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Trial shows benefits of Clampsaver. Nov 2, 2021 171
Establishing Contour Lines. Willis, Bill Oct 1, 2021 590
When we save trees, we save ourselves. Sep 21, 2021 286
Niger Govt Task Force Confiscates 500 Bags Of Charcoal In Fight To Save Forests. Sep 8, 2021 302
Presence of macroplastics in soil poses threat to mangroves. Aug 23, 2021 766
Barangay exec: Initial findings on Topaz Road shows erosion caused cracks. Aug 23, 2021 275
Action plan for fire-hit regions is finalised. Antigoni Pitta Aug 21, 2021 543
NCF Implements Habitat Restoration/Regeneration Activities To Control Desert Encroachment In Yobe. Aug 16, 2021 624
ICT admin to plant over 25,000 saplings in outskirts. Aug 9, 2021 297
ICT admin to plant over 25,000 saplings in outskirts. Aug 9, 2021 296
ICT agri dept kick start monsoon plantation drive in outskirts. Aug 6, 2021 462
ICT agri dept kick start monsoon plantation drive in outskirts. Aug 6, 2021 462
No Part Of Nigeria Will Be Neglected, Says Buhari. Aug 6, 2021 297
Fire-stricken areas will need extra protection before winter. Jonathan Shkurko Jul 22, 2021 686
If rain persists, try these six gardening tips. Jun 17, 2021 367
Soil erosion destroys section of Chitral road. Jun 13, 2021 339
Murky, muddy Lata Y waterfall in Kelantan due to frequent heavy rainfall, says state Forestry Dept head. Jun 5, 2021 374
Sedimentation in reservoirs. Case study: the reservoir of the Sao Bartolomeu stream, Vicosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil/Sedimentacion en embalses. Estudio de caso: el embalse del arroyo Sao Bartolomeu, Vicosa, Minas Gerais, Brasil. Saito, Youlia Kamei; Viana, Lucas Jose Ferreira; Ferreira, Italo Oliveira; Marques, Eduardo Antonio Jun 1, 2021 7424
Climate Farming Practices: The key to reversing climate change could be right under our feet. Meyer, Jeff; Andersen, Joshua May 27, 2021 1581
KDA kicks off River Bank plantation drive at Naran. May 26, 2021 187
Irrigation channels to minimise damage by floods, soil erosion. May 23, 2021 359
Partner with KFS in protecting forests, communities urged. May 23, 2021 192
ABC of soil sampling for capsicum planting. May 23, 2021 569
Southwest Airlines marks 50 years with donation to support wildfire recovery. May 11, 2021 178
Southwest Airlines marks 50 years with donation to support wildfire recovery. May 11, 2021 191
Soil erosion threatens to wipe out entire village in Samburu. May 4, 2021 476
Youth initiative in Cambodia reduces soil erosion during floods. Apr 15, 2021 521
New app to tackle soil erosion. NANCY NICOLSON Apr 10, 2021 396
New app helps to combat problem of soil erosion; With the fierce arctic winds giving some of Scotland's recently sown lighter land a good whipping, the launch of a new mobile app to identify and better understand soil erosion is well timed. Apr 9, 2021 465
Kerio gutted by gullies, farmers cry for help. Feb 22, 2021 985
Time for lowly 'kawayan' to shine. Feb 21, 2021 1870
Fresh look at design earns a thumbs up. PETER HILL Feb 15, 2021 674
Plantation drive launched in Kaghan, Shangla. Jan 28, 2021 337
Fertile soil erosion; Field Wing of Agriculture Deptt rehabilitates 1.3 mln acres of eroded land. Jan 11, 2021 363
Fertile soil erosion; Field Wing of Agriculture Deptt rehabilitates 1.3 mln acres of eroded land. Jan 11, 2021 363
Why canola is becoming the rotational crop of choice for large-scale farmers. Jan 2, 2021 1074
Environmental Protection: Soil Pollution and Waste Management. Radoi, Mihai Ionut Jan 1, 2021 4776
Combined soils and in situ [.sup.14]C approach to evaluate erosion of non-lithified landforms. Paige, Cody; Gosse, John; Wacker, Lukas; Kirby, Eric; McDonald, Eric; Margreth, Annina; Lifton, Nath Jan 1, 2021 308
Analysis of Surface Deformation in East Dongting Lake Based on 2016-2019 Sentinel-1A Dataset. Zhang, Heng; Sun, Qian; Hu, Jun Jan 1, 2021 8251
Effectiveness of Community-Based Soil and Water Conservation in Improving Soil Property in Damota Area, Southern Ethiopia. Masha, Mamush; Yirgu, Teshome; Debele, Mulugeta; Belayneh, Mengie Jan 1, 2021 8218
Land Use/Land Cover Change Impact on Hydrological Process in the Upper Baro Basin, Ethiopia. Getu Engida, Tewodros; Nigussie, Tewodros Assefa; Aneseyee, Abreham Berta; Barnabas, John Jan 1, 2021 7206
Effects of Soil and Water Conservation Structures on Selected Soil Physicochemical Properties: The Case of Ejersa Lafo District, Central Highlands of Ethiopia. Tolesa, Adugna; Mammo, Siraj; Bohnett, Eve Jan 1, 2021 9074
Geotechnical Engineering Properties of Soils Solidified by Microbially Induced CaCO[sub.3] Precipitation (MICP). Liu, Jia; Li, Gang; Li, Xi'an Jan 1, 2021 16318
Erosion Control Treatment Using Geocell and Wheat Straw for Slope Protection. Song, Xiaoruan; Huang, Miansong; He, Shiqin; Song, Gaofeng; Shen, Ruozhu; Huang, Pengzhi; Zhang, Gua Jan 1, 2021 6249
Impacts of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Soil Erosion and Hydrological Responses in Ethiopia. Negese, Ajanaw Jan 1, 2021 7715
Research on the Formation Mechanism of Loess Vertical Joints. Wang, Chenxing; Jiang, Ruijun; Wang, Hong; Li, Tonglu; Kang, Haiwei; Hou, Xiaokun Jan 1, 2021 5673
Evolutionary Prediction of Soil Loss from Observed Rainstorm Parameters in an Erosion Watershed Using Genetic Programming. Onyelowe, Kennedy C.; Ebid, Ahmed M.; Nwobia, Light Jan 1, 2021 5612
Impacts of Land Cover and Greenness Change on Soil Loss and Erosion Risk in Damota Area Districts, Southern Ethiopia. Masha, Mamush; Yirgu, Teshome; Debele, Mulugeta Jan 1, 2021 7818
Assessment of Soil Erosion and Its Impact on Agricultural Productivity by Using the RMMF Model and Local Perception: A Case Study of Rangun Watershed of Mid-Hills, Nepal. Bhandari, Dinesh; Joshi, Rajeev; Regmi, Raju Raj; Awasthi, Nripesh Case study Jan 1, 2021 5856
Leyte resident planted around 10,000 mangroves to protect his home from calamities and to protect the soil. Nov 27, 2020 1475
65 families in Albay town to be relocated due to chasms created after typhoon Ulysses. Nov 15, 2020 309
DPWH: Several flood-control structures built in vulnerable communities around PH. Oct 29, 2020 436
Displaced residents want answers after second landslide in Seputeh involving temple land, claim warning signs ignored. Oct 6, 2020 1140
Clock is ticking for soil, but key is conservation; Study: 'Urgent action needed' to protect resource. NANCY NICOLSON Sep 17, 2020 318
Environmental issues. Zainab Anwar - Turbat Sep 12, 2020 158
Inside Bayelsa's Oil Rich Communities Under Burden Of Ocean Surge. Sep 8, 2020 2808
Manila Bay project passed environment impact assessment; DENR budget vetted, approved before COVID-19 onset --- Roque. Sep 7, 2020 607
Estimating soil organic carbon redistribution in three major river basins of China based on erosion processes. Yang, Yan; Zhu, Qiuan; Liu, Jinxun; Li, Mingxu; Yuan, Minshu; Chen, Huai; Peng, Changhui; Yang, Zhen Report Sep 1, 2020 8717
Recent trends in soil fertility across the farms of East Gippsland. Crawford, D.M.; Mitchard, B.; Burton, W.R. Sep 1, 2020 12497
Form of Silica Improves Yield, Fruit Quality and Antioxidant Defense System of Tomato Plants under Salt Stress. Pinedo-Guerrero, Zeus H.; Cadenas-Pliego, Gregorio; Ortega-Ortiz, Hortensia; Gonzalez-Morales, Susan Sep 1, 2020 9432
Legume Cover Crops as One of the Elements of Strategic Weed Management and Soil Quality Improvement. A Review. Kocira, Anna; Staniak, Mariola; Tomaszewska, Marzena; Kornas, Rafal; Cymerman, Jacek; Panasiewicz, K Sep 1, 2020 27361
Soil Nitrogen in Response to Interseeded Cover Crops in Maize-Soybean Production Systems. Mohammed, Yesuf Assen; Patel, Swetabh; Matthees, Heather L.; Lenssen, Andrew W.; Johnson, Burton L.; Sep 1, 2020 7273
Assessment of the Bioavailability and Speciation of Heavy Metal(loid)s and Hydrocarbons for Risk-Based Soil Remediation. Agrelli, Diana; Caporale, Antonio Giandonato; Adamo, Paola Sep 1, 2020 11385
Effects of Land Use/Land Cover Changes on Selected Soil Physical and Chemical Properties in Shenkolla Watershed, South Central Ethiopia. Bufebo, Belayneh; Elias, Eyasu Aug 31, 2020 6505
Soil Organic Carbon in Sandy Paddy Fields of Northeast Thailand: A Review. Arunrat, Noppol; Kongsurakan, Praeploy; Sereenonchai, Sukanya; Hatano, Ryusuke Aug 1, 2020 12460
Combined Cultivation Pattern Reduces Soil Erosion and Nutrient Loss from Sloping Farmland on Red Soil in Southwestern China. Mao, Yan-Ting; Hu, Wei; Chau, Henry Wai; Lei, Bao-Kun; Di, Hong-Jie; Chen, An-Qiang; Hou, Mei-Ting; Aug 1, 2020 7544
Changes in Soil Erosion Intensity Caused by Land Use and Demographic Changes in the Jablanica River Basin, Serbia. Gocic, Milena; Dragicevic, Slavoljub; Radivojevic, Aleksandar; Bursac, Natasa Martic; Stricevic, Lji Aug 1, 2020 6377
Improvement of Water Stability of Sand Admixed with Water-Soluble Organic Polymer. Qi, Changqing; Bai, Yuxia; Liu, Jin; Song, Zezhuo; Kanungo, Debi Prasanna; Bu, Fan; Wang, Qiongya; Z Jul 31, 2020 9103
Large surface cracks spark Jalan Klang-Banting closure. Jul 20, 2020 366
Monsoon tree plantation drive begins in AJK. Jul 18, 2020 340
Foresting for life; KATE THICK says Britain and the world needs more trees - many, many more trees. But what can we do to make that happen? KATE THICK Jul 9, 2020 1984
Defining Targets for Reversing Declines of Soil Carbon in High-Intensity Arable Cropping. Squire, Geoffrey R.; Young, Mark; Ford, Linda; Banks, Gillian; Hawes, Cathy Jul 1, 2020 6272
Quantifying Soil Compaction in Persimmon Orchards Using ISUM (Improved Stock Unearthing Method) and Core Sampling Methods. Moradi, Ehsan; Rodrigo-Comino, Jesus; Terol, Enric; Mora-Navarro, Gaspar; da Silva, Alexandre Marco; Jul 1, 2020 8556
A lesson in building a backyard retaining wall. Jun 3, 2020 497
Soil Loss Estimation for Conservation Planning in the Welmel Watershed of the Genale Dawa Basin, Ethiopia. Tessema, Yared Mesfin; Jasinska, Justyna; Yadeta, Lemma Tiki; Switoniak, Marcin; Puchalka, Radoslaw; Jun 1, 2020 10426
Different Ground Vegetation Cover Management Systems to Manage Cynodon dactylon in an Irrigated Vineyard. Valencia-Gredilla, Francisco; Royo-Esnal, Aritz; Juarez-Escario, Alejandro; Recasens, Jordi Jun 1, 2020 7612
Flat, even landscapes are often coveted in backyards. However, flat backyards ar. Metro Creative Services May 2, 2020 541
A lesson in building a backyard retaining wall. Metro Creative Services May 2, 2020 545
The Effects of Wind Erosion Depending on Cropping System and Tillage Method in a Semi-Arid Region. Yang, Caihong; Geng, Yanxiang; Fu, Xing Zhou; Coulter, Jeffrey A.; Chai, Qiang May 1, 2020 6402
Modelling Hydrological Processes in Agricultural Areas with Complex Topography. Massetti, Luciano; Grassi, Chiara; Orlandini, Simone; Napoli, Marco May 1, 2020 7015
Effects of Land Use Types on Selected Soil Properties in Central Highlands of Ethiopia. Negasa, Daniel Jaleta Apr 30, 2020 7739
Call for action on level of UK soil erosion; STUDY. Apr 27, 2020 172
A lesson in building a backyard retaining wall. Metro Creative Apr 15, 2020 545
Optimizing Overhead Irrigation Droplet Size for Six Mississippi Soils. Ferguson, J. Connor; Krutz, L. Jason; Calhoun, Justin S.; Gholson, Drew M.; Merritt, Luke H.; Wesley Apr 1, 2020 5874
Innovative Pro-Smallholder Farmers' Permanent Mulch for Better Soil Quality and Food Security Under Conservation Agriculture. Mgolozeli, Sibongiseni; Nciizah, Adornis D.; Wakindiki, Isaiah I.C.; Mudau, Fhatuwani N. Apr 1, 2020 8787
Environmental degradation and its effects on Pakistan. Faizan Waqas Mar 25, 2020 913
Repair work on Chitral Airport road starts. Mar 20, 2020 408
Spatial Distribution and Temporal Trends of Rainfall Erosivity in Three Gorges Reservoir Area of China. Liu, Huiying; Zhang, Guanhua; Zhang, Pingcang; Zhu, Shengnan Mar 1, 2020 9310
Postantique Soils as a Source of Land Use Information: A Case Study of an Ancient Greek Agricultural Area on the Northern Black Sea Coast. Lisetskii, Fedor; Stolba, Vladimir; Golyeva, Aleksandra; Marinina, Olga; Poletaev, Arseniy Case study Mar 1, 2020 13569
HOW TO DEAL WITH A WET SPRING IN THE VEGETABLE GARDEN: Learn to handle a soggy season by preparing your soil and crops. Dawling, Pam Mar 1, 2020 1150
Influence of Species Composition and Management on Biomass Production in Missouri. Udawatta, Ranjith P.; Gantzer, Clark J.; Reinbott, Timothy M.; Wright, Ray L.; Pierce, Robert A., II Mar 1, 2020 7228
How human activities are killing Lake Albert. Feb 14, 2020 679
EACC allows City Hall to pay suppliers, contractors. Feb 5, 2020 656
MOI: Conservationist who ruined Mau. Feb 5, 2020 619
Guarding mangroves. Feb 1, 2020 356
Agriculture Management Impacts on Soil Properties and Hydrological Response in Istria (Croatia). Igor, Bogunovic; Josip, Telak Leon; Paulo, Pereira Feb 1, 2020 5779
Makinde Commits N500m To Fighting Erosion. Jan 30, 2020 212
Soil erosion. Jan 5, 2020 362
Reforestation. Jan 5, 2020 187
Putting a price on soil, a way to encourage efforts. Esther Ngumbi Jan 4, 2020 791
Putting a price on soil. Jan 3, 2020 767
Development of Debris Flow Impact Force Models Based on Flume Experiments for Design Criteria of Soil Erosion Control Dam. Eu, Song; Im, Sangjun; Kim, Dongyeob Report Jan 1, 2020 5947
Assessing the Impacts of Tillage and Mulch on Soil Erosion and Corn Yield. Chalise, Devraj; Kumar, Lalit; Sharma, Reena; Kristiansen, Paul Jan 1, 2020 5943
Soil Erosion by Wind and Dust Emission in Semi-Arid Soils Due to Agricultural Activities. Katra, Itzhak Jan 1, 2020 4960
Application of Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (Rusle) Model to Assess Soil Erosion in "Kalu Ganga" River Basin in Sri Lanka. Panditharathne, D.L.D.; Abeysingha, N.S.; Nirmanee, K.G.S.; Mallawatantri, Ananda Dec 31, 2019 5909
Grow more trees to lessen flooding. Dec 18, 2019 500
'Pakistan only country with increasing mangrove cover'. Dec 10, 2019 710
Soil erosion must be stopped 'to save our future', says UN agriculture agency. Dec 6, 2019 240
Peshawar varsity marks soil day. Dec 6, 2019 310
Allan Lilly: Soil erosion is a serious global issue affecting our ability to feed the world. Dec 5, 2019 751
Call to stop soil erosion for future. Dec 5, 2019 402
FAO, NISS Advocate For National Soil Policy. Dec 5, 2019 568
World Soil Day: FAO, NISS Advocate For National Soil Policy. Dec 5, 2019 569
Soil Erosion: Nigeria Needs N194b To Restore Degraded Soil By 2030. Dec 5, 2019 727
World Soil Day: How Erosion Threatens Food Security, Endangers Lives. Dec 3, 2019 1277
Estimation of Soil Loss Tolerance in Olive Groves as an Indicator of Sustainability: The Case of the Estepa Region (Andalusia, Spain). Sousa, Antonio Alberto Rodriguez; Barandica, Jesus Maria; Rescia, Alejandro J. Dec 1, 2019 12950
Soybean in No-Till Cover-Crop Systems. Halwani, Mosab; Reckling, Moritz; Schuler, Johannes; Bloch, Ralf; Bachinger, Johann Dec 1, 2019 7475
Soil erosion risk zoning in the Ecuadorian coastal region using geo-technological tools/Zonificacion de riesgo erosivo en la costa ecuatoriana usando herramientas geotecnologicas. Pacheco, Henry Antonio; Mendez, Williams; Moro, Armando Dec 1, 2019 8389
Test of the RUSLE and Key Influencing Factors Using GIS and Probability Methods: A Case Study in Nanling National Nature Reserve, South China. Wang, Jun; He, Qian; Zhou, Ping; Gong, Qinghua Case study Nov 30, 2019 9173
Effect of Underground Coal Mining on Slope Morphology and Soil Erosion. Ning, Liu; Xiao-Guang, Zhao; Shi-Jie, Song; Wen-Fu, Zhou Nov 30, 2019 7594
Residents in Bangsar neighbourhood worry about landslides due to soil erosion. Nov 18, 2019 527
Stay out of danger zones, NoCot trekkers told. Nov 13, 2019 326
Don't rely too much on firewood, Kenyans told. Nov 12, 2019 315
Soil erosion forces evacuation of 9 families in Cagayan province. Nov 4, 2019 125
Save Mau Forest, don't politicise evictions. Nov 1, 2019 252
Cover crops over winter will aid summer veggies. Oct 20, 2019 397
Human fossils found in Baringo South. Oct 15, 2019 364
Effects of DEM resolutions on LS and hillslope erosion estimation in a burnt landscape. Shan, Linxin; Yang, Xihua; Zhu, Qinggaozi Report Oct 1, 2019 4959
A Review of Kudzu's Use and Characteristics as Potential Feedstock. Gulizia, Joseph P.; Downs, Kevin M. Oct 1, 2019 8620
Management of High-Residue Cover Crops in a Conservation Tillage Organic Vegetable On-Farm Setting. Kornecki, Ted S.; Price, Andrew J. Oct 1, 2019 7134
Effects of Rainfall Intensity and Vegetation Cover on Erosion Characteristics of a Soil Containing Rock Fragments Slope. Zhao, Bingqin; Zhang, Lun; Xia, Zhenyao; Xu, Wennian; Xia, Lu; Liang, Yongzhe; Xia, Dong Sep 30, 2019 9550
Plans underway for aerial seeding in Inle Lake area by helicopter. Sep 15, 2019 273
Efforts on to stem land degradation. Sep 12, 2019 1027
'Land degradation threatens food security, leads to land-related conflicts'. Sep 12, 2019 544
MoCC initiatives underway to stem land degradation through afforestation. Sep 12, 2019 589
Efforts underway to stem land degradation: spokesperson). Sep 12, 2019 623
Ministry: (Efforts underway to stem land degradation: spokesperson). Sep 11, 2019 623
Efforts on to stem land degradation: Climate Change Ministry. Sep 11, 2019 633
MoCC initiatives underway to stem land degradation through afforestation. Sep 11, 2019 562
Animals the worst-sufferers of land degradation: Director, ZSI. Sep 7, 2019 371
Complications in Achieving Sustainability in Tea. Hardie, Anne-Marie Sep 1, 2019 1702
Karnataka: Train services resume on Sakaleshpur-Subramanya Road Ghat section. Aug 25, 2019 147
5 mln saplings to be distributed among masses: DC. Aug 20, 2019 143
Gombe Goes Green, Targets Planting Four Million Trees In Four Years. Aug 12, 2019 356
Editor's Pick No.32. Aug 8, 2019 188
Stochastic modelling of soil water dynamics and sustainability for three vegetation types on the Chinese Loess Plateau. Suo, Li zhu; Huang, Mingbin Report Aug 1, 2019 11399
Effects of irrigation and tillage on soil organic carbon and nutrients in mining-induced subsided cropland. Nie, X.J.; Zhang, H.B.; Li, S.Y. Aug 1, 2019 4768
Typhoon Falcon: Ifugao, Kalinga roads closed due to soil erosion. Jul 17, 2019 381
Kennon Road, 5 other roads in CAR and Region 2 closed due to 'Falcon'. Jul 17, 2019 252
PAD promoting modern farming practices to enhance per acre crop yield: DG. Jun 24, 2019 466
PAD promoting modern farming practices to enhance per acre yield: DG. Jun 19, 2019 462
DSWC Rwp makes over 45,000 acres land cultivable in five years. Jun 17, 2019 454
No Part Of Nigeria Will Be Left Undeveloped, Buhari Assures. Jun 11, 2019 354
Farms Use Sustainable Intensification Practices. Jun 1, 2019 361
Use of Vegetation as Biomaterial for Controlling Measures of Human Impact on the Environment. Termini, Donatella Apr 30, 2019 4279
Sexanana extermination on cards. Apr 23, 2019 1138
Surface sealing and water erosion of soils with mulching in the semi-arid region of Brazil/ Selamento superficial e erosao hidrica em solos representativos do semiarido brasileiro sob cobertura morta. da Silva, Fabio F.; Souza, Thais E.M. dos S.; de Souza, Edivan R.; Correa, Marcelo M.; Rolim, Mario Apr 1, 2019 4783
FAO official urges implementation of water scarcity initiatives in Near East & North Africa region. Mar 31, 2019 227
Minister urges people to join clean and green initiative. Mar 22, 2019 428
Zartaj calls on people to take part in 'Clean and Green Pakistan' drive. Mar 22, 2019 608
Cotabato's 'baiwalk' to boost tourism, Moro heritage. Mar 11, 2019 472
Study: Foxconn will increase river flooding. Mar 9, 2019 456
Enormous wood cutting leading to Deforestation in area. Mar 4, 2019 877
Enormous wood cutting leading to Deforestation in area. Mar 4, 2019 877
In Mexico, ecotourism helps traditional agriculture survive. Feb 19, 2019 358
GIS based risk modeling of soil erosion under different scenarios of land use change in Simly watershed of Pakistan. Dec 31, 2018 5215
DSC makes 33,000 acres land cultivable in two years in Rawalpindi region. Dec 10, 2018 520
DSC makes 33,000 acres land cultivable in two years in Rawalpindi region. Dec 10, 2018 520
Earth fast losing its soil cover. Nov 12, 2018 1179
Egypt receives Gamma detector to help combat soil erosion. Nov 10, 2018 269
Forced Vibrations of the Hopper of Fertilizer Applying Machine. Nukeshev, Sayakhat; Slavov, Valentin; Karaivanov, Dimitar,; Balabekova, Aigul; Zhaksylykova, Ziyada Nov 1, 2018 2833
Expert shocked, says 'unsuitable' soil used at disastrous Bukit Kukus project. Oct 23, 2018 432
Form special committee on hill slope projects, Gerakan tells Penang. Oct 23, 2018 465
More groups demand stop to hill slope developments in Penang. Oct 22, 2018 689
MTUC calls on DOSH to issue stop work order on all hillslope projects in Penang. Oct 21, 2018 311
Value of forests. Oct 8, 2018 172
The environmental issues in Pakistan. Oct 3, 2018 693
Soil erodibility affected by vegetation restoration on steep gully slopes on the Loess Plateau of China. Zhang, Bao-jun; Zhang, Guang-hui; Yang, Han-yue; Wang, Hao; Li, Ning-ning Report Oct 1, 2018 9223
Duterte: Philippines has to take stand vs mining. Sep 16, 2018 365
VC inaugurates trees plantation campaign under 'Plant for Pakistan' initiative. Sep 5, 2018 186
Characterising preferential flow and its interaction with the soil matrix using dye tracing in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area of China. Liu, Muxing; Guo, Li; Yi, Jun; Lin, Henry; Lou, Shulan; Zhang, Hailin; Li, Tian Report Sep 1, 2018 8385
Modeled soil erosion potential is low across California's annual rangelands. Salls, Wilson B.; Larsen, Royce E.; Lewis, David J.; Roche, Leslie M.; Eastburn, Danny J.; Hollander Report Sep 1, 2018 8478
Gabion structure controls desertification. Aug 27, 2018 275
Lessons from Kenya on how to restore degraded land. Aug 16, 2018 920
Potohar has over 100 sites for small dams construction; region needs several small dams: experts. Aug 13, 2018 650
Downstream communities feel pinch of Mau destruction. Aug 3, 2018 619
'Racy of the Soil': Ian Mudie, Right-Wing Nationalism, and the South Australian Soil Erosion Crisis. Regan, Jayne Critical essay Aug 1, 2018 10408
De Lima seeks Senate inquiry on implementation of various environmental protection laws. Jul 14, 2018 361
Success stories brighten Asia's bleak forestry picture. Jul 8, 2018 1383
Soil erosion analysis by RUSLE and sediment yield models using remote sensing and GIS in Kelantan state, Peninsular Malaysia. Anees, M.T.; Abdullah, K.; Nawawi, M.N.M.; Norulaini, N.A.N.; Syakir, M.I.; Omar, A.K.M. Report Jul 1, 2018 10480
Ratio of C[O.sub.2] and [O.sub.2] as index for categorising soil biological activity in sugarcane areas under contrasting straw management regimes. de Almeida, Risely Ferraz; de Bortoli Teixeira, Daniel; Montanari, Rafael; Bolonhez, Antonio Cesar; Report Jul 1, 2018 6545
Soil erosion causes over 100 graves to collapse into Sungai Saribas. Jun 25, 2018 342
We will promote more modern mechanized farming aAudu Ogbe. Jun 5, 2018 324
Cercas vivas en sistemas de produccion tropicales: una revision mundial de los usos y percepciones. Morantes-Toloza1, Javier Leonardo; Miguel Renjifo, Luis Jun 1, 2018 8581
No FG project 'll suffer setback due to geographical location aFayemi. May 27, 2018 618
Potohar needs more mini dams to utilize 3.5 MAF water losing annually. May 7, 2018 711
Predictive Analysis of the Damage to Axial-Flow Pump's Impeller in Sandy Water. Hua, Hong; Zhang, Zhi-Zhong; Liu, Xiao-Bing; Zeng, Yong-Zhong; Wang, Hui-Yan Report May 1, 2018 2974
A Review on Rangeland Management in Pakistan, Bottlenecks and Recommendations. Jamil, Muhammad; Mansoor, Muhammad; Anwar, Fawad; Muhammad, Sher; Awan, Aftab Ahmed Report May 1, 2018 3348
102 mini dams, 174 water ponds constructed in Potohar Region under 'Kissan Package'. Apr 30, 2018 552
102 mini dams, 174 water ponds constructed in Potohar Region under 'Kissan Package'. Apr 30, 2018 500
102 mini dams, 174 water ponds constructed in Potohar Region under 'Kissan Package'. Apr 30, 2018 534
Punjab govt takes steps to promote agriculture in Potohar region. Apr 19, 2018 659
'Potohar region loses most of its water annually'. Apr 19, 2018 535
Agri dept takes revolutionary steps to promote farming. Apr 19, 2018 716
DENR: 15,000 hectares to be planted with bamboo. Apr 17, 2018 206
Deforestation. Apr 7, 2018 178
The cutting edge. Mar 23, 2018 543
Women-Centered Climate Change Mitigation. Haber, Odile Hugonot Mar 22, 2018 1201
FG receives 1.1trn requests data for erosion, flood control aPresidency. Mar 15, 2018 616
Poor water tower protection to blame for soil erosion, drought. Mar 13, 2018 562
Digital mapping of soil erodibility for water erosion in New South Wales, Australia. Yang, Xihua; Gray, Jonathan; Chapman, Greg; Zhu, Qinggaozi; Tulau, Mitch; McInnes-Clarke, Sally Report Mar 1, 2018 8633
Traditional manual tillage significantly affects soil redistribution and C[O.sub.2] emission in agricultural plots on the Loess Plateau. Geng, Yan; Yu, Hanqing; Li, Yong; Tarafder, Mahbubul; Tian, Guanglong; Chappell, Adrian Report Mar 1, 2018 8897
STEAMING TO THE LAKE. Crane, Misti; Girder, Pam Frost Mar 1, 2018 975
The Power of a Single Tree. Hardie, Anne-Marie Mar 1, 2018 1666
Cuttingdown evergreen forests contributes to global warming. Feb 21, 2018 252
Capacity of Tarbela, Mangla to reduce 33pc by 2020. Feb 20, 2018 889
Sesser-Valier students learn about cover crops The lesson was part of the Ag in the Classroom program. Feb 14, 2018 365
The effects of trekking activities on physical soil properties in the Bolu-Aladag fir forests/Bolu-Aladag goknar ormanlarinda doga yuruyusu faaliyetlerinin bazi fiziksel toprak ozelliklerine etkisi. Duyar, Ahmet; Kinis, Seyfettin Report Jan 1, 2018 3904
Erosive rainfall in the Rio do Peixe Valley: Part III--Risk of extreme events/Chuvas erosivas do Vale do Rio do Peixe: Parte III--Risco de eventos extremos. Back, Alvaro J.; Pola, Augusto C.; Ladwig, Nilzo I.; Schwalm, Hugo Jan 1, 2018 3699
Water Quality Assessment of Tributaries of Batang Baleh in Sarawak Using Cluster Analysis. Ling, Teck-Yee; Soo, Chen-Lin; Heng, Teresa-Lee-Eng; Nyanti, Lee; Sim, Siong-Fong; Grinang, Jongkar; Jan 1, 2018 6161
Assessing Soil Erosion by Agricultural and Forestry Production and Proposing Solutions to Mitigate: A Case Study in Son La Province, Vietnam. Nguyen, X.H.; Pham, A.H. Report Jan 1, 2018 6724
Quantification and Evaluation of Soil Erosion in the Estuaries of Cameroon, Gulf of Guinea: Case of Nylon Area. Mbiakouo-Djomo, Eric Flavien; Njeugna, Ebenezer; Tcheukam-Toko, Denis; Fokwa, Didier Report Jan 1, 2018 8356
Seepage Behavior of Earth Dams Considering Rainfall Effects. Lee, Jong-Wook; Kim, Jiseong; Kang, Gi-Chun Jan 1, 2018 4266
Interaction between Vetiver Grass Roots and Completely Decomposed Volcanic Tuff under Rainfall Infiltration Conditions. Xu, Ling; Gao, Chongyang; Yan, Dongdong Jan 1, 2018 3456
Why Retaining Walls Are Useful, Explained by Dirt Connections. Dec 31, 2017 438
Effect of Nano-Carbon on Water Holding Capacity in a Sandy Soil of the Loess Plateau./Efecto de Materiales Nanocarbonados en la Capacidad de Retencion de Agua en Suelos Arenosos de la Meseta de Loes. Zhou, Beibei; Chen, Xiaopeng Report Dec 1, 2017 6034
WAPDA Chairman reviews progress of Mangla Watershed Management Project. Nov 9, 2017 379
WAPDA chairman reviews progress of mangla watershed management project. Nov 9, 2017 340
WAPDA Chairman reviews progress of Mangla Watershed Management Project. Nov 9, 2017 377
Investigating the effect of vetiver and polyacrylamide on runoff, sediment load and cumulative water infiltration. Amiri, Elham; Emami, Hojat; Mosaddeghi, Mohammad R.; Astaraei, Ali R. Report Nov 1, 2017 6541
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