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Watering trees, shrubs in the winter is a balancing act. Submitted by Gemini Bhalsod U of I Extension Office Dec 1, 2021 506
Watering trees, shrubs in the fall and winter is a balancing act. Submitted by Gemini Bhalsod U of I Extension Office Dec 1, 2021 506
Hotels, restaurants constructed on Margalla hills in KP: CJP. Nov 4, 2021 539
Research Institute Trains 20,000 Irrigation Farmers On Efficient Water Use. Oct 14, 2021 526
How minimum tillage helps to cope with climate change. Oct 9, 2021 639
A-Z of fixing nitrogen in the soil. Oct 2, 2021 748
The art of coping with climate change. Aug 28, 2021 643
Study shows that over-fertilization may cause low crop yields in drought. Aug 26, 2021 265
Analytical Kirchhoff Solutions (AKS) and Numerical Kirchhoff Approach (NKA) for First-Principle Calculations of Coherent Waves and Incoherent Waves at P Band and L Band in Signals of Opportunity (SoOp). Ren, Bowen; Zhu, Jiyue; Tsang, Leung; Xu, Haokui Aug 1, 2021 15667
Aquatic fern plant brings relief to poultry keepers struggling with high cost of feeds. Jul 31, 2021 804
Updated Drought Database. Jul 28, 2021 204
Spire Gets Contract for Earth Observation Data. Jul 19, 2021 280
Spire Gets Contract for Earth Observation Data. Jul 19, 2021 288
Spire Gets Contract for Earth Observation Data. Jul 19, 2021 289
Preventing blossom rot. DEBORAH BOLEY U OF I EXTENSION Jul 7, 2021 158
Ploughing season preparedness ensures better yields. Jun 28, 2021 397
Three possible reasons why your houseplants are dying. Jun 1, 2021 371
Monitoring the behaviour of Australian Vertosols in response to the shrink-swell characteristic and cotton picker traffic. Shatib, Mohammed A.M. Al-; Chen, Guangnan; Bennett, John McL.; Jensen, Troy A. Jun 1, 2021 6588
Simplified power law relationship in the estimation of hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated sands using electrical conductivity. Liu, Ching-Yi; Hsieh, Yun-Da; Chiu, Yung-Chia Jun 1, 2021 9274
ABC of soil sampling for capsicum planting. May 23, 2021 569
Satellites focus on planet health. May 14, 2021 158
Satellites focus on planet health. May 14, 2021 158
Monitoring the behaviour of Australian Vertosols in response to the shrink-swell characteristic and cotton picker traffic. Shatib, Mohammed A.M. Al-; Chen, Guangnan; Bennett, John McL.; Jensen, Troy A. Report May 1, 2021 6585
Simplified power law relationship in the estimation of hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated sands using electrical conductivity. Liu, Ching-Yi; Hsieh, Yurt-Da; Yung-Chia Report May 1, 2021 9264
Vineyard soil microbial community under conventional, sustainable and organic management practices in a Mediterranean climate. Unc, Adrian; Eshel, Gil; Unc, George A.; Doniger, Tirza; Sherman, Chen; Leikin, Mark; Steinberger, Y Report Apr 1, 2021 12150
Impact of dung beetle activity on the quality of water percolating through Allophanic soil. Aislabie, Jackie; McLeod, Malcolm; McGill, Alexandra; Rhodes, Phillippa; Forgie, Shaun Report Apr 1, 2021 7232
Soil physical properties and soil water tension monitoring by wireless sensor network after reservoir and minimum tillage practices. Salem, Haytham Mohamed; Munoz-Garcia, Miguel-Angel; Rodriguez, Maria Gil Report Apr 1, 2021 7216
Dry Soils, Dry Summers. Apr 1, 2021 279
Silicon as an attenuator of drought stress in plants of Oryza sativa L. treated with dietholate/Silicio como atenuador de estresse hidrico em plantas de Oryza sativa L. tratadas com dietholate. Cassol, J.C.; Sponchiado, D.; Dornelles, S.H.B.; Tabaldi, L.A.; Barreto, E.P.M.; Pivetta, M.; Lopes, Apr 1, 2021 8963
High-Resolution SMAP Satellite Soil Moisture Product: Exploring the Opportunities. Abbaszadeh, Peyman; Moradkhani, Hamid; Gavahi, Keyhan; Kumar, Sujay; Hain, Christopher; Zhan, Xiwu; Apr 1, 2021 2638
Monnit, UScellular Business Customers Can Now Connect Remote Monitoring Solutions to UScellular Mobile Network. Mar 5, 2021 248
What you need to know about shade systems for a coffee farm. Feb 6, 2021 990
Water Resources Minister reviews smart irrigation projects. Daily News Egypt Jan 12, 2021 304
Spatial-Temporal Simulations of Soil Moisture Content in a Large Basin of the Loess Plateau, China. Wang, Zhiqi; Feng, Xiaobo; Yao, Zhihong; Ma, Zhaolong; Ji, Guodong Jan 1, 2021 5023
Soil Water Characteristics of Gleysols in the Bamenda (Cameroon) Wetlands and Implications for Agricultural Management Strategies. Magha, Alice Mufur; Azinwi Tamfuh, Primus; Mamdem, Lionelle Estelle; Shey Yefon, Marie Christy; Kenz Jan 1, 2021 9397
Experimental Study on Relationship between Free Load Swelling Rate and Water Content of Medium Expansive Soil. Song, Cheng; Yang, Ligong; Xia, Wei; Ji, Wendong; Zhang, Yuting Jan 1, 2021 3849
Analysis of the Accuracy of an FDR Sensor in Soil Moisture Measurement under Laboratory and Field Conditions. Qin, Anzhen; Ning, Dongfeng; Liu, Zhandong; Duan, Aiwang Jan 1, 2021 6043
Assessing the Potential of Biochar for Improving Soil Physical Properties and Tree Growth. Mwadalu, Riziki; Mochoge, Benson; Danga, Benjamin Jan 1, 2021 6816
Ripening Response of Sugarcane Varieties to Chemical Ripeners and Economic Benefits during the Early Period of Harvesting at Wonji-Shoa and Metahara Sugarcane Plantations, Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia. Ayele, Netsanet; Tana, Tamado; Van Heerden, Philippus Daniel Riekert; W/Tsadik, Kebede; Alemayehu, Y Jan 1, 2021 6368
Quantum Clone Elite Genetic Algorithm-Based Evaluation Mechanism for Maximizing Network Efficiency in Soil Moisture Wireless Sensor Networks. Xiao, Jing; Liu, Yang; Zhou, Jie Jan 1, 2021 7697
Productivity of Selected Cabbage Varieties under Varying Drip Irrigation Schedules in Humic Nitisols of Embu County, Kenya. Onkoba, Stephen O.; Onyari, Charles N.; Gichimu, Bernard M. Jan 1, 2021 5554
Centrifuge Model Tests of the Effect of the Ground Motion Coherence Function on the Amplification of a Saturated Soil-Water Site. Song, Xijun; Liu, Juan; Lan, Jingyan; Wang, Ting Jan 1, 2021 4405
Calculation of Subgrade Moisture Index in Seasonally Frozen Regions considering Evapotranspiration at Subzero Temperatures and the Pavement Coverage Effect. Li, Dongxue; Sun, Zongyuan; Ling, Jianming; Li, Cong Jan 1, 2021 7864
Developing Species-Age Cohorts from Forest Inventory and Analysis Data to Parameterize a Forest Landscape Model. Odom, Richard H.; Ford, W. Mark Jan 1, 2021 10808
Prediction of Soil Water Characteristic Curve Based on Soil Water Evaporation. Tao, Gaoliang; Lei, Da; Liu, Lisheng; Li, Yi; Zhu, Xueliang Jan 1, 2021 5722
Morphological, Physiological, and Biochemical Characterization of Drought-Tolerant Wheat (Triticum spp.) Varieties. Tefera, Alemayehu; Kebede, Mulugeta; Tadesse, Kassu; Getahun, Tsegaye Jan 1, 2021 9273
Study on Soil-Water Characteristics of Expansive Soil under the Dry-Wet Cycle and Freeze-Thaw Cycle considering Volumetric Strain. Niu, Lisi; Zhang, Aijun; Zhao, Jiamin; Ren, Wenyuan; Wang, Yuguo; Liang, Zhichao Report Jan 1, 2021 8506
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Soil Cracking Characteristics under Evaporation. Feng, Di; Gong, Jiakun; Ni, Xiaodong; Ren, Jie Jan 1, 2021 5709
Experimental Study on Thermal Conductivity of Organic-Rich Soils under Thawed and Frozen States. He, Ruixia; Jia, Ning; Jin, Huijun; Wang, Hongbo; Li, Xinyu Report Jan 1, 2021 7242
Effect of Different Types of Mulching on Soil Properties and Tree Growth of Magnolia champaca Planted at the Montane Rainforest in Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. Rahmani, Wahidullah; Salleh, Mohd Nazre; Hamzah, Mohd Zaki; Abdu, Aminu; Ishak, Mohamad Fakhri; Wan Jan 1, 2021 8609
Experimental Study of Site-Specific Soil Water Content and Rainfall Inducing Shallow Landslides: Case of Gakenke District, Rwanda. Kuradusenge, Martin; Kumaran, Santhi; Zennaro, Marco; Niyonzima, Albert Jan 1, 2021 8107
Experimental Study on Shear Resistance of Carex-Root-Fibered Soil. Wang, Feng-Chi; Zhao, Ming-Ze; Sun, Qi Report Jan 1, 2021 8666
An Optimization Method for the Layout of Soil Humidity Sensors Based on Compressed Sensing. Jia, Yunsong; Tian, Xueyun; Chen, Xin; Li, Xiang Jan 1, 2021 5804
Multifactor Analysis of Calibration and Service Quality of the Soil Moisture Sensor Applied in Subgrade Engineering. Xiao, Ke; Bai, Wen-qi; Wang, Si-si Jan 1, 2021 5817
An Improved Prediction Method of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve by Geometrical Derivation and Empirical Equation. Zhou, Jie; Ren, Junjie; Li, Zeyao Report Jan 1, 2021 10373
Latent Heat Flux (Evapotranspiration) in Summer Season on Rooftop Greening Soil with Bamboo Charcoal Sublayer at a Building in West Japan. Pi, Ling; Nakane, Kaneyuki Jan 1, 2021 5720
Study on Soil Water and Suction Stress Characteristics for Unsaturated Clay Soil of Airport Engineering Based on Laboratory Tests. Feng, Jun; Zhang, Guangze Report Jan 1, 2021 3869
Land Use/Land Cover Change Impact on Hydrological Process in the Upper Baro Basin, Ethiopia. Getu Engida, Tewodros; Nigussie, Tewodros Assefa; Aneseyee, Abreham Berta; Barnabas, John Jan 1, 2021 7206
Study on Water Characteristic Curve and Shear Characteristics of Typical Unsaturated Silty Clay in Shaoxing. Wu, Ruiqian; Tang, Youzhi; Li, Shaohe; Wang, Wei; Jiang, Ping; Yang, Guang Jan 1, 2021 8126
Effects of Soil and Water Conservation Structures on Selected Soil Physicochemical Properties: The Case of Ejersa Lafo District, Central Highlands of Ethiopia. Tolesa, Adugna; Mammo, Siraj; Bohnett, Eve Jan 1, 2021 9074
A Fine Scale Partially Coherent Patch Model including Topographical Effects for GNSS-R DDM Simulations. Xu, Haokui; Zhu, Jiyue; Tsang, Leung; Kim, Seung Bum Jan 1, 2021 12243
L-Band Radar Scattering and Soil Moisture Retrieval of Wheat, Canola and Pasture Fields for SMAP Active Algorithms. Huang, Huanting; Liao, Tien-Hao; Kim, Seung-Bum; Xu, Xiaolan; Tsang, Leung; Jackson, Thomas J.; Yueh Jan 1, 2021 10057
La Nina poses threat to wheat crop in rain-fed areas: FAO. Dec 11, 2020 532
Intensive Rain Hampers the Effectiveness of Nitrification Inhibition in Controlling [N.sub.2]O Emissions from Dairy Slurry-Fertilized Soils. Escuer-Gatius, Jordi; Shanskiy, Merrit; Mander, Ulo; Kauer, Karin; Astover, Alar; Vahter, Hanna; Soo Nov 1, 2020 11360
Effect of Crop Residue Decomposition on Soil Aggregate Stability. Stegarescu, Gheorghe; Escuer-Gatius, Jordi; Soosaar, Kaido; Kauer, Karin; Tonutare, Tonu; Astover, A Nov 1, 2020 9766
Heterogeneity of fern communities in riparian forest remnants from the South Brazilian Campos (Pampa)/Heterogeneidade de comunidades de samambaias em remanescentes de mata ciliar nos campos (Pampa) sul do Brasil. Silva, V.L.; Orlandi, C.R.; Funck, L.; Winhelmann, M.C.; Schmitt, J.L.; Fior, C.S.; Freitas, E.M. Oct 1, 2020 7062
Simulated sheep urine causes the formation of acidic subsurface layers in soil under field conditions. Condon, Jason R.; Black, A. Scott; Conyers, Mark K. Report Oct 1, 2020 9249
Investigating the Influence of Biochar Amendment on the Physicochemical Properties of Podzolic Soil. Saha, Ratnajit; Galagedara, Lakshman; Thomas, Raymond; Nadeem, Muhammad; Hawboldt, Kelly Oct 1, 2020 14804
Rate of Nitrogen Rather Than Timing of Application Influence Yield and NUE of Canola in South Australian Mediterranean Environments. Riar, Amritbir; Gill, Gurjeet; Mcdonald, Glenn K. Oct 1, 2020 12861
Herbicide Spray Deposition in Wheat Stubble as Affected by Nozzle Type and Application Direction. Simao, Luana M.; Easterly, Amanda C.; Kruger, Greg R.; Creech, Cody F. Oct 1, 2020 5153
Grafting onto an Appropriate Rootstock Reduces the Impact on Yield and Quality of Controlled Deficit Irrigated Pepper Crops. Gisbert-Mullor, Ramon; Pascual-Seva, Nuria; Martinez-Gimeno, Maria Amparo; Lopez-Serrano, Lidia; Mar Oct 1, 2020 8405
Contrasting Growth, Photosynthesis, Antioxidant Responses and Water Use Efficiency in Two Medicago sativa L. Genotypes under Different Phosphorus and Soil Water Conditions. Fan, Jing-Wei; Yang, Xiao-Wei; Wang, Tao; Li, Yuan; Zhao, Hong; Du, Yan-Lei Oct 1, 2020 9897
Long Term Effects of Ploughing and Conservation Tillage Methods on Earthworm Abundance and Crumb Ratio. Dekemati, Igor; Simon, Barbara; Bogunovic, Igor; Kisic, Ivica; Kassai, Katalin; Kende, Zoltan; Birka Oct 1, 2020 7325
Effectiveness of Humic Substances and Phenolic Compounds in Regulating Plant-Biological Functionality. Muscolo, Adele; Pizzeghello, Diego; Francioso, Ornella; Cortes, Santiago Sanchez; Nardi, Serenella Oct 1, 2020 7082
Tolerance to Drought and Water Stress Resistance Mechanism of Castor Bean. Papazoglou, Eleni G.; Alexopoulou, Efthymia; Papadopoulos, George K.; Economou-Antonaka, Garifalia Oct 1, 2020 5590
Supplementing Nitrogen in Combination with Rhizobium Inoculation and Soil Mulch in Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Production System: Part I. Effects on Productivity, Soil Moisture, and Nutrient Dynamics. Mondal, Mousumi; Skalicky, Milan; Garai, Sourav; Hossain, Akbar; Sarkar, Sukamal; Banerjee, Hirak; K Oct 1, 2020 12583
10-Years Studies of the Soil Physical Condition after One-Time Biochar Application. Pranagal, Jacek; Kraska, Piotr Oct 1, 2020 10774
Evaluation of Water Stress Coefficient Ks in Different Olive Orchards. Kokkotos, Efthimios; Zotos, Anastasios; Patakas, Angelos Oct 1, 2020 4137
Soil Properties after Eight Years of the Use of Strip-Till One-Pass Technology. Jaskulska, Iwona; Romaneckas, Kestutis; Jaskulski, Dariusz; Galezewski, Lech; Breza-Boruta, Barbara; Oct 1, 2020 8722
Optimized Nitrogen Application Increases Soil Water Extraction by Changing in-Season Maize Root Morphology and Distribution in Rainfed Farmland. Tang, Liang; Sun, Haoran; Sun, Ruxiao; Niu, Yinan; Song, Jingrong; Li, Shiqing; Shen, Yufang Oct 1, 2020 7507
Effect of Mineral N on C and N Dynamics of Rice and Wheat Residues under Different Moisture Levels. Ali, Ijaz; Nabi, Ghulam Sep 1, 2020 6755
Capability of NavIC, an Indian GNSS Constellation, for Retrieval of Surface Soil Moisture. Chamoli, Vivek; Prakash, Rishi; Vidyarthi, Anurag; Ray, Ananya Report Sep 1, 2020 6081
Short-Term Impact of Conservation Agriculture on Soil Strength and Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity in the South African Semiarid Areas. Nebo, Godwin Iloabuchi; Manyevere, Alen; Araya, Tesfay; van Tol, Johan Sep 1, 2020 6424
Site-Specific Forage Management of Sericea Lespedeza: Geospatial Technology-Based Forage Quality and Yield Enhancement Model Development. Panda, Sudhanshu S.; Terrill, Thomas H.; Mahapatra, Ajit K.; Kelly, Brian; Morgan, Eric R.; van Wyk, Sep 1, 2020 7040
Monitoring and Modelling Analysis of Maize (Zea mays L.) Yield Gap in Smallholder Farming in Ghana. Danquah, Eric Owusu; Beletse, Yacob; Stirzaker, Richard; Smith, Christopher; Yeboah, Stephen; Oteng- Sep 1, 2020 8831
The Impact of Grazing on the Grass Composition in Temperate Grassland. Zainelabdeen, Yousif Mohamed; Yan, Ruirui; Xin, Xiaoping; Yan, Yuchun; Ahmed, Ahmed Ibrahim; Hou, Lu Sep 1, 2020 8556
Farmers Try to Improve Their Irrigation Practices by Using Daily Irrigation Recommendations--The Vipava Valley Case, Slovenia. Cvejic, Rozalija; Istenic, Majda Cernic; Honzak, Luka; Pecan, Ursa; Zeleznikar, Spela; Pintar, Marin Sep 1, 2020 13958
Using Plastic Mulching Improves Greenhouse-Grown Pakchoi (Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis) Growth and Water Use Efficiency under Irrigation Scheduling Based on Soil Water Content. Xie, Yue; Wang, Shenglin; Luo, Chen; Sun, Mengyao; Wang, Yixin; Yang, Jingjing; Wang, Qian Sep 1, 2020 7669
Cotton Genotypic Variability for Transpiration Decrease with Progressive Soil Drying. Devi, Mura Jyostna; Reddy, Vangimalla Sep 1, 2020 5328
Phenology-Adjusted Stress Severity Index to Assess Genotypic Responses to Terminal Drought in Field Grown Potato. Hoelle, Julia; Asch, Folkard; Khan, Awais; Bonierbale, Merideth Sep 1, 2020 8089
Double-Double Row Planting Mode at Deficit Irrigation Regime Increases Winter Wheat Yield and Water Use Efficiency in North China Plain. Zhou, Xun Bo; Wang, Guo Yun; Yang, Li; Wu, Hai Yan Sep 1, 2020 9587
Agricultural and Forest Land-Use Impact on Soil Properties in Zagreb Periurban Area (Croatia). Bogunovic, Igor; Viduka, Antonio; Magdic, Ivan; Telak, Leon Josip; Franco, Marcos; Pereira, Paulo Sep 1, 2020 7144
Effects of Drought and Heat on Photosynthetic Performance, Water Use and Yield of Two Selected Fiber Hemp Cultivars at a Poor-Soil Site in Brandenburg (Germany). Herppich, Werner B.; Gusovius, Hans-Jorg; Flemming, Inken; Drastig, Katrin Sep 1, 2020 9412
The Effects of Cultivar, Nitrogen Supply and Soil Type on Radiation Use Efficiency and Harvest Index in Spring Wheat. Wang, Xizi; Christensen, Svend; Svensgaard, Jesper; Jensen, Signe M.; Liu, Fulai Sep 1, 2020 6237
Impact of Water Stress on Microbial Community and Activity in Sandy and Loamy Soils. Siebielec, Sylwia; Siebielec, Grzegorz; Pawlas, Agnieszka Klimkowicz; Galazka, Anna; Grzadziel, Jaro Sep 1, 2020 9043
Effects of Air Temperature and Precipitation on Soil Moisture on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau during the 2015 Growing Season. Xie, Qingyan; Li, Jianping; Zhao, Yufei Aug 31, 2020 4694
Assessment of WRF Land Surface Model Performance over West Africa. Achugbu, Ifeanyi C.; Dudhia, Jimy; Olufayo, Ayorinde A.; Balogun, Ifeoluwa A.; Adefisan, Elijah A.; Aug 31, 2020 15851
Effect of Biochar Application on Physicochemical and Hydraulic Properties of Loess. Yang, Xiujuan; Fan, Henghui; Du, Yuhang; Zhang, Lu Aug 31, 2020 4223
Watering 101 for lawns and gardens. Submitted by Bob Bertog Aug 27, 2020 645
Watering 101 for Late Summer Lawns and Gardens. Bob Bertog Aug 15, 2020 644
Soil structure characteristics, functional properties and consistency limits response to corn cob biochar particle size and application rates in a 36-month pot experiment. Obour, Peter Bilson; Danso, Eric Oppong; Pouladi, Nastaran; Abenney-Mickson, Stephen; Sab, Edward Be Aug 1, 2020 9366
Deep tillage and irrigation impacts on soil water balance and water productivity of direct-seeded rice-wheat cropping system in north-west India. Dhaliwal, J.; Kukal, M.S. Kahlon S.S. Report Aug 1, 2020 7653
Adoption of Water-Conserving Irrigation Practices among Row-Crop Growers in Mississippi, USA. Quintana-Ashwell, Nicolas; Gholson, Drew M.; Krutz, L. Jason; Henry, Christopher G.; Cooke, Trey Aug 1, 2020 10712
C[O.sub.2] Emissions from Soil Under Fodder Maize Cultivation. Sosulski, Tomasz; Szymanska, Magdalena; Szara, Ewa Aug 1, 2020 7623
Evaluation of the Potential Effects of Drought on Summer Maize Yield in the Western Guanzhong Plain, China. Shen, Hongzheng; Chen, Yizheng; Wang, Yongqiang; Xing, Xuguang; Ma, Xiaoyi Aug 1, 2020 7470
The Impact of Soil Water Content on Yield, Composition, Energy, and Water Indicators of the Bioenergy Grass Saccharutn spontaneutn ssp. aegyptiacum under Three-Growing Seasons. Scordia, Danilo; Calcagno, Silvio; Piccitto, Alessandra; Patane, Cristina; Cosentino, Salvatore Luci Aug 1, 2020 9798
Phosphorus in Spring Barley and Italian Rye-Grass Biomass as an Effect of Inter-Species Interactions under Water Deficit. Kostrzewska, Marta K.; Jastrzebska, Magdalena; Treder, Kinga; Wanic, Maria Aug 1, 2020 7758
Supply and Demand Analysis of Water Resources. Case Study: Irrigation Water Demand in a Semi-Arid Zone in Mexico. Lopez-Lambrano, Alvaro Alberto; Martonez-Acosta, Luisa; Gamez-Balmaceda, Ena; Medrano-Barboza, Juan Aug 1, 2020 10144
Latest Advances in Sensor Applications in Agriculture. Kayad, Ahmed; Paraforos, Dimitrios S.; Marinello, Francesco; Fountas, Spyros Aug 1, 2020 4700
Performance Evaluation of a Neural Network Model and Two Empirical Models for Estimating Soil Moisture Based on Sentinel-1 SAR Data. Li, Yan; Yan, Songhua; Chen, Nengcheng; Gong, Jianya Report Aug 1, 2020 5720
Cover Crop Selection by Jointly Optimizing Biomass Productivity, Biological Nitrogen Fixation, and Transpiration Efficiency: Application to Two Crotalaria Species. Berriel, Veronica; Monza, Jorge; Perdomo, Carlos H. Aug 1, 2020 6158
Modeling Water Flow and Phosphorus Sorption in a Soil Amended with Sewage Sludge and Olive Pomace as Compost or Biochar. Filipovic, Vilim; Cerne, Marko; Simunek, Jiri; Filipovic, Lana; Romic, Marija; Ondrasek, Gabrijel; B Aug 1, 2020 10202
How Film Mulch Increases the Corn Yield by Improving the Soil Moisture and Temperature in the Early Growing Period in a Cool, Semi-Arid Area. Kong, Meng; Jia, Yu; Gu, Yan-Jie; Han, Cheng-Long; Song, Xin; Shi, Xiao-Yan; Siddique, Kadambot H.M. Aug 1, 2020 7291
Study on Variation of Surface Runoff and Soil Moisture Content in the Subgrade of Permeable Pavement Structure. Hou, Lijun; Wang, Yuan; Shen, Fengchun; Lei, Ming; Wang, Xiang; Zhao, Xiaochong; Gao, Shuling; Alhaj Jul 31, 2020 6092
National resources inventory. HAYA FATIMA - KARACHI Jul 30, 2020 282
MRC detects extreme drought in Northeast Cambodia. Jul 24, 2020 233
China's meteorological satellites help Pakistan monitor desert locusts. Jul 23, 2020 331
China's meteorological satellites help Pakistan monitor desert locusts. Jul 23, 2020 462
Chinas meteorological satellites help Pakistan. Jul 23, 2020 328
China s satellites help Pakistan monitor locusts. Jul 22, 2020 363
Russia battles wildfires amid record warm weather. Jul 11, 2020 394
WIT & WISDOM: from The Old Farmer's Almanac--always 'useful, with a pleasant degree of humor. Recipe Jul 1, 2020 378
Effect of coppice forest clearance on soil moisture, temperature and certain selected soil characteristics/Baltalik ormaninda traslama kesiminin toprak nem, sicakligi ve belirli bazi toprak ozellikleri zerindeki etkisi. Aytekin, Mustafa; Gokbulak, Ferhat Report Jul 1, 2020 4223
Challenges and opportunities for grain farming on sandy soils of semi-arid south and south-eastern Australia. Unkovich, Murray; McBeath, Therese; Uewellyn, Rick; Hall, James; Cupta, Vadakattu V.S.R; Macdonald, Report Jul 1, 2020 10445
Glasshouse study of a sprayable, degradable polymer to reduce water use in cotton establishment. Johnston, Priscilla; Braunack, Michael; Casey, Philip S.; Bristow, Keith L.; Adhikari, Raju Report Jul 1, 2020 5463
Soil Waterlogging and Nitrogen Fertilizer Source Effects on Soil Inorganic Nitrogen. Kaur, Gurpreet; Motavalli, Peter P.; Nelson, Kelly A.; Singh, Gurbir; Bararpour, Taghi Report Jul 1, 2020 9759
A Statistical Model for Estimation of Soil Moisture in Paddy Field Using Microwave Satellite Data. Pari, Packirisamy; Thirumaraiselvan, Packirisamy; Ramalingam, Murugaiyan; Jayalakshmi, Shanmugam Jul 1, 2020 4422
Strip-Till One-Pass Technology in Central and Eastern Europe: A MZURI Pro-Til Hybrid Machine Case Study. Jaskulska, Iwona; Jaskulski, Dariusz Jul 1, 2020 8602
Optimization of Irrigation Scheduling for Maize in an Arid Oasis Based on Simulation--Optimization Model. Li, Jiang; Jiao, Xiyun; Jiang, Hongzhe; Song, Jian; Chen, Lina Jul 1, 2020 6080
Geo-Agriculture: Reviewing Opportunities through Which the Geosphere Can Help Address Emerging Crop Production Challenges. Pratt, Chris; ngston, Kate; Laycock, Bronwyn; Levett, Ian; Pratt, Steven Jul 1, 2020 14187
Plastic-Covered Ridge-Furrow Planting Combined with Supplemental Irrigation Based on Measuring Soil Moisture Promotes Wheat Grain Yield and Irrigation Water Use Efficiency in Irrigated Fields on the Loess Plateau, China. Luo, Jian; Liang, Zimeng; Xi, Luoyan; Liao, Yuncheng; Liu, Yang Jul 1, 2020 8710
Crop Yield Prediction through Proximal Sensing and Machine Learning Algorithms. Abbas, Farhat; Afzaal, Hassan; Farooque, Aitazaz A.; Tang, Skylar Jul 1, 2020 7407
Impact of Effective Microorganisms (EM) Application on the Physical Condition of Haplic Luvisol. Pranagal, Jacek; Ligeza, Slawomir; Smal, Halina Jul 1, 2020 14120
Research on Inversion Model of Cultivated Soil Moisture Content Based on Hyperspectral Imaging Analysis. Wu, Tinghui; Yu, Jian; Lu, Jingxia; Zou, Xiuguo; Zhang, Wentian Jul 1, 2020 6014
Evaluation of Deficit Irrigation and Water Quality on Production and Water Productivity of Tomato in Greenhouse. Chand, Jeet; Hewa, Guna; Hassanli, Ali; Myers, Baden Jul 1, 2020 9794
Effect of Water Quality and Date Palm Biochar on Evaporation and Specific Hydrological Characteristics of Sandy Soil. Alkhasha, Arafat; Omran, Abdulrasoul Al-; Alghamdi, Abdulaziz G. Jul 1, 2020 4249
Effect of Unit Hydrographs and Rainfall Hyetographs on Critical Rainfall Estimates of Flash Flood. Kong, Fanzhe; Huang, Wei; Wang, Zhilin; Song, Xiaomeng Jun 30, 2020 7779
Effect of Particle Size and Solution Leaching on Water Retention Behavior of Ion-Absorbed Rare Earth. Guo, Zhong-Qun; Lai, Yuan-Ming; Jin, Jie-Fang; Zhou, Jian-Rong; Sun, Zheng; Zhao, Kui Jun 30, 2020 8103
Aging Process of Cadmium, Copper, and Lead under Different Temperatures and Water Contents in Two Typical Soils of China. Liu, Guannan; Yu, Zhanqiu; Liu, Xinhui; Xue, Wei; Dong, Liming; Liu, Yongbing Jun 30, 2020 6230
Effectiveness of Water Management towards Soil Moisture Preservation on Soybeans. Aminah, Aminah; Abdullah, Abdullah; Nuraeni, Nuraeni; Palad, Marliana S.; Rosada, Ida Jun 30, 2020 4012
Origin Enterprises Demand Reduces Due To Highly Challenging Conditions. Jun 17, 2020 262
Beauty spots facing a fresh wildfire threat; Drought could also put crops at risk. NADA FARHOUD Environment Editor Jun 9, 2020 260
Winter forage woe as fields burn off; Farmers will need a lot more of yesterday's rain to ease drought fears. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Jun 4, 2020 439
Sloping Land Use Affects Soil Moisture and Temperature in the Loess Hilly Region of China. Tang, Min; Gao, Xiaodong; Zhang, Chao; Zhao, Xining; Wu, Pute Jun 1, 2020 11529
Soil Water and Nitrogen Fluxes in Response to Climate Change in a Wheat-Maize Double Cropping System. He, Yong; Shi, Yilin; Liang, Hao; Hu, Kelin; Hou, Lingling Jun 1, 2020 6587
Effects of Selected Soil Amendments and Mulch Type on Soil Properties and Productivity in Organic Vegetable Production. Larkin, Robert P. Jun 1, 2020 10123
Physiological and Agronomic Responses of Processing Tomatoes to Deficit Irrigation at Critical Stages in a Semi-Arid Environment. Patane, Cristina; Corinzia, Sebastiano Andrea; Testa, Giorgio; Scordia, Danilo; Cosentino, Salvatore Jun 1, 2020 8036
Fractal and Topological Analyses and Antioxidant Defense Systems of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Root System under Drought and Rehydration Regimes. Li, Shuo; Wan, Liqiang; Nie, Zhongnan; Li, Xianglin Jun 1, 2020 10051
Clonal Behavior in Response to Soil Water Availability in Tempranillo Grapevine cv: From Plant Growth to Water Use Efficiency. Tortosa, Ignacio; Escalona, Jose M.; Toro, Guillermo; Douthe, Cyril; Medrano, Hipolito Jun 1, 2020 7840
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Houseplants become more active as days get longer. Dean Fosdick Associated Press Feb 2, 2020 530
Farmers get Smart as co-op helps with gathering of data. GEMMA MACKENZIE Feb 1, 2020 409
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China's Guizhou to promote smart vegetable farms. Jan 15, 2020 165
Soil Moisture Sensor Market to Reach USD 433.3 Million by 2025 / U.S. is House to a Large Number of Soil Moisture Sensor Manufacturers such as Campbell Scientific, Inc., and The Toro Company. Jan 13, 2020 947
CARIBBEAN-WEATHER-CIMH says drought situation could impact several Caribbean countries. Jan 11, 2020 459
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Jalalpur Irrigation Project to change fate of Pind Dadan Khan. Dec 19, 2019 612
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Haga Golf Brings Greenskeeping Into Digital Age. Oct 28, 2019 250
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Soil Moisture Sensors market giants to grow at much faster pace/ Key players: Davis Instruments, Acclima, Decagon Devices. Sep 30, 2019 886
Soil Moisture Sensor Market expected to reach 264.0 Million USD: Research Insight. Sep 30, 2019 632
Officer calls on farmers to mitigate climate change effects. Sep 22, 2019 483
TOPOFIRE: A Topographically Resolved Wildfire Danger and Drought Monitoring System for the Conterminous United States. Holden, Zachary A.; Jolly, W. Matt; Swanson, Alan; Warren, Dyer A.; Jencso, Kelsey; Maneta, Marco; B Sep 1, 2019 3362
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WATERING PLAN. Sep 1, 2019 658
Let us spray. Aug 31, 2019 774
Let us spray; Treat parched plants to a proper drink with tricks that will save money and the planet and keep you awash with blooms. Aug 31, 2019 780
Let us spray; Treat parched plants to a proper drink with tricks that will save money and the planet and keep you awash with blooms. Aug 31, 2019 764
Let us spray. Aug 31, 2019 887
Let us spray; Treat parched plants to a proper drink with tricks that will save money and the planet and keep you awash with blooms. Aug 31, 2019 784
Let us spray. Aug 31, 2019 890
Let us spray; Treat parched plants to a proper drink with tricks that will save money and the planet and keep you awash with blooms. Aug 31, 2019 780
Let us spray; Gardening club; Treat parched plants to a proper drink with tricks to save money and the planet that keep you awash with blooms. Aug 25, 2019 762
Let us spray; Treat parched plants to a proper drink with tricks to save money and the planet that keep you awash with blooms. Aug 25, 2019 760
International Atomic Energy Agency experts to train researchers in Oman. Aug 21, 2019 104
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Invest in incubation centres, minister tells universities. Jun 16, 2019 297
Mulching Materials Market Global Analysis & Forecast to 2028 Research Report. Jun 14, 2019 1116
Actual evapotranspiration and crop coefficient of sweet orange during the initial development phase in the Rio Largo region, Alagoas/Evapotranspiracao real e coeficiente da cultura da laranja lima durante a fase inicial de desenvolvimento na regiao de Rio Largo, Halagaos. Silva, Ricardo Barros; de Souza, Jose Leonaldo; Ferreira, Ricardo Araujo, Jr.; Santos, Marcos Alex d Jun 1, 2019 3992
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Central Turf & Irrigation Supply Named a Distributor for Baseline Irrigation Control Systems. May 10, 2019 383
Human influence on global droughts goes back to 100 years: NASA study. May 2, 2019 770
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Effects of Land Uses on Soil Quality Indicators: The Case of Geshy Subcatchment, Gojeb River Catchment, Ethiopia. Dagnachew, Melku; Moges, Awdenegest; Kassa, Asfaw Kebede Apr 30, 2019 9742
Mulching Materials Market to Witness Growth Acceleration During 2018 to 2028. Apr 25, 2019 1131
Mulching Materials Market to Witness Growth Acceleration During 2018 to 2028. Apr 25, 2019 1083
March rainfall in Illinois caused major flooding March rainfall in Illinois caused major flooding Rain:. Apr 10, 2019 953
March rainfall in Illinois caused major flooding. Apr 5, 2019 580
Surface sealing and water erosion of soils with mulching in the semi-arid region of Brazil/ Selamento superficial e erosao hidrica em solos representativos do semiarido brasileiro sob cobertura morta. da Silva, Fabio F.; Souza, Thais E.M. dos S.; de Souza, Edivan R.; Correa, Marcelo M.; Rolim, Mario Apr 1, 2019 4783
Diversidad de patrones fenologicos de Handroanthus ochraceus (Cham.) Mattos (Bignoniaceae) en Costa Rica. Lobo Segura, Jorge Arturo Apr 1, 2019 4451
Spatial distribution analysis of Dicksonia sellowiana Hook. in Araucaria forest fragments with different sizes/Analise da distribuicao espacial de Dicksonia sellowiana Hook. em fragmentos de Floresta com Araucaria com diferentes tamanhos. Mallmann, I.T.; Silva, V.L.; Port, R.K.; Oliveira, F.B.; Schmitt, J.L. Apr 1, 2019 5728
Fault Tolerant Sensor Node Placement for IoT based Large Scale Automated Greenhouse System. Jeaunita, T. C. Jermin; V., Sarasvathi Mar 1, 2019 6140
Conservation agriculture effects on soil properties and crop productivity in a semiarid region of India. Somasundaram, J.; Salikram, M.; Sinha, N.K.; Mohanty, M.; Chaudhary, R.S.; Dalal, R.C.; Mitra, N.G.; Report Mar 1, 2019 11835

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