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Software boosts performance of laser marking system.

Introduced for the VectorMark product line, Trumark software is said to allow users to achieve faster setup and cycle times, and to produce high-quality graphics more easily. Trumark is designed by Trumpf of Farmington, Conn., and works with Windows software using a true 32-bit format.

One advantage of the software, says Trumpf, is a sophisticated database containing laser parameters for many common materials. Said to be easily managed using a tree structure, laser parameters for each material can be dragged and dropped from the library to a specific CAD part file. These can be included as fixed laser parameters, or as a variable reference to the laser parameter library. As laser parameters for a specific material are improved, says Trumpf, all part files using that material are automatically upgraded.

According to Trumpf, Trumark can manage multiple laser processing sequences as easily as single laser parameters. The software can also simplify multiple-stage marking operations, says the company: The operator simply drags and drops a single icon into a part CAD file, whereupon the software automatically assigns multiple processes with varying laser parameters for each process.

Using the new software, says Trumpf, the VectorMark can mark in three directions. Trumark uses the ESU built into the VectorMark unit as a "telescoping" lens. The software comes with standalone CAD Editor and advanced CAD editing features, and can import most standard CAD format graphics. According to Trumpf, it can achieve photographic quality printing with both raster and 16-bit grayscale imaging. Teamed with VectorMark's high beam quality, Trumark allows the VMc 3 to achieve a mark resolution of 635 dpi, Trumpf says.

Trumpf, Inc., Farmington Industrial Park, Farmington, CT 06032; (860) 255-6000; fax (860) 255-6424;
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Author:Molinaro, Hope
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Date:Dec 1, 2003
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