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Social dialogue in the chemical Industry (SociEilnE[degrees] dialog v chemickem prumyslu CR).

Project Status : Active

Project Phase : Execution

Project Location :Czech Republic

Registration number : CZ.1.04/1.1.01/B9.00011

Amount: 10 242 433.74 CZK (508444.346 US Dollar)

Project implementation period: 20th December 2013 to 30 June 2015

Project Description : The project is aimed at increasing the adaptability of workers in conditions of economic recession. The social partners with a sense of responsibility for employment and social policies they want to take advantage of the project to strengthen and develop the social dialogue. project is especially designed for participants who are involved in social dialogue, both at sectoral level and company level. project to and aims to educate employers and employees associated in the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic, along with OS ECHO in collective bargaining with respect to collective agreements in enterprises and higher level collective agreements in the sector. Both social partners have a long experience of entering into higher level collective agreements, where leading experts in the field of labor law has always appreciated the high level and quality of contracts. In this context, it is recalled as the conclusion of an agreement on social dialogue between SCHP CR and OS ECHO dated 20.11.2007, which is focused on the area of social dialogue. This agreement is very positively evaluated and relevant EU institutions. The social dialogue in the chemical industry, EU 27 was the first such agreement. The agreement builds on a long-term activity of both institutions in the EU umbrella organizations (ECEG = IndustryAll = employers and employees), whose negotiations with both partners participate. In practice, it is necessary to reflect the reality in collective bargaining, where there have been changes resulting primarily from the newly conceived Czech legislation, the introduction of new EC regulation, but under the current economic vE'voje.Tyto areas were selected for training as a priority. The aim of the project is to prepare both sides of the negotiations on managing and taking into account the requirements and needs of the employees, but also businesses. Development and administration of the project will ensure SCHP CR and OS ECHO.VzdelEivEinE[degrees] for both target groups to ensure specialized external organizations resulting from the selection process and internal lecturers.

Objectives of the project

In the last few years has seen social dialogue both at sectoral and company level a shift. The consequences of the economic and financial crisis and the dynamics of change increases the need for further improvement of social dialogue. The specific objective of the project is to increase awareness of the social dialogue at sectoral and company level, and particularly increase the capacity of the social partners in collective bargaining at the enterprise and sectoral level. The main aim of the project SCHP CR and OS ECHO is in line with the objectives of the call c.B9 increasin

country :Czech Republic

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jun 20, 2014
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