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Sociological methods; a sourcebook. (reprint, 1970).


Sociological methods; a sourcebook. (reprint, 1970)

Ed. by Norman K. Denzin.



590 pages




This collection of contemporary and classical articles, which has been a professional and classroom reference for over 35 years, includes a wide range of theoretical and practical information on the naturalistic perspective, the nature of social theory, sampling techniques as strategies for observing elements of theory and social structure, problems and strategies of measurement and interviewing, problems of design and analysis. It describes the uses and problems in the social experiment, the social survey, and participant observation, the life history method, the unobtrusive method, triangulation as a case for methodological evaluation and combination, and contingencies and problems in the execution of social research. Individual texts and monographs cover such topics as relevance, empiricism, probability, induction, relational and organizational analysis, causality, the quest for universals, errors, and reconciling conflicts. Originally published: Chicago: Aldine Publishing Company, 1970. (Methodological perspectives).

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Date:May 1, 2006
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