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Software analyzes RF signals up to 20-GHz bandwidth.

SignalVu[TM] combines the signal analysis engine of the RSA6100A Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer with the triggering capabilities of the DP07000 and DPO/DSA70000 Digital Oscilloscope Series to evaluate signal up to 20 GHz without an external down converter. The vector signal analysis software controls scope acquisition parameters such as record length, vertical scaling, and sample rate.


With SignalVu, an acquisition is only limited by the amount of memory in the oscilloscope. The Pinpoint[TM] trigger system within the DPO7000s and DPO/DSA70000s allows selection of all trigger types on both A and B trigger events whether they are transition, state, time, or logic qualified triggers. Once triggered, SignalVu processes the acquisition for analysis in multiple domains.

All signals in an acquisition bandwidth are recorded into the oscilloscope's memory. Up to four channels can be captured simultaneously, and each can be independently analyzed by SignalVu. Tektronix,

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Title Annotation:PAUL'S PICKS; radio frequency
Publication:EE-Evaluation Engineering
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Date:Feb 1, 2009
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