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Software shenanigans.

Dear Editor,

A lot of crewmen are having problems with the new software upgrade on their A3 Bradleys. For version 7.01 or higher, the software has a new option that allows maintenance personnel to conduct on-board diagnostic training at the unit level.

The problem occurs when mechanics leave the turret in maintenance mode after training or crewmen accidentally access the embedded maintenance trainer (EMT) software. When that happens, the turret will not return to COMBAT STATE and will only operate in degraded mode or limited operators. Crewmen won't have full turret operation.

If the turret is left in maintenance mode or a crewman inadvertently selects EMT from the maintenance menu, do not cycle power to clear the fault or to get out of EMT software. Instead, return the turret to COMBAT STATE like this:

1. Move the cursor over the flashing blue banner that reads SELECT HERE TO EXIT TRAINING.

2. When the banner flashes on, press to select it. Note that the banner will flash on for four seconds and off for eight seconds.

3. The next screen you see will include a red bordered pop-up that reads SCENARIO ABORTED, CYCLE POWER. When this screen appears, turn off turret power. This will terminate the scenario and allow the turret to return to COMBAT STATE at the next power cycle.

4. When you power up the turret, the flashing blue banner should be gone. The turret is flow Fully operational.

Editor's note: Thanks for the info, Mr. Fulkerson. That'll prevent a lot of headaches for Bradley crewmen!
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Author:Fulkerson, Bob
Publication:PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly
Date:Jul 1, 2006
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