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Software product helps banks engage frontline personnel in lead generation.

How can a mid-tier bank involve tellers and call center staff in the generation of warm leads--without requiring these frontline personnel to close sales?

Fincentric Corp. of Vancouver, Canada, has proposed an answer in the form of new software that enables banks to engage their frontline service representatives in lead generation activities. The product is called Wealthview Leadbuilding. With dais software, the company says, a bank can deliver highly targeted marketing campaign offers to customers during service interactions.

The product leverages a bank's back-office customer analytics system such as a marketing customer information file (MCIF) and directs MCIF-generated marketing campaigns to the desktops of frontline staff. The software matches customer data with the bank's core banking system and lead management system, ensuring that marketing offers are appropriate and valid. During the customer interaction, the product automatically presents a banner with a targeted marketing campaign offer for the specific customer. With one keystroke, the frontline person records the customer response and the software interfaces with the lead management .system, instantly pass the referral to an appropriate sales representative for follow-up.

The bank's marketing group can generate timely campaign reports, instantly measure results and modify campaigns to improve customer response rates.

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Date:Oct 1, 2004
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