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Software straightens up shop.

Emphasis on quality has been the key to success for Dynamic Engineering, Coon Rapids, MN. In 1977, president Dave Kalina and vice president Peter McGillivray started the company with a couple of machines in the basement of Dave's home. Much investment has been made in engineering, milling, grinding, wire and sinking EDM, and computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) systems to ensure that quality molds with consistent cavity dimensions are delivered on time to customers.

Detailed CAD designs are standard at Dynamic Engineering. The firm is experienced in Unscrewing, Hot Runner, Insert, and Expandable Mold programs. They can satisfy a wide range of requirements, whether for multiple-cavity high-production molds, or quick-turnaround prototype molds. The molds produced have tolerances of "0.0002" and are used in electronic and medical industries.

Dynamic's high-precision equipment includes five Makino CNC EDMs and two Charmilles wire EDMs. Toolchangers on sinkers and automatic threading on submerged wires allow EDM machining 24 hours a day. Programming is done on CAD/CAM terminals and downloaded to the machines for continuous operation. EDMs have run up to 180 hours untended, and have completed production jobs of over 10,000 pieces.

In 1989, Dinamic tied their various computer systems together and became an active user of CIM. From eight networked stations throughout the shop, employees can access many software programs, including job Boss for business management and shop control.

With job Boss software, Dynamic is able to more effectively monitor activity in the shop. "Say we estimate a job to take 500 hours," says Mr McGillivray. "In actuality, that job may take anywhere from 300 to 800 hours to run. Now, with job Boss, we can determine what's happening-where things are going right and where they're going wrong. It's amazing that in all the years we've been here, there hasn't been a better way of tracking until now."

Job Boss is accessed frequently. Three people in the office use the software to create estimates. Another individual records the time worked on each job. Managers use Job Boss to isolate the work done in their sections of the shop. The accountant uses it to process accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and general ledger.

Managers can now analyze the work of individual employees. "We're more aware of the breakdown of time using Job Boss. In the past, we showed the job to a team of workers and gave them the number of hours in which the job had to be done. Now we can give each worker a benchmark figure, instead of a lump sum. And if the job isn't done on time, we can determine where the overrun occurred," says Mr McGillivray.

For more information, contact Job Boss Software Inc or circle 317.
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Title Annotation:Job Boss software used by Dynamics Engineering
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Apr 1, 1991
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