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Softscape introduces Softscape Explorer Plus, powerful new "Desktop Information Manager"; Improves on Windows Explorer by integrating advanced search and retrieval with object-based file management.

ACTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 20, 1996--Softscape, Inc. today introduced Softscape Explorer Plus, the first desktop information management software that combines advanced information search and retrieval, universal viewing and publishing with object based file management.

Now users and Webmasters alike can maintain individual desktop management systems using the information contained in personal files as well as corporate networked files. Users of Softscape Explorer Plus can concentrate on doing their work and literally forget about their files, directories, links and relationships. Explorer Plus keeps track of them. But that is only the beginning of the power of this very affordable desktop management software.

Explorer Plus is the only desktop information management software that dynamically publishes over 70 different native file formats to HTML. Softscape Explorer Plus is office application software that expands on the familiar Windows 95 Explorer paradigm and increases functionality for users of Microsoft Office, Lotus Smartsuite 96, Corel PerfectOffice and Netscape Client products. It provides increased productivity to PC users at every level - from corporate to small business to home.

"By focusing on the way people work, information management tools will revolutionize the way individuals use desktop applications and the Intranet," said Henry C. Watkins, president of Softscape, Inc. "Softscape Explorer Plus provides a new level of file management with its innovative, patented desktop object file system. We combined it with Inso Corporation's award winning Outside In viewer technology and Verity's Topic search engine to give users a capability that is sorely needed but does not exist on the market today in any single tool. Softscape Explorer Plus also offers the version management and configuration control currently available only in high end publishing systems."

"With Softscape Explorer Plus, I can effectively manage all the files on our Web site, and maintain and publish information to the Web without having to learn new tools or maintain multiple files," said Tim Carroll, webmaster at Metronetics. "Softscape Explorer Plus is the ultimate Webmaster organizer for site management."

Document search and retrieval is initiated by Softscape QuickFind, which integrates the Verity Topic full-text indexing engine. When searching with Softscape Explorer Plus, a user can specify full text natural language strings to initiate searches, or combine text and attribute searches in a single query, saving the criteria for future searches. QuickFind implements all of the advanced searching features of the Topic engine, including automatic search expansion using an on-line thesaurus, case matching and "sounds like" functionality, ensuring that search results are comprehensive and ranked by relevancy. Also inherited from Topic is the highest level of performance available -- QuickFind can search for a file on a one gigabyte hard drive in less than one second.

"With Softscape Explorer Plus, I am able to keep track of all my information and conduct research on the Web without struggling to remember where I saved or what I named a particular file, because everything is organized by project," said James Alexander, vice president at Chemical Bank. "The time I save searching for files is time I spend getting work done -- it's really that simple."

Softscape QuickView provides easy, fast viewing of all documents resulting from a search -- without launching the application that created them. QuickView, which incorporates Inso Corporation's Outside In viewer technology, enables viewing, printing, faxing or copying of over 200 different file formats, all from within the Explorer Plus interface. This is especially useful for viewing email attachments, even when the application that created the attachment is not installed. Documents also can be edited and saved by launching the authoring application directly from Explorer Plus. Explorer Plus also works with other viewing file types such as Adobe Acrobat, Common Ground, Envoy and Interleaf's WorldView.

Softscape Explorer Plus easily captures, organizes and manages World Wide Web and Intranet information in an intuitive Workspace environment - enabling users to combine Net-based content into their personal information hierarchies. By linking the Web world to the traditional office environment, Web pages can be captured with one click in their original layout, so they can be retrieved and made instantly available to email, fax, copy, edit, and associate with other Windows documents.

In addition, Explorer Plus allows management of information for Intranets in the Softscape Desktop Library. This publishing environment allows users to dynamically generate HTML, and it automatically creates hypertexts links between files in folders that are selected for Intranet publication. With Explorer Plus, it is not necessary to "encode" HTML documents when working with over 70 different file types.

Advanced Capabilities for Webmasters

Softscape Explorer Plus also provides for user defined attributes, version control and audit trails. Softscape PowerFolder allows users to create folders with custom attributes. All the documents in a PowerFolder are version controlled, as are the relationships these documents share with other documents and folders. For example, a user-defined "Book" PowerFolder can maintain the relationships between various chapters -- and remember that the complete book is comprised of version 1 of Chapter 1, version 3 of Chapter 2, etc. This enables use of a single document in several projects, without the necessity of multiple electronic copies. All indexing information governing the relationships between files and folders, along with the history of a user's information management actions, may be stored in any ODBC-compliant database.

Pricing and Availability

Softscape Explorer Plus Version 1.0 is available directly from Softscape for a limited- time introductory price of $99 until August 1, after which it will be available for the regular list price of $129. Volume discounts and site licenses are available. Softscape Explorer Plus is also downloadable from the Softscape Web site at

System Requirements

Softscape Explorer Plus runs in Windows 95 and Windows NT environments. The recommended minimum system configuration is a 486 PC with 8MB of RAM. Installed, the software occupies less than 10MB of disk space.

Softscape, Inc. was founded in July of 1995 to provide innovative information management solutions for the PC, World Wide Web and Intranet marketplaces. The company focuses on bringing advanced document management functionality traditionally associated with high end server-based systems to end users, with PC-based tools for the Windows 95 and Windows NT environments. Softscape's mission is to enable users to maximize their productivity through easy access and management of all their information. Softscape is the creator of the Softscape Explorer Plus desktop information management product. Explorer Plus, which is designed to meet the information management needs of corporate Webmasters, small business, and home PC users, expands on the familiar Windows 95 file management paradigm by focusing on the way people view their work rather than a hierarchical file structure. -0-

Softscape, Softscape Explorer Plus, Softscape QuickView, Softscape QuickFind and Softscape PowerFolder are trademarks of Softscape, Inc. Outside In is a registered trademark of Inso Corporation. Topic is a registered trademark of Verity, Inc. All other products mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

CONTACT: Brenda Nichols

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 20, 1996
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