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Toward a Filipino Bayanihan culture. Coloma, Sonny Column Jul 15, 2021 818
How Education can Save the World. Muthigani, Augusta Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2021 2856
GAMES AND THE GOOD LIFE. Ridge, Michael Feb 24, 2021 11905
PRICING DRUGS FAIRLY. Persad, Govind Feb 1, 2021 26976
The Kutanda Botso Ritual as a Means of Preventing Femicide Targeting Biological Mothers in Shona Communities of Zimbabwe. Chavasa, Norman Report Jan 1, 2021 6042
Lack of social values a serious indictment. Nov 25, 2020 327
New Wine and New Bottles. Frodeman, Robert Jun 22, 2020 1677
PM urges writers' role to acquaint youth of social values, national identity. Jun 20, 2020 259
PM urges writers' role to acquaint youth of social values, national identity. Jun 20, 2020 259
A Cross-Cultural Examination of Person-Organization Fit: Is P-O Fit Congruent with or Contingent on Societal Values? Trevino, Len J.; Egri, Carolyn P.; Ralston, David A.; Naoumova, Irina; Li, Yongjuan; Darder, Fidel L Report Apr 1, 2020 12820
Morocco Stuck Between Modernity and Social Mores. Jan 12, 2020 514
Rezaul for preventing degradation of social values. Dec 29, 2019 163
ON KEEPING THINGS IN PROPORTION. Lovett, Adam; Riedener, Stefan Dec 1, 2019 14128
Unelected Power, the quest for legitimacy in central banking and the regulatory state. Mann, Catherine L. Report Apr 1, 2019 1758
DB, DW sign MoU on social values, news collaboration. Mar 26, 2019 288
30 Minutes. Fralich, Russell Essay Mar 22, 2019 733
Seminar counts social values as tool to uproot corruption. Dec 7, 2018 457
SOCIAL VALUES AND GROWTH AND THEIR IMPLICATIONS FOR ECOSYSTEM SERVICES IN THE LONG-RUN. Esparon, Michelle; Farr, Marina; Larson, Silva; Stoeckl, Natalie Sep 1, 2018 5891
Ubuntu and Ecofeminism: Value-Building with African and Womanist Voices. Konik, Inge Report Jun 1, 2018 8144
The Measure of a Metric: The Debate over Quantifying Partisan Gerrymandering. Stephanopoulos, Nicholas O.; McGhee, Eric M. May 1, 2018 23856
A new approach to ethics education: Giving voice to values. Nelien, Annette; Manly, Tracy S.; Ritsema, Christina M. Feb 1, 2018 1542
Predicting Consumers' Local Food Attitude with Personal Values and Local Food Online Videos. Qu, Shuyang; Lamm, Alexa; Rumble, Joy; Telg, Ricky Report Jan 1, 2018 7922
The Challenge to Catholic Social Thought Posed by Pope Francis: His Strong Moral Messages to Business. Schlag, Martin Essay Jan 1, 2018 8602
The Quiet Prophet: Benedict XVI and Catholic Social Teaching. Spieker, Manfred Essay Jan 1, 2018 6554
An Essay on the Intrinsic Relationship between Social Facts and Moral Questions. Rawls, Anne Warfield Essay Nov 1, 2017 5610
SOCIAL VALUE ORIENTATION AND THE LAW. Hollander-Blumoff, Rebecca Nov 1, 2017 25661
Social Axioms and Individualistic-Collectivistic Values in India. Singh, Ankita; Bano, Shabana Report Sep 1, 2017 2886
THE VALUE OF CARING: A REPLY TO MAGUIRE. Loschke, Jorg Sep 1, 2017 3554
Embodying values and socio-religious difference: new markets of moral learning in Christian and Muslim schools in urban Tanzania. Dilger, Hansjorg Report Aug 1, 2017 12194
Societal Curriculum: Effects of Television on Social Values System in Pakistani Society. Shah, Syeda Tahira; Khurshid, Farhana Report Jun 30, 2017 5226
Promoting cultural and social values in Yoruba Nollywood movies. Olugbenga, Elegbe; Ayinla, Fadipe Israel Report Apr 1, 2017 5419
Reimagining human rights. Rodriguez-Garavito, Cesar Mar 22, 2017 2202
A study on the dimensions of cultural values in contemporary Indian advertising. A consumer perspective. Swaminathan, Freda; Zameer, Asif Report Jan 1, 2017 6377
Islamic values in elderly care in Finland: the perspective of Muslim women caregivers. Begum, Shahnaj; Seppanen, Marjaana Essay Jan 1, 2017 7114
Belonging as intellectual creation. Rosenblatt, Betsy Jan 1, 2017 19922
THE PARADOX OF IP. Chiang, Tun-Jen Jan 1, 2017 11985
Impact of Personal Values on Ethical Fashion Purchase Intention: Mediating Effect of Product Involvement. Hashmi, Maryam Saeed; Abdullah, Faizan; Anees, Misbah Report Dec 22, 2016 4932
Six aspects of Wangdao to create values: the basic mindset to promote the development of human civilization. Shih, Stan Essay Oct 1, 2016 2247
Values-Engaged assessment: Reimagining assessment through the lens of democratic engagement. Bandy, Joe; Clayton, Patti H.; Mack, Heather; Nigro, Georgia; Stanlick, Sarah; Bartel, Ann Sims; Gal Report Sep 22, 2016 4067
Maj. Gen. Al-Mahdi Appreciates Role of Communications Ministry in Boosting Social Values and Economic Development. Jul 28, 2016 169
Effect of employee branding on market share based on individual and organizational values (studied in: Mellat Bank). Hamidizadeh, Ali; Fard, Rasoul Sanavi Report Jun 22, 2016 6783
How chaos makes us more creative. Bragg, Meredith Interview May 1, 2016 620
Two cultures of punishment. Kleinfeld, Joshua May 1, 2016 11012
Two cultures of punishment. Kleinfeld, Joshua May 1, 2016 14010
Two cultures of punishment. Kleinfeld, Joshua May 1, 2016 25343
The moral ties within the family of Abraham: a primer on shared social values in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Montville, Joseph V. Mar 22, 2016 4147
Land, botho and identity in Thomas Mofolo's novels. Chaka, Limakatso Essay Mar 22, 2016 12040
'... oi, oi!... you must go by the right path': Mofolo's Chaka revisited via the original text. Krog, Antjie Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 5152
Fear factor: enlist basic American values in the war on terror. Lynn, Barry W. Essay Jan 1, 2016 858
Assessing Schwartz's refined value theory in the Chinese context. Li, Jiajun Report Jan 1, 2016 6602
Moral emotions the day after drinking. Fjaer, Eivind Grip Dec 22, 2015 8554
Understanding of cosmopolitanism in Georgian literary thinking: from Goethe to Vazha-Pshavela. Ratiani, Irma Critical essay Dec 1, 2015 2872
Kuwari opens expo to promote social values. Oct 26, 2015 414
Youth subculture and "postmodern axiology". Pajaziti, Ali Essay Oct 1, 2015 4510
Fewer in U.S. Want Government to Promote Traditional Values. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Sep 30, 2015 922
Magna Carta, common law values and the Constitution. Crennan, Susan Aug 1, 2015 5352
What's important to me: identifying at-risk and resilient students through narrative writing about personal values. Stepney, Cesalie T.; Elias, Maurice J.; Epstein, Yakov M. Report Jul 1, 2015 10290
Message strategies and cultural values in popular online video ads in China and the U.S. Xue, Fei Report Jul 1, 2015 7080
Clarity of personal values tied to professional satisfaction. Gallegos, Alicia Conference notes Jun 1, 2015 591
Arbitration's counter-narrative: the religious arbitration paradigm. Helfand, Michael A. Jun 1, 2015 6067
Arbitration's counter-narrative: the religious arbitration paradigm. Helfand, Michael A. Jun 1, 2015 21674
Evolving Internet information & technology as enablers for creating shared values. Song, In Kuk; Chun, Junchul Report Jan 1, 2015 2968
Impact of Corporate Ethical Values on Employees' Behaviour: Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment. Saleem, Farida Report Dec 22, 2014 5870
The Art of Shucking an Oyster. Herlong-Bodman, Ann Poem Sep 22, 2014 195
Taking a small step back to take a giant leap forward: proactively emphasizing and teaching positive expectations and values such as respect, acceptance, empathy, positivity, cooperation and peaceful coexistence can serve to establish a new climate. Mayer, Walter Sep 1, 2014 1859
The Civilized and the Barbarous: Honor in French and Turkish Contemporary Societies. Dilmac, Julie Alev Report Jun 22, 2014 7249
Social values and empathy a key cog in engineering. Brief article May 1, 2014 169
Deconstructing National and Transnational Hypermasculine Hegemony in Neoliberal China. Zhang,, Charlie Y. Essay Mar 22, 2014 10489
Highway and Home: Mapping Feminist-Transgender Coalition in Boys Don't Cry. Schewe, Elizabeth Essay Mar 22, 2014 11322
Pageant. Sierra, Marianna Poem Mar 22, 2014 161
Constitutionalizing everything: the role of "Charter values". Harding, Mark S.; Knopff, Rainer Dec 1, 2013 7777
Debating values in quebec. Frappier, Andre Editorial Nov 1, 2013 595
Social values reflections through the use of EFL storytelling: an action research with primary students/Reflexiones acerca de los valores sociales mediante el uso de la narracion de cuentos: investigacion accion con estudiantes de basica primaria. Combariza, Claudia Milena Gomez; Chapeton, Maria Ximena Rodriguez; Rincon, Vanessa Alejandra Rojas Oct 1, 2013 6770
Gay Laws And The Company Russia Keeps. Marshall, Tim Brief article Aug 15, 2013 197
Inculcating core values through application of the Patient CaringTouch System. McKay, Daniel W. Jul 1, 2013 2356
The role of social values, accounting values and institutions in determining accounting conservatism. Salter, Stephen B.; Kang, Tony; Gotti, Giorgio; Doupnik, Timothy S. Jul 1, 2013 12273
Community values and correct or preferable decisions in administrative tribunals. McCabe, Bernard Jul 1, 2013 10727
"There are no values" through Islam. Armstrong, Ari Jun 22, 2013 405
The continuum of excludability and the limits of patents. Kapczynski, Amy; Syed, Talha May 1, 2013 10356
The continuum of excludability and the limits of patents. Kapczynski, Amy; Syed, Talha May 1, 2013 19636
Social forces and cultural factors influencing farm transition. Inwood, Shoshanah Essay Apr 1, 2013 2997
Transforming agency culture through values-driven leadership. Gerber, Nora; Kelley, Kathy Jones; Norwood, Jane; Urzi, Mary Essay Feb 1, 2013 2009
Values-driven transformation. Pagan, Ana Essay Feb 1, 2013 487
Portrait of a Scandal: The Trial of Robert Notman. Naves, Elaine Kalman Dec 22, 2012 2989
The effects of culture, long-term orientation, and gender on consumers' perceptions of clothing values. Hsu, Hsiu-Ju; Burns, Leslie Davis Report Nov 1, 2012 4244
Media diversity and online advertising. Ammori, Marvin; Pelican, Luke Sep 22, 2012 13185
My take: it's early September, two months from the 2012 presidential election. Troupe, Quincy Column Sep 22, 2012 2622
L'Abus de droit: l'antenorme. Moyse, Pierre-Emmanuel Sep 1, 2012 15480
L'Abus de droit: l'antenorme. Moyse, Pierre-Emmanuel Sep 1, 2012 13945
Isn't equal opportunity a basic human right? How feudalism hinders community transformation and economic evolution. Hunter, Murray Report Jul 1, 2012 3749
Integrating and infusing of Islamic values in the existing engineering course subject: a case study. Ahmad, Zuraida; Othman, Raihan; Ismail, Ahmad Faris Report May 1, 2012 4406
On civility and resilient governance. Mingus, Matthew S.; Horiuchi, Catherine M. Essay Mar 22, 2012 2626
Ethical and Social Values in Business Administration and Management Studies. Ruiz-Lozano, Mercedes; de los Rios-Bergillos, Araceli; Tirado-Valencia, Pilar; Millan-Lara, Salud Report Jan 1, 2012 227
Using appreciative inquiry to facilitate implementation of the recovery model in mental health agencies. Clossey, Laurene; Mehnert, Kevin; Silva, Sara Report Nov 1, 2011 5171
The Problem of Violence in Sheri S. Tepper's Feminist Utopia, The Gate to Women's Country. Maxwell, Anne (Australian professor) Essay Nov 1, 2011 8630
Good news about bad habits. Mangu-Ward, Katherine Brief article Oct 14, 2011 135
Spontaneous order and liberalism's complex relation to democracy. diZerega, Gus Essay Sep 22, 2011 11193
Teaching traditional values through folk literature in Korea. Lee, Guang-Lea Report Aug 15, 2011 5019
Spiritual assessment and native Americans: establishing the social validity of a complementary set of assessment tools. Hodge, David R.; Limb, Gordon E. Report Jul 1, 2011 7247
Holding on to African values: Africans have a lot to teach the West, if only we can find the confidence to stand by what were once common African values. Prime Minister David Cameron has a lot to learn from informed Africans, if he wants a genuine "Big Society" in Britain, writes Awula Serwah. Serwah, Awula Column May 1, 2011 1089
Your thoughts, please. Peters, Charles Column May 1, 2011 1230
Behind the veil of legal uncertainty. Feldman, Yuval; Lifshitz, Shahar Mar 22, 2011 19514
Diagnosing the organizational culture of a Turkish pharmaceutical company based on the competing values framework/Turkijos farmacijos kompaniju organizacines kulturos vertinimas, pagristas konkurencijos vertinimo sistema. Demir, Cengiz; Unnu, Nazli A. Ayyildiz; Erturk, Emel Report Mar 1, 2011 8377
The prosocial and moral character of the spiritual leader. Huang, Yueh-Chuen; Shih, Hui-Chuan Case study Feb 1, 2011 2935
"Being man enough": fatherhood experiences and expectations among teenage boys in South Africa. Spjeldnaes, Ingrid O.; Moland, Karen Marie; Harris, Janet; Sam, David L. Report Jan 1, 2011 8806
The means and the end in life. Hardy, Darren Nov 1, 2010 492
More atheists will "come out of the closet" as society increasingly recognizes common values that transcend religion. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 107
City Cemetery Love Poem: 1975. Hales, Corrinne Clegg Poem Nov 1, 2010 672
LEAs to protect social values through courteous attitude. Oct 13, 2010 341
The role of personal values in determining U.S. medical tourists' expectations and perceptions of healthcare facility service quality: an exploratory investigation. Guiry, Michael; Vequist, David G. Report Jul 1, 2010 9951
Shanghai children's value socialization and its change: a comparative analysis of primary school textbooks. Weng, Liping Report Jul 1, 2010 5005
Church's social teaching to be put on website. Brief article Jul 1, 2010 150
Do Asian values exist? Empirical tests of the four dimensions of Asian values. Kim, So Young Report May 1, 2010 13539
The art of governing the self and others in the Christian Philippines. Wong, Pak Nung Essay Apr 1, 2010 12815
Conversation on values. Brief article Oct 16, 2009 268
Globalization and human values: promises and challenges. Schrader, David E. Essay Sep 22, 2009 7087
Religious identity and cultural diversity: exploring the relationships between religious identity, sexism, homophobia, and multicultural competence. Balkin, Richard S.; Schlosser, Lewis Z.; Levitt, Dana Heller Report Sep 22, 2009 5965
Morality play: universal concerns, not cultural values, may shape kids' developing notions of right and wrong. Bower, Bruce Sep 12, 2009 2670
Women's perspectives on family planning service quality: an exploration of differences by race, ethnicity and language. Becker, Davida; Klassen, Ann C.; Koenig, Michael A.; LaVeist, Thomas A.; Sonenstein, Freya L.; Tsui, Report Sep 1, 2009 6532
The effect of fixed-term contracts on rural secondary teachers. Lierich, David; O'Connor, Christine Report Jul 1, 2009 8703
Human personality and the Yoruba worldview: an ethico-sociological interpretation. Fayemi, Ademola Kazeem Report Mar 15, 2009 4523
How do tax laws reflect American values? Wilkins, William J. Interview Mar 1, 2009 2396
How evolving social values have shaped (and reshaped) California criminal law. Keiter, Mitchell Report Jan 1, 2009 16925
Adherence to Asian cultural values and cultural fit in Korean American undergraduates' help-seeking attitudes. Gloria, Alberta M.; Castellanos, Jeanett; Park, Yong Sue; Kim, Daniel Report Sep 22, 2008 7838
Social value orientation and information level in selling prices. Lin, Chien-Huang; Lin, Hung-Ming; Hung, Ai-Ling Report Aug 1, 2008 3278
Nokia launches its ,C[pounds sterling]Fusion Challenge: Nokia N78 maphotograffiti,C[yen] competition to integrate technology with social values in Saudi Arabia. Jul 21, 2008 674
Nokia launches its ,C[pounds sterling]Fusion Challenge: Nokia N78 maphotograffiti,C[yen] competition to integrate technology with social values in Saudi Arabia. Jul 21, 2008 674
Nokia launches its "Fusion Challenge: Nokia N78 maphotograffiti" competition to integrate technology with social values in Saudi Arabia. Jul 21, 2008 557
Transformation to a Market Economy and Changing Social Values in China, Russia, and Eastern Germany. Swader, Christopher Scott Jun 23, 2008 279
Asian and Pacific Islander American men's help-seeking: cultural values and beliefs, gender roles, and racial stereotypes. Chang, Tai; Subramaniam, Prithwi Raj Report Jun 22, 2008 7617
An evaluation of teachers' views of primary school principals' practice of democratic values. Genc, Salih Zeki Report May 1, 2008 3581
Counselors' values profile: implications for counseling ethnic minority clients. Consoli, Andres J.; Kim, Bryan S.K.; Meyer, Dinorah M. Report Apr 1, 2008 7086
Globalization as meta-axiological dilemma: the sociological implications of rational choice criteria for local cultural deep structure. ibn-Hyman, Sundjata Report Mar 15, 2008 3324
Is it still a wonderful life? Building a new politics on the old values of generosity, compassion, and community. Dionne, E.J., Jr. Cover story Mar 1, 2008 1452
Gide and Ibsen: a symbolist crossroads. Pollard, Patrick Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 6693
Primary colors (of misevaluation). Trivedi, Devkumar Essay Jan 1, 2008 1651
Find Your Stage of Consciousness. Lamy, John Jan 1, 2008 3823
Social values affect purchasing decisions. Oct 29, 2007 453
Senior lawyers have plenty to teach the younger generation. Killian, Mark D. Aug 15, 2007 922
C. J. Cherryh: the ties that bind. Clark, Stephen R.L. Critical essay Jul 1, 2007 8944
Americans Remain Negative on State of Nation's Moral Values; Percentage rating moral values as "poor" edging up in recent years. Carroll, Joseph Survey Jun 4, 2007 823
Holding our own: value and performance in nonprofit organisations. Cheverton, Jeff Essay Mar 22, 2007 3645
Management, labor, and the development of the human person: insights from the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church. Cusick, Timothy J. Mar 22, 2006 4423
"Lita is--jazz": the Harlem renaissance, cabaret culture, and racial amalgamation in Edith Wharton's Twilight Sleep. Griffith, Jean C. Mar 22, 2006 10523
Revolution for the rich: James's Princess Casamassima. Falcoff, Mark Critical essay Mar 1, 2006 3565
The book of liberal virtues: yes, they exist. And they're the best tools we have for countering the right's assertion that everything is political. Mattson, Kevin Feb 1, 2006 4357
Remapping the culture debate: can the Democrats finally learn to talk culture? Fascinating new research challenges some cherished assumptions--and offers clues about the future. Franke-Ruta, Garance Feb 1, 2006 5352
My perspective on the election. de Valk, Alphonse Jan 1, 2006 738
Virtues, not values. Hunter, Ian Jan 1, 2006 664
Limits to democracy. Scruton, Roger Jan 1, 2006 5726
Conrad and ambiguity: social commitment and ideology in Heart of Darkness and Nostromo. Icoz, Nursel Critical essay Sep 22, 2005 11978
"With judgment reserved": reading both predictably and unpredictably in William Faulkner's Light in August and The Wild Palms. Fenrick, Michael Critical essay Sep 22, 2005 6573
America's traditional values: the conscience of a nation. Gray, Charles E. Sep 1, 2005 2117
Values, ethics, and civil society. Seel, Keith Apr 1, 2005 1092
The good book: the America portrayed by Sinclair Lewis in Elmer Gantry used to be a distant memory. But the novel's surprising lessons are relevant again. Byrne, Richard Mar 1, 2005 1706
The "values" panic: the right has no monopoly on morals--or on moral bullying. Young, Cathy Feb 1, 2005 1342
The media's indecency dilemma: can public outrage, congressional hearings, and larger FCC fines stem the tide of "indecency" flooding the airwaves? Fischer, Raymond L. Jan 1, 2005 2762
Cultural wars in quickstep. Kreyche, Gerald F. Jan 1, 2005 1014
No soft option. Noble, Kenneth Editorial Dec 1, 2004 388
The issue at hand. Edwords, Fred Nov 1, 2004 477
Show me the money: the dominances of wealth in determining rights performance in Asia. Peerenboom, Randall Sep 22, 2004 32907
Value orientations: a study of black college students. Thornton, Clarence H. Mar 1, 2004 3881
WTO regulations and the audio-visual sector--an analytical framework for Pakistan. Farooq, Mohammad; Mahmood, Tariq Report Dec 22, 2003 7558
Another round in the culture wars. Bresler, Robert J. Sep 1, 2003 1011
TV 'reality' distracts us from real struggles. Hayes, Diana L. Column Jun 20, 2003 975
Low use of rural maternity services in Uganda: impact of women's status, traditional beliefs and limited resources. Kyomuhendo, Grace Bantebya May 1, 2003 6891
Why Tiger Woods makes more than me. (point of view). Mahon, Robert Lee Mar 3, 2003 1104
Creeping vulgarity at the Gallop. (Parting Thoughts). Kreyche, Gerald F. Editorial Mar 1, 2003 1114
Value differences between social workers and members of the working and middle classes. Hodge, David R. Jan 1, 2003 8028
Social behaviors, enforcement, and tax compliance dynamics. Davis, Jon S.; Hecht, Gary; Perkins, Jon D. Jan 1, 2003 14161
Must and ought: moral and real conditions in Emma. Justice, George Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 2105
Imagining the real (1): the development of moral imagination in Emma. Moore, Barbara Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 2605
"Insidious designs": reading Jane Fairfax in and out of Highbury. Almonte, Paul Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 1872
Basic empowering strategies for the classroom. Mihesuah, Devon A. Jan 1, 2003 7269
Unacceptable customs. (The Immigrant Experience--Values). Dec 1, 2002 1674
The gift as sufficient source of normativity. Caille, Allain Sep 22, 2002 3244
The gift as insufficient source of normativity. Arnsperger, Christian Sep 22, 2002 1803
Is homo donator a homo moralis? Godbout, Jacques T. Sep 22, 2002 4456
Uyammi: a life. (Health and Culture). Pindog, Corazon L. Sep 1, 2002 760
Medicare stands firm on its foundations of shared Canadian national values. (Reports For Romanow). Brief Article Aug 19, 2002 271
Circus performers teach values. Fine, John C. Brief Article Aug 4, 2002 492
A new liver for a prisoner. (case study). Louis, Morris Jul 1, 2002 1402
The Mathsemantic Monitor *. (Error). Jun 22, 2002 5925
Successes Against AIDS in Africa - Clobbering a Continent. Barber, Ben Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 377
"The abominable crime of Onan": Catholic pastoral practice and family limitation in the United States, 1875-1919. Tentler, Leslie Woodcock Jun 1, 2002 15482
Martyrdom and Violence: The Body as a Locus for Power Struggles. (Anthropology). Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 224
Teaching Reverence for the Real: Cautionary Values in Contemporary Docudrama. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 248
Applying mediationist theory to communication about terrorism and war. Coufal, Kathy L. Jan 1, 2002 2081
Family, Socialization, and development in Spain: A Cross-National Comparison with the United States (*). Requena, Felix Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2001 6199
Jerry Falwell's Cruel and Unusual God. (Guest Opinion). Tobias, Andrew Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 704
Coaters, countries cultures & customers: (Part II). (In association with the institute of metal finishing). Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2001 3508
The melting pot, part 2 - America's Cultural-Institutional Core. Wortham, Anne Nov 1, 2001 7913
No one wants business as usual. Pierce, Gregory F. Brief Article Oct 12, 2001 733
Libertarian Rhapsody. MOONEY, CHRIS Sep 10, 2001 3781
A New Commandment For Politicians: Thou Shalt Not Be A Hypocrite. Lynn, Barry W. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 874
The new Epicureans. Minogue, Kenneth Sep 1, 2001 8033
Everybody is doing it: the effects of base rate information on correspondent inferences from violations of perfect and imperfect duties. Trafimow, David; Reeder, Glenn D.; Bilsing, Lisa M. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2001 6106
Against Spirituality. WOLF, ARNOLD JACOB Jun 22, 2001 1788
Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee: Beyond a White, Teen Icon. Scheiner, Georganne Jun 1, 2001 9222
Why Nations Develop Differently. Jennings, Lane Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 980
Trends Now Changing the World: Economics and Society, Values and Concerns, Energy and Environment. Cetron, Marvin J.; Davies, Owen Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 7749
Rebuild America's Morals - We will not be able to address questions of justice and security unless we revitalize the practice of public virtue. ROYAL, ROBERT Jan 1, 2001 2007
Crime in context: a critical criminology of market societies. Book Review Dec 1, 2000 1054
Loss of community: we learn the virtues of life only in community. Taylor, Jim Nov 1, 2000 675
A Short List of Universal Moral Values. KINNIER, RICHARD T.; KERNES, JERRY L.; DAUTHERIBES, THERESE M. Oct 1, 2000 5278
Reading, Writing, 'Rithmetic...and Responsibility. Exstrom, Michelle Oct 1, 2000 2170
Creating An Ethical Workplace: What Public Officials Should Know About Right and Wrong. Hayen, Bernie Brief Article Jul 17, 2000 648
AIDS program Still deceiving. Ferrari, M. Jeanne Mar 1, 2000 2687
Arlington Institute Will Monitor Society's "Vital Signs". Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 159
Indiana Public School Substitutes Ten `Common Precepts' For Ten Commandments. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 655
LOST VICTORIANS. Gardiner, John Dec 1, 1999 1629
Religion in Our Schools: Teach Values, Not Religion. KRAMNICK, ISAAC; MOORE, R. LAURENCE Dec 1, 1999 1424
Joining Values Debate: The Peculiar Case of Thailand. Maisrikrod, SURIN Oct 1, 1999 4034
Blackberry time. Long, Nicci Oct 1, 1999 527
Origins of American individualism: reconsidering the historical evidence. Grabb, Edward; Baer, Douglas; Curtis, James Sep 22, 1999 10010
Assessing the Validity of the Postmaterialism Index. DAVIS, DARREN W.; DAVENPORT, CHRISTIAN Sep 1, 1999 8783
Measuring Postmaterialism. INGLEHART, RONALD; ABRAMSON, PAUL R. Sep 1, 1999 10204
Sacrament and solidarity: Catholic social thought and health care policy reform. Cochran, Clarke E. Jun 22, 1999 10486
Last best word of the English language: American author Philip Yancey teaches Susan Corcoran a thing or two about grace. Corcoran, Susan Jun 1, 1999 1016
Who's to say who's right. Smith, Michael Editorial Apr 1, 1999 353
Terminal core values associated with adolescent problem behaviors. Goff, Brent G.; Goddard, H. Wallace Mar 22, 1999 4186
Private lives can affect public duties. Noble, Kenneth Editorial Feb 1, 1999 324
Discovering inner freedom: Philip Boobbyer, a lecturer in modern European history at the University of Kent, puts cleaning one's slate in a wider philosophical context. Boobbyer, Philip Feb 1, 1999 1666
No time like now to forgive. Henderson, Michael Feb 1, 1999 670
Negotiating the loner: perhaps the basic paradox in American culture is the tension between its rhetoric of individualism and its practice of conformity. Yacowar, Maurice Dec 22, 1998 1006
A vision of families for the twenty-first century: a declaration of secular family values. Cherry, Matt; Matsumura, Molleen Dec 22, 1998 1271
Decline of the West? POLLITT, KATHA Dec 14, 1998 952
Slouching toward Gomorrha. Book Review Oct 1, 1998 1430
Realpolitik of the 21st century. Hore-Ruthven, James Editorial Oct 1, 1998 370
Age and gender differences in value orientation among American adolescents. Badger, Kimberly; Craft, Rebecca Simpson; Jensen, Larry Sep 22, 1998 1742
The disappearing urban middle class. McMahon, Thomas L.; Angelo, Larian; Mollenkopf, John Jun 22, 1998 1579
Cultural revolution and character formation. Garrett, William R. May 1, 1998 6860
The misbegotten sixties. Kaplan, Morton A. May 1, 1998 7781
Cry for meaning: discovering the true humanness in a spiritual dimension. Rienks, Gabe May 1, 1998 1028
Life and value orientations of Turkish University students. Cileli, Meral; Tezer, Esin Mar 22, 1998 2830
How to tell if he's the marrying kind. Swey, Melissa Cover Story Mar 1, 1998 1670
The new generation in Japan. Mar 1, 1998 460
Bishop seeks broad alliance on social action. Jones, Arthur Feb 20, 1998 818
We belong to this land. Kerkyasharian, Stepan Feb 1, 1998 246
Open door. Nguyen, Goretti Feb 1, 1998 244
Making room for the other: everyone needs to know where they belong, maintains Rabbi Marc Gopin - but this doesn't mean hating outsiders. Gopin, Marc Aug 1, 1997 1620
A literature-based approach to teaching values to adolescents: does it work? Adler, Emily Stier; Foster, Paula Jun 22, 1997 4994
Autonomy and automobility. Lomasky, Loren E. Jun 22, 1997 10736
Silent persecution: we persecute people by ignoring them -- by trivializing their concerns. Cawsey, Kathy Jun 1, 1997 777
Save the family to save civilization. Chartres, Richard Jun 1, 1997 884
Independent but still in bondage. Kyi, Aung San Suu Jun 1, 1997 936
Britain's moral crisis: it's time for Britain to take a long hard look at herself. Williams, Hugh Apr 1, 1997 2041
Struggle to be decent: British politician Frank Field talks to Mary Lean about gun control, sleaze and the moral force of the welfare state. Lean, Mary Apr 1, 1997 1501
Who needs morals? Cambridge student Richard Jones, with the help of Mike Teece and Katherine Kirkham, offers some tips from the receiving end. Kirkham, Katherine Apr 1, 1997 840
What price honesty? Henderson, Michael Apr 1, 1997 586
Socialness of things: essays on the sociosemiotics of objects: approaches to semiotics 115. Book Review Mar 22, 1997 1179
Media, culture and morality. Book Review Mar 22, 1997 953
Good society pt1 & 2. Moyers, Bill Video Recording Review Mar 22, 1997 1177
Consequence: a forgotten concept. Rasch, Bradley W. Mar 1, 1997 1769
Shakedown: how the new economy is changing our lives. Editorial Mar 1, 1997 434
Education and character: a conservative view. Doyle, Denis P. Cover Story Feb 1, 1997 3728
Making sense out of dollars: every time we make a purchase, we also make a statement about what we believe and value. Kathy Cawsey Dec 1, 1996 684
Green turbo-boost. Sandy Hore-Ruthven Dec 1, 1996 610
Get your labels off our politics. Irshad Manji Dec 1, 1996 789
Time to renew the covenant says Chief Rabbi. Oct 1, 1996 881
Chess, choices and citizenship. Joy Weeks Aug 1, 1996 936
Reassessing the economic assumption. Harman, Willis W. Jul 1, 1996 1972
Values for new economic relationships. Miller, Amata Jul 1, 1996 8030
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