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Software helps furniture manufacturer optimize production and inventory control.


When Ronny Rousso founded Rousso Manufacturing in 1985 to build his own line of contemporary desks, entertainment centers, television stands and glass block furniture, he knew from the onset that a good computer software package would be essential to his business.

Rousso manufactures and distributes more than 200 pieces to approximately 150 different retail customers each month. He must track more than 30 different products through all phases of manufacturing while he relies on several outside sub-contractors for specific manufacturing processes. He also must keep track of thousands of pieces of raw materials and inventory from steel, glass and wood to fasteners, casters and other materials from 20 or more different suppliers.

Rousso wanted a software system that not only gave his company basic accounting capabilities, but a package that was geared specifically to the manufacturing processes. He selected the IMPACT system (Integrated Management System for Manufacturing, Distribution and Accounting Control) from Syspro Impact Software Inc.

The IMPACT system is comprised of 19 application modules for manufacturing, distribution, accounting, assembly and job shop applications. It supports a number of operating system environments including single-user DOS, as well as multi-user UNIX, AIX, XENIX and NOVELL networks.

In addition to the Systems Manager module, the applications include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation, General Ledger, Inventory Control, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Sales Analysis, Report Writer, Fixed Assets, Bill of Materials, WIP, Factory Documentation, Estimating, Requirements Planning (Material, Capacity and Resources and Job Scheduling), Lot Traceability and a remote site interface system. Designed to be used by people without extensive knowledge of computers or data processing, IMPACT features pop-up windows and extensive on-line help capabilities to guide users.

Real-time information

Since Rousso relies on lots of outside labor for certain aspects of manufacturing, the Work in Progress/Job Costing module helps him track where pieces are and at what stage of completion they are in. This module enables Rousso to easily maintain a master record of all work in progress, while providing extensive labor costing by his own employees, an outside vendor or by a specific labor center. It provides detailed periodic reporting of labor per job, cost center, machine or employee. Additionally, the software module provides analysis of cost variances between actual and expected costs and completed job variance reporting.

While the Work in Progress module keeps Rousso up-to-date with manufacturing, it also provides part billings to sales orders, kit issues to update inventory and full integration to the General Ledger, Bill of Materials and Estimating IMPACT system modules.

IMPACT's Inventory Control module allows Rousso to quickly determine what parts are available and where they will be needed in the manufacturing process. If the material prices rise, he can quickly factor in the price changes to his work in progress reports and re-factor his margins by running Job Costing reports that reflect any increases in the cost of any materials or parts.

Inventory on hand and availability information is automatically maintained by the system. Other functions of the Inventory module are user-programmable, to ensure that each company has a system that meets its needs. Up to five alternate products and three alternate supplier codes may be defined for each part of raw material requirements. Inventory costs may be maintained on an average, last, standard or FIFO basis. The versatile Inventory module supports multiple warehouse locations from each inventory item. Information can include minimum and maximum stocking quantities, safety stock and recorder quantity levels. Several reports are also available including an inventory valuation report, price lists, product list and management reports.

Rousso relies on an outside source for his shipping boxes and the boxes are stored at an outside location. He is able to track his box inventory as he enters his orders. He then tracks box inventory to orders in progress. Since he has different lead times for his box manufacturing for different size boxes, he is aware of his requirements at the time the order is entered into the system.

"What good would it be if we were able to manufacture all our furniture to a specified schedule, but then couldn't ship it as promised because we didn't have shipping containers?" Rousso asked. "We don't have the problem, so we don't have customers calling complaining about the deliveries.

"The IMPACT system is critical to my business," Rousso added. "I have to do next to nothing to operate the sytem. I enter either the customer code or the product code and the system shows me what is required and gives me progress reports on all manufacturing activity. Without the system, I would be spending five times the hours trying to manage the business, and far less on making sure the products we make are of the best quality and are delivered to my customers on time."

Rousso relies on Sales Analysis and Sales History reports to forecast business and manufacturing activities and to gauge what certain salesmen and customer business trends are.

"What I really like about the IMPACT system is that we were able to install the complete system with all the various modules in a day or so." Rousso said.

IMPACT systems are manufactured and distributed nationally in North America by Sapro Inc. of Santa Ana, Calif., and its sister company, Syspro Canada, in Vancouver.

PHOTO : An employee bores into a panel used in one of more than 30 Rousso products.

PHOTO : Rousso builds his own line of entertainment systems, desks and T.V. stands.

PHOTO : Rousso found that he was able to use IMPACT despite not having an extensive knowledge about computers or data processing.

PHOTO : If material prices rise, Rousso can factor in the price changes to his work in progress reports and re-factor his margins.

PHOTO : Inventory on hand and availability information is automatically maintained by the system.
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Title Annotation:Rousso Manufacturing uses IMpact, a management software by Syspro Impact Software Inc.
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Date:Aug 1, 1991
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