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Articles from Soil Research (August 1, 2017)

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Benchmarking and mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions from manures and fertilisers used in temperate vegetable crops in Australia. Porter, Ian; Riches, David; Scheer, Clemens Report 9001
Can nitrogen fertiliser maintain wheat (Triticum aestivum) grain protein concentration in an elevated C[O.sub.2] environment? Walker, Cassandra; Armstrong, Roger; Panozzo, joe; Partington, Debra; Fitzgerald, Glenn Report 6334
Crop and microbial responses to the nitrification inhibitor 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) in Mediterranean wheat-cropping systems. Duncan, Elliott C.; O'Sullivan, Cathryn A.; Roper, Margaret M.; Peoples, Mark B.; Treble, Karen; Whi Report 11110
Dilemma of nitrogen management for future food security in sub-Saharan Africa--a review. Masso, Cargele; Baijukya, Fredrick; Ebanyat, Peter; Bouaziz, Sifi; Wend, John; Bekunda, Mateete; Van Report 7257
Economic perspectives on nitrogen in farming systems: managing trade-offs between production, risk and the environment. Pannell, David J. Report 5573
Efficient use of reactive nitrogen for productive agroecosystems. Aarons, S.R.; Angus, J.F.; Gourley, C.J.P. 2916
Empirical model for mineralisation of manure nitrogen in soil. Sorensen, Peter; Thomsen, Ingrid K.; Schroder, Jaap J. Report 4569
Enhanced nitrogen fertiliser technologies support the '4R' concept to optimise crop production and minimise environmental losses. Snyder, Clifford S. Report 8928
Estimating nitrogen excretion and deposition by lactating cows in grazed dairy systems. Aarons, Sharon R.; Gourley, Cameron P.; Powell, J. Mark; Hannah, Murray C. Report 9414
Experimental validation of a new approach for rice fertiliser recommendations across smallholder farms in China. Yang, Fuqiang; Xu, Xinpeng; Ma, Jinchuan; He, Ping; Pampolino, Mirasol F.; Zhou, Wei Report 7670
Global animal production and nitrogen and phosphorus flows. Liu, Qian; Wang, Jingmeng; Bai, Zhaohai; Ma, Lin; Oenema, Oene Report 9612
Long-term use of green manure legume and chemical fertiliser affect soil bacterial community structures but not the rate of soil nitrate decrease when excess carbon and nitrogen are applied. Toda, Misato; Uchida, Yoshitaka Report 7429
Modelling reduced coastal eutrophication with increased crop yields in Chinese agriculture. Li, Ang A.; Strokal, Maryna M.; Bai, Zhaohai Z.H.; Kroeze, Carolien C.; Ma, Lin L.; Zhang, Fusuo F.S Report 8951
Nitrogen balance in Australia and nitrogen use efficiency on Australian farms. Angus, J.F.; Grace, P.R. Report 14090
Nitrogen performance indicators for dairy production systems. de Klein, Cecile A.M.; Monaghan, Ross M.; Alfaro, Marta; Gourley, Cameron J.P.; Oenema, Oene; Powell Report 6392
Nitrogen: the historical progression from ignorance to knowledge, with a view to future solutions. Galloway, James N.; Leach, Allison M.; Erisman, Jan Willem; Bleeker, Albert Report 6719
Predicting pasture yield response to nitrogenous fertilizer in Australia using a meta-analysis-derived model, with field validation. Gourley, Cameron J.P.; Hannah, Murray C.; Chia, Kohleth T.H. Report 10505
Soil mineral nitrogen benefits derived from legumes and comparisons of the apparent recovery of legume or fertiliser nitrogen by wheat. Peoples, Mark B.; Swan, Antony D.; Goward, Laura; Kirkegaard, John A.; Hunt, James R.; Li, Guangdi D Report 15393
The nitrification inhibitor DMPP applied to subtropical rice has an inconsistent effect on nitrous oxide emissions. Rose, Terry J.; Morris, Stephen G.; Quin, Peter; Kearney, Lee J.; Kimber, Stephen; Van Zwieten, Luka Report 5185
Validation of Nbudget for estimating soil N supply in Australia's Northern grains region in the absence of soil test data. Herridge, David F. Report 7359

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