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Soho's saving grace.

Byline: C.J. Hughes

From the October issue: If imitation is flattery, as the saying goes, Soho, the downtown Manhattan neighborhood that gets its name from its location "South of Houston Street," has admirers far and wide. Indeed, many once-derelict industrial sections of U.S. cities, where warehouses have given way to loft-style apartments, now boast similarly styled names melded from the landmark points that make up their location, whether San Francisco's SoMa ("South of Market Street") or Denver's LoDo ("Lower Downtown"). But buyers, particularly out of towners, haven't forgotten the original, which has fared better than other upscale parts of Manhattan during the real estate downturn.
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Author:Hughes, C.J.
Publication:The Real Deal
Date:Oct 12, 2009
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Soho's saving grace.

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