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ECC Theatre's 'Baltimore' explores complexities of racism. Submitted by Elgin Community College Nov 19, 2021 389
Relationships examined in Elgin Theatre's 'A Doll's House, Part 2'. Submitted by Elgin Theatre Company Oct 10, 2021 295
Relationships examined in Elgin Theatre's 'A Doll's House, Part 2'. Submitted by Elgin Theatre Company Oct 8, 2021 294
Is the art of Arab theatre dead? Oct 1, 2021 549
What To Do When You Grow Tired of Words. Choi, Jeesun Jul 1, 2021 1956
Govt urged to promote theatre as a traditional form of expression. Mar 29, 2021 506
Struggling artists bring smiles in war-weary Yemen. Dec 29, 2020 762
I Want You in My Zoom. Bent, Eliza Dec 1, 2020 2002
Mexico's 'Weeping Woman' returns with pandemic-era twist. Oct 21, 2020 505
Jonathan Majors on racism, absolute power and the 'big, red flaming flaw' living at the White House. Oct 16, 2020 1111
Theater in the Time of COVID. Millman, Noah Sep 22, 2020 5092
Village Theatre Guild examines relationships between 'Mother and Sons'. Submitted by Carl Zeitler Mar 17, 2020 655
Theatre's Sober Reality: Artists in recovery find the field alternately welcoming and excluding. Merrill, Amelia Jan 1, 2020 2288
* Nine members of Connective Theatre Company share their experiences as survivor. Oct 25, 2019 1069
Theatre group bring Black History alive. Report by Harriet Evans Oct 21, 2019 410
LAC revives street theatre. Sep 28, 2019 173
Four plays performed for free at Theatre House. Aug 20, 2019 254
What's Miami Is Yours: The future of the U.S. runs through South Florida stages. Garcia, Vanessa May 1, 2019 2208
Gender and National Identity in Memories of the Late 20th-century Soviet Theater in Kyrgyzstan. Igmen, Ali Report Mar 22, 2019 10168
Majdi Bou-Matar's Impact: An Examination of the IMPACT Festival and its Survival in the Waterloo Region. Houston, Andrew Mar 22, 2019 6812
Improv So White? Efforts to diversify the popular and influential form are no laughing matter. Love, Matthew Essay Mar 1, 2019 2424
QUOTES OF THE DAY. Feb 22, 2019 117
QUOTES OF THE DAY. Feb 22, 2019 117
Nothing But Time: How a storied performance of 'Waiting for Godot' at San Quentin set the stage for collaborations between prisons and U.S. theatres. Dembin, Russell M. Feb 1, 2019 2152
Voicing Identity, Community, and Diversity in The Second Shepherds' Play: Polyphony as Dramatic Experience in the Medieval World and Our Own. McGerr, Rosemarie Jan 1, 2019 18150
Canadian Theatre Made for Black Women. Keleta-Mae, Naila Sep 22, 2018 6870
Tangled Up in 'Blood Knot': A casting controversy at American Players Theatre raises thorny guestions about race and representation. Pierce, Jerald Raymond Sep 1, 2018 2694
Teaching Introduction to Acting at Bronx Community College: From Shakespeare to SZA. Mareneck, Ellen C. Personal account Jul 1, 2018 3688
FROM a theatre company famed [...]. May 11, 2018 375
Theatre, Community, and Justice. Eyring, Teresa May 1, 2018 836
WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE? Weinert-Kendt, Rob May 1, 2018 608
The Refuge of the Stage: what roles can theatre play in the global refugee crisis? Healing, representation--and diversion. Horwitz, Simi May 1, 2018 2967
INDIGENOUS STATES. Apr 1, 2018 657
Disobedient Theatre: Alternative Ways to Inspire, Animate and Play. Book review Feb 1, 2018 125
Training With a Difference: As the nation grows more diverse, theatre education needs to become less Eurocentric and more inclusive. Brewer, Nicole Essay Jan 1, 2018 1854
True West Africa: In Senegal and Cote d'lvoire, theatre persists despite declining government support and lingering questions about who it's for. Parenteau, Amelia Jan 1, 2018 2307
The Alt Stage and the Po-mo Page: Canadian Spaces for an Anglo-Portuguese Dramaturgy. Jordao, Aida Essay Sep 22, 2017 7317
Indigenous Languages on Stage: A Roundtable Conversation with Five Indigenous Theatre Artists. Smith, Annie Discussion Sep 22, 2017 9201
Extra sensory: for theatregoers on the autism spectrum, Children's Theatre of Charlotte drew on the field's best practices to create sensory-friendly offerings. Considine, Allison Sep 1, 2017 1332
Manfred Brauneck and ITI Germany, eds. Independent Theatre in Contemporary Europe: Structures--Aesthetics--Cultural Policy. Brief article Jun 22, 2017 149
Journey to the East. Weinert-Kendt, Rob May 1, 2017 643
"Il teatro e la vita non son la stessa cosa?" Self-references and their cultural context in Leoncavallo's Pagliacci. Kuhn, Bernhard Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 8950
The aesthetics and cultural relevance of the Ier ritual festival among the Tiv of central Nigeria. Justin, Awuawuer Tijime Report Mar 1, 2017 4884
Bringing it all back home: how veterans who leave the theatre of war are finding expression in another kind of theatre. Hart, Sarah Mar 1, 2017 2957
Playing it forward: for Massachusetts's WAM Theatre, theatre is a philanthropic vehicle. Bent, Eliza Mar 1, 2017 1267
Plating for time: could making theatre with young Syrian refugees in Beirut give them a sense of belonging? Ayache, Milia Mar 1, 2017 2422
Rant, cant and tone: the voice of the eighteenth-century actor and Sarah Siddons. McGillivray, Glen Essay Feb 1, 2017 8165
Material / blackness: Race and its material reconstructions on the seventeenth-century English stage. Carr, Morwenna Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 8132
"A somber passion strengthens her voice": The stage as public platform in British women's suffrage drama. Cameron, Rebecca Critical essay Dec 22, 2016 9460
The challenge of using theatre as social and political intervention in nineteenth-century Sheffield: Joseph Fox's The Union Wheel. Wilson, Hilary Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 7555
Impossible things. Eyring, Teresa Oct 1, 2016 916
Facing South: a new breed of Southern female playwrights is leaving the front porch behind for a clearer view of a complicated region. Smith, Kelundra Oct 1, 2016 2093
Staging a movement: how The Every 28 Hours Plays project, born from the outrage in Ferguson, is spreading across the nation. Cohn, Gabe Oct 1, 2016 2107
Puppet shadow theatre workshop held for counsellors in Oman. Sep 16, 2016 408
'Our children made enterluders': choristers, actors, and students in St Paul's Cathedral precinct. Hentschell, Roze F. Essay Jul 1, 2016 7104
The effect of participating at narrative theatre forum: experiences of participants in Al Fateh locality--Omdurman/Sudan. Alla, Fatima Elzhra Elsheikh Greeb Report Jun 1, 2016 5592
The case for global awareness. Eyring, Teresa May 1, 2016 931
Theatre by the book: how Dallas Theater Center enriches audiences' experience through reading. Dembin, Russell M. May 1, 2016 1289
The movement you need; how relaxed performances make for inclusive audience experiences. Bent, Eliza Apr 1, 2016 1479
Thinking a Public University. Salisbury, Jenny Mar 22, 2016 978
The creativity factor. Eyring, Teresa Mar 1, 2016 863
Standing up for playwrights and against "colorblind" casting. Eyring, Teresa Jan 1, 2016 662
Chaste exchanges and theatrical legitimacy in measure for measure. Gillen, Katherine Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 1827
Deafness and dominance: analyzing the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's production of To Kill a Mockingbird. McDonnell, Maureen Critical essay Dec 22, 2015 10055
No appointment necessary: how the Dramaturgy Open Office Hour Project demystifies the profession by providing more direct access to it. Bent, Eliza Oct 1, 2015 1302
Community theatre and development practices in the Nyanza region of Kenya. Diang'a, Rachael; Kebaya, Charles; Mwai, Wangari Essay Sep 30, 2015 5877
Theatre and immigration: from the multiculturalism act to the sites of imagined communities/Theatre et immigration: de la Loi sur le multiculturalisme jusqu'aux lieux de l'imaginaire national. Meerzon, Yana Essay Sep 22, 2015 7230
Towards reconciliation: immigration in Marty Chan's The Forbidden Phoenix and David Yee's lady in the red dress. Chang, Eury Colin Critical essay Sep 22, 2015 9811
Between Je and Moi: staging the heteroglossia of immigrant autobiography. Meerzon, Yana Critical essay Sep 22, 2015 10713
Impact of the immigrant experience on my theatre career. De Guevara, Lina Sep 22, 2015 3419
A less lonely planet. Eyring, Teresa Conference notes Jul 1, 2015 841
The lonely village: Toga,1984; in an except from a major new collection of his writings, the theater visionary reveals how a sences of place has informed his work and his worldview. Suzuki, Tadashi Excerpt Jul 1, 2015 3260
The $1.99 play: how to have a real-world theatre experience with just and your smartphone. Bent, Eliza Jul 1, 2015 1264
Dateline Beirut: A tale of 2 stages; how theatre is transforming the lives of the Lebanese capital's most marginalized people. Ataman, Joseph Jul 1, 2015 1281
Madness, power and histrionism. Duta, Ilona Manuela Jun 22, 2015 13565
Public Theater Gala. Brief article Jun 16, 2015 123
Work puts dementia in spotlight; A new theatre work aims to highlight issues arising from dementia, as DAVID WHETSTONE reports. May 19, 2015 486
Why Latin America? O'Quinn, Jim May 1, 2015 792
Living to sow seeds: stateside companies form collaborations with theatres based in Mexico--and create a fertile dynamic for art and change. Escobar, Georgina H. May 1, 2015 2840
The death and life of the living-room play: a new generation of anti-realist playwrights, out to subvert a seemingly tired realist form, find it homier than they'd imagined. Butler, Isaac Apr 1, 2015 2432
Liz Gorrie and the kaleidoscope alternative. Wise, Jennifer; Jerke, Lauren Report Mar 22, 2015 11839
Tedium: an essay on drag, attunement, theater, and translation. Kruger, Loren Critical essay Dec 22, 2014 8861
Adapting "Le Grand Will" in Wendake: ex machina and the Huron-Wendat Nation's La Tempete. Poll, Melissa Essay Sep 22, 2014 9372
On the peculiar nature of theatre. Nelson, Richard Essay Sep 1, 2014 3687
Taking Chekhov to Tashkent: a Seattle Seagull flies to Uzbekistan, where post-Soviet shadows lurk but the dissident spirit stays strong. Reub, Gavin Travel narrative Sep 1, 2014 2712
Immigrant tales. May 1, 2014 342
West African remix: tracks of change in Dakar: how hip-hop in Senegal sparked a revolution--social, cultural, artistic and political--for the nation's youth. Persley, Nicole Hodges May 1, 2014 2890
School for democracy: interactive theater in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia. Prokhorova, Tatyana; Shamina, Vera Essay Mar 22, 2014 5874
On Aggro performance: audience participation and the dystopian response to the living theatre's Paradise Now. Penner, James Essay Mar 22, 2014 6515
The interactive theater of video games: the gamer as playwright, director, and actor. Homan, Daniel; Homan, Sidney Essay Mar 22, 2014 7134
Romulus and ritual in the Beverly swamp: a freemason dreams of theatre in pre-confederation Ontario. Johnson, Stephen Essay Mar 22, 2014 10280
The gallant invalid: the stage consumptive and the making of a Canadian myth. Barker, Roberta Essay Mar 22, 2014 9416
Youth Festival's theatre competition begins. Mar 7, 2014 102
My year of writing dangerously: at a solitary gulf coast retreat, a veteran playwright reconnects with the sublime. Lucas, Craig Essay Mar 1, 2014 2794
Meandering like a river. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 227
The Trayvon factor: playwrights and theatres are revisiting issues of race on stage in the wake of the Martin-Zimmerman verdict. Simpson, Janice C. Dec 1, 2013 3070
Chattanooga on the verge: the door to professionalism has cracked open. Will the Tennessee city's artists and audiences step through? Blankenship, Mark Sep 1, 2013 1801
Yael Farber's Molora and Colleen Wagner's The Monument as post-conflict redress theater. Vellino, Brenda Carr; Waisvisz, Sarah Gabriella Critical essay Jun 22, 2013 12415
Globalization and Theater Spectacles in Asia. Wang, I.-Chun Essay Jun 1, 2013 4710
Travel more! Eyring, Teresa May 1, 2013 942
Street cred. Brief article May 1, 2013 122
Cynthia Cohen first, peace: her strategies for defusing conflicts converge at the nexus of art and justice. Horwitz, Simi Interview May 1, 2013 1296
All together now. Eyring, Teresa Apr 1, 2013 764
Theatre as text: Brian Friel's Translations and some implications for staging/Metin olarak tiyatro: Brian Friel'in Ceviriler'i ve sahneleme icin bazi cagrisimlar. Dincel, Burc Idem Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 6426
Regional identity and national theatre in South Sulawesi. Bodden, Michael Feb 1, 2013 14058
Macro-vision, Microfests. Jan 1, 2013 349
Baring it all: what happens--in the minds of both audiences and actors--when performers take their clothes off? Kaissar, Ken Jan 1, 2013 3233
Let the right one in: on resistance, hospitality and new writing for the American stage. Wallace, Naomi Jan 1, 2013 3160
Plays and playcoats: a courtly interlude tradition in Scotland? Carpenter, Sarah Essay Dec 22, 2012 9472
Writing for theatre: new developments in Estonian drama of the 1990s and 2000s. Epner, Luule Critical essay Dec 1, 2012 5831
Is this drama really necessary? Yes! Teens get their act together and take it to the library. Doan, Laura Dec 1, 2012 1921
Over there: do new plays have a better shot at success in Britain than in the U.S.? Let's investigate. Hedley, Robert; Power, Harriet Dec 1, 2012 4461
Be prepared: a stage manager expands her toolbox for social justice theatre. Whitlock, Evangeline Rose Sep 1, 2012 1601
In hard times, Greeks look to the stage. Kleftogianni, Ioanna Jul 1, 2012 545
Theatre and the reformation of space in early modern Europe. Yachnin, Paul Jul 1, 2012 2818
USITT keynote address 2012. Valdez, Luis Conference notes Jun 22, 2012 5418
The subtext: gay. Salzer, Beeb Jun 22, 2012 927
Bridging the two solitudes: Canada's Francophone and Anglophone theatre communities are distinct in character but hungry for connection. Bilodeau, Chantal May 1, 2012 2971
The USITT address 2012: why do we do theatre? Gorrell, Jerry Mar 22, 2012 1944
The subtext: I protest. Salzer, Beeb Mar 22, 2012 894
Verbatim theatre and social research: turning towards the stories of others. Gallagher, Kathleen; Wessels, Anne; Ntelioglou, Burcu Yaman Mar 22, 2012 6988
Joshua Dachs is the guy who kicked the hornet's. O'Quinn, Jim Column Mar 1, 2012 446
Outside/inside. Eyring, Teresa Column Mar 1, 2012 851
Stages of occupation. Bent, Eliza Jan 1, 2012 485
Theatre helps kids raise their concerns. Dec 30, 2011 182
Suchitoto + Stratford: Setting the Stage. Sullivan, Deana Jordan Essay Nov 1, 2011 1194
Shuttle theatre as theatre for conflict resolution: the CILTAD/Agoro experience in Ghana. Yankah, Victor Report Nov 1, 2011 5809
The diversity gamut. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 282
Male Medea. Rabinowitz, Nancy Sorkin Essay Sep 22, 2011 7012
John McCormick, with Alfonso Cipolla and Alessandro Napoli. The Italian Puppet Theater: A History. Cavallo, Jo Ann Book review Sep 22, 2011 1400
Swazi Incwala: the performative and radical poetics in a ritual practice. Ebewo, Patrick Report Jul 1, 2011 5869
'Unhappily, we are afraid of it': modernism as deracination on the Rhodesian/Zimbabwean stage. Ravengai, Samuel Report Jul 1, 2011 9663
United in artistry. Eyring, Teresa Jul 1, 2011 911
The subtext: generational disconnect. Salzer, Beeb Jun 22, 2011 864
'World Cup of the Arts'--The Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2010--an overview. Borthwick, Hannah Essay Mar 1, 2011 5461
What a difference a day makes. Eyring, Teresa Column Mar 1, 2011 861
GESTOS 50: 25 anos de teoria y practica del teatro. Villegas, Juan Nov 1, 2010 2985
El estado del teatro. Cronica de un encuentro. Las Palmas 2009. Oliva, Cesar Nov 1, 2010 11165
Filosofia del Teatro: fundamentos y corolarios. Dubatti, Jorge Nov 1, 2010 10201
La subordinacion de la escena: del Epos o como la fabula se transformo en fatalidad para la Opsis. Grumann Solter, Andres Nov 1, 2010 7313
De la performance a la teatralidad. La intensidad de la falla. Barria Jara, Mauricio Nov 1, 2010 6159
El Bicentenario y el Teatro a Mil, Santiago, Chile, enero 2010. Villegas, Juan Nov 1, 2010 3689
Antologia: un siglo de dramaturgia chilena 1910-2010. Oyarzun L., Carola Nov 1, 2010 1685
Testimony, trauma and performance: some examples from Southeast Asian theatre. Waterson, Roxana Report Oct 1, 2010 11584
Traditional culture and contemporary performance: Adaw Palaf's The Great Flood. Russell, Terence Critical essay Jun 22, 2010 7842
En memoria de Shakespeare: texto -- imagenes -- monumentos -- performances. Pfister, Manfred Apr 1, 2010 7848
El drama de la pederastia hoy: espacio, lenguaje y autoridad en Hamelin de Juan Mayorga. Antonio Gonzalez, Bernardo Apr 1, 2010 7021
El cielo del teatro. Barba, Eugenio Apr 1, 2010 1662
Demografia y creatividad: teatro latino en Phoenix, Arizona. Sans, Isabel Apr 1, 2010 1846
El FIT de Cadiz, 2009: un espacio de encuentro y reflexion teatral. Davila, Grace Apr 1, 2010 4317
Jose Ortega y Gasset, La idea del teatro y otros escritos sobre teatro. Dubatti, Jorge Apr 1, 2010 1577
Opening the golden gate. Crystal, Lily Tung Brief article Feb 1, 2010 104
Susan plays to type with period charm; DAVID WHETSTONE looks forward to seeing one of our best-loved actresses, Susan Hampshire, in the latest stage version of Pride and Prejudice. Jan 5, 2010 526
Aggor, Komla. Francisco Nieva and Postmodernist Theatre. Holloway, Vance Jan 1, 2010 1219
Falcon Paradi, Aristides. La crueldad en el teatro de Matias Montes Huidobro. Postma, Regan Jan 1, 2010 985
From Rockets to Rehearsals: Girls Theatre Program in Sderot. Nov 16, 2009 88
Audience takes centre stage in Etiquette, as the usual rules of conversation no longer apply; Play promises a different kind of theatre experience. Nov 2, 2009 789
La desconstruccion de la puesta en escena posmoderna. Pavis, Patrice Nov 1, 2009 9712
Victor Hugo Rascon Banda. Morton, Carlos Nov 1, 2009 490
Jose Ricardo Morales, Teatro escogido. Munoz Caliz, Berta Nov 1, 2009 1046
Juan Andres Pina. Historia del teatro en Chile. 1890-1940. Nov 1, 2009 192
All stop for tea! Theatre. Aug 7, 2009 220
The Taming of the Shrew. Stephenson, Jenn Jun 22, 2009 1670
Europe's wild wild East. Gener, Randy May 1, 2009 477
Fomenting a denim revolution: the guerilla artists of Belarus free Theatre perform underground while arguing openly for regime change. Gener, Randy May 1, 2009 4477
Tales from terra incognita: a kindred spirit of commonality, irony and internalized trauma hovers over the unknown worlds of recent Balkan drama. Ieronim, Ioana May 1, 2009 3501
The tradition of the non-traditional: Bulgaria's National Theatre may represent the establishment, but it still leads the experimental pack. Stefanova, Kalina May 1, 2009 2737
Letter from Latvia: in the Baltic nation, directors mull on the everyday for spiritual effects. Bent, Eliza May 1, 2009 2552
Theatre illusion: a contradiction in terms. Rozik, Eli Critical essay Apr 1, 2009 7883
A spring full of surprise; Northern Stage in Newcastle has announced its new season. Entertainment Editor GORDON BARR has the details. Jan 13, 2009 660
Last call at Ming's and Betsy's Clambake: a chorus of voices celebrates the legacy of the annual stage design portfolio review at Lincoln Center. Gener, Randy Jan 1, 2009 5264
Searching the silences for the sounds of a "new poetics" in the female voice. Singer, Jacqui Report Jan 1, 2009 5676
Theatre voice: practice, performance and cultural identity. Mills, Liz Report Jan 1, 2009 4442
Landscape and body. Homann, Greg Report Jan 1, 2009 11138
Credit crunch threatens to stifle touring theatre. Dec 24, 2008 325
Revenge backwards, and in Heels: Hamlet and The Revenger's tragedy England, Summer 2008. Godwin, Laura Grace Dec 22, 2008 5040
Nothing to prove; Playwright Dee Jae Cox took on secret love and the LA theater scene this year. Silva, Fernanda Dec 1, 2008 517
East Africa remakes the world; U.S. cultural exchanges loom large in that region's ongoing act of transformation. Gener, Randy Nov 1, 2008 4722
I think I can, I think I can: four friends manage to take their off-Broadway production--called [title of show]--to the Great White Way just by saying it was going to happen. Voss, Brandon Jul 15, 2008 1677
Who can speak for me? Israel's vibrant theatre scene boldly assays the Palestinian conflict--but with authentic voices from the other side mostly missing. Stein, Richard May 1, 2008 3124
See under: homeland; On U.S. stages, Israeli and American artists espouse humanism in a world of violence. Gener, Randy May 1, 2008 4555
Rehearsing for freedom: in west bank refugee camps and in Gaza, theatre helps children channel their chronic fears and traumas. Solomon, Alisa May 1, 2008 2556
Nationwide 'First Freedom First' theater simulcast brings together celebrities, citizen activists to promote church-state separation. Boston, Rob Cover story May 1, 2008 1819
Name blame. Whiteman, Bobble Brief article Apr 21, 2008 112
Letter: Your Say - Bad manners nearly ruined theatre night. Mar 6, 2008 133
THEATRE Noughts and Crosses/ Playhouse; Philip Key's 08 Culture Diary. Feb 27, 2008 277
THEATRE Importance of being Earnest/The Lowry; 08 Culture Diary. Feb 7, 2008 230
What women want: Women's Project is off life support and reenergized--but has all the persistence and the passion added up to real change for women in the American theatre? Greene, Alexis Feb 1, 2008 4408
A vibrant theater, culture scene. Pollack, Joe Dec 1, 2007 1000
Loft cast rise to the challenge of Ibsen; Theatre Review. Oct 23, 2007 231
Actors must play in Peoria and Paris: diversity, marketability concerns build. Tracy, Kathy Oct 1, 2007 558
Something to remember. Eyring, Teresa Oct 1, 2007 898
Stark choice for 5 artists: war or dialogue? Estvanik, Nicole Oct 1, 2007 539
Introduction: viewing acts. Hodgdon, Barbara Sep 22, 2007 4008
The Death of a Chief: watching for adaptation; or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the bard. Knowles, Ric Sep 22, 2007 4715
The Marquez factor. Eyring, Teresa Conference news Sep 1, 2007 873
The Market turns a corner: the revolutionary South African theatre is facing a complex new century. Nunns, Stephen Sep 1, 2007 3832
Buenos Aires bravado. Durbin, Paula Sep 1, 2007 1612
'Our theatrical attempts in this distant Quarter': the British stage in eighteenth-century Calcutta. Forbes, Derek Essay Jun 1, 2007 6837
'We are not in little England now': Charles and Ellen Kean in civil-war America. Ripley, John Essay Jun 1, 2007 12043
Oedipus at Sing Sing: behind the fortified gates of the famous prison, theatre is transforming men's lives. Renner, Pamela Jan 1, 2007 4427
Prison & community theater: a playwright's experience. Gallagher, Miriam Essay Jan 1, 2007 2522
Theatre group sends six to festival; THRIVE THROUGH CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Dec 5, 2006 330
The edge of darkness; Sing Yer Heart Out for the Lads Birmingham Repertory Theatre *****. Oct 20, 2006 514
Current social issues inspire 'Neglect'. Blaney, Retta Interview Oct 13, 2006 844
Project brings social justice to stage. O'Neill, Patrick Sep 15, 2006 1441
Women in theatre: here, there, everywhere, and nowhere. Burton, Rebecca; Green, Reina Mar 22, 2006 9714
Postmodern display: staging the mind of Marshall McLuhan (1). Whittaker, Robin C. Mar 22, 2006 7367
Queer and now: the queer signifier at buddies in bad times theatre. Halferty, J. Paul Mar 22, 2006 11673
Capitol Hill can stand to profit. Graves, Jen Jun 20, 2005 589
Denver flirts with Curious company. Bows, Bob Apr 25, 2005 751
Gendered interpretations: two fourth-century B.C.E. performances of Sophocles' Electra. Duncan, Anne Critical Essay Mar 22, 2005 10734
Building bridges: English & French theatre in New Brunswick. Nichols, Glen Mar 22, 2005 5840
TheatrePEI: the emergence and development of a local theatre. Belliveau, George; Weale, Josh; Lea, Graham Mar 22, 2005 5903
More than meets the eye. Cameron, Ben Editorial Mar 1, 2005 924
Here we go, Yo ... a manifesto for a new hip-hop arts movement: the final installment in a series on the convergence of hip-hop and theatre. Hoch, Danny Dec 1, 2004 4052
Found in translation: hip-hop theatre fuses the thought and the word, the rhythm and the rhyme, the old and the new; A series on the convergence of hip-hop and theatre. Davis, Eisa Jul 1, 2004 2813
Bling, or revolution: hip-hop's theatrical avant-garde and intellectuals come of age. Gener, Randy Panel Discussion Jul 1, 2004 2705
Young guns: playwrights draw a bead on the new Russia. Freedman, John Jul 1, 2004 2502
Are we dancing to our own beat? How hip-hop theatre conforms to categories--including race; the second part in a series on the convergence of hip-hop and theatre. Cortinas, Jorge Ignacio May 1, 2004 3062
Women and exile: in Kabul, a U.S.-Afghan theatrical collaboration places women and men on stage together. Sherman, Joanna May 1, 2004 710
Wanted: performers who stutter; Taro Alexander's company nurtures creativity and confidence, on stage and off. Bracco, Tara May 1, 2004 986
Habeas theatre: a Boston program aims to educate young citizens by impaneling history-based plays. Shandell, Jonathan May 1, 2004 1106
Hip-hop culture confronts the theatre and asks, "where to go, beyond the borders of outreach and audience-development?" The first part in a series on the convergence of hip-hop and theatre. Uno, Roberta Cover Story Apr 1, 2004 3556
Execute a dramaturg's idea. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 233
The naked truth: onstage nudity strips the magic from theatre, a critic argues. Istel, John Column Jul 1, 2003 1154
Dramatic response to 11 September. (People Making A Difference). Trimble, Melanie Apr 1, 2003 492
Stormy Weather: how a climate of rebellion, in theatre and society, wrought the death of burlesque in 1969. (Women On Eroticism). Shteir, Rachel Apr 1, 2003 3610
From Laramie to London. (United Kingdom). Brief Article Mar 18, 2003 124
Western Theater's European Roots. ELSOM, JOHN Mar 1, 2003 2389
Kleist's "On the Puppet Theater": wisdom from a Taoist perspective. Wasserman, Martin Critical essay Jan 1, 2003 1779
Whose town? The relevance of Thornton Wilder's play today. (Theater). McCarter, Jeremy Brief Article Dec 30, 2002 1263
Toward a theater of action: The grassroots theatre movement, aimed at social transfromation, finds savvy new ways to flourish. (The People's Voice). Brennan, Moira Dec 1, 2002 4414
Creating the swell: we need a manifesto to bring passionate undercurrents to the surface. (The Future of New Work). Carl, Polly Nov 1, 2002 1216
It's only a play? Think again: creating theatre, one writer argues, requires astute cultural participation. (The Future of New Work). Tuan, Alice Nov 1, 2002 1994
Scholars, hags and imaginary kings: The rifts and riches of Korean culture show up on stage. (Postmark Seoul). O'Quinn, Jim Nov 1, 2002 1261
The tender mother and the faithful wife: theater, charity, and female subjectivity in eighteenth-century Ireland. Harris, Susan Sep 22, 2002 9599
New work on modern Irish drama and theater, 1997-2002: an overview. Flynn, Joyce Sep 22, 2002 4262
Nontraditional casting can bring diverse school communities together. (Grades 9-12). Brief Article May 1, 2002 177
Fringe benefits. Stasio, Marilyn Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 171
End Cultural Isolationism now: The arts can bridge the chasms between nations, a director argues. (International Theatre Institute News). Cocke, Dudley Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 866
Raising Their Voices: Through theater and community outreach, teens teach peers and parents about critical issues facing youth today. Wilensky, Joe Statistical Data Included Dec 1, 2001 2181
A Dance of Hope and Despair. Fischer, Corey Critical Essay Sep 1, 2001 2352
7 PLAYS about physical difference. Sandahl, Carrie Excerpt Apr 1, 2001 5758
What You See Is What You Get. Ahmad, Shazia Jan 1, 2001 1231
At least one Missouri legislator is 'bent'. Pollack, Joe Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 772
2B OR NOT 2B. Wood, Mark Dundas Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 336
A Message for World Theatre Day. Tremblay, Michel Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 621
The Immaterial Theatre. Hancock, David W. Sep 1, 1999 1992
The national health: a critic conjures up a remedy for our theatre's malaise. Marowitz, Charles May 1, 1999 1175
Hush, hush, sweet Charlotte: a lesbian-themed play causes more debate in N.C. Brown, Tony May 1, 1999 575
Essential values. Cameron, Ben Column Dec 1, 1998 969
Get budged! Anna Deavere Smith's new institute pushes art out of the comfort zone. Cummings, Scott T. Dec 1, 1998 1234
Women's work: white gloves or bare hands? Howe, Tina Sep 1, 1998 2756
Gender, creativity & power. Daniels, Rebecca Sep 1, 1998 1997
Above the title or in the aisle. Wolf, Matt Jul 13, 1998 287
Love! Valour! McNally! Frutkin, Alan Interview Apr 15, 1997 2202
Two light guys. Munk, Erika Mar 3, 1997 1274
Wilson, Brustein & the press. Nunns, Stephen Mar 1, 1997 1965
The fall of authenticity. Sullivan, John Editorial Nov 1, 1996 1006
The presence of Joe. Rogoff, Gordon Cover Story Nov 1, 1996 2999
Race, art and inclusion. Hartigan, Patti Nov 1, 1996 962
Don't wave bye-bye to gay drama yet. Nunns, Stephen Sep 1, 1996 556
Reality theater in Chicago. Wildman, Eugene Jun 22, 1996 3190
The importance of staying earnest. London, Todd Jan 1, 1996 1578
The dangling conversation. Khan, Ricardo Editorial Dec 1, 1995 1044
Existing in the present tense. Zesch, Lindy Editorial Nov 1, 1995 1046
From nationalist to multinational: the Stratford Festival, free trade, and the discourses on intercultural tourism. Knowles, Richard Paul Mar 1, 1995 9184
School scenes from real life. Faber, Mary Apr 1, 1994 731
An audience manifesto. Dietz, Steven Jan 1, 1993 988
Mirror, mirror. Miller, Judith Z. Column Dec 1, 1992 602
The media, politicians and 'good theatre.' (misuse of theatrical terms by politicians and journalists) (Frontlines) Morogiello, John Nov 1, 1992 1037
A place to create and contemplate. Osman, Steven Nov 1, 1992 932
If George Gibbs were gay. Velasco, Dorothy Column Oct 1, 1992 899

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