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Disability and the Meaning of Social Justice in Teacher Education Research: A Precarious Guest at the Table? Pugach, Marleen C.; Matewos, Ananya M.; Gomez-Najarro, Joyce Mar 1, 2021 10401
'There can be no peace without social justice,' Vatican's envoy reminds Filipinos, PH leaders on EDSA anniversary. Feb 25, 2021 408
World Day of Social Justice: QC uses tech to bridge digital divide. Feb 22, 2021 499
Call for Social Justice in the Digital Economy. Feb 22, 2021 1764
World Day of Social Justice. Feb 20, 2021 200
Islam stresses peaceful coexistence, social justice, equality: CM. Feb 20, 2021 219
Why the digital divide is a threat to social justice. Yossi Mekelberg Feb 20, 2021 1090
Islam stresses peaceful coexistence, social justice and equality: CM Buzdar. Feb 20, 2021 224
World Day of Social Justice on Feb 20. Feb 18, 2021 201
World Social Justice Day to be marked on Feb 20. Feb 15, 2021 426
World Social Justice Day to be marked on Feb 20. Feb 15, 2021 426
World Day of Social Justice on February 20. Feb 8, 2021 163
World Day of Social Justice on February 20. Feb 8, 2021 163
Social justice protests: HRW calls for investigation into police violence. Feb 5, 2021 280
Catholic Church's social justice arm rejects Charter change. Jan 28, 2021 418
Nigeria Needs Restructuring For Social Justice a Atiku. Jan 25, 2021 1235
Services and struggle of late Qazi Hussain Ahmed for Social justice and national integration unforgettable: Asad Qaiser. Jan 7, 2021 430
This Week: Tamika S. Edwards: Executive Director, Social Justice Institute at Philander Smith College, Little Rock. Edwards, Tamika Jan 4, 2021 667
The Long Fight for a Just Food System. Lappe, Anna Column Jan 1, 2021 1169
Toward Social Justice. Gregory, Gwen M. Jan 1, 2021 751
Michel Martin: WE MUST HOLD THE LINE ON DECENCY. Martin, Michel Jan 1, 2021 892
Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America. Gill, Anthony Book review Jan 1, 2021 1573
2020: A year like no other. Schlumpf, Heidi Dec 25, 2020 904
Make goodness, social justice contagious papal nuncio. Dec 20, 2020 334
Peace Cor; Jeremy to set up global social justice body. ben glaze Deputy Political Editor Dec 14, 2020 294
Jeremy Corbyn launches new 'peace project' a year after crushing election defeat; The MP will set up a body devoted to campaigning for social justice, peace and human rights 12 months after leading Labour to its worst defeat for 84 years. By, Ben Glaze Dec 13, 2020 514
Jesus and poverty. Aja, Tony Dec 7, 2020 714
Welfare staff social justice custodians. Dec 2, 2020 311
A different Christmas: This season, an ecowomanist perspective can help us honor our faith, mourn our broken world, and build a more just future. Harris, Melanie L. Dec 1, 2020 2054
Resolving Land-Use Conflicts over Indonesia's Customary Forests: One Map, Power Contestations and Social Justice. Nuhidayah, Laely; Davies, Peter J.; Alam, Shawkat Dec 1, 2020 9973
Pick up tab for future generations; BY SHONA ROBISON MSP Convener of the Social Justice and Fairness Commission - set up by Nicola Sturgeon to explore new ways to make Scotland a fairer country. SHONA ROBISON Nov 27, 2020 627
Rawlings' social justice, probity, accountability fight ended coups in Ghana - Mahama. Nov 13, 2020 152
Economic shocks call for greater social justice: S&P. Nov 11, 2020 794
An Ethic of Care for People with Disabilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic in China: Towards Greater Social Justice. Fu, Wangqian; Deng, Meng; Cheng, Li Nov 1, 2020 3494
Leni underscores social justice i'? Oct 30, 2020 519
Leni underscores social justice? Oct 30, 2020 519
Backlash in St. Louis Archdiocese after social justice leader suspended. White, Christopher Oct 16, 2020 550
Fratelli Tutti seen as speaking to a divided US church and country. White, Christopher Oct 16, 2020 621
Mother of Sorrows: how racial injustice paralyzes the imago Dei. Arabome, Anne Oct 16, 2020 935
Online festival aims to highlight social justice. Oct 15, 2020 162
Occupational safety policy promotes social justice. Oct 5, 2020 304
Taking a STAND: Supporting social justice is good for communities and good for business. Orr, Vanessa Oct 1, 2020 2009
Developing Social Justice Skills through Community Service-Learning in High School Social Studies. Lucman, Sharehann T. Report Oct 1, 2020 7123
ON TARGET: Social Injustice Still A Challenge For CAF. Taylor, Scott Oct 1, 2020 627
Punishment to Support: The Need to Align Animal Control Enforcement with the Human Social Justice Movement. Hawes, Sloane M.; Hupe, Tess; Morris, Kevin N. Oct 1, 2020 4271
Awareness of family planning required to achieve social justice: Prime Minister. Daily News Egypt Sep 28, 2020 384
Nigeria @60: No Social Justice, Religious, Inter-Ethnic Tolerance - Ozekhome. Sep 28, 2020 779
Investigative journalism 'giant' Evans dies aged 92; Tributes: Editor Sir Harold described as a 'true champion of social justice'. Sep 25, 2020 497
Virtual workshop on development of tool to assess respect for concept of social justice in public policies. Sep 24, 2020 325
DON'T TAKE EDUCATION PROGRESS FOR GRANTED. Matthews, Kelly Column Sep 22, 2020 491
Mathare Social Justice Centre explores challenges facing persons with disability. Sep 19, 2020 1480
Protesters urge social justice, barred from Freedom Park. Sep 7, 2020 404
Why we must accept principles of social justice. Sep 7, 2020 886
WHY STEM NEEDS TO FOCUS ON SOCIAL JUSTICE: Black students do well when schools let them do good. Block, Daniel Sep 1, 2020 3240
NBA: Playoffs set to resume but players determined to keep focus on racial justice. Aug 29, 2020 853
NBA Roundup: Playoffs resume; Players remain firm on social justice, racial equality; LeBron consults Obama; Kristaps to miss season remainder. Aug 29, 2020 794
White Sox's Giolito says we need more talking, more doing for social justice. Steve Zalusky Aug 28, 2020 610
Webinar on 'The Role of Film in Social Change' Film a powerful medium to change people's perspective towards social justice HR. Aug 27, 2020 518
Spirit Airlines supports organizations supporting social justice, civil rights with USD 250,000 in airline travel. Aug 25, 2020 190
Spirit Airlines supports organizations supporting social justice, civil rights with USD 250,000 in airline travel. Aug 25, 2020 209
Pope calls for social justice and vaccines for all. Aug 20, 2020 432
Tories 'put block on social justice champ' Lawyer Dailly not reappointed to advisory body EXCLUSIVE. ANDY PHILIP Political Correspondent Aug 17, 2020 284
Citing Social Justice, Root Pledges to End Credit Scoring for Auto Insurance Pricing. Aug 6, 2020 877
Citing Social Justice, Root Pledges to End Credit Scoring for Auto Insurance Pricing. Aug 6, 2020 876
TransAfrica as a Collective Enterprise: Exploring Leadership and Social Justice Attentiveness. Zulu, Itibari M. Aug 1, 2020 8575
Butler wants to wear a blank jersey instead of social justice message. Jul 16, 2020 822
NBA: LeBron James forgoes wearing social justice message on jersey. Jul 12, 2020 400
NBA: Spurs guard Patty Mills donates $1M to Aussie social justice causes. Jul 9, 2020 303
The WNBA is making a social justice push. A franchise-owning U.S. senator wants focus on games. Jul 8, 2020 673
NDAA Policy Recommendations on Improving the Criminal Justice System. Bunk, Nelson O., Jr.; Russo, Frank Jul 1, 2020 1895
Constellation Brands announces comprehensive effort in advancing social justice. Jun 29, 2020 345
The Push, Pull, and Persistence of Social Justice Educators and the Move to Reimagine Teacher Preparation. Navarro, Oscar; Shah, Jennifer K.; Valdez, Carolina; Dover, Alison G.; Henning, Nick Jun 22, 2020 10078
Teaching Social Justice in a Teacher Residency Program. Beck, Jori S. Jun 22, 2020 9124
Social Justice Teacher Education for Systems Change. Fabionar, James O. Jun 22, 2020 1828
My Journey with Reproductive Justice. Salas, Gabriela Personal account Jun 22, 2020 1026
$250M to social justice cause:. Jun 12, 2020 446
NBA legend Michael Jordan donating $100 million to social justice groups. Jun 6, 2020 558
Target commits $10M, ongoing resources for advancing social justice. Jun 5, 2020 220
This Week: Tamika S. Edwards: Executive Director, Social Justice Institute at Philander Smith College, Little Rock. Interview May 18, 2020 655
Kashmir an issue of social justice, human rights: British MP. May 7, 2020 405
Striving for Critical Reflection in Multicultural and Social Justice Teacher Education: Introducing a Typology of Reflection Approaches. Gorski, Paul C.; Dalton, Kelly May 1, 2020 9750
College Service Ethic Implementation and Customer Satisfaction Based on Social Justice Approach. Ernawan, Erni R.; Arifin, Yusuf; Kurniatun, Taufani C. Report May 1, 2020 4283
SOCIAL REFORM IN A COMPLEX WORLD. Barrett, Jacob Apr 1, 2020 13008
Mardis, Marcia A., and Dianne Oberg, Eds.: Social Justice and Cultural Competency: Essential Readings for School Librarians. Aasi, Rummanah Apr 1, 2020 316
The need for social justice. Muhammad Azhar Khan Mar 31, 2020 927
How "Social Justice" Movement Defines Jews as Villains. Salzman, Philip Carl Mar 22, 2020 2381
The Social Justice Endgame. Azerrad, David ess Mar 22, 2020 4843
Aftermath of Maria: An Ethnographic Review of Rescue, Recovery, Climate, and Social Justice in Puerto Rico. Moleti, Carole Ann; Sollazzo, Lucille Contreras; Minick, Marc; Esposito, Carol Lynn Mar 22, 2020 8535
Moving Toward Sustainable Residential Integration with Racial Justice and Social Equity. Lind, Kermit Mar 22, 2020 7178
Church's social justice teachings inspire young climate activist. Schlumpf, Heidi Interview Mar 20, 2020 1587
CHSS holds public talk to mark World Day for Social Justice. Feb 24, 2020 443
Social justice. HAFSA NADEEM Feb 24, 2020 228
Social justice. HAFSA NADEEM - Islamabad Feb 22, 2020 229
HBKU CHSS marks World Day of Social Justice. Feb 21, 2020 390
BiH Ombudspersons: Social justice and equality are basic values of every society. Feb 20, 2020 400
Social justice. Hafsa Nadeem Feb 19, 2020 304
World Day of Social Justice to be marked on Feb 20. Feb 19, 2020 261
World Day of Social Justice to be observed on Feb 20. Feb 18, 2020 202
World Day of Social Justice to be observed on Feb 20. Feb 18, 2020 196
World Day of Social Justice to be marked on Feb 20. Feb 13, 2020 261
Toward Social Justice Activism Critical Rhetoric Scholarship. Frey, Lawrence R.; Hanan, Joshua S. Feb 1, 2020 8597
OXFAM calls for guaranteeing social justice and redistributing wealth. Jan 14, 2020 123
Govt to ensure social justice to promote tolerance: Augustine. Jan 12, 2020 476
Social Justice in Detroit. Rockaway, Robert Jan 2, 2020 239
Planning on the Edge: Vancouver and the Challenges of Reconciliation, Social Justice, and Sustainable Development. Brief article Jan 1, 2020 149
Civility, Nonviolent Resistance, and the New Struggle for Social Justice. Book review Jan 1, 2020 122
Mathematics Outreach: Explorations in Social Justice Around the Globe. Book review Jan 1, 2020 188
The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword: Humor as a Social Justice Tool. Friedman, Hershey H.; Friedman, Linda Weiser Jan 1, 2020 7568
Democratic librarianship: the role of the medical library in promoting democracy and social justice. Martin, Elaine Russo Jan 1, 2020 3618
Catholic Social Teaching and Hayek's Critique of Social Justice. Booth, Philip; Petersen, Matias Jan 1, 2020 10341
The Socialist Sufi of Sindh: Social Justice and Radical Democracy in 17th Century Sindh. Raza Naeem Dec 31, 2019 5739
Is Economic Freedom the Hidden Path to Social Justice? Horpedahl, Jeremy; Jackson, Jeremy; Mitchell, David Dec 22, 2019 7160
Network of labour, environmental and social justice groups demand Prime Minister signal significant investment in green economy in Speech from the Throne. Dec 2, 2019 539
Peace, Reconciliation and Social Justice Leadership in the 21st Century: The Role of Leaders and Followers. Book review Dec 1, 2019 162
Social Justice and Cultural Competency: Essential Readings for School Librarians. Brief article Dec 1, 2019 128
Governor: (Federal Ombudsman providing social justice to oppressed people: Governor). Nov 13, 2019 104
Activists Under 30: Global Youth, Social Justice, and Good Work. Book review Nov 1, 2019 165
Voices of Social Justice and diversity in a Hawai'i Context: Grandparents, Grandchildren, Schools, Communities, and Churches. Brief article Nov 1, 2019 130
Social justice at the Grass Roots. Brief article Oct 1, 2019 101
The True Role of the District Attorney. O'Keefe, Michael D. Oct 1, 2019 1035
Seeking Justice: 'Are We Punishing People For Being Sick?' Lacey, Jackie Oct 1, 2019 985
Making York County Safer by Tackling Complex Issues in Criminal justice Through Collaboration. Sunday, Dave Oct 1, 2019 2088
Pope Francis: Climate change a social justice issue. Sep 27, 2019 725
Stakeholders give thumbs up to Christian Marriage and Divorce Act, 2019 proposed by Government - Press Release issued by Centre for Social Justice. Sep 26, 2019 588
Attorney as Accompagnateur: Resilient Lawyering When Victory is Uncertain or Nearly Impossible. Reuter, Margaret; Rosenbaum, Stephen A.; Duryea, Danielle Pelfrey Sep 22, 2019 22445
Trust Your Team: Our Journey to Embed Social and Emotional Learning in a Teacher Education Program Focused on Social Justice. Swanson, Patricia; Rabin, Colette; Smith, Grinell; Briceno, Allison; Ervin-Kassab, Lara; Sexton, Den Sep 22, 2019 10478
Using Humanistic Values as Tools for Social Justice. Sep 22, 2019 228
Preparing School Leaders to Advocate for Social Justice. Abusham, Jaymi Report Sep 22, 2019 2325
Sexual Justice: Thinking with Shakespeare. Yachnin, Paul Essay Sep 22, 2019 3325
Faraz remembered as strong voice for peace, social justice. Sep 1, 2019 506
Social pact needed to advance social justice - Mthembu. Aug 29, 2019 633
Halbousi: Liberated Areas Need To Promote Stability And Promote Social Justice. Aug 27, 2019 173
ODP urges social justice, peace promotion. Jul 15, 2019 210
Insubordinate Spaces: Improvisation and Accompaniment for Social Justice. Book review Jul 1, 2019 291
Social justice and the medical librarian. Martin, Elaine Russo Jul 1, 2019 9039
Affirmative Career Counselling with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Clients: A Social Justice Perspective Orientation professionnelle affirmative aupres de clients transgenres et transsexuels: une perspective de justice sociale. Wada, Kaori; McGroarty, Eleanor Judith; Tomaro, Jann; Amundsen-Dainow, Evie Jul 1, 2019 9373
An Alternative Chronicle of Natural Disaster: Social Justice Journalism in Taiwan. Su, Chiaoning Jul 1, 2019 8588
Examining the Role of Organizational Justice in Predicting Teachers' Performance in Public and Private Schools. Hussain, Athar; Haider, Syed Zubair Report Jun 30, 2019 5931
Presidency of Movement for Social Justice and Democracy elected. Jun 30, 2019 182
UGTT S-G : " There can be no talk of social justice if there is no fiscal justice". Jun 29, 2019 118
New Thinking about Social Justice. Whaples, Robert M. Jun 22, 2019 3144
Opting Out: A Defense of Social Justice. Otteson, James R. Critical essay Jun 22, 2019 5799
Social Justice versus Western Justice. Guerriere, Daniel Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2019 5576
Social Justice, Public Goods, and Rent Seeking in Narratives. Geloso, Vincent J.; Magness, Phillip W. Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2019 5196
Social Injustice and Spontaneous Orders. Levy, Jacob T. Critical essay Jun 22, 2019 6917
Hayekian Social Justice. Vallier, Kevin D. Critical essay Jun 22, 2019 4741
Knowledge Problems from behind the Veil of Ignorance. D'Amico, Daniel J. Critical essay Jun 22, 2019 5100
Civil Society and Social Justice: A Prospectus. Stoner, James R., Jr. Critical essay Jun 22, 2019 4987
Social Justice, Economics, and the Implications of Nominalism. Smith, R. Scott Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2019 5070
The Mantle of Justice. Martin, Adam G. Critical essay Jun 22, 2019 5032
Social Justice: Intersecting Catholicism, Citizenship, and Capitalism. Moore, John A. Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2019 5318
An Exchange Theory of Social Justice: A Gains from Trade under Uncertainty" Perspective. Gill, Anthony Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2019 5776
Is Social Justice a Mirage? Haeffele, Stefanie; Storr, Virgil Henry Critical essay Jun 22, 2019 5042
Libertarianism(s) versus Postmodernism and 'Social Justice' Ideology. Rectenwald, Michael Jun 22, 2019 5624
ILO chief calls for constructing future of work, social justice for all. Jun 10, 2019 378
Thawarchand Gehlot takes charge as Union Social Justice and Empowerment Minister. Jun 4, 2019 125
Malcolm Lazin's varied career is grounded in social justice. Hackett, David Jun 1, 2019 753
Social Justice and Activism in Libraries: Essays on Diversity and Change. Book review Jun 1, 2019 153
Social Justice in Action: Creating a Climate of RESPECT at Associational Meetings. Mealy, Kimberly A.; Powers, Kathy L. May 30, 2019 894
Booker pitches opportunity zones as social justice for Newark, urban centers. May 21, 2019 323
Antano and Harini honoured by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. May 16, 2019 582
A Review of Identity in Research on Social Justice in Teacher Education: What Role for Intersectionality? Pugach, Marleen C.; Gomez-Najarro, Joyce; Matewos, Ananya M. Report May 1, 2019 10790
Reframing for Social Justice: the Influence of Critical Friendship Groups on Preservice Teachers' Reflective Practice. Behizadeh, Nadia; Thomas, Clarice; Cross, Stephanie Behm Case study May 1, 2019 14036
Are NPs fulfilling the dream? Carryer, Jenny Editorial May 1, 2019 781
Center for Peacemaking coordinates peace studies, research. Schlumpf, Heidi Apr 5, 2019 569
Chicano Communists and the Struggle for Social Justice. Book review Apr 1, 2019 141
Reimagining Global Abortion Politics: A Social Justice Perspective. Book review Apr 1, 2019 141
Three Approaches to Qualitative Research through the ARtS: Narratives of Teaching for Social Justice and Community. Book review Apr 1, 2019 109
Social Justice and Competing Visions of the Common Good. Kennedy, Robert G. Mar 22, 2019 3329
The Expression "Social Justice" before and after Quadragesimo anno. Calvez, Jean-Yves; Perrin, Jacques Mar 22, 2019 13402
Time for social justice in Lamu is now. Mar 22, 2019 713
To honor Jakelin and Felipe, we must have justice at the border. Banuelas, Arturo J. Mar 22, 2019 947
Documenting the Undocumented: Latino/a Narratives and Social Justice in the Era of Operation Gatekeeper. Sierra, Luis M. Book review Mar 22, 2019 696
Themes of Social Justice in Teen Fiction. Rigotti, Sara Mar 22, 2019 803
From the Editor. DeGarmo, Todd Editorial Mar 22, 2019 631
Getting Explicit About Social Justice in Educational Doctoral Programs in the U.S.: Operationalizing an Elusive Construct in Neoliberal Times. Porfilio, Brad J.; Strom, Katie; Lupinacci, John Mar 22, 2019 7816
Love, Sex, and Social Justice: The Anarcha-Feminist Free Love Debate. Rocha, James; Rocha, Mona Report Mar 22, 2019 8164
Social Capital and Social Justice: Why Liberalism Is Essential. Craig, Alexander W.; Goodman, Nathan Mar 14, 2019 5317
A passion for sport - and social justice. Mar 5, 2019 404
Social justice centre opens in Mombasa. Mar 1, 2019 605
Writing Assessment, Social Justice, and the Advancement of Opportunity. Book review Mar 1, 2019 154
Global Agenda for Social Justice; Volume 1. Book review Mar 1, 2019 125
Why Social Justice Is Killing Synagogues and Churches. Kotkin, Joel Mar 1, 2019 148
Center for Social Justice to present The Innocents'. Feb 27, 2019 133
Social justice lecture:. Feb 27, 2019 385
Permanent Representation of Kyrgyzstan in UN marks World Day of Social Justice 2019. Feb 22, 2019 175
World Day of Social Justice being observed. Feb 21, 2019 163
Bishkek hosts conference Social Justice and Decent Work for All. Conference news Feb 20, 2019 201
Haki Africa calls for formal recognition of social justice centres. Feb 20, 2019 308
TALKING ABOUT A REVOLUTION. Anderson-Minshall, Jacob Feb 1, 2019 616
Picture This: Using Graphic Novels to Explore Social Justice Issues with Young Adults. Garrison, Kasey L.; Gavigan, Kar Fn Feb 1, 2019 2868
Hontiveros gets int'l award for social justice work. Jan 31, 2019 433
Hontiveros gets award for social justice work from EU civil society, parliamentarians. Jan 31, 2019 351
Jesuit Fr. Charles Currie, college and social justice leader, dies. Zimmermann, Carol Obituary Jan 25, 2019 796
APHA 2018 Day of Action calls for immigrant, migrant justice. Haskins, Julia Jan 1, 2019 692
Reducing Health Inequities Through Intersectoral Action: Balancing Equity in Health With Equity for Other Social Goods. Smith, Maxwell J.; Weinstock, Daniel Report Jan 1, 2019 2210
Technology for Equity and Social Justice in Education: Introduction to the Special Issue. Marx, Sherry; Kim, Yanghee Jan 1, 2019 1150
TENSIONS BETWEEN URGENCY AND SCAFFOLDING STUDENTS INTO SOCIAL JUSTICE EDUCATION: Keeping an Open Mind as Researchers. Reyes, Ganiva; Sander, Scott A. Travel narrative Jan 1, 2019 1166
Rod Bush and the Quest for Social Justice: Beyond the Binary Constructs of Race and Class. Coates, Rodney D. Essay Jan 1, 2019 3495
Concentrate on Catholicism's crown jewels. Rudin, A. James Essay Dec 14, 2018 1270
OneUnited Bank launches Take A Knee campaign to support social justice. Nov 9, 2018 353
OneUnited Bank launches Take A Knee campaign to support social justice. Nov 9, 2018 351
Reaching out for social justice; LETTERS. Nov 7, 2018 272
De Lima to Malacanang: 'Do you know what Social Justice is?'. Nov 6, 2018 337
MCC to dedicate 'social justice' mural. Nov 6, 2018 214
ECC series to focus on immigration, social justice. Nov 6, 2018 268
MCC to dedicate 'social justice' mural Thursday. Nov 6, 2018 214
Worker safety report highlights 2018. Krisberg, Kim Report Nov 1, 2018 248
The Evidence Against Evidence-Based Medicine: "The curriculum [to become a doctor] now must have social justice as a 'core tenet of medical ethics,' teach about 'unconscious racism,' and include 30 core competencies for caring for LGBTpatients.". Orient, Jane M. Nov 1, 2018 816
PTI-led govt making efforts to ensure social justice: minister. Oct 30, 2018 198
Emirati woman wins Mother Teresa Award for Social Justice. Oct 24, 2018 453
'Quaid envisioned modern nation state espousing Islamic ethos, pluralism, social justice'. Conference notes Oct 4, 2018 418
Tory MP in call to put focus on social justice for the young. Oct 3, 2018 122
Let's do more on social justice, says NorthTory. Oct 3, 2018 330
The 10 UK towns that will be hardest hit by the rise of robot workers; A report by the Centre for Social Justice identifies towns which will find it hard to adapt to artificial intelligence technology making many jobs redundant. Sep 27, 2018 629
Sacre Bleu. Rock, Robert H. Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2018 508
Narrative Inquiry as a Social Justice Practice. Seiki, Sumer; Caine, Vera; Huber, Janice Essay Sep 22, 2018 6625
Reading, Writing, and Rising Up: Teaching About Social Justice and the Power of the Written Word. Lee, Daemion Book review Sep 22, 2018 447
A Review of Promoting Social Justice Through the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning. Wells, Melissa Sep 22, 2018 1238
Critical Pedagogy, Social Justice, and Prosocial Identities in the Italian Classroom (Part II). Fabbian, Chiara; Carney, Emanuela Zanotti Report Sep 22, 2018 6254
New Programmatic Possibilities (Re)Positioning Preservice Teachers of Color as Experts in Their Own Learning. Pham, Josephine H. Sep 22, 2018 9252
Statement on social justice misinterprets gospel truth. Sep 11, 2018 609
Statement on social justice misinterprets gospel truth. Sep 11, 2018 768
Social Justice Awards dinner set. Sep 5, 2018 138
Barry Jenks remembered for social justice work. Kidd, Joelle Sep 1, 2018 410
LIDA 2018: Exploring Underserved Communities. Levine, Emil; Tanackovic, Sanjica Faletar Sep 1, 2018 1880
Karunanidhi, a passionate proponent of social justice. Aug 8, 2018 420
Social Justice Professional Development. Colvin, Sharon Aug 1, 2018 2061
Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Professor Named Inaugural Endowed Chair for Health Equity and Social Justice. Aug 1, 2018 613
Counseling for Social Justice, 3rd Edition. Book review Aug 1, 2018 129
Epistemology Revisited: A Feminist Critique. Yadav, Anupam Critical essay Aug 1, 2018 4323
Call to ensure social justice for ethnic people. Jul 21, 2018 279
Rabbi Klein selected as Social Justice Scholar. Jul 21, 2018 561
Priests' social justice concerns shape assembly, resolutions. Morris-Young, Dan Conference news Jul 13, 2018 1500
Tory quits party over 'horrible' welfare war; COUNCILLOR'S DISGUST OVER DWP Graczyk blasts Conservative policies on disability issues and social justice. Jul 5, 2018 384
Caring Cages: Troubling Progressive Punishment. Schept, Judah Essay Jun 22, 2018 2591
SOCIAL JUSTICE AND QUALITATIVE PRAXIS. Austin, Eric K.; Callen, Jeffrey C. Report Jun 22, 2018 10434
Recognizing More-Than-Human Relations in Social Justice Research: Gesturing Towards Decolonial Possibilities. Kerr, Jeannie; Andreotti, Vanessa Report Jun 22, 2018 5052
Concluding Thoughts A Conversation with C. A. Bowers. Lupinacci, John; Happel-Parkins, Alison; Turner, Rita Interview Jun 22, 2018 1883
Charlottesville. Helprin, Mark Jun 22, 2018 980
Critical Pedagogy, Social Justice, and Prosocial Identities in the Italian Classroom (Part I). Fabbian, Chiara; Carney, Emanuela Zanotti Essay Jun 22, 2018 10881
Kaisahan: Land reform about social justice, not big businesses. Jun 14, 2018 563
Neurodiversity: The Next Frontier in Social Justice. Elliott, Niki Jun 14, 2018 659
Libraries as Awesome After-School Spaces. Colvin, Sharon Jun 1, 2018 1959
Does community-based forest management in Indonesia devolve social justice or social costs?/La gestion forestiere a base communautaire en Indonesie delegue-t-elle la justice ou les couts sociaux?/?Recupera la gestion forestal de base comunitaria en Indonesia la justicia social o elimina los costos sociales? Royer, S. De; Noordwijk, M. Van; Roshetko, J.M. Report Jun 1, 2018 11384
Activists Under 30: Global Youth, Social Justice, and Good Work. Book review Jun 1, 2018 110
Becoming an Effective Policy Advocate: From Policy Practice to Social Justice, 8th Edition. Book review Jun 1, 2018 188
Crime and Social Justice in Indian Country. Book review May 1, 2018 173
MORE MR. NICE GUY? Brief article May 1, 2018 179
Checking Humanism's PRIVILEGE AND PULSE: An Interview with AHA Social Justice Coordinator SINCERE KIRABO. Bardi, Jennifer Interview May 1, 2018 2436
The Sex Offender Housing Dilemma: Community Activism, Safety, and Social Justice. Book review May 1, 2018 132
Envisioning Democracy: Participatory Filmmaking with Homeless Youth. Kennelly, Jacqueline Report May 1, 2018 8836
Story-Making as Methodology: Disrupting Dominant Stories through Multimedia Storytelling. Rice, Carla; Mundel, Ingrid Essay May 1, 2018 9262
Theatre, Community, and Justice. Eyring, Teresa May 1, 2018 836
Uncivil Society in Digital China: Incivility, Fragmentation, and Political Stability. Jiang, Min; Esarey, Ashley Report May 1, 2018 7580
From U-46 board to a social justice think tank Justice: Ellis says U-46 will always be close to her heart. Apr 25, 2018 479
Ex-U-46 board member will take social justice advocacy to national stage. Apr 25, 2018 478
From U-46 to a social justice think tank. Apr 25, 2018 478
From U-46 to a social justice think tank Justice: Ellis says U-46 will always be close to her heart. Apr 25, 2018 479
Ex-U-46 board member will take social justice advocacy to national stage. Apr 25, 2018 478
From U-46 to a social justice think tank. Apr 25, 2018 479
Former U-46 board member to take social justice advocacy to national stage. Apr 25, 2018 478
Oakton's social justice conference celebrates activism through the arts. Conference news Apr 18, 2018 370
Cultural Rights, Sustainability and Development: are they related? If so, how? Clammer, John Apr 15, 2018 7396
Ambedkar's 'tireless efforts' towards equality, social justice made him a pioneer UN official. Apr 14, 2018 616
Gun Violence and Health Equity. Lee, Diana Apr 5, 2018 769
Robredo off to Europe for fora on social justice, poverty alleviation. Apr 3, 2018 241
Sing Out! The 1960s at Carnegie Hall. Apr 1, 2018 492
"Hi Auntie": A Paradox of Hip Hop Socio-Political Resistance in Killmonger. Hodge, Daniel White Critical essay Apr 1, 2018 1592
Ambedkar Jayanti to be celebrated as 'Social Justice Day'. Mar 23, 2018 168
YOU ARE HERE. Silva, David J. Essay Mar 22, 2018 527
The Woman Who Gave Her Name. Mashile, Lebogang Poem Mar 22, 2018 311
Memorial to a Comrade Sister Friend. Jenkins, Myesha Poem Mar 22, 2018 219
A Hungry Stomach Has No Ears. Mondi, Jackie Poem Mar 22, 2018 183
When Your Neighbors Are Passive-Progressive. Voegeli, William Editorial Mar 22, 2018 784
Thinking Critically, Acting Justly. Klos, Naomi Yavneh Mar 22, 2018 2160
Social Justice Education in Honors: Political but Non-Partisan. Cargas, Sarita Essay Mar 22, 2018 2033
Linking Academic Excellence and Social Justice through Community-Based Participatory Research. Voigt, Lydia Report Mar 22, 2018 6558
The Trumpet Incident. Finney, Ernest J. Short story Mar 22, 2018 6722
Foreword to Special Issue: Why and How STEM Education Matters in Social Justice Movements. Kumashiro, Kevin Mar 22, 2018 802
Radical STEM Teacher Activism: Collaborative Organizing to Sustain Social Justice Pedagogy in STEM Fields. Kokka, Kari Report Mar 22, 2018 10638
Disappearing Feminists: Removing Critical Voices from Academe. Martin, Jennifer L.; Beese, Jane A. Mar 22, 2018 9513
Who is your oppressor? Ahmad, Asam Essay Mar 22, 2018 1899
Social Justice in Career Services: Perspectives of University Career Center Directors. Fickling, Melissa J.; Lancaster, Chloe; Neal, Ashley V. Mar 1, 2018 6544
Social justice is what Edsa '86 was for. Feb 26, 2018 424
Social Justice: A balance for coexistence. Feb 21, 2018 905
World Day of Social Justice observed. Feb 21, 2018 219
SOCIAL JUSTICE. Feb 20, 2018 105
World day for Social Justice to be mark tomorrow. Feb 20, 2018 272
World day for Social Justice to be mark tomorrow. Feb 20, 2018 231
PGILJ observes World Day of Social Justice. Feb 20, 2018 300
World Day of Social Justice to be observed on Feb 20. Feb 17, 2018 196

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