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Software Pursuits: disk-to-disk Archiving for real-time, tapeless backup of data.

Software Pursuits, Inc., a developer and distributor of data management software, has announced the release of a tapeless backup and Archiving feature within their SureSync product line. The Archiving feature provides real-time and versioned backups to disk media that can be restored easier and faster than traditional tape backups. The Archiving option will provide a method to backup mission-critical data as it changes, creating multiple versions of data that can be restored to a specific point in time.

Software Pursuits' President and CEO, Larry Salveson, said, "The new Archiving feature within our SureSync product-line introduces a revolutionary new way to protect and recover information within your enterprise. With traditional tape backup methods, your backup tape contains only one version of a file. With SureSync's Archiving feature, users have control over how many versions will be stored in the archive, providing instant access to any desired version of a file."

SureSync administrators can leverage real-time replication and file versioning technology to maintain protected copies of data, as changes are made, ensuring data can be recovered from the last update or from last week's updates. This greatly improves the process where backups only captured changes on a daily, or sometimes weekly, basis.

The Archiving feature will improve data availability and protection while eliminating scheduled backups normally associated with traditional backup methods. Additionally, the ability to instantly recover a file to a specific point-in-time will greatly help end users when data has been deleted, corrupted, or simply needs to be reverted back to an earlier date.

Salveson added, "Restoring files from a tape based system is so time consuming that users will often not attempt to recover files except in the most dire circumstances. The process of restoring files from tape backups requires the proper tape be located and scanned before the files can be restored. It is often a guessing game to locate the correct tape; therefore the restoration of a single file can take hours of effort."

Point-in-time recovery, available with the Archiving feature, will ease the burden from a company's IT staff, as they will not have to scan through tapes to locate lost data. Administrators will be able to recover data quickly from disk media where the archive is stored. Additionally, end users can be given the ability to recover their own data without any assistance.

The Archiving feature will also automatically clean-up disk space consumed by files that no longer need to be archived, saving valuable IT time and storage resources.

SureSync has the ability to backup and archive data locally or in a remote location. Additionally, SureSync can be scaled from a single workstation to an entire enterprise, providing a backup solution for both individual users and organizations.

Software Pursuits, Inc. (SPI) is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of enterprise systems software products. Founded in 1975, SPI developed an extensive mainframe product-line with the basic notion to make complex computing tasks simple by creating software solutions that are flexible, easy-to-use, and reliable.

Today SPI uses this same mind-set to develop the SureSync product-line to help companies implement a cost-effective and reliable method to distribute, share, protect and recover data. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif.
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Date:Nov 4, 2002
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