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Software World Index 2001.



Managing Change-Cybernation Inc

Manufacturing Centre of Excellence--Integrated Portal

Solution-Motiva on at Time of Change-War for Talent?-Cost of labour turnover [pounds sterling]3,546/employee-Raw recruitment to streamlined selection-People and Performance Link

INTERNET FOCUS--Corporate Asset Protection of Email Overlooked-DOS Attacks-SmartViewer Web Server-Guide to Internet Sales-NetHance 2 enables interactive Internet-Harpoon Toolkit-Internet Usage Controlled by Web Watcher-ICANN to destroy Internet branding-MatchLogic in the UK

SECURITY SUPPLEMENT--Nothing Romantic About New Romeo & Juliet Virus-Hybris:The Story Continues-Navidad and Hybris Viruses Pose Low Threat To Users Practising Safe Computing-Palmprint identification technology-Revolutionary Security Watermaking-Abilitec distributes AlarmPoint-Securing Windows

E-COMMERCE--Mobile Banking Top Priority for European Banks-SequeLink 5.0 Embedded-Embedded Intelligence to trans form global commerced-Chordiant and Prime Integrate Relationship--Sybase Rated Leading Visionary for Enterprise Portals-Silvon Stratum Product Suite Combines with IBM Software Services-BW Connect interface to SAP

IT NEWS--Waiting for Whistler--Award for young Russian--European Helpdesk from EADS-UK ASP Progress-60% of UK Businesses Expect to use ASP in l8months-A Guide to SLM-Online Exchanges for UK & Europe-Knowledge Management Report-Online 'Expert' Knowledge Service-Banks spend on Knowledge Management--Multicast Development-Opinion Divided over Patents for Software--Hunt for 'Legacy Pros' -Data Protection Act Explained.



Advances in Storage--KHD Ltd

Hybrid Magneto-Optic-Silicon Memory with an RLL code for Data Compression

Keele University

Business Intelligence to trigger fundamental restructuring of organisations


Taxonomies for Business-Alan Gilchrist & Peter Kibby TFPL


Too Many Hits Bad For The Website-lan Kilpatrick Wick Hill Group

Data Protection for B2B-ECommerce UK Needs help-British Engineers fall to grasp ebusiness

Is CRM Dead? - B2C Not B4C?--emarketplaces to Boom in Europe--Euro eBusiness Centre-

Streaming Media Little Known--Online sales set to leap-Study investigates cost of eService-


European elearning Market to Grow to $4 billion by 2004.

Elearning Blue Unity Suite-Educational Software Donated to China


Business Process Integration(BPI)--More than Application Glue Sterling Commerce

Make data management a priority-Recession forces companies to re-evalyate SLA's--Financial Analytic Solution for IBM eServer Loaded.Net-


Europes esecurity Services Market Tops $1.5 Billion in 2000--Ramen "In the Wild"-Nothing to Fear From Melissa-X says Sophos-Whats Special About "Davinia"?-First XML Standard for eCommerce to be Defined-StoneBeat Security Support--Symantec Patents On Microdefinition System.


Asylum Project Beats Average-Buying Guide to Software Companies-Copyright Protection Impossible on Web--Software Companies Increase Debt-Who's in charge of IT-Philips and BT deliver enhanced speech recognition-Progress APE Source Code Under Open Source-Euro Meltdown Threat.



Telco Money Back Scheme--UK Software Pirates Jailed-European Firms Struggle ti Justify CRM-Outsourcing of Non-Critical Business Main Driver in European Applications Market-Mobilising Knowledge-Users Believe Packaged Applications Reduce the Need for Integration-Software to Raise Health and Safety Standards-Organisations Yet To Embrace Online Learning-Earning by Learning-Sabena and Swissair Services-Professional Qualification for IT and Help Desk Staff-Business Modelling Tools-Capsean Checks Names for Nettec-ASPs Should Specialise in Vertical Markets-89% of all Mailshots Mis-Targeted-Email No.1 Bottleneck-Employers Paying For Internet Addiction-EEMA e-mail policy for industry-BT Invests in Internet Selling system-idTV service-BUPA Acquires Quickstart-MP3IFILTER-SERIMail e-mail Management-Interactive Imaging Suite-Retrieval Ware 6.8 & WebExpress-Pl@za V3.4--Web Site Initiation Software-Whatlf Web Server Tests Forecasts.


Costing Changes To ERP Applications Merant Ltd

DANGER-Failing Companies Ahead-Plimsoll UK


Why Major Players Need To Merge-Plimsoll UK

Advice for Merger and Acquisition-Infrasoft gains Venture Capital-Zyeet Acquires ZyWeb-

Sybase UK's Final Quarter Boosted by Financial Sector.-The Profit Kings-Remedy Corp.Acquires Deodis-Sybase UK Contract-Schlumberger to Purchase Sema-Sybase acquires Neon-Resonate Expands-Lexiquest Launches in UK and Belgium-Sybase and EDS B-Business Solutions-XML holds the key to B2B success.


Autodesk-Business Objects-Catalyst Int-Convera Corp. -Concord Comms-DocuCorp-Mapics Inc.-Mercury Interactive-Moai Technologies-Primus Telecoms.-Quest Software-Software AG.-Staffware plc.-Verity-Cybermation.


Enterprise Profit Optimisation- Manugistics Inc.

Email Trading Survay-Transfoiming customers into a strategic asset(White Paper)

XML-based electronic documentation may be illegal- Major obstacles to Establishing E-Business-Many firms "break law"

Trading Electronically-Autodesk Partner Products Store.


Spotting E-Burglars -Wick Hill Group

HTML Mail can trigger Attachment. Automatically-Web 'MoT' for for 'SME's-Freo Anti Virus Guidelines-Top Ten Viruses Reported to Sophos in March 2001-Pointsec for Palm 05-"Logic" is Nothing Special Special.


The Year 2000-Learning Perl/Tk-How Computers

Work-Developing Java Software-More Java Gems-Graphics

Programming with JFC-CJKV Information Processing-Building

Linux and OpenBSD Firewalls-ISP liability Survival

Guide--Developing Visual Basic Add-Ins--Ken Beckts Guide to Better Smalltalk--Web-Based Management for the Enterprise--The Distributed Smalltalk Survival Guide-Tried and True Object Development-Handbook of Management Information Systems-Considering Computer Contracting.

Vol 32 Number 4


Client based vs Server based E-Mail Encryption

Bernhard Hecker-Retarus Co.

Realising AES-Advanced Encryption Standard

Joan Daemon-Proton World

NEWS---Linux Secwity Strategy Free-Cyberguard Attack

Hacking Worldwide

VIRUS NOTES--RTF File Security-Goga RTF Trojan-Sophos warns of RTF files-Anti Echelon Euro MPs Advocate Email Encryption-LANguard

Content Filtering -I Worm.Ms World-Naked J-Lo---Virus protection for small business-Tivoli Ready Anti Virus

Solution-Alleged Author of Kournikova Caught


ADSL Pricing for Schools-New Editions of Lychee-AllPicturez

V1.2-Turing Online-Email Volumes Strain Organisations



Managing Changes to ERP

Knowledge Management Long Way to Go in Europe-Guide to Surviving the Downturn-Sales Managers Bullish on UK Prospects-Data-75% CEO's Rely on Instinct


The Changing Face of Software--Plimsoll Publishing

Outsourcing Spending Increase-Euro ASP Spend to Reach $5.8bn by 2005-IT Suppliers to show return on Investment-IT Monday Chaos-Progress Woos Informix Users-80% Data is Flawed-New Revenue Strem From ASP-VPN Capacity Planning-"entry level" Microsoft Exchange" Service-UK Looks To India for Software Savings.

IT Spending doesv not lead to profitability-Worldwide


Classrooms History by 2020-IEE Report-ELearning to Flounder Without E-Training-Senior Executives Shun IT-European Internet offers 'corporate college' solution--European elearning set for Growth and Change


Ten E-Commandments-Third of Europes Businesses no interest in CRM-Benefits From Customer Extranets-Internet Banking Reaches Forex-Macro UT Online Store

VOL 32 Number 5


MindSync: Intelligent Technology Knowledge Systems That Learn Michael Charnley-Service Ware

The Database Right-Copyright and Confidential Information Philip Westmacott--Bristows


Problems for Companies without IT Rep on Board-80% Of Top Brands domain-IT Managers On Brink of Burnout-IT Managers Feel

Heat-DX Pro SE Eases Impact of MS Licensing Change-Test XP Without Tears-White Paper On GAAP SOP 98-1

Compliance-Popkin Model

Agency-New elearning Studio-Borland and factor-e to Meet Needs of Financial Services.-- ecBuilder Pro 6.0.


CRM should not be implemented as 'me too' strategy---Online IPR Auction Site-InKnowledge-


Securing Legal Grade Transactions on the Web Digital Signatures & Validation

P. Williams ValiCert.Inc.

Rambler Anti Virus Service--British Worm Suspect Seized by Scotland Yard and FBI-"Cuervo" Stealth Worm with Perfected Spreading Technology--New CodeRed Mod Carries Trojan in Pocket-Cede Red Antidote from Kaspersky--Beta release of Anti Virus for SMPT gateways-Enhanced AssureAccess-Online Bootleg Software Scam--Check Point New User Centre--LANguard Network Scanner Free--MySQL.Org Open Source--Advanced WordPerfect Password Recovery 1.0-Top Ten Viruses in Aug 2001.

VOL 32 Number 6


Bayes Theorem-The Editor


Could you be an Info-Terrorist-Butler Group

Top Ten Viruses in Oct 2001-"Redesi" Worm disguised as Security Patch for Microsoft Products-Anthrax Outbreak on Internet.Is this

just the begining?-"Anset" Terrorises Germans-Apocalypse Postponed-MailSweeper for SMT removes Suspect Email Attachments-Free Guide to Security-EEMA's PKI Challenge 1st Stage Completed. E-identity Combats Money

Laundering--Microsoft XP Anti Theft Features

Cracked in Hours.-Top Twenty Viruses for Oct 2001.


Why IT Projects are Doomed- Dr Eddie Obeng

Profits from Reduced Interst Rates, Not Computers- Poor Analysis Cuts Profits by 25%-New Qualification for IS Consultancy Standards-

eLearning for ISO 9000:2000-Linx Accredited Internet Technician Course-New Design Museum Website--Mandrake Online--New Structure and Forums For BCS-IT The Industry Of The Future-Linx Handles 50% of World Internet Routes.


Top 10 Tips for E-Survival- Andy Kitchener Shopcreator

53% Marketers Shy From Internet-89% UK Resellers can't name one CRM vendor


No Sex Please, You've Got Work To Do!

Geoff. Haggart Websense Int.

Internet Traffic Triples in Twelve Months-UK Web Sites Spiral out of control-Guarateed Search Engine Positioning Service-Rogue Wave Tech.Access Centre-Web Sites Failing People with Disabilities-Content Services 'White Paper'.-Curl in UK-Debenhams New Web Service- Archiving and Retrieval Services For .Net.
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