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Software speeds up prototyping for 5G mobiles.

Prototyping radio in 5G mobile phones is made easier with Lab VIEW Communications System Design Suite from National Instruments. It combines software defined radio (SDR) hardware with software design flow.

Wireless prototyping is conventionally undertaken by separate design teams using disparate tools. Lab VIEW Communications enables the entire design team to map an idea from algorithm to FPGA using a single high-level representation. This lets designers focus on innovation instead of implementation, which increases the rate and quality of their prototyping.

"Wireless consumers' insatiable demand for bandwidth has forced the wireless community to invest tremendously in new ways to increase network capacity," said Prof Gerhard Fettweis, Vodafone chair at the Technical University of Dresden. "We're heavily involved in 5G exploration using NI hardware and software integration. With our collaboration and the use of the NI platform, TU Dresden researchers significantly compressed the time to transition from concept to prototype. In six weeks, we were able to have a working prototype. In the past, using other standard tools, this would have taken us more than two years to complete."

Lab VIEW Communications is optimised for SDR with a hardware-aware design environment that offers control of physical configuration, hardware constraints and system documentation in a functional software diagram. This gives designers access to all components in the SDR platform and helps designers achieve optimal performance by eliminating the need to manually map algorithms to different hardware architectures.

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Publication:Environmental Engineering
Date:Feb 1, 2015
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