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Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.[R] (SGTI) OptiPure[R] Brand Chemco Industries Inc.

6982 Bandini Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90040

Toll Free: 800-360-SGTI * Phone: 323-726-0700

Fax: 323-726-7065




Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.[R] (SGTI): 1995

OptiPure[R] Brand Chemco Industries Inc. (OptiPure): 1989

Key Personnel

Ron Udell, President

Diane Hembree, Vice President, Sales Administration--SGTI

Steve Holtby, Vice President, Sales--OptiPure

Hiroshi Kishimoto, Chief Financial Officer

Company Description

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.[R] (SGTI) is a full-service contract manufacturer, specializing in providing marketers with premium quality dietary supplements in a soft gelatin capsule delivery system. SGTI is dedicated to the production and marketing of branded products and turnkey custom formulations exclusively to the nutraceutical industry. SGTI obtained GMP certification through the NPA and NSF. OptiPure[R] offers a portfolio of unique ingredients, many of which are trademarked. The company has an extensive analytical and product development laboratory on site, which assures product integrity and quality. Global sourcing of ingredients and the ability to provide a full range of product development and marketing services allow SGTI and OptiPure to give their business partners a distinct advantage. OptiPure and SGTI share in a commitment of giving their customers the highest levels of service and support.

Technology, Patents, New Products

* CoQsol[R]--an all-natural, enhanced bioavailability soft gel formulation of CoQ10--has been issued five U.S. patents.

* CoQsol-CF[R] is a crystal-free, solubilized soft gel CoQ10 formulation, clinically studied to show a higher rate of absorption over CoQ10 powder. Now also available in a translucent soft gel.

* CoQH-CF[TM] is a targeted antioxidant solution providing a stabilized and protected form of Kaneka QH[TM] ubiquinol in a soft gel using our crystal-free technology.

* Cerenew[TM] is a proprietary skincare nutraceutical that combines three key anti-aging ingredients--Injuv[R] brand hyaluronic acid, wheat germ oil extract containing naturally-occurring ceramides, and biotin.

* Loquoro[TM] is a loquat leaf extract, standardized for corosolic acid content to support blood glucose metabolism.

Major Markets

* Contract and Private Label Manufacturing

* Specialty Phytonutrients

* Nutraceuticals

Major Products

* CoQsoI[R] -- Patented, clinically-studied, enhanced absorption CoQ10 formulation

* Injuv[R] -- Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid complex for skin and joint health

* LyCoQ[TM] -- Promote cardiovascular health with a combination of Lyc-O-Mato[R] and CoQsoI[R] in a soft gel

* Carnisol[R] -- Maximize energy levels with micronized Carnipure[R] in soft gels

* SytrinoI[R] -- Maintain healthy cholesterol levels with efficacious, easy-to-swallow soft gels

Specialized Services

Unique ingredients and soft gel delivery systems, including chewable soft gels

Custom formulation and contract manufacturing

Difficult to encapsulate materials

Small production runs

Global Capabilities

United States:

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.[R]

Ron Udell, President

Tel: 800-360-SGTI or 323-726-0700 * Fax: 323-726-7065


OptiPure[R] Brand Chemco Industries Inc.

Steve Holtby, Vice President, Sales

Tel: 800-934-3040 or 801-523-1161 * Fax: 801-523-1191


Europe and Middle East:

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.[R] &

OptiPure[R] Brand Chemco Industries Inc.

Roy Bouskila, European and Middle East Sales Manager


Tel: 800-360-SGTI or 323-726-0700 * Fax: 323-726-7065

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