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Software streamlines cash application.

AutoClear by QCC

If customer service, speed, and centralization are what you're after, then look no further than AutoClear from QCC.

In 1993, my company evaluated its credit, collection, and cash application operations with the objective of improving control, response time, and overall customer service. Although significant cash and collection results were quickly achieved, there is more to the story.

Before restructuring, we operated seven separate credit/collection centers in California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington, as well as a headquarters in South Carolina. Each center processed invoices from original billing through collections using standalone computers. The system was complicated, cumbersome, and made it difficult to compile consolidated reports. The single biggest problem was the lack of adequate response to credit and collection matters; accurate and timely credit decisions were crucial to our customers and suppliers.

Immediately upon seeing a demonstration of QCC's AutoClear, an automated cash application product, we knew we had found the solution.

The first major change was the consolidation of the A/R operation into a single, new AS/400 at our South Carolina headquarters. The objective was to streamline accounts receivable and cash collection activities. What made it work was AutoClear.

We more than met the objective. In fact, we are handling the volume of the earlier seven centers in one location more efficiently. We also avoided having to add new people for cash application duties.

This software is the only standalone automatic cash application package for IBM AS/400 computers. It can be added to virtually any installed accounts receivable system, improving the productivity in a variety of ways.

In our operation, an immediate benefit has been dramatic improvement in availability of cash and deposit information. AutoClear enables our banks to send deposit records electronically to the headquarters computer on the day of deposit.

Our company is also using QCC's CREDT[TM] (Credit, REceivables, and DeducTion Management) system, which was purchased at the same time as AutoClear. CREDT provides information and communication power to our credit and collection professionals with features including detailed customer credit profiles, on-line notes, system-monitored scheduled follow-up, and dispute/resolution tracking.

The tools within CREDT manage large numbers of accounts by reducing the time spent on administrative functions and increasing the time available for customer interaction.

One of the beauties of using AutoClear is its simplicity. Once the new hardware component of the system was in place, we live-tested the system with the bank. It was completely implemented in only four days, and we have not made any modifications since. The combination of labor savings, plus access to cash information more quickly, has definitely been worth the effort. We attribute this success to QCC's pre-implementation consulting and subsequent indepth training, which made this entire procedure easy to accomplish.

Customer service is absolutely vital to the continued success of our company. With the sizable increase in the number of accounts we are now handling in accounts receivable, having the most accurate, up-to-the-minute credit information is essential.

In our product literature, we say that our skylight and roof windows enable rooms to "reach for the sky." In the world of accounts receivable, credit and collections, AutoClear and CREDT have shed new light on our business. We like what we see.

Reviewed by Michael R. Mercier, information systems manager, Velux-America Inc., Greenwood, S.C. AutoClear is available from QCC located in Dedham, Mass. for $25,000-$52,000. CREDT is available for $15,000-40,000.
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Title Annotation:AutoClear by QCC
Author:Mercier, Michael R.
Publication:Business Credit
Article Type:Evaluation
Date:Jun 1, 1995
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