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Effect of Medium pH and Light on Quinidine Production in Cinchona calisaya Wedd. Endophytic Fungi/Cinchona calisaya Wedd. Endofit Mantarinda Kinidin Uretiminde Ortamin pH'sinin ve Isigin Etkisi. Rahmawati, Indriana; Rahayu, Gayuh; Ratnadewi, Diah; Achmadi, Suminar Report Apr 1, 2021 5648
The Brigalow Catchment Study: V. Clearing and burning brigalow (Acacia harpophylla) in Queensland, Australia, temporarily increases surface soil fertility prior to nutrient decline under cropping or grazing. Thornton, C.M.; Shrestha, K. Report Feb 1, 2021 20837
An algorithm to calculate the cationic composition of soil solutions. 1. Theory and structure. Reid, Jeff B. Report Feb 1, 2021 12032
An algorithm to calculate the cationic composition of soil solutions. 2. Parameterisation and test. Reid, Jeff B.; Trolove, Stephen N.; Tan, Yong Report Feb 1, 2021 13662
Insight into chemical mechanisms of sepal color development and variation in hydrangea. Yoshida, Kumi; Oyama, Kin-ichi; Kondo, Tadao Feb 1, 2021 10900
Nyeri County to spend Sh17m to support coffee farmers. Jan 18, 2021 384
An algorithm to calculate the cationic composition of soil solutions. 2. Parameterisation and test. Reid, Jeff B.; Trolove, Stephen N.; Tan, Yong Report Jan 1, 2021 13808
An algorithm to calculate the cationic composition of soil solutions. 1. Theory and structure. Reid, Jeff B. Report Jan 1, 2021 12099
The Brigalow Catchment Study: V. Clearing and burning brigalow (Acacia harpophylla) in Queensland, Australia, temporarily increases surface soil fertility prior to nutrient decline under cropping or grazing. Thornton, C.M.; Shrestha, K. Report Jan 1, 2021 20913
Effect of Soil and Foliar Silicon Application on the Reduction of Zinc Toxicity in Wheat. Zajaczkowska, Aleksandra; Korzeniowska, Jolanta; Sienkiewicz-Cholewa, Urszula Nov 1, 2020 7724
Soils of the Brazilian Coastal Plains biome: prediction of chemical attributes via portable X-ray fluorescence (pXRF) spectrometry and robust prediction models. de Faria, Alvaro Jose Gomes; Silva, Sergio Henrique Godinho; Melo, Leonidas Carrijo Azevedo; Andrade Report Oct 1, 2020 9524
Soil Quality Characteristics as Affected by Continuous Rice Cultivation and Changes in Cropping Systems in South China. Ren, Xiangning; Chen, Feixiang; Ma, Tao; Hu, Yueming Oct 1, 2020 6133
Bacterial Community in Soils Following Century-Long Application of Organic or Inorganic Fertilizers under Continuous Winter Wheat Cultivation. Li, Xiufen; Deng, Shiping; Raun, William R.; Wang, Yan; Teng, Ying Oct 1, 2020 7919
Cadmium Uptake in Native Cacao Trees in Agricultural Lands of Bagua, Peru. Oliva, Manuel; Rubio, Karol; Epquin, Melissa; Marlo, Gladys; Leiva, Santos Oct 1, 2020 5519
The Influences of Different Methods of Grassland Renovation on the Weight of Post-Harvest Residues and the Abundance of Selected Soil Nutrients. Gawel, Eliza; Grzelak, Mieczyslaw Report Oct 1, 2020 10573
Fertility Impact of Separate and Combined Treatments with Biochar, Sewage Sludge Compost and Bacterial Inocula on Acidic Sandy Soil. Uzinger, Nikolett; Takacs, Tunde; Szili-Kovacs, Tibor; Radimszky, Laszlo; Fuzy, Anna; Draskovits, Es Oct 1, 2020 10195
Integrating Cover Crops as a Source of Carbon for Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation. Vecchia, Luca; Gioia, Francesco Di; Ferrante, Antonio; Hong, Jason C.; White, Charles; Rosskopf, Eri Oct 1, 2020 15130
Simulated sheep urine causes the formation of acidic subsurface layers in soil under field conditions. Condon, Jason R.; Black, A. Scott; Conyers, Mark K. Report Oct 1, 2020 9249
Aluminum-Specific Upregulation of GmALS3 in the Shoots of Soybeans: A Potential Biomarker for Managing Soybean Production in Acidic Soil Regions. Agrahari, Raj Kishan; Kobayashi, Yuriko; Borgohain, Pankaj; Panda, Sanjib Kumar; Koyama, Hiroyuki Sep 1, 2020 7354
Clinoptilolite Zeolite on Tropical Peat Soils Nutrient, Growth, Fruit Quality, and Yield of Carica papaya L. cv. Sekaki. Choo, Liza Nuriati Lim Kim; Ahmed, Osumanu Haruna; Talib, Shaidatul Azdawiyah Abdul; Ghani, Mohamad Sep 1, 2020 10582
Effect of Vermicompost on Growth, Plant Nutrient Uptake and Bioactivity of Ex Vitro Pineapple (Ananas comosus var. MD2). Mahmud, Mawiyah; Abdullah, Rosazlin; Yaacob, Jamilah Syafawati Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 14205
Biochar Impacts on Acidic Soil from Camellia Oleifera Plantation: A Short-Term Soil Incubation Study. Song, Qianqian; He, Yifan; Wu, Yuefeng; Chen, Shipin; Zhang, Taoxiang; Chen, Hui Sep 1, 2020 12378
Recent trends in soil fertility across the farms of East Gippsland. Crawford, D.M.; Mitchard, B.; Burton, W.R. Sep 1, 2020 12497
Effect of Slope Aspect and Land Use Types on Selected Soil Physicochemical Properties in North Western Ethiopian Highlands. Tamene, Gebretsadik Melak; Adiss, Hailu Kindie; Alemu, Melese Yigzaw Aug 31, 2020 5190
Combined Cultivation Pattern Reduces Soil Erosion and Nutrient Loss from Sloping Farmland on Red Soil in Southwestern China. Mao, Yan-Ting; Hu, Wei; Chau, Henry Wai; Lei, Bao-Kun; Di, Hong-Jie; Chen, An-Qiang; Hou, Mei-Ting; Aug 1, 2020 7544
Seedling Growth and Phosphorus Uptake in Response to Different Phosphorus Sources. Makela, Pirjo S.A.; Wasonga, Daniel O.; Hernandez, Ainhoa Solano; Santanen, Arja Aug 1, 2020 6743
Effects of Biochar and Ground Magnesium Limestone Application, with or without Bio-Fertilizer Addition, on Biochemical Properties of an Acid Sulfate Soil and Rice Yield. Panhwar, Qurban Ali; Naher, Umme Aminun; Shamshuddin, Jusop; Ismail, Mohd Razi Aug 1, 2020 8003
Specific Adsorption of Heavy Metals in Soils: Individual and Competitive Experiments. Campillo-Cora, Claudia; Conde-Cid, Manuel; Arias-Estevez, Manuel; Fernandez-Calvino, David; Alonso-V Aug 1, 2020 12236
Assessing Soil Organic Carbon in Soils to Enhance and Track Future Carbon Stocks. Yang, Yun-Ya; Goldsmith, Avi; Herold, Ilana; Lecha, Sebastian; Toor, Gurpal S. Aug 1, 2020 8056
Long-Term Nitrogen Fertilization Impacts on Soil Bacteria, Grain Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Wheat in Semiarid Loess Plateau, China. Xu, Aixia; Coulter, Jeffrey A.; Xie, Junhong; Zhang, Renzhi; Luo, Zhuzhu; Cai, Liqun; Liu, Chang; Kh Aug 1, 2020 9958
Short- and Long-Term Effects of Lime and Gypsum Applications on Acid Soils in a Water-Limited Environment: 1. Grain Yield Response and Nutrient Concentration. Anderson, Geoffrey C.; Pathan, Shahab; Easton, James; Hall, David J.M.; Sharma, Rajesh Aug 1, 2020 13826
C[O.sub.2] Emission and Change in the Fertility Parameters of a Calcareous Soil Following Annual Applications of Deinking Paper Sludge (The Case of Tunisia). Marouani, Emna; Benzina, Naima Kolsi; Ziadi, Noura; Bouslimi, Besma; Abida, Khouloud; Tlijani, Hanen Jul 1, 2020 11060
The ameliorative effects of low-grade palygorskite on acidic soil. Yuan, Jin-Hua; E, Sheng-Zhe; Che, Zong-Xian Report Jul 1, 2020 6883
Effect of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria and Ameliorants on Soil pH, C-Organic and Height of Corn Plants in Acid Sulfate Soils. Sahar, Asmarlaili; Araffat, Audi; Hanafiah, Diana Sofia; Benny, Hidayat Report Jul 1, 2020 2257
Effects of Rice Husk Biochar on Carbon Release and Nutrient Availability in Three Cultivation Age of Greenhouse Soils. Tsai, Chen-Chi; Chang, Yu-Fang Jul 1, 2020 17675
Effect of Oxytetracycline and Chlortetracycline on Bacterial Community Growth in Agricultural Soils. Santas-Miguel, Vanesa; Arias-Estevez, Manuel; Diaz-Ravina, Montserrat; Fernandez-Sanjurjo, Maria Jos Jul 1, 2020 8466
Chemical Properties of Soil in Four-Field Crop Rotations under Organic and Conventional Farming Systems. Kwiatkowski, Cezary A.; Harasim, ElZbieta Report Jul 1, 2020 10212
Potato Phosphorus Response in Soils with High Value of Phosphorus. Jasim, Ahmed; Sharma, Lakesh K.; Zaeen, Ahmed; Bali, Sukhwinder K.; Buzza, Aaron; Alyokhin, Andrei Report Jul 1, 2020 8498
Multiple soil element and pH interactions constrain plant performance on tropical soils with a long history of fire. Rance, Stan J.; Cameron, David M.; Gosper, Carl R.; Williams, Emlyn R. Report Jul 1, 2020 10211
How Do Climate and Nonclimatic Variables Influence the Production of Agricultural Staple Crops in Vulnerable Rural Communities in the Bawku Municipality of Northern Ghana? Ayumah, Rashida; Asante, Felix; Guodaar, Lawrence; Eshun, Gabriel Jun 30, 2020 8679
Distribution of Root-Lesion and Stunt Nematodes, and Their Relationship with Soil Properties and Nematode Fauna in Sugarcane Fields in Okinawa, Japan. Kawanobe, Masanori; Sugihara, Soh; Miyamaru, Naoko; Yoshida, Koichi; Nonomura, Eito; Oshiro, Hiroaki Jun 1, 2020 7442
Long-Term Fertilization with Potassium Modifies Soil Biological Quality in K-Rich Soils. Chen, Qiuyu; Xin, Ying; Liu, Zhanjun Jun 1, 2020 8680
Effects of Selected Soil Amendments and Mulch Type on Soil Properties and Productivity in Organic Vegetable Production. Larkin, Robert P. Jun 1, 2020 10123
Cropping System and Rotational Grazing Effects on Soil Fertility and Enzymatic Activity in an Integrated Organic Crop-Livestock System. Galindo, Fernando Shintate; Delate, Kathleen; Heins, Bradley; Phillips, Hannah; Smith, Andrew; Pagli Jun 1, 2020 10417
Base Neutralizing Capacity of Agricultural Soils in a Quaternary Landscape of North-East Germany and Its Relationship to Best Management Practices in Lime Requirement Determination. Vogel, Sebastian; Bonecke, Eric; Kling, Charlotte; Kramer, Eckart; Luck, Katrin; Nagel, Anne; Philip Jun 1, 2020 9632
Potentially Toxic Element Availability and Risk Assessment of Cadmium Dietary Exposure after Repeated Croppings of Brassica juncea in a Contaminated Agricultural Soil. Agrelli, Diana; Duri, Luigi Giuseppe; Fiorentino, Nunzio; Cozzolino, Eugenio; Fagnano, Massimo; Adam Jun 1, 2020 10617
The Role of Biochar and Soil Properties in Determining the Available Content of Al, Cu, Zn, Mn, and Cd in Soil. Hailegnaw, Niguss Solomon; Mercl, Filip; PraCke, Katerina; Praus, Lukas; Szakova, Jirina; Tlustos, P Jun 1, 2020 9494
Potential of Biochar to Alternate Soil Properties and Crop Yields 3 and 4 Years after the Application. Aydin, Elena; Simansky, Vladimir; Horak, Jan; Igaz, Dusan Jun 1, 2020 12657
Machine Learning-Based Predictive Farmland Optimization and Crop Monitoring System. Adebiyi, Marion Olubunmi; Ogundokun, Roseline Oluwaseun; Abokhai, Aneoghena Amarachi May 31, 2020 3474
Different forms and rates of nitrogen addition show variable effects on the soil hydrolytic enzyme activities in a meadow steppe. Wang, Chengliang; Shi, Baoku; Sun, Wei; Guan, Qingcheng Report May 1, 2020 7390
Effects of Biochar to Excessive Compost-Fertilized Soils on the Nutrient Status. Tsai, Chen-Chi; Chang, Yu-Fang May 1, 2020 10675
Response of the Arthropod Community to Soil Characteristics and Management in the Franciacorta Viticultural Area (Lombardy, Italy). Ghiglieno, Isabella; Simonetto, Anna; Orlando, Francesca; Donna, Pierluigi; Tonni, Marco; Valenti, L May 1, 2020 7868
Changes in Soil Properties and Bacterial Community Composition with Biochar Amendment after Six Years. Fan, Shuxiu; Zuo, Jiacheng; Dong, Hangyu May 1, 2020 8175
Post Bauxite Mining Land Soil Characteristics and Its Effects on the Growth of Falcataria moluccana (Miq.) Barneby & J. W. Grimes and Albizia saman (Jacq.) Merr. Prematuri, Ricksy; Turjaman, Maman; Sato, Takumi; Tawaraya, Keitaro Apr 30, 2020 4740
Effects of Land Use Types on Selected Soil Properties in Central Highlands of Ethiopia. Negasa, Daniel Jaleta Apr 30, 2020 7739
Enzymatic Activity of Loess Soil in Organic and Conventional Farming Systems. Kwiatkowski, Cezary A.; Harasim, Elzbieta; Feledyn-Szewczyk, Beata; Antonkiewicz, Jacek Apr 1, 2020 8056
Environmental Application of Ash from Incinerated Biomass. Wierzbowska, Jadwiga; Sienkiewicz, Stanislaw; Zarczyriski, Piotr; Krzebietke, Slawomir Apr 1, 2020 7499
Effect of Biogas Digestate and Mineral Fertilisation on the Soil Properties and Yield and Nutritional Value of Switchgrass Forage. Glowacka, Aleksandra; Szostak, Bogdan; Klebaniuk, Renata Apr 1, 2020 12650
Wheat Straw Biochar and NPK Fertilization Efficiency in Sandy Soil Reclamation. Bednik, Magdalena; Medyriska-Juraszek, Agnieszka; Dudek, Michal; Kloc, Szymon; Kret, Agata; Labaz, B Apr 1, 2020 5554
Do Long-Term Continuous Cropping and Pesticides Affect Earthworm Communities? Treder, Kinga; Jastrzebska, Magdalena; Kostrzewska, Marta Katarzyna; Makowski, Przemyslaw Apr 1, 2020 7039
Best practices for growing pigeon peas. Mar 7, 2020 1165
Carbon and Metal(loid)s in Parkland and Road Verge Surface Soils in the City of Liverpool, UK. Beesley, Luke; Moreno-Jimenez, Eduardo; Jenn, Phil; Lepp, Nicholas W. Mar 1, 2020 3982
Changes in Soil Physicochemical Properties and Maize Production Following Improvement of Salt-Affected Soils Using Coal Bio-Briquette Ash in Northeast China. Sakai, Yuji; Shimizu, Chie; Murata, Hironori; Seto, Hitomi; Fukushima, Ryosuke; Koga, Takashi; Wang, Mar 1, 2020 9183
Effects of the Application of Biochar in Four Typical Agricultural Soils in China. Wang, Huanhuan; Ren, Tianbao; Feng, Yuqing; Liu, Kouzhu; Feng, Huilin; Liu, Guoshun; Shi, Hongzhi Mar 1, 2020 8440
Nitrogen Availability in Biochar-Amended Soils with Excessive Compost Application. Tsai, Chen-Chi; Chang, Yu-Fang Mar 1, 2020 9644
Effect of Natural Aging of Biochar on Soil Enzymatic Activity and Physicochemical Properties in Long-Term Field Experiment. Futa, Barbara; Oleszczuk, Patryk; Andruszczak, Sylwia; Kwiecinska-Poppe, Ewa; Kraska, Piotr Mar 1, 2020 6357
A Comparative Study of Rotation Patterns on Soil Organic Carbon in China's Arid and Semi-Arid Regions. Wei, Chen; Adamowski, Jan F.; Liu, Yujia; Zhang, Yongkai; Liu, Chunfang; Zhou, Junju; Wang, Xueyan; Feb 1, 2020 7617
Effects of Seven Diversified Crop Rotations on Selected Soil Health Indicators and Wheat Productivity. Wang, Lin; Zhao, Yingxing; Al-Kaisi, Mahdi; Yang, Jia; Chen, Yuanquan; Sui, Peng Feb 1, 2020 6855
Creeping Bentgrass Fairway Wear Resistance by Granular Topdressing of Ca/Mg-rich Liming Agents. Pruyne, Derek T.; Schlossberg, Maxim J.; Uddin, Wakar Report Feb 1, 2020 6228
Long-Term Green Manure Rotations Improve Soil Biochemical Properties, Yield Sustainability and Nutrient Balances in Acidic Paddy Soil under a Rice-Based Cropping System. Qaswar, Muhammad; Huang, Jing; Ahmed, Waqas; Li, Dongchu; Liu, Shujun; Ali, Sehrish; Liu, Kailou; Xu Dec 1, 2019 8033
Liming Positively Modulates Microbial Community Composition and Function of Sugarcane Fields. Pang, Ziqin; Tayyab, Muhammad; Kong, Chuibao; Hu, Chaohua; Zhu, Zhisheng; Wei, Xin; Yuan, Zhaonian Dec 1, 2019 7351
Prediction Models for Bioavailability of Mn, Cu, Zn, Ni and Pb in Soils of Republic of Serbia. Dinic, Zoran; Maksimovic, Jelena; Stanojkovic-Sebic, Aleksandra; Pivic, Radmila Dec 1, 2019 8155
An Assessment of the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Soil Salinity in Combination with Field and Satellite Data: A Case Study in Sujawal District. Solangi, Kashif Ali; Siyal, Altaf Ali; Wu, Yanyou; Abbasi, Bilawal; Solangi, Farheen; Lakhiar, Imran Case study Dec 1, 2019 5520
Chemical Properties and Enzyme Activity of Soil as Affected by Tillage System and Previous Crop. Wozniak, Andrzej Dec 1, 2019 4224
The Role of Soil pH in Plant Nutrition and Soil Remediation. Neina, Dora Nov 30, 2019 8057
Influence of Tropical Climate Parameters on Properties of Acid Sulfate Soils for Sustainable Oil Palm Cultivation. Sasirat, Pattamit; Kheoruenromne, Irb; Suddhiprakarn, Anchalee; Anusontpornperm, Somchai Nov 30, 2019 9054
Agronomist Notebook: Here's how to interpret soil test results. Nov 22, 2019 217
With 'dying' soils, climate-smart agriculture is the next frontier. Nov 5, 2019 529
Changes in bacterial community composition across natural grassland and pine forests in the Bunya Mountains in subtropical Australia. Shen, Ju-Pei; Esfandbod, Maryam; Wakelinc, Steve A.; Bacon, Gary; Huang, Qiaoyun; Chen, Chengrong Report Nov 1, 2019 7122
Trends in key soil parameters under conservation agriculture-based sustainable intensification farming practices in the Eastern Ganga Alluvial Plains. Sinha, A.K.; Chosh, A.; Dhar, T.; Bhattacharya, P.M.; Mitra, B.; Rakesh, S.; Paneru, P.; Shrestha, S Report Nov 1, 2019 9533
Assessing Forms of Application of Azospirillum brasilense Associated with Silicon Use on Wheat. Galindo, Fernando Shintate; Rodrigues, Willian Lima; Biagini, Antonio Leonardo Campos; Fernandes, Gu Nov 1, 2019 9065
Nutrient Status and Root Density of Huanglongbing-Affected Trees: Consequences of Irrigation Water Bicarbonate and Soil pH Mitigation with Acidification. Morgan, Kelly T.; Graham, James H. Nov 1, 2019 8750
Perennial Ryegrass Wear Resistance and Soil Amendment by Ca- and Mg-Silicates. Pruyne, Derek T.; Schlossberg, Maxim J.; Uddin, Wakar Oct 1, 2019 5880
Biochar Effects on Soil Properties and Wheat Biomass vary with Fertility Management. Bista, Prakriti; Ghimire, Rajan; Machado, Stephen; Pritchett, Larry Oct 1, 2019 4785
Comparing the effectiveness and longevity of the urease inhibitor N-(2-nitrophenyl) phosphoric triamide (2-NPT) with N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide (nBTPT) in reducing ammonia emissions from cattle urine applied to dairy-grazed pasture soils. Adhikari, Kamal P.; Saggar, Surinder; Hanly, James A.; Guinto, Danilo F. Report Oct 1, 2019 8300
Dicyandiamide increased ammonia volatilisation and decreased carbon dioxide emission from calcareous soil during wheat-maize rotation on the Loess Plateau. Raza, Sajjad; Li, Xuesong; Miao, Na; Ahmed, Muneer; Liu, Zhanjun; Zhou, Jianbin Report Oct 1, 2019 9216
Short-Term Response of Soil Microbial Community to Field Conversion from Dryland to Paddy under the Land Consolidation Process in North China. Li, Xiaoxiao; Ma, Jing; Yang, Yongjun; Hou, Huping; Liu, Gang-Jun; Chen, Fu Oct 1, 2019 9731
Integrated Acid Soil Management for Growth, Nodulation, and Nutrient Uptake of Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) in Lay Gayint District, Northwestern Highlands of Ethiopia. Fekadu, Endalkachew; Kibret, Kibebew; Melese, Asmare Sep 30, 2019 10112
InvestmentPitch Media Video Discusses AREV Brands' Preparation for Launch of WOLLAMMO to Cannabis and Hemp Cultivators - Video Available on Sep 13, 2019 598
INVESTIGATION OF PHYSICAL-MECHANICAL PROPERTIES AND IMPACT ON SOIL OF GRANULATED MANURE COMPOST FERTILIZERS. Mieldazys, Ramunas; Jotautiene, Egle; Jasinskas, Algirdas; Pekarskas, Juozas; Zinkeviciene, Raimonda Sep 1, 2019 7045
Optimizing Nitrogen Fertilization Regimes for Sustainable Maize (Zea mays L.) Production on the Volcanic Soils of Buea Cameroon. Ngosong, Christopher; Bongkisheri, Victorine; Tanyi, Clovis B.; Nanganoa, Lawrence T.; Tening, Aaron Aug 31, 2019 6358
Degassing and Cycling of Mercury at Nisyros Volcano (Greece). Gagliano, A.L.; Calabrese, S.; Daskalopoulou, K.; Cabassi, J.; Capecchiacci, F.; Tassi, F.; Bellomo, Aug 31, 2019 13627
Mofette Vegetation as an Indicator for Geogenic C[O.sub.2] Emission: A Case Study on the Banks of the Laacher See Volcano, Vulkaneifel, Germany. Pfanz, Hardy; Sassmannshausen, Frank; Wittmann, Christiane; Pfanz, Benny; Thomalla, Annika Case study Aug 31, 2019 7398
Changes in soil nutrients (ammonia, phosphate and nitrate) associated with rat carcass decomposition under tropical climatic conditions. Yong, S.K.; Jalaludin, N.H.; Brau, E.; Shamsudin, N.N.; Heo, C.C. Report Aug 1, 2019 4674
Bovine urine inhibits microbial function and increases urea turnover in dairy grazed soils. Lambie, S.M.; Mason, N.W.H.; Mudge, P.L. Report Aug 1, 2019 7250
Study points to acidic soils affecting almost half of Scottish farms. Report Jul 20, 2019 207
Digital mapping of topsoil pH by random forest with residual kriging (RFRK) in a hilly region. Wang, Lei; Wu, Wei; Liu, Hong-Bin Report Jul 1, 2019 5826
Short-term effects of byproduct amendments and lime on physicochemical and microbiological properties of acidic soil from Jiaodong Peninsula of China/Efeitos de alteracoes de subprodutos e cal em solo acido da Peninsula de Jiaodong da China. Shen, Yuwen; Lin, Haitao; Song, Xiaozong; Liu, Ping; Bo, Luji; Chen, Jianqiu; Yang, Li Jun 1, 2019 5073
Microscopic Mechanism Affecting Shear Strength in Lignin-Treated Loess Samples. Liu, Wei; Wang, Juan; Lin, Gaochao; Wen, Li; Wang, Qian May 31, 2019 6578
Effects of Land Uses on Soil Quality Indicators: The Case of Geshy Subcatchment, Gojeb River Catchment, Ethiopia. Dagnachew, Melku; Moges, Awdenegest; Kassa, Asfaw Kebede Apr 30, 2019 9742
Land Cover and Soil Properties Influence on Forage Quantity in a Semiarid Region in East Africa. Egeru, Anthony; Wasonga, Oliver; Gabiri, Geofrey; MacOpiyo, Laban; Mburu, John; Majaliwa, Jackson Gi Apr 30, 2019 12472
Aluminum Responsive Genes in Flax (Linum usitatissimum L.). Krasnov, George S.; Dmitriev, Alexey A.; Zyablitsin, Alexander V.; Rozhmina, Tatiana A.; Zhuchenko, Mar 31, 2019 8263
Effect of Phosphorus Sources and their Levels on Spring Maize. Ahmad, Munir; Khana, Ibrahim; Muhammad, Dost; Mussarat, Maria; Shafia, Muhmmad Izhar Mar 1, 2019 4779
A meta-analysis of exchangeable aluminium in New Zealand soils using the National Soils Database. Whitley, A.E.; Moir, J.L.; Almond, P.C. Report Mar 1, 2019 8882
Liming on picloram leaching in dystrophic Red Yellow Latosol/Calagem na lixiviacao do picloram em Latossolo Vermelho Amarelo distrofico. Franceschi, Mauricio; Arantes, Sayonara A. do C.M.; de Andrade, Ednaldo A.; Rocha, Adriano M. da; Ar Feb 1, 2019 3510
Effectiveness of a rapid soil incubation method for determining potential acidity of soils in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil/Eficacia de um metodo rapido de incubacao de solo na determinacao da acidez potencial em solos no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. Brunetto, Gustavo; Souza, Rodrigo Otavio Schneider; Piccin, Rogerio; Bellinaso, Roque Junior Sartori Feb 1, 2019 3563
RESEARCH OF THE INFLUENCE OF EXTERNAL FACTORS ON THE MEASUREMENT OF A BASIC SOIL QUALITY PARAMETER. Georgieva, Tsvetelina; Remzi, Sechkin; Paskova, Nadezhda; Stefanov, Emil; Sigrimis, Nikolaos; Daskal Jan 1, 2019 2503
Mapping Histoplasma capsulatum Exposure, United States. Maiga, Amelia W.; Deppen, Stephen; Scaffidi, Beth Koontz; Baddley, John; Aldrich, Melinda C.; Dittus Report Oct 1, 2018 3197
Secret to growth? It lies in the soil; SMALL CHANGE IN pH LEVELS CAN MAKE HUGE DIFFERENCE. Aug 9, 2018 752
Simultaneous measurement of exchangeable AI and other cations in acidic soils. Conyers, Mark; Poile, Graeme Report Aug 1, 2018 4772
Modifications of phosphorus in Latosol as a function of humic acids and acidity/Modificacoes de fosforo em Latossolo em funcao de acidos humicos e acidez. Beck, Marcia H.; Escosteguy, Pedro A.V.; Dick, Deborah P. Jul 1, 2018 3981
Geogenic C[O.sub.2] affects inorganic soil properties and the composition of soil organic matter in physical fractions. Rennert, Thilo Report Jul 1, 2018 7049
Anatomia de la madera de Laguncularia racemosa (Combretaceae) en manglar y bosque de transicion en el sur de Brasil. Jantsch, Adriana; Ferreira de Melo, Joao Carlos, Jr.; Willian Amorim, Maick; Larcher, Leticia; Soffi Jun 1, 2018 4497
Liming improves soil microbial growth, but trash blanket placement increases labile carbon and nitrogen availability in a sugarcane soil of subtropical Australia. Liu, X.Y.; Rashti, M. Rezaei; Esfandbod, M.; Powell, B.; Chen, C.K. May 1, 2018 7607
Different limestone particle sizes for soil acidity correction, Ca and Mg supply and corn yield. Ratke, Rafael Felippe; Pereira, Hamilton Seron; de Deus Gomes dos Santos, Joao, Jr.; Barbosa, Julian Report Apr 1, 2018 6040
Effect of 10 years of biofertiliser use on soil quality and rice yield on an Inceptisol in Assam, India. Buragohain, Smrita; Sarma, Banashree; Nath, Dhruba J.; Gogoi, Nirmali; Meena, Ram S.; Lal, Rattan Report Feb 1, 2018 8742
Soil properties and organic matter quality in relation to climate and vegetation in southern Indian tropical ecosystems. Mani, Shanmugam; Merino, Agustin; Garcia-Oliva, Felipe; Riotte, Jean; Sukumar, Raman Report Feb 1, 2018 8927
Evaluation of Acid Leaching on the Removal of Heavy Metals and Soil Fertility in Contaminated Soil. Chu, Chen-Yao; Ko, Tzu-Hsing Jan 1, 2018 4913
Effect of Soil Type and Foliar Factors on the Distribution of Imbrasia belina in the Southeastern Lowveld of Zimbabwe. Mufandaedza, Edward; Moyo, Doreen Z.; Makoni, Paul Jan 1, 2018 4722
Agriscience Education Through Inquiry-Based Learning: Investigating Factors that Influence the Science Competence of Middle School Students. Skelton, Peter; Blackburn, J. Joey; Stair, Kristin S.; Levy, Natalie; Dormody, Thomas J. Report Jan 1, 2018 6453
Vegetation Effects on Bacteria and Denitrifier Abundance in the Soils of Two Tidal Freshwater Wetlands in Virginia. Morina, Joseph C.; Morrissey, Ember M.; Franklin, Rima B. Report Jan 1, 2018 8009
Effects of Lime, Vermicompost, and Chemical P Fertilizer on Selected Properties of Acid Soils of Ebantu District, Western Highlands of Ethiopia. Bekele, Abdissa; Kibret, Kibebew; Bedadi, Bobe; Yli-Halla, Markku; Balemi, Tesfaye Report Jan 1, 2018 11840
Synergistic Effect of Carbamide and Sulfate Reducing Bacteria on Corrosion Behavior of Carbon Steel in Soil. Li, Ximing; Sun, Cheng Jan 1, 2018 5770
Biochar and/or Compost Applications Improve Soil Properties, Growth, and Yield of Maize Grown in Acidic Rainforest and Coastal Savannah Soils in Ghana. Mensah, Albert Kobina; Frimpong, Kwame Agyei Report Jan 1, 2018 6596
How Accurate are pH Soil Testers? Pavlis, Robert Dec 1, 2017 676
Surface lime and silicate application and crop production system effects on physical characteristics of a Brazilian Oxisol. Castro, G.S.A.; Crusciol, C.A.C.; Rosolem, C.A.; Calonego, J.C.; Brye, K.R. Report Nov 1, 2017 7485
The interaction between soil pH and phosphorus for wheat yield and the impact of lime-induced changes to soil aluminium and potassium. Scanlan, Craig A.; Brennan, Ross F.; D'Antuono, Mario F.; Sarre, Gavin A. Report Jul 1, 2017 12738
Integrated Crop-Livestock Management Effects on Soil Quality Dynamics in a Semiarid Region: A Typology of Soil Change Over Time. Ryschawy, J.; Liebig, M.A.; Kronberg, S.L.; Archer, D.W.; Hendrickson, J.R. Report Jan 1, 2017 7162
Quantification of Uncertainty in Mathematical Models: The Statistical Relationship between Field and Laboratory pH Measurements. Benke, Kurt K.; Robinson, Nathan J. Report Jan 1, 2017 7225
Examining the Potential of Forest Residue-Based Amendments for Post-Wildfire Rehabilitation in Colorado, USA. Rhoades, Charles C.; Minatre, Kerri L.; Pierson, Derek N.; Fegel, Timothy S.; Cotrufo, M. Francesca; Report Jan 1, 2017 8021
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