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Social media users vent over continued .my outage.

Social media users have reacted with displeasure over a local Domain Name System (DNS) fault that rendered some websites with the .my address inaccessible.

The disruption also affected some banking and payment gateways that also use a Malaysian top level domain.

'Hi how long will this continue? It seems some ISP are able to access .my or, but some ISP like TM cannot,' said Khairul Aizat Ab Wahid on MYNIC's Facebook page, referring to the internet service providers.

'So you are saying that a technical glitch by a berhad has shut down the entire Malaysia e-commerce websites? The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission need to spend some time on this,' said Esmond Loo Yin Let.

'That is why i don't use .my domain. The services handle by MYNIC is totally useless, I have experience my domain deleted in MyNic even when it was active. Switch to .com which is way better,' said Manwin Singh.

'This is a disastrous outage! Fundamental design and architecture of DNS are distributed and no single point of failure, yet we are having this .my root domain level outage. Imagine how much e-economic losses have been incurred due to .my websites being unavailable,' said a user named DiGi Dino.

Others made light of the problem.

'Someone tumpah (poured) lots of ketupats and rendangs on the servers,' said a user named Abu Yazeed.

Others offered possible solutions, such as switching to alternative DNS servers than those installed by default.

'Use OpenDNS seems okay to resolve all .my domain,' said Kidd WH Tang.

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Publication:Malay Mail Online (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)
Date:Jun 16, 2018
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