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Chinese Research Perspectives on Society; Volume 6: Analysis and Forecast of China's Social Conditions (2017). Brief article Jan 1, 2020 147
Chinese Research Perspectives on Society; Volume 5: Analysis and Forecast of China's Social Conditions (2016). Brief article Dec 1, 2019 159
All Cleanings In Respect Of The Environment And The Social Conditions Of The Workers Including All Related Subjections, Workplaces And Similar Buildings Or Buildings Managed By Brussels Environment. May 8, 2019 113
All Cleanings In Respect Of The Environment And The Social Conditions Of The Workers Including All Related Subjections, Workplaces And Similar Buildings Or Buildings Managed By Brussels Environment. Apr 8, 2019 111
Meeting Individual Social Needs Falls Short of Addressing Social Determinants of Health. Auerbach, John; Castrucci, Brian Apr 1, 2019 1930
Survival of the Fittest: Preservation Methods Throughout History and What Is in Store for the Future. Lamphere, Carly Mar 1, 2019 2920
Spain : The Spanish fleet has the best standards both in social conditions and in control and good fishing practices. Oct 11, 2018 521
Cleaning And Maintenance Of Various Communal Buildings For A Period Of 3 Years: 2019 - 2022, Respecting The Environment And The Social Conditions Of The Workers. Sep 28, 2018 159
Change Comes to the Kingdom. Smith, Patricia Sep 17, 2018 3103
The Support Service For Information System Projects Must, Through Its 2019-2023 Services Framework, Support The Digital Transformation Of The "professions" By Creating The Human And Social Conditions. Sep 15, 2018 384
Geographic, Social Variances Tied to Higher Drug-Related Mortality; Economic, social conditions, and family distress tied to higher drug mortality rates. Mar 27, 2018 253
Democracy and Values of the Enlightenment Under Siege. Grossman, Marc Reprint Sep 1, 2017 1263
Services For Medical And Psychotherapeutic Treatment With Residential Care For 20 Places For Children With Serious Behavioral Disorders And Other Mental Disorders, With Improvements In Social Conditions. Jun 21, 2017 183
Tanzania: Africa's new rising star. Versi, Anver; Kabendera, Erick Essay Jun 1, 2017 3143
A foe more than a friend: law and the health of the American urban poor. Papke, David Ray; Papke, Mary Elise Apr 1, 2017 13541
Uncle Sam goes to the doctor. Cantoni, Craig J. Sep 22, 2016 2581
Security personnel stage protest over pay, social conditions. Feb 25, 2016 183
'Guests: three migrant voices in Italy. Portelli, Alessandro Essay Aug 1, 2015 4387
Social work and AJSI. Alston, Margaret Essay May 10, 2015 6413
A shocking report on white families. Cantoni, Craig Mar 22, 2015 1113
Antisocial Media. Militello, Jennifer Poem Mar 1, 2015 317
Income inequality: Piketty and the neo-Marxist revival. Mayor, Thomas H. Jan 1, 2015 8758
The Spectre of Empire. Walcott, Derek Poem Sep 22, 2014 763
Why The Thirty Two-Year Assault On Some Black Male Writers? Reed, Ishmael Essay Sep 22, 2014 8664
Alcoholism about social conditions, not genetics. Narine, Shari Jul 1, 2014 172
Blokosso, where angels dare to tread: Blokosso was once an important Ebrie village, but now it is an attractive district of Cote d'Ivoire's capital city, Abidjan. The village is widely regarded as sacred territory ruled over by the spirit of an eminent king whose power and ubiquity are such that, during the Ivoirian Civil War, neither the rebels nor the government forces dared go near Blokosso. Tom Sykes reports. Sykes, Tom Geographic overview Feb 1, 2014 2092
African American education facilitating migration, 1865-1920. Goodin, Brett Jan 1, 2014 8446
The perception of China's rising power is in need of reappraisal. Moravitz, Michael L. Nov 1, 2013 3436
Law, globalisation, and second coming. Sep 22, 2013 13653
After Three Days of Treachery, One Night with Daara J. Hill, Roberta Poem Sep 22, 2013 488
Epistles to an Incarcerated Woman--Letters to Lxxxx. Horton, Randall Essay Sep 22, 2013 4607
'NCA will work to promote social conditions of security officers' (Ben Jaafer). May 5, 2013 170
The dissociative state of Nunavit. Hicks, Jack Geographic overview May 1, 2013 2134
Enriching the sustainability paradigm. Mar 1, 2013 12316
Investing in science and engineering. Jan 13, 2013 739
Ghana : WORLD BANK SUPPORT worth $88.6 million for GHANA to develop society. Jan 3, 2013 383
Leader in wasteful spending. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 304
Maneuvering in nervous times: the hyperlinks in Reinhard Jirgl's Abtrunnig. Veel, Kristin Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 8555
U.S. Satisfaction Rises to 28%, Tying Highs Since 2010; Satisfaction up among Democrats and independents, but not Republicans. Saad, Lydia Survey Jul 18, 2012 921
Central America Regional Security Initiative: background and policy issues for Congress. Meyer, Peter J.; Seelke, Clare Ribando Report Jan 1, 2012 18626
Hard times again: amid the wreck of capitalism and socialism, Dickens is timelier than ever. Dalrymple, Theodore Cover story Jan 1, 2012 2003
"Wooden language", persuasive definitions, and inferentialist semantics. Stanciulescu, Catalin Essay Jan 1, 2012 3324
Positivity and Optimism the Norm in "Thriving" U.S. States; Hawaiians lead the nation; optimistic Georgians, Texans, and Louisianans also do well. Survey Apr 1, 2011 1191
Antecedent and sequalae issues of Nepalese women trafficked into prostitution. Jha, Chandra Kant; Madison, Jeanne Report Jan 1, 2011 5876
Yukon's self governing first nations. Horne, Marian C. Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2010 3659
U.S. Wellbeing Ties Highest Level Recorded; At 67.0, April's wellbeing score ties August 2009 and February 2008 scores. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey May 13, 2010 630
Early school leaving among immigrants in Toronto secondary schools. Anisef, Paul; Brown, Robert S.; Phythian, Kelli; Sweet, Robert; Walters, David Essay May 1, 2010 10541
Where are the "pirates" coming from: an interview with Nuruddin Farah? Interview Mar 22, 2010 2865
The significance of socio-political context on substance abuse risks and management. Talbot, Lyn Report Mar 22, 2010 5434
Elite vs. folk bilingualism: the mismatch between theories and educational and social conditions/ Bilinguismo elite vs. popular: el desacople entre las teorias y las practicas educativas y sociales. Guerrero, Carmen Helena Report Jan 1, 2010 5418
Social origins and the educational and occupational achievements of the 1.5 and second generations. Boyd, Monica Essay Nov 1, 2009 12101
Ukraine against herself: to be Euro-Atlantic, Eurasian, or neutral? Simon, Jeffrey Feb 1, 2009 8837
The number of American children who went hungry in 2007 grew by 50 percent. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Jan 1, 2009 112
The 1998-2007 decade. Report Dec 1, 2008 570
Breadbasket to basket case: Zimbabwe is one more example of the West's abandonment of Africa. Harris, David Nov 1, 2008 708
Millennials among us: are they taking over the world and are we ready? Ambardar, Rekha Nov 1, 2008 2659
The impact of the repeat-voting-habit persistence phenomenon on the probability of voting in presidential elections. Cebula, Richard J.; Durden, Garey C.; Gaynor, Patricia E. Statistical table Oct 1, 2008 6329
Nepal reinvents itself; Himalayan nation gets training in the rule of law. Cohen, Aaron M. Sep 1, 2008 560
U.S. Satisfaction Steady at a Dismal 17%; Dissatisfaction registers 80% or more for sixth straight month. Saad, Lydia Survey Aug 13, 2008 692
Wide Gulf in Personal vs. National Satisfaction; Only 15% satisfied with national conditions, 86% with personal lives. Survey Jul 14, 2008 840
Rome: Italy's malaise: not so Dolce Vita. Wike, Richard Brief article Jan 1, 2008 293
Violence and end-time theologies: the search for a responsible eschatology. Weaver, Natalie Kertes Essay Dec 22, 2007 6254
Satisfaction Ratings Remain in Doldrums; Current string of sub-30% ratings worst since 1992-1993. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Dec 14, 2007 516
Thieves extorting merchants. Brief article Aug 1, 2007 152
Executive summary. Jun 1, 2007 549
Combating poverty and social exclusion. Jun 1, 2007 16389
Trinidad struggles with crime. Brief article Apr 1, 2007 186
Another Somalia in the making? Gordon, Neve Feb 9, 2007 664
Daily life in Kabul. Lewin, Brent City overview Feb 1, 2007 2089
Motherland and Chinese diaspora. Zheng, Da Jan 1, 2007 5728
Future time perspective and motivational categories in Argentinean adolescents. Vazquez, Stella Maris; Rapetti, Maria Virginia Sep 22, 2006 7847
Bearing witness: the Dardenne brothers' and Michael Haneke's implication of the viewer. Gibson, Brian Critical essay Jun 22, 2006 12816
Mourning and Misfortune: 9/11 and the domestic terror of pedophilia. Tubrett, Dion Jun 22, 2006 6611
Tiutchev versus foucault? Citizenship and subjecthood in Russian history. Editorial Jun 22, 2006 1942
Engendered spaces in Al Gharaza Village at the edge of Omdurman. Badri, Balghis Jun 1, 2006 7093
Use of time--an indicator for women's spaces in the rural Sudan. Knuth, Hardine Jun 1, 2006 6099
The sum of all fears: John Hinkson writes that John Howard's success has been an intuitive and opportunistic grasping within a new kind of society, one that undermines the basic associations central to social life. Hinkson, John Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2006 3325
The Brig: the paradox of resistance and recuperation. Galombik, Nicola; Zryd, Michael Critical essay Mar 22, 2006 5779
Mind the gap. Brief Article Dec 1, 2005 249
Getting to "I confess". Gips, Michael A. Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 284
A socially committed literary work: perspectives on Elliot Zondi's Insumansumane. Mathonsi, N.N. Critical essay Nov 1, 2005 8587
Kosovo: mission not yet accomplished: six years ago, a U.S.-led military intervention ended ethnic violence in Kosovo. International peacekeepers have patrolled the province ever since. Now Kosovo has reached a turning point. Without America's continued leadership, Kosovo could reignite, spreading new conflict throughout the Balkans. Sletzinger, Martin C.; Gelazis, Nida Sep 22, 2005 3542
Can livelihoods training alter girls' lives? Sep 1, 2005 1725
Barriers to Employment for Out-of-School Youth: Evidence from a Sample of Recent CET Applicants. Miller, Cynthia; Porter, Kristin E. Report Sep 1, 2005 291
Modern America and the diminishing individual. Cooper, Peter J. Jul 1, 2005 1645
God's grace and human dignity. Tamez, Elsa Jul 1, 2005 697
Backsliding in the Balkans. Glenny, Misha Apr 11, 2005 2273
A statistical portrait of the U.S. working class. Yates, Michael D. Apr 1, 2005 8114
The Japanese economy in structural difficulties. Itoh, Makoto Apr 1, 2005 5463
Angola: inside Africa's forgotten country; "Angola today is a state in limbo. It is also a state which people know very little about--thanks to poor security and indifferent coverage in the international media," writes Brendan Salisbury, a Canadian university lecturer who went to teach there for six months. Here are his impressions. Salisbury, Brendan Column Mar 1, 2005 1332
Martinique. Luxemburg, Rosa Reprint Jan 1, 2005 1387
Chimeras of progress, mirages of modernity: Abel Posse's el inquietante dia de la vida. Bowsher, Kerstin Critical Essay Jan 1, 2005 8916
"This plague of their own locusts": space, property, and identity in Dorothy West's The Living is Easy. Sherrard-Johnson, Cherene Dec 22, 2004 9511
What did they know of Empire? Bernard Porter argues that, through most of the nineteenth century, most Britons knew little and cared less about the spread of the Empire. Porter, Bernard Cover Story Oct 1, 2004 3717
Kuwaiti, Iraqi and European perspectives: the following are excerpts from conference presentations by Sami M. Al-Faraj, Mustafa Alani and Antonia Dimou (edited for publication by rapporteur Michael Kraig). Kraig, Michael Sep 22, 2004 5687
Rust & rage in the heartland. Maharidge, Dale Sep 20, 2004 2456
The world responds to aging. Jul 1, 2004 434
Conditioned for murder: Juarez killings show cost of misogyny. Castillo, Ana Jun 22, 2004 2121
The way it is in Haiti. Roche, Diane Jun 4, 2004 1252
Muqtada al-Sadr and the Army of the Mahdi. Rosen, Nir Jun 1, 2004 2429
For love alone? Understanding Australia's declining birth rate requires more than simplistic generational generalisations. O'Donnell, Anthony Jun 1, 2004 1136
Editorial: Outsourcing a Censor. Iraq., And Not What We Do In May 1, 2004 448
Quick briefs from Latin America. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Jan 30, 2004 160
Starting over. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 236
The world in focus. Nov 3, 2003 7251
Data on young people can help predict future economic and social problems. Nov 3, 2003 443
Russia's teens enjoy new freedoms, but social and economic ills abound. Oct 13, 2003 441
Mississippi of the Midwest? It'll happen unless Hoosiers embrace change. (Last Word). Tobias, Randall Apr 1, 2003 678
Lula's moment: Brazil's revolution of the possible. (Articles). Cooper, Marc; Frasca, Tim Mar 10, 2003 1423
Ecotourism for Dollars Only - Hiking in Cuba's nature preserves or touring Spanish colonial cities, visitors are constantly aware of the average citizen's daily struggle to make ends meet in a dual-currency economy. harnik, eva Nov 1, 2002 2550
Ecotourism for Dollars Only - Castro Lives On. harnik, eva Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 251
Gone2Lunch campaign group formed to promote "virtual lunchtime". Brief Article Sep 19, 2002 144
OCLC to create computing portal for PLs. (Portals). Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 165
New research warns of cancer advice web sites. Brief Article Aug 21, 2002 153
New York politician to ban mobile phones in theatres. Brief Article Aug 15, 2002 107
UK Council launches drug addicts website. Brief Article Jul 24, 2002 104
Half of UK population wants ban on mobile phones in public places. Brief Article Jul 17, 2002 165
Annie E Casey survey looks at the 'digital divide' in the US. Brief Article Jul 11, 2002 134
Romanian terrier finds love online. Brief Article Jul 11, 2002 88
Securing Houston with optical networking: J. Dennis Piper, CIO, meets his city's public safety expectations with multiservice technology. (Cover Story). Jul 1, 2002 2163
Gambling web sites are too easy to access for children claims FTC survey. Brief Article Jun 28, 2002 96
Family issues and concerns in Africa: a home economics perspective. Washi, Dr. Sidiga Jun 1, 2002 3613
FOCUS: Information concentration convenient but dangerous. Brief Article May 27, 2002 430
UK Government completes e-voting study. Brief Article May 24, 2002 137
Microsoft, AACTE develop training program; corporation releases new class server. (news). May 1, 2002 269
Cartoon Network, Turner delve into character education program. (news). Brief Article May 1, 2002 162
Project explores contributions of black journalists. (EduNet: Internet * web * online content and services). Brief Article May 1, 2002 150
How Biometrics will change society. (Security News). May 1, 2002 775
Workers give passwords to total strangers in scruples survey. (Security News). Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 510
More couples blame the Internet for their relationship breakdown claims Relate. Brief Article Apr 15, 2002 99
More couples blame the Internet for their relationship breakdown claims Relate. Brief Article Apr 15, 2002 114
One in ten US web sites collect personal information claims Progress & Freedom Foundation. Brief Article Apr 10, 2002 122
UN Assembly on Ageing to be broadcast live on the Internet. Brief Article Apr 8, 2002 105
My quest: Across the digital divide to save the Slavic manuscripts. Nikolova-Houston, Tatiana Apr 1, 2002 3192
Council of Europe proposes ban on 'hate speech' on the Internet. Brief Article Feb 25, 2002 132
Harris Interactive examines US consumers' views on company security. Brief Article Feb 25, 2002 156
Web site set up to monitor progress of injured pet cat receives 22,000 hits. Brief Article Feb 25, 2002 125
Quality as a career. (From The Editor). Blair, Robin Editorial Feb 1, 2002 537
A practical approach: Maine Medical Center works toward HIPAA compliance as part of an enterprise-wide IT strategic plan. (HIPAA Watch). Edson, Jerry; Johnson, Ralph Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 1299
IT in the ED: the nature of emergency department medicine means specific and comprehensive IT needs for clinicians. (Emergency Department Information Systems). Rogoski, Richard R. Feb 1, 2002 1614
Assessing risk based on episodes of care: software helps MCOs identify future risks and rally resources. (Managed Care). Blair, Robin Feb 1, 2002 1259
Conveying an effective message in voice mail or e-mail. (Nursing Technology). Curtin, Leah; Simpson, Roy L. Feb 1, 2002 624
Survey examines Russian computer use. Brief Article Jan 30, 2002 123
Web Wise Women programme aims to get more women into IT. Brief Article Jan 16, 2002 125
TechNet lobby group appeals for more emphasis on high-speed Internet access. Brief Article Jan 16, 2002 104
Yankee Group survey examines US households with a PC and no Internet access. Jan 16, 2002 137
Book examines Internet relationships phenomenon. Brief Article Jan 2, 2002 95
Research shows impact of 11 September on religious activity online. Brief Article Dec 27, 2001 132
PC World survey reveals importance of technology to business workers. Brief Article Dec 24, 2001 144
NetValue survey shows online purchasing in Britain on the rise. Brief Article Dec 20, 2001 155
Norway's leftists want to ban Samsung's new mobile phone. Brief Article Dec 12, 2001 162
Internet safety campaign launched by UK government. Brief Article Dec 4, 2001 103
Internet safety campaign launched by the UK government. Brief Article Dec 4, 2001 115
ClearCommerce issues list of guidelines to cut down online fraud. Nov 2, 2001 126
Does The World Deserve America? (Publisher's Outlook). Tehrani, Nadji Editorial Nov 1, 2001 1648
Terrorism And Islam In Perspective. Hashemian, Vahid Robert Nov 1, 2001 582
ABC-CLIO interactive's: the civil rights movement in the United States. (Educator's Evaluation). Taylor, Andrew Oct 1, 2001 537
Disaster data available in 4 languages via cell phones. Oct 1, 2001 189
Both men and women turn to SMS to find new partners - study. Brief Article Sep 19, 2001 179
Law firm in trouble over offensive e-mail. Brief Article Sep 10, 2001 138
Microsoft stalls charity's effort to provide PCs for kids. Aug 13, 2001 552
Crimes over Net rise 60% in Jan.-June, prostitution surges. Aug 13, 2001 266
Woman arrested for illegally accessing friend's e-mails. Brief Article Aug 13, 2001 188
UK Internet users happy to surf for holidays. Brief Article Aug 9, 2001 155
Employees want companies to use Internet monitoring and filtering technology - study. Brief Article Aug 2, 2001 172
Companies Join to Help Bridge the Digital Divide. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 169
British children prefer Internet surfing to watching TV - study. Brief Article Jul 25, 2001 129
UK government launches leaflet campaign to fight mobile phone crime. Brief Article Jul 17, 2001 154
UK adults concerned about personal data collected by companies - study. Brief Article Jul 12, 2001 149
Court upholds text-message divorce. Jun 28, 2001 151
Zimtu launches anonymous Internet navigation service. Brief Article May 29, 2001 155
Bridging the Digital Divide. Charp, Sylvia May 1, 2001 1120
FOCUS: Net ratings reflecting social conditions. Mar 12, 2001 359
Yahoo! accused of being tougher on piracy than child porn. Brief Article Mar 9, 2001 135
The average Internet surfer owns three e-mail addresses - study. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 119
Ericsson asked to apologise for advertisement. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 149
Electronic Empire. TOWNSEND, ANTHONY M.; BENNETT, JAMES T. Mar 1, 2001 1283
A Larger Role in the Public Policy Process for User Control. SCHWARTZ, ARI Mar 1, 2001 939
Universal Literacy--A Challenge for Computing in the 21st Century. BORG, ANITA Mar 1, 2001 1178
New International Student Research Contest. Benton, Janet G. Mar 1, 2001 207
Calling All Faculty! Benton, Janet G. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 101
ACM Awards Banquet to Be Held in March in San Jose. Benton, Janet G. Mar 1, 2001 148
US Internet usage slightly increases. Brief Article Feb 16, 2001 186
Swedish authorities review web sites with racist content. Brief Article Jan 26, 2001 90
Norwegian justice minister proposes new NOK4bn communications system. Brief Article Jan 22, 2001 124
New technology in financial services is result of industry push rather than customer demand. Brief Article Jan 5, 2001 134
From Here to Community. Blair, Robin Column Jan 1, 2001 523
Danish dentist has 'toothcam' online. Brief Article Dec 14, 2000 140
Online appliances set to challenge the dominance of Internet PC. Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 162
Americans' Internet access surges. Oct 23, 2000 240
Amnesty International to launch new anti-torture web site. Brief Article Oct 13, 2000 183
FOCUS: Web site for ''meeting'' old schoolmates flourishing. Oct 9, 2000 504
Not the Same Old Story -- Long Distance Collaboration to Increase Interpersonal Understanding. Rubisch, John C.; Carr, Chad S.; Breman, Jeroen Oct 1, 2000 2080
Danish police make arrests, seize pornographic material. Brief Article Sep 15, 2000 144
Governments urged to educate users, not regulate the Internet. Brief Article Sep 4, 2000 156
Foundation Helps Reduce the Digital Divide. Sep 1, 2000 279
The Power Of The Press Release: For Better Or For Worse...Much Worse. Glatzer, Hal Sep 1, 2000 733
Britain's Internet users don't understand 'web jargon', says study. Brief Article Aug 31, 2000 168
Swedish police prepare to allow crime reporting by Internet. Brief Article Jun 6, 2000 137
Risks of Internet Voting. Weinstein, Lauren Jun 1, 2000 752
UNESCO head hopes English-led Web won't destroy diversity. Apr 3, 2000 328
SoftLine Information Releases New Web-Based Database, Diversity Your World. Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 148
E-mail has failed to impact UK personal communications, says study. Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 142
New service to ensure cultural compliance across multi-regional web sites launched. Brief Article Jan 28, 2000 111
Growth noticed in number of women-oriented web sites. Brief Article Jan 24, 2000 154
Norwegian police has called for law on logging telecommunications and data traffic. Brief Article Jan 19, 2000 155
-Leaders of ultra-orthodox Jewish sects ban Internet use. Brief Article Jan 12, 2000 116
It Ain't Over Til It's Over. Piven, Joshua Dec 1, 1999 1575
Caring About Healthcare. Barcia, Salvatore M. Column Dec 1, 1999 1066
Flying Wireless, With a Net. McGinity, Meg Dec 1, 1999 1542
Risk, Reality, and Readiness. Kappelman, Leon Dec 1, 1999 822
Risks of Content Filtering. Neumann, Peter G.; Weinstein, Lauren Nov 1, 1999 731
The Heroes Among Us. Simons, Barbara Column Oct 1, 1999 855
ACM Special Task Force Identifies K-12 Education Problems. Sep 1, 1999 354
Commentary: Jenny House Urges ACM Members to Get Involved with K-12 Education! Interview Sep 1, 1999 1343
Y2K COUNTDOWN. Koskinen, John Brief Article Jun 1, 1999 292
Web TV Helps Meet the Challenges of Educating Migrant Students. Dec 1, 1998 929
No justice, no peace. Meeks, Brock N. Column Feb 1, 1998 1401
Achieving technological equity and equal access to the learning tools of the 21st Century. Gaines, Curman L.; Johnson, Willie; King, D. Thomas Jun 1, 1996 3525
Bibliography on South African politics, law, and society. Bauman, Richard W. Bibliography Jan 1, 1996 3991
Conversations with Fidel Castro. Dhaliwal, Herb Jun 22, 1995 1603
Intellectual honesty in the era of computing. Connolly, Frank W. Column Apr 1, 1995 1522
Microsoft Bob: the social interface. Jan 17, 1995 945
Why are game ratings such a great idea? Oct 26, 1994 450
The Computer Game Developers Association. Sep 30, 1994 328
Computers, schools & families: a radical vision for public education. Debenham, Jerry; Smith, Gerald R. Aug 1, 1994 2683
Israel: of swords and software plowshares. Ariav, G.; Goodman, S.E. Jun 1, 1994 3486
Risks on the information superhighway. Neumann, Peter G. Column Jun 1, 1994 724
Dad's invisible guard-all shield. Barlow, John Perry Column May 1, 1994 2305
Technology, laws, and society. Neumann, Peter G. Column Mar 1, 1994 621
Computing in South Africa: An end to "apartness"? Goodman, S.E. Column Feb 1, 1994 3178
Community networks: building a new participatory medium. Schuler, Doug Jan 1, 1994 7571
Educating computer scientists: linking the social and the technical. Friedman, Batya; Kahn, Peter H. Jr. Jan 1, 1994 4676
Computing and accountability. Nissenbaum, Helen Jan 1, 1994 6617
Groupware and social dynamics: eight challenges for developers. Grudin, Jonathan Jan 1, 1994 9987
East meets West: technology training in the People's Republic of China. Garland, Virginia E.; Yang, David J. Jan 1, 1994 2217
Technology donations. Corrigan, Susan Column Dec 1, 1993 933
Privacy policies and practices: inside the organizational maze. Smith, Jeff Dec 1, 1993 13881
A plain text on crypto policy. Barlow, John Perry Column Nov 1, 1993 4565
Corrupted polling. Mercuri, Rebecca Column Nov 1, 1993 775
Computer-augmented environments: back to the real world. Wellner, Pierre; Mackay, Wendy; Gold, Rich Jul 1, 1993 953
PD: structure in the toolbox. Kensing, Finn; Munk-Madsen, Andreas Jun 1, 1993 4379
STEPS - a methodical approach to PD. Floyd, Christiane Jun 1, 1993 541
Participatory design. Kuhn, Sarah; Muller, Michael J. Jun 1, 1993 1451
A retrospective look at PD projects. Clement, Andrew; Van den Besselaar, Pater Jun 1, 1993 6982
From system design to democracy. Miller, Steven E. Jun 1, 1993 1107
Some PD advice. Bjerknes, Gro Jun 1, 1993 987
User participation in prototyping. Harker, Susan Jun 1, 1993 569
Help for all the students. Braun, Ludwig Cover Story May 1, 1993 2206
Life-long learning. Edwards, Carol Cover Story May 1, 1993 1158
Computer equity for the future. George, Yolanda S.; Malcolm, Shirley M.; Jeffers, Laura Cover Story May 1, 1993 2047
First CSC Town Meeting covers role of technology in society. May 1, 1993 541
Dorothy E. Denning. Denning, Dorothy E. Mar 1, 1993 6676
Mike Godwin. Godwin, Mike Mar 1, 1993 1165
Lewis M. Branscomb, Anne M. Branscomb. Branscomb, Lewis M.; Branscomb, Anne M. Mar 1, 1993 519
Risks of technology. Newmann, Peter G. Column Mar 1, 1993 748
Courseware gives at-risk students crucial GED skills. Mar 1, 1993 701
Central Computer provides skills instruction to many. Mar 1, 1993 615
Educating a new engineer. Denning, Peter J. Dec 1, 1992 12769
A breach of the social contract. Likins, Peter Column Nov 1, 1992 1722
Will Japan jack in? Barlow, John Perry Column Oct 1, 1992 2382
Protecting privacy. Rotenberg, Marc Column Apr 1, 1992 788
What's in a name? Neumann, Peter G. Column Jan 1, 1992 764
Electronic social fields in bureaucracies. Perin, Constance Dec 1, 1991 5364
Cooperation, coordination and control in computer-supported work. Kling, Rob Dec 1, 1991 3612
Private life in cyberspace. Barlow, John Perry editorial Aug 1, 1991 2190
Mixed signals about social responsibility. Rosenberg, Ronni column Aug 1, 1991 798
Norway's educational technology strategy preserves a minority culture. Hernes, Margrethe Steen Jan 1, 1991 2048
Women and computing. Frenkel, Karen A. Cover Story Nov 1, 1990 7224
Software teams. Rettig, Marc Oct 1, 1990 3541
Patent or perish. Denning, Peter J. editorial Sep 1, 1990 1154
Technology and the transformation of American education. Kelly, Henry Aug 1, 1990 2956
Telecomm: a new social awareness? Blegen, August column Apr 1, 1990 1003
Four paradigms of information systems development. Hirschheim, Rudy; Klein, Heinz K. Oct 1, 1989 11248
NSF poses code of networking ethics. Farber, David J. Jun 1, 1989 600
Consensual realities in cyberspace. Saffo, Paul column Jun 1, 1989 1627
Can computers cope with human races? Earnest, Les Feb 1, 1989 7872
Computerization, productivity, and quality of work-life. Kraut, Robert; Dumais, Susan; Koch, Susan technical Feb 1, 1989 11606
Productivity enhancement from computer-mediated communication: a systems contingency approach. Hiltz, Starr Roxanne Dec 1, 1988 6569
Computers and elections. Frenkel, Karen A. Oct 1, 1988 3275
Accuracy, integrity and security in computerized vote-tallying. Saltman, Roy G. Oct 1, 1988 4663
Emotions of Surprise and Concern Fanned by Telephone Rate Changes. Joskow, J. Apr 1, 1984 2692

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