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Society releases illustrated history of Baptists; proudly, the Baptist History and Heritage Society has just released its first major history of Baptists. The Story of Baptists in the United States is a 224-page, illustrated, and indexed work. The co-authors are Pamela Durso, BH&HS associate director, and Keith Durso, copy editor and writer.

"With vivid writing and fresh interpretations, the Dursos tell a story that should interest a very wide audience of Baptists who need to know more about themselves, and of 'outsiders' who wish to learn more about this powerful example of popular religion," writes Edwin S. Gaustad, professor of history and religious studies emeritus at the University of California at Riverside.

While useful as a textbook for colleges, seminaries, and divinity schools, this volume can also meet essential Baptist heritage needs of other Baptists. "This is an enjoyable, accurate, and perceptive account of the story of Baptists in the United States. I don't know of anything else like it for the average reader. If it is widely used, it will help Baptists regain their historical soul," claims Walter B. Shurden, executive director of The Center for Baptist Studies of Mercer University.

Non-Baptists will also profit by reading this work. "Readers outside the Baptist tradition will find this book to be helpful in understanding those forces that have shaped Baptist life in the United States," states Carolyn Blevins, associate professor of religion at Carson-Newman College.

To order your copy at $29.95 plus shipping, e-mail Charles Deweese at or call 800-966-2278.

Charles W. Deweese

Executive Director Treasurer

Baptist History and Heritage Society
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Author:Deweese, Charles W.
Publication:Baptist History and Heritage
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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