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Software Configuration Management Tool Offers Enhanced Functionality For Enterprise Windows Developers.

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 14, 1997--

Ease of Use and Tight Integration with IDEs Make Visual Enabler

2.0 the Choice for Application Development

Softlab Enabling Technologies today announced the availability of Visual Enabler 2.0, a new version of the software configuration management (SCM) toolset for Enterprise Windows application developers. Visual Enabler 2.0, offers Windows development teams an easy-to-use version control tool that provides them with the flexibility and team coordination necessary to work better, faster and smarter.

"We developed the Visual Enabler 2.0 version based on what development teams told us they wanted in an SCM tool," said Softlab CTO John Kopcke. "With industry demanding that developers produce more code in less time, developers needed a tool that is easy to use and could seamlessly integrate into the development process."

Using an object-based approach, Visual Enabler provides developers with all of the information needed to build and maintain Visual C++, Visual Basic 5.0 and Visual J++ systems including full support for Developer Studio .dsp and .dsw files. This involves the analysis and decomposition of source code into easily understandable objects as well as the storage of these objects and supporting information in an object repository.

Providing "Critical" Features Desired in an SCM

"Tight integration with IDEs is a critical feature that programmers look for in an SCM," said Dick Heiman, research manager for application development tools at International Data Corp. "As development teams grow, they are going to want tools that provide features that add flexibility to the development process and scale to the size of their group."

Another feature that adds flexibility to the team is Visual Enabler 2.0's innovative One Button Build. With the new Build Wizard, developers can automate complex builds for Visual C++, Visual Basis 5.0 and Visual J++ applications, including scheduling, customizable exits and automatic team notification. Additionally, with One Button Build, there are no proprietary utilities required, no programming necessary and no makefile modifications to worry about.

Register Interest is a feature that automates the information flow within the development team. Register Interest differs from broadcast approaches because it allows the developer to control the amount and type of information to be received. Developers can select from an array of predefined events and get automatic e-mail notification when the event is triggered. Like One-Button Build there is no programming necessary. MAPI and SMTP e-mail support is provided.

Visual Enabler 2.0 also provides more server options to allow the most flexible configurations. In addition to the Windows NT 4.0 server support, Visual Enabler 2.0 now supports IBM AIX as well as HP HP-UX.

Visual Enabler 2.0's features set it apart from other SCM products that market to Enterprise Windows developers. "With Visual Enabler, we put high end features in a product targeted at the middle market and we do it at an affordable price," said Michael Croxton, Softlab vice president of marketing. "With this technology, we are better positioned than products at the lower end of the price spectrum, and at the same time we are a more compelling option for Enterprise Windows development teams who deem the products at the higher end as too expensive and too UNIX."

Furthering the Commitment to Microsoft Developers

"As a Microsoft Enterprise Development Partner, Softlab engineered the new features of Visual Enabler to be responsive to Enterprise Windows development teams," said Jon Roskill, Director Visual Tools Marketing.

Visual Enabler 2.0 will be available Oct. 20, 1997.

Founded in 1971, Softlab is an international IT solutions provider and a wholly-owned subsidiary of BMW. Softlab is one of the world's market leaders in delivering application development products and solutions. -0-

Softlab North America - Atlanta, GA 770-668-8811

Softlab Europe - Munich, Germany 49 89 99360

or via e-mail at

The address for the Softlab WWW Page is

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 14, 1997
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