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Software maintenance and reengineering; proceedings.


Software maintenance and reengineering; proceedings.

European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering (11th: 2007: Amsterdam, The Netherlands) Ed. by Rene Krikhaar et al.

Computer Society Press


365 pages




During the lifetime of a typical software product, the code grows and becomes more complex, indicating a need to pay explicit attention to maintenance and reengineering issues during the development process and afterwards. The 11th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering, held in March 2007, was dedicated to methods and techniques of dealing with these issues of software evolution. This volume presents 29 technical papers from the conference, originally presented in sessions dealing with maintenance changes, components and objects, dependency analysis, maintenance with dynamics, architecture, web applications, quality, static analysis, features, and recovery. The volume also includes nine papers from industry track and tool track sessions, including discussions of testing techniques for the cross-platform migration of very large interactive applications, software configuration management for the evolution of large existing code bases, a multi-view toolkit to assist software integration and evolution, and the Sisyphus continuous integration system. Additionally, the proceedings of a doctoral symposium are also presented, addressing the support of reliable software evolution through program analysis, dynamic object process graph extraction for program understanding and protocol recovery, monitoring requirements evolution using views, automated mass maintenance of software assets, model-driven evolution of software architectures, and software quality attribute analysis by architecture reconstruction.

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