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Death without mourning: homosexuality, homo sacer, and bearable loss in Central Africa. Ndjio, Basile Report Nov 1, 2020 9323
How to deal with sexual orientation and identity. Jul 20, 2020 848
How to deal with sexual orientation and identity. Jul 20, 2020 838
The ties that bind LGBTQI+. Jul 9, 2020 942
Covering the LGBTQ community, and its haters. Heimerman, Christopher Jun 22, 2020 1512
LET'S START BY SEEING GAY PEOPLE: YOUNG VOICES: Valuing human dignity creates tension for Catholics. Sideco, Jocelyn A. Oct 18, 2019 1000
A plea for tolerance. Sep 13, 2018 443
SEX WITH HPV: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The ramifications of an HPV diagnosis and what it means for your sex Life. Goldstein, Evan Apr 1, 2018 1026
The Chosen Ones: An Interview with Adam Eli. Aschenbrand, Periel Interview Mar 28, 2018 200
gaffney's gaffe; MP sorry for homophobic and racist remarks. Feb 8, 2018 232
Expert witnesses will shed light on sexual orientation, says Muite. Jan 19, 2018 451
Michelle Tea's mission district frontier: Nostalgia, gentrification, Valencia. Gano, Geneva M. Critical essay Sep 22, 2017 10563
Gender Role Stereotype, Sexual Attitude and Sexual Satisfaction in Gay Persons. Dhar, Subhangana; De, Sonali Report Sep 1, 2017 3968
PRIDE IN THE JOB; PSNI boss defends decision for cops to take part in 'political' gay parade. Aug 3, 2017 274
How running toward HIV can save your life. Curry, Tyler Column Jun 1, 2017 558
A little help from your friends: are friends with benefits actually benefiting you? Zane, Zachary Jun 1, 2017 790
The new gay sexual revolution: PrEP, TasP, and fearless sex remind us we can't advance social justice without including sex in the equation. Anderson-Minshall, Jacob Jun 1, 2017 1028
THE JEWISH QUEER CONTINUUM IN YESHIVA NARRATIVES. Gleibman, Shlomo Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 12347
An Unhealed Wound: Growing Up Gay in Panama. Vega, Juan A. Rios Personal account Jan 1, 2017 1914
The gay agenda: 21 things you should be talking about right now. Jun 1, 2016 2001
Searching for a home: one man's story of survival in the Syrian Civil War. Ramadan, Ahmed Danny Essay Mar 22, 2016 2203
The good old days of news. Weinberger, David Mar 1, 2016 789
Come together: overcoming prejudice in Pride. Nelson, Susanna Essay Jan 1, 2016 3375
Editor's letter. Breen, Matthew Editorial Dec 1, 2015 636
Bigger piece of the cake. Eleveld, Kerry Dec 1, 2015 1452
Turning off the red light: though there are many objections to the legalization of prostitution, does criminalization do more harm than good? Shucart, Brenden Dec 1, 2015 703
Memories in ashes: Matthew Ebert wonders what might have become of him, had he not joined ACT UP in 1987. Ebert, Matthew Dec 1, 2015 953
Well-heeled warriors. Godfrey, Chris Dec 1, 2015 2523
Christians Are Much More Accepting Of Gay People. Nov 3, 2015 735
Activists build trust on a personal level. Wolfson, Evan Jun 29, 2015 441
AIDS crisis, suffering & love led to greater understanding. Murphy, Ryan Column Jun 29, 2015 490
European Countries Among Top Places for Gay People to Live. McCarthy, Justin Survey Jun 26, 2015 777
Wrestle in equal measure: responding to the LGBT overture. Livingston, Kevin Mar 1, 2015 995
Gay skinheads: negotiating a gay identity in a culture of traditional masculinity. Borgeson, Kevin; Valeri, Robin Report Jan 1, 2015 9239
Queering sexting and sexualisation. Albury, Kath; Byron, Paul Report Nov 1, 2014 5463
Locating the "Scruff guy": theorizing body and space in gay geosocial media. Roth, Yoel Report Jul 1, 2014 9013
Statement of ownership: an autoethnography of living with HIV. Spieldenner, Andrew R. Report Jan 1, 2014 8909
Gay-related name-calling as a response to the violation of gender norms. Slaatten, Hilde; Gabrys, Leena Report Jan 1, 2014 2546
Leading the way: as the heads of social justice and emergency aid programs for LGBT people, these nonprofit organization leaders must raise funds, rally constituencies, and inspire staffers, volunteers, and entire communities into action. Broverman, Neal; Brydum, Sunnivie; Garcia, Michelle; Grindley, Lucas; Peeples, Jase; Reynolds, Danie Oct 1, 2013 1553
Anti-gay outbreak. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 265
Some spurn cautious take on Scouts' policy. McClory, Robert Essay Sep 13, 2013 1878
Lesbofile: Kesha has a dirty dancing date, Portia shares her baby news and basketball star Brittney makes us dribble. Voo, Jocelyn Jul 1, 2013 397
Writing one: deviant orthography and heternormativity in contemporary Japanese lifestyle culture. Maree, Claire Report May 1, 2013 6663
Don't call it love, Dolan and Cordileone. Column Apr 26, 2013 1389
Architectures of 'the good life': queer assemblages and the composition of intimate citizenship. van Doorn, Niels Report Jan 1, 2013 10219
Filming Gay Palestinians Hiding Out in Israel Allowed a Closeted Jewish Filmmaker to Accept Himself. Rosner, Adam Brief article Nov 12, 2012 264
Post-colonial histories of sexuality: the political invention of a libidinal African straight. Ndjio, Basile Report Nov 1, 2012 11997
Diferente: queering Spanish masculinity. Dapena, Gerard Critical essay Jun 22, 2012 8304
"Christopher wasn't satisfied with either ending": connecting Christopher Isherwood's The World in the Evening to E. M. Forster's Maurice. Adair, Joshua Critical essay Jun 22, 2012 9640
"Gay" target Kansas communities for "gender identity" ordinance. May 21, 2012 395
It's time to legalise love: why are people whose sexual identities differ from the so-called "mainstream" expected to remain invisible? Union principles state all members are equal, deserve respect and should have choices. Wrigley, Joanne Viewpoint essay May 1, 2012 994
Naturalized desires and the metamorphosis of Iphis. Kamen, Deborah Mar 22, 2012 7054
Left is Right and Right is Wrong: GLENN O'BRIEN ON RIGHT-WING MASCULINITY. Nov 1, 2011 875
Nurturing the relationships of all couples: integrating lesbian, gay, and bisexual concerns into premarital education and counseling programs. Casquarelli, Elaine J.; Fallon, Kathleen M. Sep 22, 2011 5083
"It's Queer, It's like Fate": Tracking Queer in O'Neill's mourning becomes Electra. Masterson, Mark Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 7193
Male Medea. Rabinowitz, Nancy Sorkin Essay Sep 22, 2011 7012
Israel sees slow but growing acceptance for gay Orthodox. Aviv, Tel Jun 24, 2011 379
Queer antiracism and the forgotten fiction of Murrell Edmunds, a southern "revolutionary". Bibler, Michael P. Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 13584
Re-articulating the new mestiza. Feghali, Zalfa Mar 1, 2011 7241
Welcome is mixed for gays on Catholic campuses. Odell, Catherine M. Nov 12, 2010 1504
Unmasking Identities: An Expoloration of the Lives of Gay and Lesbian Teachers. Garii, Barbara Book review Sep 22, 2010 1431
Identifying and correctly labeling sexual prejudice, discrimination, and oppression. Dermer, Shannon B.; Smith, Shannon D.; Barto, Korenna K. Report Jun 22, 2010 5456
Attitudes toward homosexuality among Catholic-educated university graduates. Callegher, Jonathan D. Mar 1, 2010 8736
The effects of a human sexuality course on college students' sexual attitudes and perceived course outcomes. Pettijohn, Terry F., II; Dunlap, Audrey V. Report Jan 1, 2010 5216
How to build a better queer: is having queer-savvy parents really that important? Fisher, Michele Oct 1, 2009 1158
Political display. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 141
Savannah and the spirit of Stonewall in 1969. Miller, Jack Sep 1, 2009 1010
Squaring Dupont Circle. Tushnet, Eve Sep 1, 2009 800
Oedipus wrecks: when his mom started dating women, writer Brett Berk was amused. But now she's gayer than he is--and he's confused. Berk, Brett Essay Jun 1, 2009 646
Lucky Michaels. Brief article Jun 1, 2009 197
Christopher Wheeldon. Brief article Jun 1, 2009 199
Betty Young. Jun 1, 2009 164
A little Schadenfreude. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 179
Lebanon: at best a virtual gay community. Chaarani, James Mar 1, 2009 1151
Drawn out: Tintin's been outed. Jinkies! Could Velma be next? Brief article Mar 1, 2009 254
Teen idols. Kilmer-Purcell, Josh Mar 1, 2009 490
The Iraqi who took Manhattan: dressed in jeans and a zip-up sweater and with his phone buzzing with text messages, Leo is like any 25-year-old New Yorker. Except he's a refugee, spirited out of Baghdad this winter. Davidson, Alex Mar 1, 2009 1406
How to stay friends with your ex: a 10-step progam to camaraderie after coupling. Berkowitz, Jen Jan 1, 2009 744
A matter of faith; The holiday season is a much-needed yearly reminder to bridge differences with love. Brownworth, Victoria A. Dec 1, 2008 1112
Candidates face off: wonder where the presidential hopefuls stand on gay issues? Look no further. Sullivan, Emmet Nov 4, 2008 594
At home with Robert Mapplethorpe. Boyce, David B. Nov 1, 2008 2673
An ancient passion stirs in India. Connerney, Richard Essay Nov 1, 2008 2702
Vatican rejects gay ambassador. Brief article Oct 17, 2008 117
Politicians support anti-family agenda. de Valk, Alphonse Oct 1, 2008 425
"After Everything". Weil, Harry Jacob Sep 22, 2008 903
Voodoo? I do! Couples looking to tie the knot--with a machete dance--head to New Orleans for the latest in alternative commitment ceremonies. Irvin, Dale Sep 9, 2008 638
Catholic Insight's hollow victory. Schratz, Paul Sep 1, 2008 678
Get out of the rabbit hole: as the Internet continues to suck us into a virtual reality, gay culture in the real world is slipping away. Rice, Christopher Column Aug 26, 2008 748
Ready to make nice: how to get along with your right-wing relatives. White, Dave Column Aug 26, 2008 635
Obama defends himself against gay criticism. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 166
The city of Sisterly Affection: the Philly Queer music scene's coming of age. Bianco, Marcie Jul 1, 2008 868
News media does the rite thing. Johnson, Ted Jun 23, 2008 1106
Five reasons to love pride; Yes, tacky rainbow accessories make the list. Lacey, Kate Jun 1, 2008 837
Matters of Pride; The 38th anniversary of the venerable event brings up the past. Brownworth, Victoria A. Jun 1, 2008 951
Black and proud; Black Prides remind us of our community's diversity. Loceff, Jenna V. Calendar Jun 1, 2008 1362
Out in front. Kay, Sheryl May 1, 2008 813
She said she said. Brief article May 1, 2008 216
Greetings from Gay Asbury Park: just 60 miles from New York City is this New Jersey resort town Gays reinvented. Schroeder, Stephanie May 1, 2008 990
Going to Pride: hitting four of the 10 largest parades this summer? Take this cheat sheet with you. Calendar May 1, 2008 1629
Should "don't ask, don't tell" be scrapped? Under this 15-year-old policy, gays in the armed forces must keep their sexual orientation secret. Barr, Bob; Moskos, Charles Mar 10, 2008 520
Islamic war zones I have visited. Luongo, Michael Essay Mar 1, 2008 3110
New voices rise in Berlin: Asian, Latin American gay cinema set standards. Meza, Ed Feb 4, 2008 979
'Gays and grays'--so happy together: Vital San Francisco parish bridges the gaps of age and lifestyle. Colbert, Chuck Jan 25, 2008 975
Catholic Insight under 'human rights' attack. Jan 1, 2008 742
How long is too long to wait? The best part of being queer is the sex, unless, of course, you aren't getting any. Fisher, Michele Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2008 1441
LGBT kids pioneer. Kay, Sheryl Brief article Nov 1, 2007 285
One way to the Southern heart. Strobe, William Essay Nov 1, 2007 1631
The silent death of Shanhai's first gay hotline. Wickerham, Joshua Nov 1, 2007 1446
True diversity? Zirkel, Perry A. Nov 1, 2007 1779
Attitudes of master's-level counseling students toward gay men and lesbians. Rainey, Steve; Trusty, Jerry Survey Oct 1, 2007 5916
Million month march. Brief article Sep 10, 2007 209
The gay case for animal rights. Runkle, Nathan Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2007 454
Leaving Krakow. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 272
Item. Brief article Jul 1, 2007 82
Anatomy of a pseudo-science. Cianciotto, Jason; Cahill, Sean Essay Jul 1, 2007 2816
Surviving a therapeutic cult. Gajdics, Peter Essay Jul 1, 2007 4002
Lesbian rabbi is first to lead. Kay, Sheryl Jun 1, 2007 281
A kingdom of one's own. Seacrist, Lesley May 1, 2007 246
Update: Haggard. Brief article May 1, 2007 193
Of gay sheep and human eugenics. May 1, 2007 420
Dear Hendrik,... Percy, William A. May 1, 2007 515
Parallel or integrated 'other worlds': possibilities for alliance-building for sexual and reproductive rights. Klugman, Barbara Report Apr 1, 2007 13407
Yet another way to be gay in church. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 158
Sacred camp: transgendering faith in a Philippine festival. Alcedo, Patrick Feb 1, 2007 14919
The coming GLBT senior boom. Cahill, Sean Jan 1, 2007 2961
Ain't over yet. Weston, John Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2007 1022
Five couples. Lockhart, John Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2007 1781
Strange bedfellows: polygamy and same-sex marriage get uncomfortable close. Burgess, Kim Jan 1, 2007 2609
Coming out and talking trash. Oct 10, 2006 412
Out on a horse. Henderson, William Brief article Oct 10, 2006 242
Coming out 2006: our readers tell us about coming out to family and friends--and to the nation. Oct 10, 2006 1702
The gay-friendly skies: how the airlines measure up when it comes to LGBT travelers. Lo, Malinda Oct 1, 2006 966
Out on the street: we asked a sampling of LGBT people in West Hollywood Calif.... Brief article Sep 26, 2006 101
Rants & raves. Brief article Sep 26, 2006 212
Targeted by death squads: an escalating campaign of "sexual cleansing" in Iraq has led to the executions of many gays and lesbians. Some have managed to flee. Those left behind hide from public view. Ireland, Doug Sep 26, 2006 1733
Spare us the puppy love. Editorial Sep 12, 2006 375
Making "ex-gay" sheep. Henderson, William Sep 12, 2006 318
Rants & raves. Brief article Sep 12, 2006 187
Nuremberg Trials for AIDS. Kramer, Larry Sep 1, 2006 1942
A haven for homeless youths: rejected by family and friends, many queer youths flee to the streets of New York City. Amid despair, many find hope. Mok, Frank Aug 29, 2006 1448
The closet or death: peace activist James Loney knew he would be killed if his Iraqi captors found out he is gay. So did his partner, Dan, back in Canada, who had to go back into the closet. Rowe, Michael Aug 29, 2006 2568
Lovers forever. Broverman, Neal Brief article Jul 4, 2006 286
A man who mattered. Kaiser, Charles Jul 4, 2006 497
Equality Riders challenge campus homophobia. Fairyington, Stephanie Column Jul 1, 2006 856
Repetition and difference: Julia Bryan-Wilson on LTTR. Bryan-Wilson, Julia Jun 22, 2006 1953
What's "gay" now: we are everywhere indeed. Photographer Steven Lam captures the diversity of LGBT America in this exclusive portfolio of 15 men and women. Lam, Steven Jun 20, 2006 2478
Is gay over? A new generation of same-sex-loving youths are breaking down the old definitions and choosing to call themselves queer, questioning, open, fluid--anything but gay. Should we mourn the old word, and what will take its place? Vary, Adam B. Cover story Jun 20, 2006 2227
"We too are immigrants"; gay Latinos are crossing the border from Mexico in search of a better life and a place where they can be themselves. But when they get here they're not always finding the American dream. Henneman, Todd Jun 6, 2006 1420
Pride 2006. Jun 1, 2006 9486
Pride is more than a party. Brownworth, Victoria A. Jun 1, 2006 1060
Find your Pride. Fisher, Michele Jun 1, 2006 1346
Humanism and the gay community. Niose, David A. May 1, 2006 719
A goal to end tension. Brief article Apr 25, 2006 116
Shades of yellow. Ong, Bao Brief article Apr 25, 2006 179
Affirmation and vilification. Steele, Bruce C. Editorial Apr 11, 2006 625
Jim Crow goes gay in Idaho. Brief article Apr 11, 2006 275
Pizza man delivers inclusive village. Griffith, Kelly Brief article Apr 11, 2006 168
Cross country. Brief article Apr 11, 2006 239
Guns or gay rights in Israel. Brief article Apr 11, 2006 144
Friend or Foe? David, Jim Brief article Apr 11, 2006 163
The hypocritical oath: come out to your doctor, and you may be told to go elsewhere. Now some lawmakers want to legalize religious discrimination. McDonald, Natalie Hope Apr 11, 2006 1078
World war on gays. Sullivan, Andrew Apr 11, 2006 619
Toronto's gay village (1969-1982): plotting the politics of gay identity. Nash, Catherine Jean Mar 22, 2006 11180
"Womb is Womb, But is Birth, Birth? A Look at the Queer Interaction of Medical Services, Social Context and Identity Understandings in Canadian Birthing Experiences.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article Mar 22, 2006 89
Out in Japan. Ellis, Justin Brief Article Mar 14, 2006 133
Is gay a choice? Han, Angie Interview Mar 14, 2006 294
Marital blitz: this November, anti-gay-marriage bills will be back on ballots with a vengeance. But this time around, the gay and lesbian activist network is ready to play hardball. Graff, E.J. Mar 1, 2006 3326
Gay cruise calls. Brief Article Mar 1, 2006 211
Poor paper trail. Brief Article Feb 28, 2006 127
A rip in the quilt: the battle over the AIDS Memorial Quilt may be legally settled, but it has left a trail of hurt feelings and concern over the future of the epidemic's most important symbol. Christensen, Jen Feb 28, 2006 2650
Friend or foe? David, Jim Brief article Feb 28, 2006 206
Duquesne University. Negron, Jared Brief Article Feb 14, 2006 154
Closeted in plain sight: Yale law professor Kenji Yoshino talks about his new book, Covering, inspired by how gay people hide themselves in public--to the detriment of our fight for equality. Marler, Regina Feb 14, 2006 607
Freedom to know about spying. Brief Article Jan 31, 2006 108
Bringing marriage to the Midwest. Allen, Dan Brief Article Jan 31, 2006 81
The closer we get. Steele, Bruce C. Editorial Jan 17, 2006 572
The news of our lives: just a few of the many dramatic developments that marked 2005 as another year of dramatic change. Jan 17, 2006 3359
Outspoken: Gabriel Leitner. Column Jan 17, 2006 359
Crucial lessons from Maine: Gay and lesbian activists in Maine waged a successful battle in 2005 to stop discrimination. Their win was a combination of good planning and changing times. Kuhr, Fred Jan 17, 2006 1023
Nuggets & bites. Brief Article Jan 17, 2006 330
Moscow souvenirs. Brief Article Jan 17, 2006 87
Refueling station. Brief Article Jan 17, 2006 129
Gay sports calendar shifts. Brief Article Jan 17, 2006 225
Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada: after rolling the dice with a lavish makeover, Sin City is making room for the glamour amid the glitz. No wonder queer thrill seekers are showing up in spades! Friess, Steve Jan 17, 2006 2993
Beirut unexpected: once known as the Paris of the Middle East, this seaside city fell into chaos during Lebanon's prolonged civil war. Years later the Arab world's most gay-friendly metropolis glitters anew. Smith, Lee Jan 17, 2006 1996
Palestine and "World Pride 2005". Wahbeh, Farris Jan 1, 2006 942
Out of the Margins: A Report on Regional Listening Forums Highlighting the Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth in Care. Author abstract Jan 1, 2006 317
Outspoken: Thomas Moleski. Dec 20, 2005 380
Out of Africa, out in America: with the help of a group called Uhuru-Wazobia, gay men and lesbians from Africa have built new lives in New York City after leaving their native countries. Edozien, Frankie Dec 20, 2005 1523
Nuggets & bites. Dec 20, 2005 338
A Rainbow in retirement. Allen, Dan Brief Article Dec 6, 2005 254
Can gay inmates be protected? Roderick Johnson says he was sold as a sex slave in a Texas prison, but a jury found prison officials had done nothing wrong. Can anyone protect gay inmates from rape and abuse? Hernandez, Greg Dec 6, 2005 1116
Coming out in Croatia. Brief Article Nov 22, 2005 113
Gays love gadgets. Brief Article Nov 22, 2005 85
Friends like these. Rice, Christopher Nov 8, 2005 618
Nuggets & bites. Brief Article Nov 8, 2005 266
Gay life returns to New Orleans. Brief Article Nov 8, 2005 199
Away with the gays! Bravo's D-list diva tells why she won't go anywhere without "my gays". Griffin, Kathy Nov 8, 2005 730
Meet the 'queerspawn'. Hart, Melissa Nov 1, 2005 2120
Sharpton's new sermon: the Reverend Al Sharpton has a plan to combat homophobia among African-Americans and a personal stake in its success: his sister is a lesbian. Edozien, Frankie Oct 11, 2005 1379
Diversity initiatives in higher education: deconstructing "the down low"--people of color "coming out" and "being out" on campus: a conversation with Mark Brimhall-Vargas, Sivagami Subbaraman, and Robert Waters (1). Clark, Christine Interview Sep 22, 2005 20192
Friend or foe? David, Jim Brief Article Sep 13, 2005 154
Desert murder. Brief Article Sep 13, 2005 94
Faith-based equality: what would Jesus do, indeed. Hundreds of straight religious leaders are coming out in support of gay men and lesbians--both in speaking to their congregations and lobbying lawmakers. Wildman, Sarah Sep 13, 2005 1341
Gay Asian-American male seeks home. Han, Chong-suk Sep 1, 2005 1757
Brainwashed no more: the firestorm over Zach, an out teen trapped in an "ex-gay" program in Tennessee, has uncovered the far right's aggressive efforts to force gay youths to act straight. Some have escaped and share their harrowing tales. Griffith, Kelly Aug 30, 2005 2565
Mexico's queerest corner: the author of Sliced Iguana: Travels in Mexico finds a rare point on the globe where queer life is not only respected but revered. Tree, Isabella Aug 30, 2005 685
Hooking up, finding love: In a world where being gay has challenges all its own, finding love can be a difficult task. In this special report we asked readers to tell us where they met - or hoped to meet - that special someone. Was it just about sex? Or was there something more from the start? Aug 16, 2005 2657
Gay vets go away. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 91
The sapphic circuit: why is the gay male circuit a bit past its prime while women's events are just heating up? Frei, Darren Jul 5, 2005 758
A patchwork of partner rights. Jun 21, 2005 361
Redes gay de TV a conquistar las masas. May 1, 2005 1410
IN CANADA: Under the Rainbow. Robertson, Heather-jane May 1, 2005 2143
Can one be 'gay' and French? Armbrecht, Thomas J.D. May 1, 2005 2484
Alors, are we 'queer' yet? Gunther, Scott May 1, 2005 2307
God and gay rights in Poland. Kitlinski, Tomek; Leszkowicz, Pawel May 1, 2005 2004
Rise of the small gay cruise: looking for some intimacy on your next queer voyage? A new generation of cruises awaits. KLEIN, HARK Product/Service Evaluation Apr 26, 2005 672
Applying social empowerment strategies as tools for self-advocacy in counseling lesbian and gay male clients. Savage, Todd A.; Harley, Debra A.; Nowak, Theresa M. Mar 22, 2005 5481
McGreevey's ghosts. Holleran, Andrew Jan 1, 2005 1544
An unrelenting mental press: Israeli gay men's ontological duality and its discontent. Kama, Amit Jan 1, 2005 7154
Heteronormativity and the experiences of lesbian and bisexual women as social work students. Hylton, Mary E. Jan 1, 2005 7532
Sex & the state: government responses to gay marriage in France. Windle, Joel Jan 1, 2005 5373
GLBLO illustrates elements of inclusive communities. Leo, Lita Dec 20, 2004 375
Poets are out in the presses. Tayson, Richard Nov 1, 2004 4556
Pacific passions. Oct 26, 2004 847
Amsterdam: this proud enclave of liberalism holds its own into the 21st century. Kadushin, Raphael Oct 26, 2004 593
Forever Florence: Felice Picano rekindles the forbidden passion and unmatched glory of Tuscany's perpetually blooming flower. Picano, Felice Aug 17, 2004 2175
China's gay cultural revolution. Edward, Olivia Aug 17, 2004 336
From outlaws to in-laws: San Francisco is still a city that takes its sex seriously ... even if the outlaw fringe now seems like more of a them park than a dedicated way of life. Vilanch, Bruce Jul 6, 2004 665
The future of gay: if recent history is any indication, the lives of gay men and lesbians--from marriage to the military--will be drastically different by the year 2054. Will there even be a word for gay? Hudson, Mike Jun 22, 2004 1677
Worldwide pride: whether wearing festive balloons in Paris, being escorted by police in Zagreb, or marching masked in Taipei, brave gay men and lesbians find their own ways to celebrate pride across the globe. Jun 22, 2004 1341
Guys like Fred. David, Jim Column May 25, 2004 739
These gay kids today! Vilanch, Bruce Column Apr 27, 2004 658
You can't take it with you. Why it's never too soon to get a will and an estate plan. Hernandez, Greg Mar 30, 2004 750
"Perverts," not gays. Brief Article Mar 2, 2004 86
When Nathaniel met Herman. Bronski, Michael Mar 1, 2004 3418
Across the Nation. Brief Article Feb 17, 2004 192
The sacred and the pop star. Sullivan, Andrew Feb 17, 2004 648
Wake up and smell the coffee! Dahir, Mubarak Brief Article Feb 3, 2004 306
Great gay ways: Andy Towle walks on the wilder side of 10 streets around the globe. Towle, Andy Feb 3, 2004 1066
No special rights. Steele, Bruce C. Editorial Jan 20, 2004 754
The freedom to choose: gay marriage and its radical others. Pilon, Dennis Jan 1, 2004 1294
Partners as parents: challenges faced by gays denied marriage. Gomes, Charlene Nov 1, 2003 4023
All together in Allentown. Malloy, Patrick Oct 28, 2003 761
Out in the mouse house: April 29, 1997. Romesburg, Don Brief Article Oct 14, 2003 163
Appalachian subculture. Mann, Jeff Sep 1, 2003 2853
Fire Island: the democratic years. Picano, Felice Sep 1, 2003 1729
A gay wedding (almost) in Waco. Carmichael, Buff Sep 1, 2003 1272
Bittersweet victory for gays: outlaw tradition fades with gains toward acceptance. Roy, Sandip Aug 29, 2003 819
Like a virgin: gay virgins prove that it's possible to separate the sex from the sexual orientation. (Culture). Gross, Michael Joseph Aug 19, 2003 1064
A boy's own story: in one year, 18-year-old Paul Chandler has endured a world of trouble for being gay--even though he's never had sex. (People). Steele, Bruce C. Aug 19, 2003 525
10 reasons gays chase straights: we've all done it, and some of us do it over and over again. What leads lesbian and gay grown-ups to abandon reason and pursue the sexually unobtainable? (Commentary). Aug 19, 2003 1846
Great Scott: after years of struggling with his sexuality, Playgirl centerfold Scott Merritt is coming all the way out. To his surprise, so is Playgirl. (The Sex Issue)(Cover Story). Rowe, Michael Cover Story Aug 19, 2003 3402
Rants & raves. Brief Article Aug 19, 2003 138
Out and down and living in Israel. (Essay). Crouse, Charity May 1, 2003 3016
How to be gay in Beijing. (Essay). Rubin, Kyna May 1, 2003 4056
Silence on gays and lesbians in social studies curriculum. (Research Into Practice). Thornton, Stephen J. May 1, 2003 3422
A just cause. . Sullivan, Andrew Apr 29, 2003 705
Fire and ink: toward a quest for language, history, and a moral imagination. Glave, Thomas Mar 22, 2003 4375
High-tech thrives where gays live: An atmosphere of social tolerance attracts gays--and high-tech growth. (Society). Cristol, Hope Mar 1, 2003 772
Smoke this. (BTW). Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 89
So happy together: for gay and lesbian characters, finding love and a happy ending is a fairly recent phenomenon. Here are some of our favorites. Giltz, Michael Cover Story Feb 18, 2003 755
Better dating through circuitry: Gay singles looking for relationships rather than just sex are finding success via the Internet. (Love & Sex On The Internet). Vary, Adam Feb 4, 2003 1006
(BBBSA) policy is under attack by religious fundamentalists. (Worth Noting). Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 84
A bumpy ride. (Sapphic Screen). Bashir, Samiya A. Nov 1, 2002 1334
No thanks. (Brownworth). Brownworth, Victoria A. Nov 1, 2002 787
Among the missing: content on lesbian and gay people in social work journals. Voorhis, Rebecca Van; Wagner, Marion Oct 1, 2002 6284
Jungian templates for contemporary gay men; or "what does Mary want with that bear and what's the diva dishing?". DeVoll, Michael G.; Blazina, Christopher Sep 22, 2002 3737
September-October 2002: "P'town agonistes". Schneider, Richard, Jr. Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 859
Homophobe versus homophobe. (BTW). Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 221
No Commentary Required. (BTW). Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 140
Was Plato antigay? (Essay). Pappas, Nick Sep 1, 2002 2207
In search of gay Egypt. (my perspective). Dale, James Brief Article Jul 23, 2002 695
China: anonymity still rules--at least for now. (International Spectrum). O'Toole, Matt Jul 1, 2002 1469
Come out, tune in: gay pride is busting out all over TV in June, with special programming for queer audiences. Duralde, Alonso Brief Article Jun 11, 2002 133
Provincetown in transition. (Essay). Faiman-Silva, Sandra May 1, 2002 2517
Everybody's Alexandria. (Essay). Devlin, Kieron May 1, 2002 2390
South Beach: "Paradise" and reality. (Essay). Forrest, David W. May 1, 2002 2302
Why gay vacations exist. (my perspective). Davis, Mark Brief Article Mar 5, 2002 758
July 16, 1975: gay getaways back in the day. (From the Archives of The Advocate). Romesburg, Don Brief Article Mar 5, 2002 206
Venturing out again: experts say the gay travel market is as hot as ever--although after September 11, caution remains the watchword. (Travel Report 2002). Luongo, Michael Brief Article Mar 5, 2002 856
Pride in their guide: business and life partners Jane Pirone and Diana Pizzari talk about their travel guides--designed for residents too. Mathis, Derrick Brief Article Mar 5, 2002 448
The world of gay strippers. (Essay). DeMarco, Joseph R.G. Mar 1, 2002 3386
Swimming in the mainstream. (last word). Gunderson, Steve Brief Article Feb 5, 2002 655
Missing evidence. (letter from the editor in chief). Wieder, Judy Brief Article Jan 22, 2002 688
Unpolarizing ourselves: when all the shouting was over, we sifted into two camps: the virtually normal and the troubled with normal, the radical middle and the far left. (last word). Vincent, Norah Brief Article Jan 22, 2002 734
Bush is still a shrub. (don't get me started). Clinton, Kate Brief Article Dec 25, 2001 684
From grief to action. (last word). Kuehl, Sheila Brief Article Nov 20, 2001 683
Barriers to security clearances for gay men and lesbians: fear of blackmail or fear of homosexuals? (Articles). Lewis, Gregory B. Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2001 7740
Does God Punish Gays? A Statistical Approach. WALWORTH, JANIS Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 745
BTW. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 1016
The "Gay Gene" Is Born. ROSARIO, VERNON Sep 1, 2001 2452
Yale Diary, 1858. HAMMOND, SARAH Sep 1, 2001 6030
Walt Whitman at Home. SCHMIDGALL, GARY Interview Sep 1, 2001 1495
Uganda: Coming to Terms (at last) with HIV/AIDS. PAPPAS, GREGORY Sep 1, 2001 1201
Housman England: Empire Had Its Privileges. BRASS, PERRY Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 742
April 16, 1985: Parents of gays come out. Romesburg, Don Brief Article Aug 28, 2001 234
Transitions. Brief Article Jul 17, 2001 106
July August, 2001: "Body Culture". SCHNEIDER, JR., RICHARD Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 673

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