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Pakistan Women: The real architect of society. Aijaz, Urooj Essay Aug 25, 2019 912
Attitudes Towards Women in Palestine: A Quantitative Survey. Gustafsson, Erni; Alawi, Nabil; Andersen, Per Normann Jan 1, 2019 8303
A cross-cultural comparison of the worldviews of educators and students in social work. Watson, Jerry; Simmons, Christopher Report Jun 22, 2017 5223
A Promise to Keep. Garcia, J. Malcolm Essay Jan 1, 2017 3425
Flipping the classroom in an undergraduate social work research course. Matich-Maroney, Jeanne; Moore, Penelope J. Report Dec 22, 2016 4257
Criminal intent. Elfman, Lois Mar 10, 2016 912
Social work and AJSI. Alston, Margaret Essay May 10, 2015 6413
Microaggression and the mitigation of psychological harm: four social workers' exposition for care of clients, students, and faculty who suffer 'a thousand little cuts'. Hunn, Vanessa; Harley, Dana; Elliott, Willie; Canfield, James P. Report Apr 1, 2015 5131
The places they'll go: the tough and tender mercies of women religious transform the most remote and desolate corners of poverty, misery, and heartache. O'Connell, Catherine Reprint Jun 1, 2014 2037
Social work and environmentally induced displacement: a commentary. Drolet, Julie; Sampson, Tiffany; Jebaraj, Deborah Prashanthi; Richard, Laura Report Mar 22, 2014 5668
Rationalities of choice and practices of care: substitution treatment in Denmark. Bjerge, Bagga; Nielsen, Bjarke; Frank, Vibeke Asmussen Mar 22, 2014 10982
Building bright futur in malawi: in october 2013, pws&d's communications coordinator KAREN BOKMA visited programs throughout malawi. below she shares some reflections from her visit. Bokma, Karen Travel narrative Mar 1, 2014 565
Implicit spiritual assessment: an alternative approach for assessing client spirituality. Hodge, David R. Jul 1, 2013 5023
Virtual boundaries: ethical considerations for use of social media in social work. Kimball, Ericka; Kim, JaeRan Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2013 2008
Language and social work: are we really communicating effectively? Pomeroy, Elizabeth C.; Nonaka, Angela Editorial Apr 1, 2013 2380
Grassroots responsiveness to human rights abuse: history of the Washtenaw Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights. Sanders, Laura; Martinez, Ramiro; Harner, Margaret; Harner, Melanie; Horner, Pilar; Delva, Jorge Report Apr 1, 2013 6031
Factors affecting social workers' inclusion of animals in practice. Risley-Curtiss, Christina; Rogge, Mary E.; Kawam, Elisa Report Apr 1, 2013 6696
Social work in a digital age: ethical and risk management challenges. Reamer, Frederic G. Report Apr 1, 2013 6491
Teaching about a sex work community in India: toward a postcolonial pedagogy. Ghose, Toorjo Report Dec 22, 2012 8140
Infusing student activism into the college curriculum: a report of a service-learning project to bring awareness to sexual violence. Stepteau-Watson, Desiree Essay Dec 1, 2012 2840
Comparing social worker and non--social worker outcomes: a research review. Rubin, Allen; Parrish, Danielle E. Report Oct 1, 2012 8129
The branding of a profession: time to reflect. Silverman, Ed Oct 1, 2012 1506
Evolution of a virus: the framing of HIV/ AIDS in social work journals. Humble, Michael N.; Bride, Brian E.; Kolomer, Stacey R.; Reeves, Patricia M. Report Oct 1, 2012 4082
Disrupting borders: a case study in engaged pedagogy. Ross, Laurie Case study Sep 22, 2012 8677
Constructing practitioner research. Shaw, Ian; Lunt, Neil Report Sep 1, 2012 7916
Is there a social worker in the house? Health care reform and the future of medical social work. Allen, Heidi Essay Aug 1, 2012 2790
The ethic of care: recapturing social work's first voice. Dybicz, Phillip Essay Jul 1, 2012 6234
Disparities in the geography of mental health: implications for social work. Hudson, Christopher G. Report Apr 1, 2012 8234
Where is social work in the social entrepreneurship movement? Berzin, Stephanie C. Report Apr 1, 2012 2445
Exploring the integration of social justice into social work research curricula. Vincent, Neil J. Report Mar 22, 2012 7327
The hero(ine) on a journey: a postmodern conceptual framework for social work practice. Dybicz, Phillip Report Mar 22, 2012 7619
Graduates' perspectives on a national specialized program in social work and aging. Greenfield, Emily A.; Shpiegel, Svetlana Report Mar 22, 2012 8370
Transitions in first-year students' initial practice orientations. Kaufman, Roni; Segal-Engelchin, Dorit; Huss, Efrat Report Mar 22, 2012 9122
Hopes for intergroup dialogue: affirmation and allies. Dessel, Adrienne; Bolen, Rebecca; Shepardson, Christine Essay Mar 22, 2012 2810
Reverse social work's neglect of adults involved in the criminal justice system: the intersection and an agenda. Pettus-Davis, Carrie Editorial Mar 1, 2012 3490
Reverse social work's neglect of adults involved in the criminal justice system: a rejoinder. Howard, Matthew O. Critical essay Mar 1, 2012 162
Intimate partner violence during pregnancy: best practices for social workers. McMahon, Sarah; Armstrong, D'edra Y. Report Feb 1, 2012 6087
Culturally competent social work research: methodological considerations for research with language minorities. Casado, Banghwa Lee; Negi, Nalini Junko; Hong, Michin Report Jan 1, 2012 5593
Practitioners as managers: the need for theory. Murdach, Allison D. Column Jan 1, 2012 1844
Practical preconditions for the development of the interdisciplinary collaboration competence in healthcare/Tarpdalykinio bendradarbiavimo kompetencijos sveikatos prieziuroje praktines tobulinimo prielaidos. Bruneviciute, Raimonda; Veckiene, Nijole Petronele; Bogdanova, Jelena; Pikciunas, Antanas Report Dec 1, 2011 4015
Temple University's medical school leads a crime-fighting team. Stewart, Pearl Oct 27, 2011 703
The art of not knowing. Pomeroy, Elizabeth C.; Nonaka, Angela M. Editorial Oct 1, 2011 1799
Spiritual needs in health care settings: a qualitative meta-synthesis of clients' perspectives. Hodge, David R.; Horvath, Violet E. Report Oct 1, 2011 7703
Design-based practice: a new perspective for social work. Cohen, Burton J. Report Oct 1, 2011 7162
Eugenics, genetics, and the minority group model of disabilities: implications for social work advocacy. O'Brien, Gerald V. Report Oct 1, 2011 5535
What happened to self-determination? Murdach, Allison D. Essay Oct 1, 2011 1918
Ranking disciplinary journals with the Google Scholar h-index: a new tool for constructing cases for tenure, promotion, and other professional decisions. Hodge, David R.; Lacasse, Jeffrey R. Report Sep 22, 2011 7365
Social work interest in prevention: a content analysis of the professional literature. Marshall, Jamie Wyatt; Ruth, Betty J.; Sisco, Sarah; Bethke, Christina; Piper, Tinka Markham; Cohen, Report Jul 1, 2011 7534
Federal funding of social work research: high hopes or sour grapes? Corvo, Kenneth; Chen, Wan-Yi; Selmi, Patrick Report Jul 1, 2011 6500
Multiracial competence in social work: recommendations for culturally attuned work with multiracial people. Jackson, Kelly F.; Samuels, Gina M. Report Jul 1, 2011 7915
Empowering staff and clients: comparing preferences for management models by the professional degrees held by organization administrators. Hardina, Donna; Montana, Salvador Report Jul 1, 2011 6769
Is social work a human rights profession? Murdach, Allison D. Essay Jul 1, 2011 1882
Reconciling evidence-based practice, evidence-informed practice, and practice-based research: the role of clinical data-mining. Epstein, Irwin Report Jul 1, 2011 2979
Exploring the emotional experiences of foster carers using the photovoice technique. Pickin, Lauren; Brunsden, Vivienne; Hill, Rowena Report Jun 22, 2011 7775
Social Work/Maatskaplike Werk: 'The competency base of social workers with respect to attachment theory in foster care supervision: a pilot study'. Botes, Wezet; Ryke, Elma Author abstract Jun 22, 2011 180
A suitable case? Implementing multidimensional treatment foster care in an English local authority. Kirton, Derek; Thomas, Cliff Report Jun 22, 2011 7359
Mother and baby foster placements: experiences and issues. Adams, Paul; Bevan, Sarah Report Jun 22, 2011 4663
Embracing risk: lessons learned in a young person's wraparound service in Wales. Hill, Jael Report Jun 22, 2011 4227
The human services value curve: insights from the Harvard human services summit. Oftelie, Antonio M. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 1765
An integrated approach to human services. Friedman, Jerry W.; Pagan, Ana Jun 1, 2011 1366
"Fresh air for kiddies": the fresh air camps of Lake Winnipeg. Burns, James; Goldsborough, Gordon Essay Mar 22, 2011 4982
Journal of Children's Services: 'Reflections on the impact of the Children Act 1989: child care policy, the knowledge base and the evolving role of social work'. Blewett, James Reprint Mar 22, 2011 154
Rigor in qualitative social work research: a review of strategies used in published articles. Barusch, Amanda; Gringeri, Christina; George, Molly Report Mar 1, 2011 5764
Expanding awareness: issues in the development of an ethics scale for the social work profession. Nathanson, Ilene L.; Giffords, Elissa D.; Calderon, Orly Report Jan 1, 2011 6328
Client participation in managing social work service--an unfinished quest. Leung, Terry T. F. Report Jan 1, 2011 6237
Felon disenfranchisement and the fight for universal suffrage. Siegel, Jonah A. Report Jan 1, 2011 1894
Mary Richmond and the image of social work. Murdach, Allison D. Report Jan 1, 2011 1880
Enhancing health and social care placement learning through mobile technology. Lea, Susan; Callaghan, Lynne Report Jan 1, 2011 6856
Sex, science, and social work. Howard, Matthew O. Editorial Dec 1, 2010 2630
Examining the premises supporting the empirically supported intervention approach to social work practice. McBeath, Bowen; Briggs, Harold E.; Aisenberg, Eugene Report Oct 1, 2010 7536
Morning in America. Oles, Thomas P. Column Oct 1, 2010 1364
The changing context of child and family social work. Weyts, Arabella; Randall, John Essay Sep 22, 2010 4209
Child & Family Social Work: 'Effective casework practice with adolescents: perspectives of statutory child protection practitioners'. Schmied, Virginia; Walsh, Peter Author abstract Jun 22, 2010 147
Response to "Improving the Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research". Fong, Rowena Conference notes Jun 1, 2010 1724
State of modern measurement approaches in social work research literature. Unick, George J.; Stone, Susan Report Jun 1, 2010 5749
Latent class models in social work. Neely-Barnes, Susan Report Jun 1, 2010 5583
Thai Camillian nuns extend their mission outreach. Apr 16, 2010 366
The multiple roles of applied social science research in evidence-informed practice. Haight, Wendy L. Report Apr 1, 2010 2013
Implications of American Indian gambling for social work research and practice. Momper, Sandra L. Report Apr 1, 2010 5453
Community health workers and their value to social work. Spencer, Michael S.; Gunter, Kathryn E.; Palmisano, Gloria Report Apr 1, 2010 8127
Unique challenges of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Flynn, Marilyn; Hassan, Anthony Report Mar 22, 2010 1939
IRBS and social work: a survey of program directors' knowledge and attitudes. Valutis, Stephanie; Rubin, Deborah Report Mar 22, 2010 7269
Conducting spiritual assessments with Native Americans: enhancing cultural competency in social work practice courses. Hodge, David R.; Limb, Gordon E. Report Mar 22, 2010 8252
Gender, work and 'market' values. Perrons, Diane Essay Mar 22, 2010 4587
From construction to social work: finding value in helping others. Marks, Albert Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2010 4728
Improving the annual conference of the society for social work and research. Howard, Matthew O. Conference news Mar 1, 2010 2086
Influences of school latino composition and linguistic acculturation on a prevention program for youths. Marsiglia, Flavio F.; Yabiku, Scott T.; Kulis, Stephen; Nieri, Tanya; Lewin, Benjamin Report Mar 1, 2010 9299
Dedicated to giving hope to young people. Phiri, Marko Feb 19, 2010 594
Social work education and student research projects: a survey of program directors. Rubin, Deborah; Valutis, Stephanie; Robinson, Bonnie Report Jan 1, 2010 7395
Faculty with practice experience: the new dinosaurs in the social work academy? Johnson, Yvonne M.; Munch, Shari Report Jan 1, 2010 4466
Academic marginalization? The journalistic response to social work research on Native Hawaiian youths. Okamoto, Scott K. Report Jan 1, 2010 1395
New practice model for Latinos in need of social work services. Organista, Kurt C. Report Oct 1, 2009 4580
Understanding the pathways of factors influencing the use of spiritually based interventions. Kvarfordt, Connie L.; Sheridan, Michael J. Report Sep 22, 2009 9022
Incorporating integrative health services in social work education. Gant, Larry; Benn, Rita; Gioia, Deborah; Seabury, Brett Report Sep 22, 2009 7438
Beyond infrastructural issues: informal barriers to social work research. Howard, Matthew O. Editorial Sep 1, 2009 2173
Closing the need--service gap: gender differences in matching services to client needs in comprehensive substance abuse treatment. Marsh, Jeanne C.; Cao, Dingcai; Shin, Hee-Choon Clinical report Sep 1, 2009 6730
Racial minorities then and now: the continuing significance of race. Schiele, Jerome H.; Hopps, June Gary Editorial Jul 1, 2009 3045
Moving from colonization toward balance and harmony: a Native American perspective on wellness. Hodge, David R.; Limb, Gordon E.; Cross, Terry L. Report Jul 1, 2009 5622
Fundamental contradictions in cultural competence. Johnson, Yvonne M.; Munch, Shari Report Jul 1, 2009 8807
Advancing the africentric paradigm shift discourse: building toward evidence-based Africentric interventions in social work practice with African Americans. Gilbert, Dorie J.; Harvey, Aminifu R.; Belgrave, Faye Z. Report Jul 1, 2009 6392
Adversity and resiliency in the lives of Native Hawaiian elders. Browne, Colette V.; Mokuau, Noreen; Braun, Kathryn L. Report Jul 1, 2009 5539
"If you build it, they may not come": lessons from a funded project. Davies, Miranda Brief article Jun 22, 2009 141
Down for the Count. Fretwell, Katerina Poem Jun 22, 2009 208
Publication practices in social work. Howard, Matthew O. Editorial Jun 1, 2009 1920
Mounting a social work response to the worsening HIV epidemic in black communities. Wheeler, Darrell P. Report May 1, 2009 2186
Dubai Customs takes great interest in social development issue. Apr 21, 2009 905
Innovative service or proselytizing: exploring when services delivery becomes a platform for unwanted religious persuasion. Sherr, Michael E.; Singletary, Jon E.; Rogers, Robin K. Report Apr 1, 2009 6522
Social work practice with Latinos: key issues for social workers. Furman, Rich; Negi, Nalini Junko; Iwamoto, Derek Kenji; Rowan, Diana; Shukraft, Allison; Gragg, Jenn Report Apr 1, 2009 5773
A reflection on reasons, preconditions, and effects of implementing evidence-based practice in social work. Yunong, Huang; Fengzhi, Ma Report Apr 1, 2009 3501
Discretion in direct practice: new perspectives. Murdach, Allison D. Report Apr 1, 2009 2585
Removing gender identity disorder from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: a call for action. Ault, Amber; Brzuzy, Stephanie Report Apr 1, 2009 1691
Qualitative and mixed methods in social work knowledge development. Padgett, Deborah K. Report Apr 1, 2009 2993
Restorative justice as social justice for victims of gendered violence: a standpoint feminist perspective. van Wormer, Katherine Report Apr 1, 2009 6578
Older adult inmates: the challenge for social work. Snyder, Cindy; van Wormer, Katherine; Chadha, Janice; Jaggers, Jeremiah W. Report Apr 1, 2009 5424
Maltreated children's thoughts and emotions as behavioral predictors: evidence for social work action. Maschi, Tina; Morgen, Keith; Hatcher, Schnavia Smith; Rosato, Nancy Scotto; Violette, Nancy M. Report Apr 1, 2009 5998
Faithful Fools chip away at the boundaries; Franciscan nun teams with Unitarian minister to serve in San Francisco's Tenderloin district. Abercrombie, Sharon Brief article Feb 20, 2009 1665
Education: a complex and empowering social work intervention at the end of life. Cagle, John G.; Kovacs, Pamela J. Report Feb 1, 2009 6930
ACLU sues over bishops' trafficking programs. Jan 23, 2009 322
Construction and validation of a professional suitability scale for social work practice. Tam, Dora M.Y.; Coleman, Heather Survey Jan 1, 2009 7088
The temperance movement and social work. Murdach, Allison D. Report Jan 1, 2009 5186
Doctoral education in social work: what we know and what we need to know. Anastas, Jeane W.; Kuerbis, Alexis N. Report Jan 1, 2009 8095
Ethical considerations of evidence-based practice. Furman, Rich Essay Jan 1, 2009 2085
Establishing evidence for strengths-based interventions? Reflections from social work's research conference. Lietz, Cynthia A. Essay Jan 1, 2009 1764
Bending Gender, Ending Gender: Theoretical Foundations for Social Work Practice with the Transgender Community. Callahan, Rebecca Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 1491
The silent birth: a feminist perspective. Cacciatore, Joanne Essay Jan 1, 2009 3049
Commentary on the strengths perspective and potential applications in school counseling. Saleebey, Dennis Essay Dec 1, 2008 6060
Advances and challenges in developing research capacity in social work. Jenson, Jeffrey M.; Briar-Lawson, Katharine; Flanzer, Jerry P. Report Dec 1, 2008 2468
Developing research infrastructure: the Institute for the Advancement of Social Work Research. Zlotnik, Joan Levy; Solt, Barbara E. Report Dec 1, 2008 4156
A historical account of the Society for Social Work and Research: presidential perspectives on advances in research infrastructure. Williams, Janet B.W.; Tripodi, Tony; Rubin, Allen; Hooyman, Nancy; Allen-Meares, Paula; Padgett, Deb Organization overview Dec 1, 2008 8510
Institutional supports for faculty scholarship: a national survey of social work programs. Freedenthal, Stacey; Potter, Cathryn; Grinstein-Weiss, Michal Report Dec 1, 2008 6416
Advancing administrative supports for research development. Briar-Lawson, Katharine; Korr, Wynne "Sandra"; White, Barbara; Vroom, Phyllis; Zabora, James; Middle Report Dec 1, 2008 3295
The Hamovitch research center: an experiment in collective responsibility for advancing Science in the Human Services. Flynn, Marilyn; Brekke, John S.; Soydan, Haluk Report Dec 1, 2008 5248
Development of the NIDA-funded center on substance abuse and mental illness. Singer, Mark I.; Kola, Lenore A.; Biegel, David E. Report Dec 1, 2008 3389
Building research infrastructure in schools of social work: a university perspective. Videka, Lynn; Blackburn, James A.; Moran, James R. Report Dec 1, 2008 5126
Thoughts on social work knowledge development activities within a quantitative framework. Grogan-Kaylor, Andrew; Delva, Jorge Editorial Oct 1, 2008 2672
Social work practice with Pagans, Witches, and Wiccans: guidelines for practice with children and youths. Yardley, Meg Report Oct 1, 2008 5564
Discharge planning in acute care hospitals in Israel: services planned and levels of implementation and adequacy. Auslander, Gail K.; Soskolne, Varda; Stanger, Varda; Ben-Shahar, Ilana; Kaplan, Giora Report Aug 1, 2008 6824
Balancing tikanga and kawa in the workplace. Wallace, Mere Jul 1, 2008 968
What if the spirit does not move me? A personal reconnaissance and reconciliation. Hoyt, Carlos A. Essay Jul 1, 2008 6185
Conation: a missing link in the strengths perspective. Gerdes, Karen E.; Stromwall, Layne K. Report Jul 1, 2008 6687
Social work with religious volunteers: activating and sustaining community involvement. Garland, Diana R.; Myers, Dennis M.; Wolfer, Terry A. Report Jul 1, 2008 7246
Whither the social workers? Why the silence? Skirtz, Alice Essay Jul 1, 2008 1671
Ted Turner. Brief article May 2, 2008 92
Lending a child a helping hand: being a mentor can change a youngster's life. Stoudemire, Amare May 1, 2008 750
Demographic trends in social work over a quarter-century in an increasingly female profession. Schilling, Robert; Morrish, Jennifer Naranjo; Liu, Gan Report Apr 1, 2008 7956
Has social work met its commitment to Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders? A review of the periodical literature. Mokuau, Noreen; Garlock-Tuiali'i, Jessica; Lee, Palama Report Apr 1, 2008 4377
Nuns launch plans to fight trafficking of women. Feb 22, 2008 594
Letters to the editor. Hull, Grafton H., Jr.; Schiele, Jerome H. Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2008 2005
Our nation's immigrants in peril: an urgent call to social workers. Padilla, Yolanda C.; Shapiro, Ester R.; Fernandez-Castro, Monica D.; Faulkner, Monica Guest editorial Jan 1, 2008 2785
Moving toward culturally competent practice with Muslims: modifying cognitive therapy with Islamic tenets. Hodge, David R.; Nadir, Aneesah Report Jan 1, 2008 7473
Acting on our values: do social workers volunteer? Gibelman, Margaret; Sweifach, Jay Report Jan 1, 2008 7709
The person-in-environment approach: professional ideology and practice of social workers in Israel. Weiss-Gal, Idit Report Jan 1, 2008 7272
Race and hospital diagnoses of schizophrenia and mood disorders. Barnes, Arnold Report Jan 1, 2008 4084
Mental health in college athletics: it's time for social work to get in the game. Gill, Emmett L., Jr. Report Jan 1, 2008 2140
From tragedy to action. Friedman, Jerry W. Dec 1, 2007 862
Social functioning: a sociological common base for social work practice. Blakely, Thomas J.; Dziadosz, Gregory M. Dec 1, 2007 5583
Revisiting the benefits debate: does qualitative social work research produce salubrious effects? McCoyd, Judith L.M.; Shdaimah, Corey S. Oct 1, 2007 7092
Students' perceptions of social work: implications for strengthening the image of social work among college students. Dennison, Susan T.; Poole, Jay; Qaqish, Basil Oct 1, 2007 7109
Child welfare informatics: a new definition for an established practice. Nguyen, Loc H. Oct 1, 2007 2131
Learning to hear each others' voice: a response to Melendez and LaSala. Hodge, David R. Oct 1, 2007 7354
Empowering school social work practices for positive youth development: Hong Kong experience. To, Siu-ming Report Sep 22, 2007 4713
Managed care and evidence-based practice: the untold story. Bolen, Rebecca M.; Hall, J. Camille Sep 22, 2007 7558
Working to learn: internships for today's social work students. Newman, Bernie S.; Dannenfelser, Paul L.; Clemmons, Valarie; Webster, Sharon Report Sep 22, 2007 7208
McLeod Alison: 'Whose agenda? Issues of power and relationship when listening to looked after young people'. Davies, Miranda Report Sep 22, 2007 233
Development and testing of a new version of the hypermasculinity index. Peters, Jay; Nason, Carey; Turner, Winston M. Report Sep 1, 2007 7403
How changes in the Pacific/Asia region are shaping social work education and practice in Hawai'i. Matsuoka, Jon K. Editorial Jul 1, 2007 1416
Situational approaches to direct practice: origin, decline, and re-emergence. Murdach, Allison D. Jul 1, 2007 5335
Increasing safety for at-risk adults: screening in-home care providers. Loar, Lynn Jul 1, 2007 1953
Longitudinal research in social work: a call to action. Jenson, Jeffrey M. Jun 1, 2007 2774
A call to public service in the 21st century. DeSantis, Cari Jun 1, 2007 845
Wrapping around kids in need: a Missouri provider finds that investing in the front end of services pays off. Matt, Dick May 1, 2007 801
Professional education and private practice: is there a disconnect? Green, Robert G.; Baskind, Frank R.; Mustian, Brandi E.; Reed, Laura N.; Taylor, Heather R. Apr 1, 2007 6993
Frontline worker perceptions of the empowerment process in community-based agencies. Everett, Joyce E.; Homstead, Kerry; Drisko, James Apr 1, 2007 6267
The validity of the 2004 U.S. News & World Report's Rankings of Schools of Social Work: a response. Singer, Terry L. Critical essay Apr 1, 2007 2240
Why social work needs mapping. Hillier, Amy Mar 22, 2007 6424
A study of baccalaureate social work students' beliefs about the inclusion of religious and spiritual content in social work. Graff, Dorothy L. Mar 22, 2007 5804
Measuring Progress: resources from The Who Cares? Trust. Brief article Mar 22, 2007 201
Research, advocacy, and social policy: lessons from the risk and resilience model. Jenson, Jeffrey M. Mar 1, 2007 1599
Progressing toward inclusion? Exploring the state of religious diversity. Hodge, David R. Mar 1, 2007 5906
Six Approaches to Post-16 Citizenship: 4. Citizenship through Voluntary and Community-Based Activities. Fettes, Trisha Author abstract Jan 1, 2007 479
International social work, globalization and the challenge of a unipolar world. Midgley, James Dec 1, 2006 2256
Fairness issues in law and mental health: directions for future social work research. Holschuh, Jane Dec 1, 2006 7506
The use of critical ethnography in managed mental health care settings. Bransford, Cassandra L. Dec 1, 2006 5712
Health care needs of aging adults: unprecedented opportunities for social work. Oliver, Debra Parker; DeCoster, Vaughn A. Editorial Nov 1, 2006 1998
The trouble with health savings accounts: a social work perspective. Gorin, Stephen Nov 1, 2006 2470
Language, power and gendered identities: the reflexive social worker. Bagshaw, Dale Nov 1, 2006 6983
Reclaiming civil society and the plight of AIDS orphaned children and elderly women caregivers in sub-Saharan Africa: a global human rights dilemma for international social workers. Kawewe, Saliwe M. Nov 1, 2006 8629
Do unions matter? An examination of the historical and contemporary role of labor unions in the social work profession. Rosenberg, Jessica; Rosenberg, Samuel Oct 1, 2006 4964
A template for spiritual assessment: a review of the JCAHO requirements and guidelines for implementation. Hodge, David R. Oct 1, 2006 7157
Mitigating circumstances in death penalty decisions: using evidence-based research to inform social work practice in capital trials. Schroeder, Julie; Guin, Cecile C.; Pogue, Rene; Bordelan, Danna Oct 1, 2006 6594
Rhetoric for direct practice. Murdach, Allison D. Oct 1, 2006 2418
Who's oppressing whom? Homosexuality, Christianity, and social work. Melendez, Michael P.; LaSala, Michael C. Oct 1, 2006 4498
Charles Booth, charity control, and the London churches, 1897-1903. Brydon, Thomas R.C. Sep 22, 2006 12761
Secondary analysis in social work research education: past, present, and future promise. Sales, Esther; Lichtenwalter, Sara; Fevola, Antonio Sep 22, 2006 6869
The poet/practitioner: a paradigm for the profession. Anderson, Debra K. Sep 1, 2006 7502
Social work in the movies: another look. Murdach, Allison D. Jul 1, 2006 2291
Reducing social work students' statistics anxiety. Quinn, Andrew Jun 22, 2006 2766
Program development during fiscal crisis: a community/university response. Jones, Terry Jun 1, 2006 5330
The politics of indigenization: a case study of development of social work in China. Cheung, Kwok Wah Jun 1, 2006 7050
The roots of human rights advocacy and a call to action. Steen, Julie A. Apr 1, 2006 3004
Advancing social work curriculum in psychopharmacology and medication management. Farmer, Rosemary L.; Bentley, Kia J.; Walsh, Joseph Mar 22, 2006 8562
Evaluation study of an interdisciplinary social work and law curriculum for domestic violence. Colarossi, Lisa; Forgey, Mary Ann Mar 22, 2006 7261
Child & Family Social Work: 'The comfort of strangers: social work practice with unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and young people in the UK'. Kohli, Ravi K.S. Brief article Mar 22, 2006 141
The dissemination of research findings in children's services: issues and strategies. Bullock, Roger Mar 22, 2006 6722
"Calculating the Value of Unpaid Labour in South Africa.". Brief article Mar 22, 2006 86
A call for social work research from the National Institutes of Health. Jenson, Jeffrey M. Mar 1, 2006 1636
Room to move? Professional discretion at the frontline of welfare-to-work. McDonald, Catherine; Marston, Greg Jan 1, 2006 5293
Groups for individuals with traumatic histories: practice considerations for social workers. Knight, Carolyn Jan 1, 2006 7969
Living with severe mental illness--what families and friends must know: evaluation of a one-day psychoeducation workshop. Pollio, David E.; North, Carol S.; Reid, Donna L.; Miletic, Michelle M.; McClendon, Jennifer R. Jan 1, 2006 5240
Unraveling the link between trauma and male delinquency: the cumulative versus differential risk perspectives. Maschi, Tina Jan 1, 2006 7814
Gendered organizational culture in child protection social work. Scourfield, Jonathan Jan 1, 2006 2102
Male social workers in child and family welfare: new directions for research. Gillingham, Philip Jan 1, 2006 1783
The role of social work in the childhood obesity epidemic. Eliadis, Elizabeth E. Jan 1, 2006 1725
Watching the clock tick: factors associated with TANF accumulation. Seefeldt, Kristin S.; Orzol, Sean M. Dec 1, 2005 10363
Research priorities for gerontological social work: researcher and practitioner perspectives. Morrow-Howell, Nancy; Burnette, Denise; Chen, Li-Mei Dec 1, 2005 7954
Foster Parent College: interactive multimedia training for foster parents. Pacifici, Caesar; Delaney, Richard; White, Lee; Cummings, Kelli; Nelson, Carol Dec 1, 2005 5832
Five Star Leaders: learning through Civic Engagement. Barbieri, Kim Nov 1, 2005 1836
Social work practice in health care: the need to use brief interventions. Kotrla, Kim Nov 1, 2005 2143
Another "Katrina" story. Mass, Warren Brief Article Oct 17, 2005 166
Social justice: social work's organizing value. Marsh, Jeanne C. Editorial Oct 1, 2005 882
Documentation in social work: evolving ethical and risk-management standards. Reamer, Frederic G. Oct 1, 2005 6329
Helping victims of terrorism: what makes social work effective? Itzhaky, Haya; Dekel, Rachel Oct 1, 2005 5694
Coaching and social work: challenges and concerns. Caspi, Jonathan Oct 1, 2005 2007
transforming social work education. Hooyman, Nancy R.; Tompkins, Catherine J. Editorial Sep 22, 2005 3281
Factors affecting willingness of social work students to accept jobs in aging. Curl, Angela L.; Simons, Kelsey; Larkin, Heather Sep 22, 2005 6362
Attitudes of social work students toward clients with basic needs. Krumer-Nevo, Michal; Lev-Wiesel, Rachel Sep 22, 2005 6017
Social issues and social work: a shifting terrain? Hugman, Richard Sep 22, 2005 5130
Culture as deficit: a critical discourse analysis of the concept of culture in contemporary social work discourse. Park, Yoosun Sep 1, 2005 8115
Connecting science to intervention: advances, challenges, and the promise of evidence-based practice. Jenson, Jeffrey M. Editorial Sep 1, 2005 3386
Teen helps cancer patients. Mass, Warren Aug 8, 2005 586
Social work: help starts here. Marsh, Jeanne C. Editorial Jul 1, 2005 707
Informing state policymakers: opportunities for social workers. Jackson-Elmoore, Cynthia Jul 1, 2005 6519
Helping to end child labor. Brief Article May 9, 2005 161
Social work Admission Assessment Tool for identifying patients in need of comprehensive social work evaluation. Boutin-Foster, Carla; Euster, Sona; Rolon, Yvette; Motal, Athena; BeLue, Rhonda; Kline, Robin; Charl May 1, 2005 5800
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