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Software Improves Foundry Gating Design Method.

A new tool from Ashland Specialty Chemical Co., Dublin, Ohio, helps foundries design gating and risering systems for greater consistency and maximum yield. Suitable for jobbing and production foundries, the ExactCalc software program offers a systematic and scientific approach to methoding in accordance with ISO 9000 standards.

Sub-programs are provided for: weight and modulus estimations, feeding distance, feeder size and filter calculations, horizontal- and velocity-based runner systems and an online help file. Selection of the correct riser sleeve and filter is simplified using the software's Filtersize sub-program. All methoding data can be stored as a computer file and/or printed to produce a permanent record for future reference.

It features a "learn" function that can incorporate a foundry's best practices, experiences and quality systems in conjunction with gating and risering system design. This allows the software to build and maintain a database of knowledge and procedures customized to each foundry. Currently in early use at steel and ductile iron foundries, the program optimizes the design of their gating and risering systems by incorporating their previous successes and applying those parameters to other jobs where they have traditionally been less successful. The result provides greater consistency, improved yields and a better understanding of the variables that exist within each foundry.

An interactive, user-friendly design also allows it to serve as an educational tool for training foundry engineers in the basic principles of gating and risering. It lets the user quickly determine the effects of parameter changes such as alloy type, pouring temperature, pouring time and adding chills or cooling fins.

The software offers a custom solution to help reduce casting problems and defects and to accumulate an electronic library of facility operations knowledge. It is available in both metric and US-measure systems and is compatible with Windows 95 or later operating systems.
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Title Annotation:ExactCalc software from Ashland Specialty Chemical Co.
Comment:Software Improves Foundry Gating Design Method.(ExactCalc software from Ashland Specialty Chemical Co.)
Publication:Modern Casting
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Date:Mar 1, 2001
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