauline; Ward, David Report Aug 1, 2021 7139
Spatial distribution of soil microbial activity and soil properties associated with Eucalyptus and Acacia plantings in NSW, Australia. Amarasinghe, A.; Fyfe, C.; Knox, O.G.G.; de Bruyn, L.A. Lobry; Kristiansen, P.; Wilson, B.R. Report Aug 1, 2021 7532
Quantifying blue carbon and nitrogen stocks in surface soils of temperate coastal wetlands. Asanopoulos, Christina H.; Baldock, Jeff A.; Macdonald, Lynne M.; Cavagnaro, Timothy R. Report Aug 1, 2021 7799
Linking decomposition rates of soil organic amendments to their chemical composition. Baldock, J.A.; Creamer, C.; Szarvas, S.; McGowan, J.; Carter, T.; Farrell, M. Report Aug 1, 2021 10139
Altitudinal transects reveal large differences in intact lipid composition among soils. Warren, Charles R. Report Aug 1, 2021 11886
Estimating Deformation Modulus and Bearing Capacity of Deep Soils from Dynamic Penetration Test. Shan, Shihan; Pei, Xiangjun; Zhan, Weiwei Jul 15, 2021 6782
Analysis of One-Dimensional Consolidation for Unsaturated Soils under Piecewise Cyclic Loading. Huang, Yuanchun; Shen, Sidong; Wang, Lei; Li, Tianyi; Fu, Xianlei Jul 5, 2021 4687
Chinese biological solutions set to transform saline, sodic soils in Pakistan. Jul 2, 2021 236
HOW TO TAKE AN ACCURATE SOIL SAMPLE. Cook, Kristi Jul 1, 2021 1180
Uranium Decontamination from Waste Soils by Chlorination with ZrCl[sub.4] in LiCl-KCl Eutectic Salt. Jang, Junhyuk; Kim, Tack-Jin; Park, Sungbin Report Jun 28, 2021 3401
Physical and Mechanical Properties of Turfy Soils under Confining and Axial Pressure Increases Stress Paths in Jilin Province, Northeast China. Lv, Yan; Huang, Yaolong; Liu, Chang; Su, Zhandong; Nie, Lei Jun 28, 2021 6370
Systematic Analysis Method for the Unusual Large Displacement in the Excavations in Soft Soil Area. Ni, Xiaodong; Lu, Jiangfa; Wang, Chen; Huang, Songxian; Tang, Donghua Report Jun 19, 2021 8712
Good soils, good yields. Jun 12, 2021 356
19,98,625 cubic feet of silt removed: Sindh LG Secy. Jun 11, 2021 195
Stay away plea as Falkirk canal water levels drop and dangerous silt exposed; The Provost of Falkirk is warning people to heed advice to stay away from the dangerous silt that has been exposed by low water levels in the Forth & Clyde canal. Kirsty Paterson, Local Democracy Reporting Service Jun 10, 2021 387
Dynamic Parameters and Hysteresis Loop Characteristics of Frozen Silt Clay under Different Cyclic Stress Paths. Liu, Furong; Zhou, Zhiwei; Ma, Wei; Zhang, Shujuan; Sun, Zhizhong Jun 8, 2021 7071
More benefits of rotational grazing. Jun 3, 2021 272
U.S. Insurers Lag Euro Counterparts in Climate Rating Report. Jergler, Don Jun 3, 2021 772
Molecular Diversity of Chlorpyrifos Degrading Bacteria isolated from Apple Orchard soils of Himachal Pradesh. Sharma, Anish Kumar; Pandit, Jyotsana; Harkhani, Khyati Jun 1, 2021 3716
Susceptibility to erosion risks in soils dedicated to pineapple cultivation in the department of Valle del Cauca, Colombia/Susceptibilidad a riesgos de erosion en suelos dedicados al cultivo de pina en el departamento del Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Lopez, Carolina Martinez; Paja, Albin Osvaldo Rivera; Flores, Juan Carlos Menjivar Jun 1, 2021 4632
Characterization on the correlation between SPT-N and small strain shear modulus [G.sub.max] of Jiangsu silts of China/Caracterizacion de la correlacion entre los valores N del Ensayo de Penetracion Estandar y el modulo cortante a pequenas deformaciones [G.sub.max] en sedimentos de Jiangsu, China. Chu, Ya; Liu, Songyu; Cai, Guojun Jun 1, 2021 7027
Soil organic carbon sequestration potential of Pampean soils: comparing methods and estimation for surface and deep layers. Alvarez, Roberto; Berhongaray, Gonzalo Jun 1, 2021 10363
Spatiotemporal variability of soil organic carbon for different topographic and land use types in a gully watershed on the Chinese Loess Plateau. Yang, Fan; Wei, Xiaorong; Huang, Mingbin; Li, Chenhui; Zhao, Xiaofang; Zhang, Zhongdian Jun 1, 2021 10553
Monitoring the behaviour of Australian Vertosols in response to the shrink-swell characteristic and cotton picker traffic. Shatib, Mohammed A.M. Al-; Chen, Guangnan; Bennett, John McL.; Jensen, Troy A. Jun 1, 2021 6588
A baseline soil survey of two peatlands associated with a lithium-rich salt flat in the Argentine Puna: physico-chemical characteristics, carbon storage and biota. Chiappero, M. Fernanda; Vaieretti, Maria V.; Izquierdo, Andrea E. May 21, 2021 7278
Decarbonising agriculture: solution is right under our feet. May 18, 2021 935
How different soils affect gardens. LEE REICH Associated Press May 16, 2021 563
Clay, sand, silt, loam: How different soils affect gardens. LEE REICH Associated Press May 12, 2021 634
Soil C[O.sup.2] emissions and net primary production of an oil palm plantation established on tropical peat. Wakhid, Nur; Hirano, Takashi Report May 12, 2021 6408
The Influence of Hydraulic Conditions on the Stability of Dual Circular Tunnels in Unsaturated Soils. Du, Jingna; Ye, Fei May 4, 2021 6647
Potential for suppression of Rhizoctonia root rot is influenced by nutrient (N and P) and carbon inputs in a highly calcareous coarse-textured topsoil. Davey, Rowena S.; McNeill, Ann M.; Barnett, Stephen J.; Cupta, Vadakattu V.S.R. Report May 1, 2021 14300
Soil organic carbon sequestration potential of Pampean soils: comparing methods and estimation for surface and deep layers. Alvarez, Roberto; Berhongaray, Gonzalo Report May 1, 2021 10375
Proteinaceous and humic fluorescent components in chloroform-fumigated soil extracts: implication for microbial biomass estimation. Rinot, Oshri; Rotbart, Nativ; Borisover, Mikhail; Bar-Tal, Asher; Oren, Adi Report May 1, 2021 7204
Spatiotemporal variability of soil organic carbon for different topographic and land use types in a gully watershed on the Chinese Loess Plateau. Yang, Fan; Wei, Xiaorong; Huang, Mingbin; Li, Chenhui; Zhao, Xiaofang; Zhang, Zhongdian Report May 1, 2021 10587
Monitoring the behaviour of Australian Vertosols in response to the shrink-swell characteristic and cotton picker traffic. Shatib, Mohammed A.M. Al-; Chen, Guangnan; Bennett, John McL.; Jensen, Troy A. Report May 1, 2021 6585
Study on the Mechanical Properties of Chlorine Saline Soil under the Interaction of Multiple Factors. Xu, Anhua; Wang, Pengcheng; Fang, Jianhong Report Apr 30, 2021 5646
Application of Calculus of Variation in the Optimization of Functional Parameters of Compacted Modified Soils: A Simplified Computational Review. Onyelowe, Kennedy C. Apr 28, 2021 3692
Study on Mechanical Properties of the Expansive Soil Treated with Iron Tailings Sand. Chu, Chengfu; Zhang, Fei; Wu, Daoxiang; Zhan, Meihuang; Liu, Yun Report Apr 22, 2021 6665
Better soil and health should be way ahead; Letters. Apr 21, 2021 377
Nature-based solutions are part of the answer to the climate crisis - Neil Bancroft; On Thursday we mark World Earth Day, the annual call-to-action to take whatever steps we can to heal our planet. The theme this year is 'restore our Earth', an imperative that conveys both the urgency of the situation and the suggestion that it is not yet too late to make a difference and to stop squandering our natural capital - the ecosystems, soils, freshwater, air and oceans on which we depend. Neil Bancroft Apr 20, 2021 562
Effects of sheep manure in agricultural soils on the behavior of Folsomia candida and initial growth and development of Avena sativa/Efeitos do esterco de ovelha em solos agricolas no comportamento de Folsomia candida e no crescimento e desenvolvimento inicial de Avena sativa. Zortea, T.; Segat, J.C.; Conte, R.A.; Barreta, D.A.; Silva, A.W.L.; Paulino, A.T.; Baretta, D. Apr 9, 2021 3918
'Rock on soils' shown to improve microbiology. NANCY NICOLSON Apr 3, 2021 407
Dry Soils, Dry Summers. Apr 1, 2021 279
Vineyard soil microbial community under conventional, sustainable and organic management practices in a Mediterranean climate. Unc, Adrian; Eshel, Gil; Unc, George A.; Doniger, Tirza; Sherman, Chen; Leikin, Mark; Steinberger, Y Report Apr 1, 2021 12150
Iddingsitisation of olivine and kaolinitisation of biotite in two contrasting tephra-derived soils along the Cameroon Volcanic Line (CVL). Enang, Roger Kogge; Mees, Florias; Yerima, Bernard Palmer Kfuban; Van Ranst, Eric Report Apr 1, 2021 7253
Impact of long-term conservation agriculture induced changes in soil properties on persistence of pendimethalin under different cropping systems. Babal, Bhawna; Phogat, Ved K.; Sharma, Manoj K.; Ahlawat, Sushil Report Apr 1, 2021 6513
MICRONUTRIENTS (Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn, B) AVAILABILITY STATUS IN THE SOILS OF SARGODHA DISTRICT, PUNJAB, PAKISTAN. M. Shafique, M.A. Qazi, A. Farooq, W. Abbas, R. Gul, N.I. Khan, F. Umar, M. Khalid, K.M. Mughal, M. Mar 31, 2021 4116
Pioneering soil carbon capture; The Glasgow headquartered diary co-operative, First Milk along with Nestle and Agricarbon have launched a pioneering soil carbon capture project for the sector. Mar 31, 2021 230
First Milk to help measure carbon in soil. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Mar 31, 2021 318
Pozzolanic Reaction in Clayey Soils for Stabilization Purposes: A Classical Overview of Sustainable Transport Geotechnics. Onyelowe, Kennedy C.; Onyia, Michael E.; Bui Van, Duc; Baykara, Haci; Ugwu, Hyginus U. Mar 26, 2021 4131
Need To De-Silt Drains, Fix Potholes Ahead Of Rainy Season. Mar 22, 2021 1086
Isolation of Actinomycetes with Cellulolytic and Antimicrobial Activities from Soils Collected from an Urban Green Space in the Philippines. Daquioag, Jann Eldy L.; Penuliar, Gil M. Mar 17, 2021 9100
Contractor Deep Soil Mixing helps to reduce carbon footprint for HS2. JOHN CORSER Mar 16, 2021 262
Potato industry under threat from soil infection pests; A national strategy to counter the sharp increase in potato cyst nematodes (PCN) infection levels in Scotland's soils is to be launched later this month. Mar 5, 2021 476
Comparison of the effectiveness of three extractants in extracting potassium, calcium and magnesium from tropical peat soils. Reeza, Ameera Abdul; Hussin, Aminuddin; Ahmed, Osumanu Haruna Feb 28, 2021 5711
Carbon stocks and their spatial distribution in drained and rewetted peatland forests in a low mountain range area, Germany. Kruger, Jan Paul; Dotterweich, Markus; Seifert-Schafer, Angelika; Hoffmann, Svenja; Kopf, Christoph; Report Feb 28, 2021 9284
Modeling of Minimum and Maximum Void Ratios of Granular Soils. Qian, Xiaoxu; Liu, Xin; Shao, Zhiwei; Shi, Yunqiang; Zhang, Siqing; Hong, Baoning Report Feb 20, 2021 4450
Scottish farmers are missing out on real carbon cash cow. Christopher Nicholson Feb 20, 2021 601
New woodlands schemes could 'backfire' - RSPB. Feb 11, 2021 172
Put the right trees in the right places; RSPB'S PLEA ON NEW WOODLAND PLANTING. EMILY BEAMENT Feb 11, 2021 433
Importance of sugarcane straw maintenance to prevent soil organic matter depletion in a Nitisol in the central-southern region of Brazil. Popin, Gustavo V.; Santos, Arthur K.B.; Melo, Paul L.A.; Cherubin, Mauricio R.; Cerri, Carlos E.P.; Report Feb 1, 2021 9889
Assessment of irrigated lands in the soil climate of the Bukhara oasis. Tuymurodovna, Artikova Hafiza; Muhiddinnovna, Sattorova Mahfuza Report Jan 30, 2021 6057
Effect of Loading Path on the Mechanical Properties of Completely Decomposed Granite Soil Based on the Multiscale Method. Zhao, Yanru; Wen, Tiande; Sun, Xiaohui; Huang, Liping; Chen, Rui Report Jan 30, 2021 5289
Hidden climate risk posed by carbon-chomping soil bacteria. Jan 28, 2021 225
Temperature Gradient Measuring System Development Using Wireless Sensor Networks For Detection Of Ambient Air And Soil. Mohamed, Ramizi; Keen, Heng Joe; Annuar, Khalil Azha Mohd; Azwan, Nor; Kamari, Mohamed Report Jan 15, 2021 4342
Experimental Study on Frost-Heaving Force Development of Tibetan Clay Subjected to One-Directional Freezing in an Open System. He, Pengfei; Xiong, Meng; Mu, Yanhu; Dong, Jianhua; Na, Xinlei Report Jan 15, 2021 6771
Pesticides Slaughter Beneficial Soil Organisms. Jan 1, 2021 367
Groundwater silcrete in the Potsdam Group, Ottawa Graben, Canada: a case example of shallow fault-controlled silicification and desilicification in a tectonically active basin. Lowe, David; Arnott, Rwc; Desantis, Edward; Conliffe, James Jan 1, 2021 406
The relationship between selected metal content of soils in Nova Scotia, Canada, and the underlying geology: possible implications for public health (As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Pb, U, Zn). Matthews, Madison; Ryan, Anne Marie Jan 1, 2021 273
Combined soils and in situ [.sup.14]C approach to evaluate erosion of non-lithified landforms. Paige, Cody; Gosse, John; Wacker, Lukas; Kirby, Eric; McDonald, Eric; Margreth, Annina; Lifton, Nath Jan 1, 2021 308
Study on the Mechanical Properties of Chlorine Saline Soil under the Interaction of Multiple Factors. Xu, Anhua; Wang, Pengcheng; Fang, Jianhong Report Jan 1, 2021 5645
Experimental Study of Water Transfer and Ice Accumulation in Freezing Soils under Different Conditions. Liang, Sihao; Ma, Xinyan; Li, Qiang; Ye, Xinyu; Liu, Jianlong; Zhang, Jian Jan 1, 2021 5509
Environmental Estimation of Radiation Equivalent Dose Rates in Soils and Waters of Northern Calabria (Italy). Guagliardi, Ilaria; Caloiero, Tommaso; Infusino, Ernesto; Callegari, Giovanni; Ricca, Nicola Jan 1, 2021 4670
Study on Mechanical Properties of the Expansive Soil Treated with Iron Tailings Sand. Chu, Chengfu; Zhang, Fei; Wu, Daoxiang; Zhan, Meihuang; Liu, Yun Report Jan 1, 2021 6665
An Improved Tunnel-Track Model in Saturated Poroelastic Soils to a Moving Point Load. Fu, Zunan; Xu, Yuanlei; Yuan, Zonghao; Shi, Li; Wang, Guoshuai; Song, Wenbo; Yu, Yanming Jan 1, 2021 4359
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Talks under way on work to dredge flood-prone river; Officers and councillors meet after village was hit by series of problems due to silt in water. CHARLOTTE BENTLEY Community News Reporter Dec 22, 2020 365
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web header; As 2020 draws to a close our hopes have started to be answered with news ofnote-0 Covid-19 vaccines, and we look forward to the return of face-to-face gatherings with loved ones and colleagues. The Covid-19 vaccines will also allow us to re-focus on an even larger and more-persistent existential challenge facing humanity. A challenge that will also be grappled with by world leaders at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) to be held in Glasgow from November 1-12 2021. Pete Iannetta Conference news Dec 3, 2020 678
Which species perform best in carbon sequestration and storage in planted forests? A review of the potential of Pinus and Eucalyptus /Quelles sont les especes les plus performantes dans la sequestration et le stockage du carbone dans les forets de plantation? Critique du potentiel du Pinus et de l'Eucapyptus /?Que especies funcionan mejor para el secuestro y almacenamiento de carbono (SAC) en plantaciones forestales? Una revision del potencial de Pinus y Eucalyptus. Silveira, C.S.; de Oliveira, L.; Talamini, E. Dec 1, 2020 6723
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GILLIGAN CAUGHT SHORT.. CRIME BOSS IN CUSTODY AFTER SPANISH COPS RAID VILLA Drug boss 'soils himself' as handgun discovered Weapon is same as one used to kill journalist. GERARD COUZENS Oct 26, 2020 957
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Illinois has cooler, wetter soils in mid-September. Submitted by Lisa Sheppard, Illinois State Water Survey Sep 23, 2020 211
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Carbon Budget of an Agroforestry System after Being Converted from a Poplar Short Rotation Coppice. Pecchioni, Giovanni; Bosco, Simona; Volpi, Iride; Mantino, Alberto; Dragoni, Federico; Giannini, Vit Sep 1, 2020 14866
Clinoptilolite Zeolite on Tropical Peat Soils Nutrient, Growth, Fruit Quality, and Yield of Carica papaya L. cv. Sekaki. Choo, Liza Nuriati Lim Kim; Ahmed, Osumanu Haruna; Talib, Shaidatul Azdawiyah Abdul; Ghani, Mohamad Sep 1, 2020 10582
Cyanobacteria as a Nature-Based Biotechnological Tool for Restoring Salt-Affected Soils. Rocha, Francisco; Lucas-Borja, Manuel Esteban; Pereira, Paulo; Munoz-Rojas, Miriam Sep 1, 2020 8306
Trait-Based Root Phenotyping as a Necessary Tool for Crop Selection and Improvement. Mcgrail, Rebecca K.; Sanford, David A. Van; Mcnear, David H., Jr. Sep 1, 2020 12173
Agricultural and Forest Land-Use Impact on Soil Properties in Zagreb Periurban Area (Croatia). Bogunovic, Igor; Viduka, Antonio; Magdic, Ivan; Telak, Leon Josip; Franco, Marcos; Pereira, Paulo Sep 1, 2020 7144
Cover Crop for a Sustainable Viticulture: Effects on Soil Properties and Table Grape Production. Gattullo, Concetta Eliana; Mezzapesa, Giuseppe Natale; Stellacci, Anna Maria; Ferrara, Giuseppe; Occ Sep 1, 2020 7261
Soil Nitrogen in Response to Interseeded Cover Crops in Maize-Soybean Production Systems. Mohammed, Yesuf Assen; Patel, Swetabh; Matthees, Heather L.; Lenssen, Andrew W.; Johnson, Burton L.; Sep 1, 2020 7273
Effect of Mineral N on C and N Dynamics of Rice and Wheat Residues under Different Moisture Levels. Ali, Ijaz; Nabi, Ghulam Sep 1, 2020 6755
Optimization and Molecular Characterization of Lipase Producing Bacillus subtilis Strain Rcps3 and Bacillus fumarioli Strain Rcps4 from Oil-contaminated Soils of Warangal. Chouhan, Ramya; Lapaka, Suresh; Alpula, Nagaraju; Podeti, Srinivas Sep 1, 2020 4861
Importance of Distribution Type on Bearing Capacity of an Embedded Foundation in Spatially Varying Soils. Han, Jiwei; Liu, Xiaoming; Wu, Yongxin; Zhou, Xuhui Aug 31, 2020 6149
Study on Buckling Behavior of Tapered Friction Piles in Soft Soils with Linear Shaft Friction. Liu, Junxiu; Shao, Xianfeng; Cheng, Baoquan; Cao, Guangyong; Li, Kai Report Aug 31, 2020 5028

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