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Sock hopping through the Reagan Era: Chromeo breaks down their favorite '50s influenced '80s music.

* Think back to all the '80s videos you know. Now ask yourself: how many of them take place in a diner? ("Take On Me," check. Go West's "Call Me," check. Etc.) Now look at all your '80s-inspired accessories: motorcycle jacket, loafers, Wayfarers. Well, there's nothing '80s about that--they're all '50s and '60s staples! In fact, they're symptomatic of an '80s/'50s nostalgic syncretism that was an immense part of pop culture during the Reagan era. The Stray Cats, La Bamha ... ah, it all comes back. Surely you know Chromco's revisionist shtick by now: we came out with Jheri Curl funk when evervone else was doing "Blue Monday" bass lines. In our never-ending quest to shed light on all-too-forgotten nooks and crannies of our favorite decade, we bring you a quick overview of essential '80s/'50s-and-'60s musical moments. Hey, maybe some kid will write about '80s inspired music from the 2000s one day.

Dave I and P-Tlutggare Chromeo. Their new album Business Casual is out September 14th.
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Date:Aug 1, 2010
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