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Software, sensors, & controls.

Air Test introduces a BACnet[R] communicating CO2 transmitter in its popular TR9294 wall-mount enclosure. This adds to the company's capability to provide LonWorks[R] communication or dual analog outputs. The self-calibrating sensor requires no maintenance over its operating life.

Bell & Gossett, a Xylem Brand, offers System Syzer[R], an HVAC tool that helps with system design. Version 4 employs major improvements in the Windows[R] program and is now available as a mobile application for the iPad[R] and iPhone[R] at iTunes[R] and the App Store.

Standex Electronics features a full line-up of fluid sensing and power products for residential and commercial HVAC&R applications.

The Data Industrial[R] 340 BN/MB Btu energy transmitter by Badger Meter is for submetering applications that use BACnet[R] or Modbus. It measures thermal energy by integrating the liquid flow rate in a closed-pipe system and the differential temperature between the supply and return.

The Reliable Controls[R] MACH-ProZone[TM] is a fully programmable BACnet[R] advanced application controller (B-AAC) with scalable I/O in a small footprint. It is suitable for a range of applications including small to mid-sized rooftop and heat pump applications, as well as small mechanical room applications.

The TSI VelociCalc[R] 9565 multifunction ventilation meter accurately measures air velocity, airflow, temperature, humidity, and pressure simultaneously. The parameters are presented on a graphic display with on-screen messages and instructions. http://tinyurl. com/86q7lsc

Tridium is offering NiagaraAX, Release 3.6, which includes many recently added features and enhancements including support for battery-less options and 802.11 Wi-Fi, heightened security, a number of new usability enhancements and options for BTL OWS and AWS.

VTR7300 controller from Viconics is available in network and network-ready models. This retrofit solution can be integrated into building automation systems by using existing controller wiring and optional integrated PIR motion sensor and wireless window and door switches.

Delta Controls' DNS-CHM24 combines temperature, humidity, C[O.sub.2] and motion sensing options into a single BACnet MS/TP device with a display and push button interface. Combining sensors simplifies installation.

IAQPoint2 from Honeywell Analytics features a customizable touchscreen monitor with ability to control three IAQ parameters (carbon dioxide or volatile organic compounds, temperature, and humidity). IAQPoint2 increases energy efficiency and comfort through on-demand ventilation with relays triggering fans locally or via a BAS.

KMC Controls and Titus HVAC introduce the Titus Alpha Controller line of products. Select digital variable air volume (VAV) terminal units from Titus are now available with integrated BACnet Applications Specific Controllers designed and manufactured by KMC Controls. The Alpha line advances air distribution using VAV by lowering installation costs and increasing ease of installation, startup, and commissioning.

Nest Labs offers the Nest Learning Thermostat, a smart home thermostat that programs itself based on the user's habits. The Nest Learning Thermostat automatically observes users' schedules and temperature preferences and responds by adjusting the temperature to a comfortable level when the user is at home, and changing it to an energy-saving level while the user is away. http://

Siemens introduces its Facility Prime iOS app for the APOGEE Building Automation System. Through customized screens, Facility Prime enables fast, convenient, mobile interaction with a multitude of facility conditions. http://

The new Smart Si thermostat from ecobee features a high-resolution color display, an intuitive user interface, sleek buttons, and live weather reports. It also offers access from anywhere in the world via a computer, smart phone, or tablet. The Smart Si uses advanced algorithms to ensure the greatest possible energy savings and can be easily programmed for vacations or daily schedules. http://

The OnGuard RMT system from Bradford White is a remote monitoring service for commercial and residential gas-powered water heaters. OnGuard RMT combines proprietary hardware, alert status notification, 24/7 factory-based technical support, and fast service dispatch.

The Right-Mobile Consultant from Wrightsoft is a powerful, easy-to-use Cloud-based tool that helps HVAC dealers calculate block loads, utility costs, and payback analyses. It can automatically generate and email proposals based on this data. The app is accessible from a Web browser on virtually any Internet-enabled device.

The WattNode BACnet meter from Continental Control Systems allows seamless accessibility to electrical system measurements including power, energy, voltage, current, and power factor. WattNode meters support full self-discovery of the meter and all of its objects, and provide more than 50 electric power-related measurements, 64 addresses, and selectable baud rates up to 76.8K.

TPI's condition monitoring system diagnoses basic vibration problems such as out-of-balance, misalignment, looseness and bearing damage. Its C-Trend software predicts breakdown based on conditions.
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