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Potential Assessment of E-Waste Plastic in Metakaolin Based Geopolymer Using Petrography Image Analysis. Verma, Parth; Dhurvey, Priyanka; Sundramurthy, Venkatesa Prabhu Sep 14, 2022 4490
Analysis of the Direct Shear Test and Microstructure of the Lunar Soil Simulant Solidified by Sodium Silicate. Ma, Qinyong; Wang, Hanyan Jul 30, 2022 6538
A Study on the Influence of Sodium Silicate Concentration and SiO[sub.2]:Na[sub.2]O Ratio on the Properties of Low-Calcium Fly Ash-Based Alkali-Activated Materials Cured at Ambient Condition. Rasuli, Mohammad Idris Mar 31, 2022 4445
Coir, wood shavings and peat as growth substrates for arctic bramble. Tommila, Tero; Kamarainen, Antti; Kokko, Harri; Palonen, Pauliina Mar 28, 2022 7860
Numerical Simulation of the Diffusion of Fissure Slurry at High Temperature. Niu, Jiandong; Sun, Yong; Liu, Jianxin; Li, Huimei; Tan, Xiaojun; Han, Ning; Wang, Bin Mar 2, 2022 7483
Determination of Gel Products in Alkali-Activated Fly Ash-Based Composites Incorporating Inorganic Calcium Additives. Wang, Haoyu; Zhao, Xianhui; Wang, Ting; Su, Lei; Zhou, Boyu; Lin, Yonghui Feb 15, 2022 8328
Properties and Engineering Applications of a New Goaf Grouting Filling Material. Feng, Xiao; Xia, Chong; Zhang, Sifeng; Li, Chuangui; Zhao, Hongkui; Wu, Jianfeng; Chen, Mengjun Jan 11, 2022 8233
Improving Geopolymer Characteristics with Addition of Poly-Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) Fibers. Ekaputri, J.J.; Fujiyama, C.; Chijiwa, N.; Ho, T.D.; Nguyen, H.T. Mar 1, 2021 3233
“Dormancy” and “Awakening” Method Used for Fresh Mortar Waste Recycling and Reuse. Pan, Jin; Wang, Liang; Wang, Pengju; Wang, Hao; Cao, Ke; Shen, Wenfeng Jan 1, 2021 7405
Empirical Investigation on Compressive Strength of Geopolymer and Conventional Concretes by Nondestructive Method. Ravali, B.; Krishna, K. Bala Gopi; Kanth, D. Ravi; Chari, K. J. Brahma; Prabhu, S. Venkatesa; Ramesh Jan 1, 2021 3675
Experimental Study on the Durability of Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete after Freeze-Thaw Cycle. Chen, Bin; Wang, Jun Report Jan 1, 2021 9440
A Study on the Flexural Behaviour of Geopolymer Lightweight Eco-Friendly Concrete Using Coconut Shell as Coarse Aggregate. Nithya, S.; Gunasekaran, K.; Sankar, G. Jan 1, 2021 8776
The Study's Chemical Interaction of the Sodium Silicate Solution with Extender Pigments to Investigate High Heat Resistance Silicate Coating. Le, Cuong Manh; Le, Thu-Huong Jan 1, 2021 5895
Influence of the Activator Concentration and Solid/Liquid Ratio on the Strength and Shrinkage Characteristics of Alkali-Activated Slag Geopolymer Pastes. Xu, Zikai; Yue, Jinchao; Pang, Guanhong; Li, Ruixia; Zhang, Peng; Xu, Shengtang Jan 1, 2021 5355
Plugging and Its Stability Evaluation for the Ore Pass in the Nonempty Condition Based on Controllable Grouting of Cement-Sodium Silicate Grout. Yuan, Ye; Qiao, Dengpan; Yu, Shibo Jan 1, 2021 5249
Effect of Alkali Activator on the Standard Consistency and Setting Times of Fly Ash and GGBS-Based Sustainable Geopolymer Pastes. Dineshkumar, M.; Umarani, C. Dec 22, 2020 4855
Effect of Soil and Foliar Silicon Application on the Reduction of Zinc Toxicity in Wheat. Zajaczkowska, Aleksandra; Korzeniowska, Jolanta; Sienkiewicz-Cholewa, Urszula Nov 1, 2020 7724
Utilization of Low Sulfur Fly Ash from Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Burner as Geopolymer Binder. Antoni; Shenjaya, S.D.; Lupita, M.; Santosa, S.; Wiyono, D.; Hardjito, D. Sep 1, 2020 4147
Preparation and Mechanical Properties of Cemented Uranium Tailing Backfill Based on Alkali-Activated Slag. Wang, Fulin; Chen, Guoliang; Ji, Lu; Yuan, Zhengping May 31, 2020 4331
Design and Application of Rapid Dewatering for Tailings Containing Sodium Silicate: Laboratory and Industrial Test Results. Sun, Guoquan; Zhou, Keping; Kang, Qian; Wang, Daolin; Xiao, Chongchun Mar 31, 2020 5878
Effect of Modification Methods of Wheat Straw Fibers on Water Absorbency and Mechanical Properties of Wheat Straw Fiber Cement-Based Composites. Jiang, Demin; An, Penghui; Cui, Suiping; Sun, Shiguo; Zhang, Jingzong; Tuo, Tianfu Mar 1, 2020 8879
Environmentally Friendly Mesoporous Nanocomposite Prepared from Al-Dross Waste with Remarkable Adsorption Ability for Toxic Anionic Dye. Ahmed, Inas A.; Radadi, Najlaa S. Al-; Hussein, H.S.; Ragab, Ahmed H. Nov 30, 2019 8870
Sodium Silicate market size is projected to reach USD 11.03 Billion by 2022. Nov 22, 2019 762
Global Sodium Silicate Market Forecasts to 2024. Nov 13, 2019 721
Sodium Silicate Market 2023 Includes top companies, applications, trends, demand, industry types, market share, market analysis, price, growth rate, segmentation, revenue etc. Nov 1, 2019 892
U.S. Liquid Sodium Silicate Market To Witness Enhanced Application into Catalysts, Detergents, Elastomers, Cement, Pulp & Paper Sectors Till 2024 / Million Insights. Sep 19, 2019 868
Sodium Silicate Market Analysis, Size, Demand, Growth, Study & Forecast 2019-2023: PQ Corporation, W. R. Grace & Co., Tokuyama, PPG Industries, Nippon Chemical. Sep 19, 2019 1024
Liquid Sodium Silicate Market Analysis 2019 and Industry Insights in the Future. Sep 17, 2019 978
Sodium Silicate Market providing enabling technologies, key trends, opportunities, ecosystem player profiles, future roadmap, value chain and Region- Forecast till 2023. Sep 16, 2019 774
Adsorptive Removal of Iron Using Si[O.sub.2] Nanoparticles Extracted from Rice Husk Ash. Nguyen, Tan Tai; Ma, Hoa Thai; Avti, Pramod; Bashir, Mohammed J.K.; Ng, Choon Aun; Wong, Ling Yong; Jun 30, 2019 4631
Synthesis and Characterization of Cross-Linked Poly(Sodium Acrylate)/Sodium Silicate Hydrogels. Mastalska-Poptawska, Joanna; Izak, Piotr; Wojcik, tukasz; Stempkowska, Agata; Goral, Zuzanna; Krzyza Report Jun 1, 2019 5584
Autogenous Deformation of Alkali-Activated Blast Furnace Slag Concrete Subjected to Variable Curing Temperatures. Orosz, Katalin; Humad, Abeer; Hedlund, Hans; Cwirzen, Andrzej May 31, 2019 5870
Hexion, Vanora Create New Biocide-Free Waterborne Binder Solution. Sep 1, 2018 203
A quantitative method of approach in designing the mix proportions of fly ash and GGBS-based geopolymer concrete. Rao, G. Mallikarjuna; Rao, T.D. Gunneswara Apr 1, 2018 7110
Interaction of Magnesia with Limestone-Metakaolin-Calcium Hydroxide Ternary Alkali-Activated Systems. Cwirzen, A.; Metsapelto, L.; Habermehl-Cwirzen, K. Jan 1, 2018 4508
An Assessment of Reuse of Light Ash from Bayer Process Fluidized Bed Boilers in Geopolymer Synthesis at Ambient Temperature. Brito, Woshington S.; Silva, Andre L. Mileo Ferraioli; Santa, Rozineide A.A. Boca; Svensson, Kristof Jan 1, 2018 3370
Comparative Study of Soil Grouting with Cement Slurry and Cement-Sodium Silicate Slurry. Zhu, Mingting; Zhang, Qingsong; Zhang, Xiao; Hui, Bing Report Jan 1, 2018 4709
A Mix Design Procedure for Alkali-Activated High-Calcium Fly Ash Concrete Cured at Ambient Temperature. Phoo-ngernkham, Tanakorn; Phiangphimai, Chattarika; Damrongwiriyanupap, Nattapong; Hanjitsuwan, Sako Jan 1, 2018 6870
Pottery Sand as Fine Aggregate for Preparing Alkali-Activated Slag Mortar. Jiao, Zhenzhen; Wang, Ying; Zheng, Wenzhong; Huang, Wenxuan Jan 1, 2018 4761
Effect of Dosage of Alkaline Activator on the Properties of Alkali-Activated Slag Pastes. Jiao, Zhenzhen; Wang, Ying; Zheng, Wenzhong; Huang, Wenxuan Jan 1, 2018 7405
Sodium Silicate Gel Effect on Cemented Tailing Backfill That Contains Lead-Zinc Smelting Slag at Early Ages. Guo, Lijie; Li, Wenchen; Yang, Xiaocong; Xu, Wenyuan Jan 1, 2018 3180
Comparative Study on the Performance of Blended and Nonblended Fly Ash Geopolymer Composites as Durable Construction Materials. Dutta, Debabrata; Ghosh, Somnath Jan 1, 2018 5112
Self-cementing properties and alkali activation of enefit280 solid heat carrier retorting ash. Paaver, Peeter; Paiste, Paarn; Motlep, Riho; Kirsimae, Kalle Report Sep 1, 2017 6045
China Liquid Sodium Silicate (LSS) Market to Grow Substantially, Driven by Rising Awareness of Water Purification. Apr 14, 2017 592
Optimising the Performance of Cement-Based Batteries. Byrne, Aimee; Barry, Shane; Holmes, Niall; Norton, Brian Jan 1, 2017 7531
Geopolymeric potential of the Estonian oil shale solid residues: petroter solid heat carrier retorting ash. Paaver, Peeter; Paiste, Paarn; Kirsimae, Kalle Report Dec 1, 2016 6979
Investigation on steel fibre reinforced geo polymer concrete using by products of industrial waste. Anuradha, R.; Roobha, Iavanya M. Jun 30, 2016 6633
Study on structure and performance of reactive silicate reinforced polyurethane composite. Hong, Xiaodong; Dong, Wei; Yang, Shaobin; Mu, Boyuan; Liang, Bing Report Oct 1, 2015 3840
Sodium silicate-assisted emulsification of methyltrimethoxysilane and formation of superhydrophobic coating thereof. Wang, Ying; Yang, Sheng; Fang, Jin; Li, Baiyu Jul 1, 2015 2822
Supply of (a) 2,000 tons of sodium silicate in liquid form, also (b) 250 tons sulphonic acid of 96 % concentration. Nov 25, 2014 125
Supply of 2,000 tons sodium silicate in liquid form. Aug 14, 2014 114
Effect of Experimental Variables on the Extraction of Silica from the Rice Husk Ash. Report Jun 30, 2014 3303
AVM Chemical Industries Finishing tips for textile technologists. Imtiazuddin, S.M.; Tiki, Sohail Feb 28, 2014 860
Productivity and postharvest quality of Heliconia Golden Torch under different sources and doses of silicon/ Produtividade e qualidade pos-colheita de Heliconia Golden Torch submetida a fontes e doses de silicio. de Albuquerque, Abel W.; dos Santos, Jose M.; de Farias, Alonso P. Feb 1, 2014 5942
Toxicity of organic supplies for the egg parasitoid Telenomus podisi/ Toxicidade de insumos organicos ao parasitoide de ovos Telenomus podisi. da Silva, Debora Mello; Bueno, Adeney de Freitas Jan 1, 2014 5450
Experimental evaluation of sodium silicate-based nanosilica against chloride effects in offshore concrete. Kim, Kyoung-Min; Kim, Hak-Young; Heo, Young-Sun; Jung, Sang-Jin Report Jan 1, 2014 5549
Evaluation of concrete durability performance with sodium silicate impregnants. Park, Sang-Soon; Kim, Yun Yong; Lee, Byung Jae; Kwon, Seung-Jun Report Jan 1, 2014 5270
Preparation and performance of inorganic heat insulation panel based on sepiolite nanofibers. Wang, Fei; Liang, Jinsheng; Liu, Haifeng; Duan, Xinhui; Tang, Qingguo; Liu, Huimin Jan 1, 2014 3944
The effect of cement modification on the rheological properties of cement paste. Janavicius, Eugenijus; Dauksys, Mindaugas; Skripkiunas, Gintautas; Nagrockiene, Dzigita; Daugeliene, Report Dec 1, 2013 4181
Properties of fresh palm oil fuel ash based geopolymer material. Salih, Moslih Amer; Ali, Abang Abdullah Abang; Demirboga, Ramazan; Bakri, Mustafa Al Report Oct 30, 2013 2862
Properties of fresh palm oil fuel ash based geopolymer material. Salih, Moslih Amer; Ali, Abang Abdullah Abang; Demirboga, Ramazan; Bakri, Mustafa Al Report Oct 1, 2013 2862
Influence of accelerating admixtures in wood-cement panels: characteristics and properties/Uso de aditivos aceleradores em paineis de cimento-madeira: caracteristicas e propriedades. Matoski, Adalberto; Hara, Massayuki Mario; Iwakiri, Setsuo; Casali, Juliana Machado Oct 1, 2013 4035
The influence of the sodium silicate admixture on the pumped concrete flowability in pipelines/Natrio silikato tirpalo priedo poveikis siurbliais transportuojamo betono misinio tekamumui vamzdziais. Dauksys, Mindaugas; Skripkiunas, Gintautas; Grinys, Audrius; Vaiciene, Marija Report Mar 1, 2013 5151
Supply of 500 tons sodium silicate. Feb 5, 2013 112
Hydrothermal synthesis of SBA-15 using sodium silicate derived from coal gangue. Wang, Jing; Fang, Li; Cheng, Fangqin; Duan, Xiaofang; Chen, Rongming Jan 1, 2013 2945
Supply of 2,000 tons sodium silicate (liquid/ alkaline). Oct 9, 2012 117
Supply of 300 tons alkaline liquid sodium silicate for Moharram Bek Detergents Factory. May 30, 2012 109
DuPont patents easy to disperse, high durability TiO2 pigment. May 1, 2012 287
Supply of 500 tons alkaline sodium silicate in hard form. Sep 14, 2011 120
Influence of cement--sodium silicate grout admixed with calcium chloride and kaolinite on sapric peat/Saprogeniniu durpiu poveikis cemento ir natrio silikato skiedinio su kalcio Chloridu bei kaolinitu savybems. Kazemian, Sina; Prasad, Arun; Huat, Bujang B.K.; Bazaz, Jafar Bolouri; Abdul Aziz, Farah N.A.; Ali, Report Sep 1, 2011 7009
Durability of fly ash geopolymer mortars in nitric acid--effect of alkali ([Na.sub.2]O) content/Geopolimerinio skiedinio, pagaminto naudojant lakiuosius pelenus, ilgaamziskumas azoto rugstyje: sarmu ([Na.sub.2]O) kiekio poveikis. Thokchom, Suresh; Ghosh, Partha; Ghosh, Somnath Report Sep 1, 2011 3571
Sources of silicon in the development of micropropagated seedlings of banana 'Maca'/Fontes de silicio no desenvolvimento de plantulas de bananeira 'Maca' micropropagadas. Asmar, Simone Abreu; Pasqual, Moacir; Rodrigues, Filipe Almendagna; de Araujo, Aparecida Gomes; Pio, Jul 1, 2011 2755
Supply of (a) 300,000 polypropylene sacks for 10 Kg packs & (b) 500 tons sodium silicate in hard form & 2,000 tons same but in liquid form. May 30, 2011 142
Coty patents liquid stick antiperspirant. Nov 1, 2010 108
Supply of (a) 60,000 packs of soft tissues (napkins) each containing 300 tissues, (b) three tons sodium silicate & (c) three tons sodium benzoate. Deadlines 10/17, 10/19 & 10/21/2010. Sep 22, 2010 128
Induction of an autoimmune thyroid disease after subcutaneous or oral sodium silicate challenge/ Oral veya subkutan sodyum silikat yuklemesi sonrasi otoimmun tiroid hastaliginin induksiyonu. Mogairen, Sultan Al- Report Dec 1, 2009 2166
Advancing eco-friendly binders: reformulating inorganic sodium silicate binders for strength has made the low emission binder system more practical. LaFay, V. Oct 1, 2009 827
Geopolymer concrete: a concrete to be known more. Patil, H.S.; Raijiwala, D.B.; Prashant, Hingwe; Vijay, Bhabhor Report Dec 1, 2008 1867
SSC starts electronics recycling program. Oct 1, 2007 124
AgriTec Systems plans Stuttgart plant. (Inside Business). Henry, John Brief Article Jan 6, 2003 292

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