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Global Citizenship Education: Values to be taught in the Light of the Rising Identity Crisis. Iram Rubab, Anusheh Bakht Aziz, Ahmed Usman and Aaisha Amjad Mar 21, 2020 3916
UN INCITING YOUTH RENT-A-MOBS FOR GLOBALISM: The UN, in conjunction with national governments and private organizations, is pulling off a smoke-and-mirrors charade to project a fake image of popular support for the UN. Jasper, William F. Oct 21, 2019 2576
The Influence of Social Networks on Environmental Awareness and the Social Responsibility of Generations. Severo, Eliana Andrea; de Guimaraes, Julio Cesar Ferro; Dellarmelin, Mateus Luan; Ribeiro, Rossana P Sep 1, 2019 8632
It's time for global businesses to accept local responsibility. Lochbihler, Peter Report Jun 23, 2019 764
Saving Palma's Soul: Palma's historic family-run artisan shops, many having survived for generations, are having to find new ways to fight back against the steady increase of modern global brands. Gilbert, Sarah Jun 1, 2019 2649
Misuse of internet. Apr 7, 2019 283
Tempted by Whiteness?: Linguistic Capital and Higher Education in Japan. Koshino, Kako Mar 22, 2019 9221
Criminality: The Latest Economic Paradigm: Globalization has created its own perversions. Bailey, Norman A.; Touboul, Bernard Mar 22, 2019 2376
Organizational Socialization of Expatriates/ FATORES RELACIONADOS A INTERNACIONALIZACAO DAS REDES DE FRANQUIAS BRASILEIRAS: DISPERSAO GEOGRAFICA E PERTENCIMENTO A GRUPOS. Bretas, Vanessa Pilla; Galetti, Jefferson Ricardo; Rocha, Thelma Valeria Jan 1, 2019 6701
"Oba-Mao": The Synthesis of National Leaders as Transnational Rhetorical Resources. Carney, Zoe Hess; Wang, Xiaobo Essay Jan 1, 2019 8379
Editorial Note. Editorial Dec 31, 2018 1166
Internationalization and Relationships in Supply Chains. Paiva, Ely; Vieira, Luciana Marques Nov 1, 2018 8740
The Nexus of Globalisation and Global South Social Policy Crafting: Some Zimbabwean Perspectives. Mathende, Takudzwa Leonard Sep 1, 2018 6446
Sarfraz Shahid's contribution eulogized. Jul 20, 2018 356
Sarfraz Shahid's contributions eulogised. Jul 19, 2018 344
Cultural diversity can drive economies. Here are lessons from India and South Asia. Jul 15, 2018 753
World Bank pushes for 'social contract' under globalization. Jul 11, 2018 1204
The Impact of social media on student's life. Jul 6, 2018 172
The sociocultural dimension of globalization in narratives about experiences of international university exchanges/La dimension sociocultural de la globalizacion en relatos sobre una experiencia de movilidad internacional universitaria/A dimensao sociocultural da globalizacao em relatos sobre uma experiencia de mobilidade internacional. Aguirre, Felix; Cruz, Maria Angelica; Banda, Maria Ignacia Jul 1, 2018 8663
Brazil's global aspirations and the public: an assessment on perspectives, drivers and consistency/As aspiracoes globais do Brasil e o publico: uma avaliacao sobre perspectivas, motivacoes e coerencia. Pinho, Ana Paula Borges Jul 1, 2018 3578
An Empirical Analysis of Globalization, Diversity and Social Cohesion. Zulfiqar, Kalsoom; Nadeem, Muhammad; Pervaiz, Zahid Essay Jun 30, 2018 8008
RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT EDUCATION: A CONTENT ANALYSIS OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT TEXTBOOKS. Crawford, Tiffany; Grimmett, Dave; Melton, Amye; McCarthy, Vikkie Report Jun 22, 2018 6187
Effects of Education and Globalization on Income Inequality in Asia. Apr 30, 2018 3439
Will Pakistan be able to meet SDG by 2030? Mar 3, 2018 491
GLOBALIZATION: CONTENTS AND DISCONTENTS. Ashenfelter, Orley; Engle, Robert F.; Mcfadden, Daniel L.; Schmidt-Hebbel, Klaus Report Jan 1, 2018 6132
Technology and social problems. Dec 16, 2017 211
Human rights must be central in all discussions on migrants - UN experts. Dec 1, 2017 379
Media, Family, and Friends: Normative Environment and Global Citizenship Identification. Reysen, Stephen; Katzarska-Miller, Iva Report Dec 1, 2017 6505
FAB signs up to UN Global Compact. Nov 29, 2017 459
Professional Identity Formation in Globalization Era: Case of Malaysian Novice Teachers. Nordin, Norfarah; Samsudin, Mohd Ali Oct 15, 2017 6264
Opening a Political Account: The Fractured Narrative of an Insecure Author. Tedesco, Delacey Essay Oct 1, 2017 12225
Convergence and Disjuncture in Global Digital Culture. Kraidy, Marwan M. Essay Sep 1, 2017 2895
Digital Platform as a Double-Edged Sword: How to Interpret Cultural Flows in the Platform Era. Jin, Dal Yong Essay Sep 1, 2017 8451
What Kind of a Society Do We Aim to Be in? Aug 31, 2017 840
Majority of Latvians believe that globalization increases social inequalities. Jun 29, 2017 308
Indigenous peoples and the globalization of restorative justice. Tauri, Juan Marcellus Essay Jun 23, 2017 7597
Undeclared war: Silvia Federici on violence against women. Federici, Silvia Jun 22, 2017 3305
Linguistic proximity and global flows of television: A study with gatekeepers. Mast, Jelle; De Ruiter, Kelly; Kuppens, An H. Essay Jun 1, 2017 9210
The 21st century-style of presidency in Estonia Kaljulaid in action. Saarts, Tonis Mar 23, 2017 1123
Globalization as a racial project: Implications for human trafficking. Williamson, Sarah Hupp Essay Jan 1, 2017 6966
"Head-transplanting" and "mind-uploading": philosophical implications and potential social consequences of two Medico-Scientific Utopias. Benedikter, Roland; Siepmann, Katja; Reymann, Alexander Essay Jan 1, 2017 18798
Beyond Earth's Globalization: Sociology of outer space? Peters, Michael A. Essay Jan 1, 2017 3278
A Tale Of Two Middle Classes. Dec 20, 2016 843
In The Art World, Globalism's New Spin. Brief article Nov 7, 2016 217
The Growing Gap Between Town And Country. Brief article Sep 26, 2016 192
Ramada Ajman joins United Nations Global Compact. Sep 13, 2016 374
What we need is good communication: vernacular globalization in some Hungarian speech. Boromisza-Habashi, David Report Sep 1, 2016 9061
Understanding Place from the Perspective of Globalized Migratory Flows/Comprender el lugar desde los flujos migratorios globalizados/Compreender o lugar a partir dos fluxos migratorios globalizados. Louidor, Wooldy Edson Ensayo Sep 1, 2016 9852
Doing philosophy in the margins of PH society. Aug 23, 2016 891
Competition in the worldwide workplace: economic globalization and labor rights. Nica, Elvira; Manole, Cristina; Potcovaru, Ana-Madalina Report Jul 1, 2016 2150
Globalization's Angst And The "Brexit" Vote. Jun 28, 2016 1535
The Millennial Generation's Literary Escapism Toward the End of Empire: Dave Eggers's A Hologram for the King. Shivani, Anis Critical essay Jun 22, 2016 4022
The Global as the Postcolonial: Desire, Identity, and Liminality in Indian Rock. Kumar, Sangeet Jun 1, 2016 9090
The good life. Interview Jun 1, 2016 2801
Refugees And The "Globalization Of Indifference". Brief article Apr 20, 2016 240
Cultural diversity and the new politics of identity. Cojanu, Daniel Report Apr 1, 2016 4842
Reflections on the polyglot self: multilinguals negotiating identity. Sobanski, Brenna Mar 22, 2016 5518
Identity and the politics of (self) representation: women in Chinese cinema 1985-2015. Li, Jinhua Mar 22, 2016 6243
Cultures & languages across the curriculum: strengthening intercultural competence & advancing internationalization. Plough, India C. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2016 5997
Constructing and negotiating identity in "birth culture": an intercultural communication approach. Chang, Changfu; Chen, Zhuojun Joyce; Chatham-Carpenter, April Report Jan 1, 2016 8015
Vatican urges World Trade Organization to remember the poor. Nzwili, Fredrick Jan 1, 2016 332
The globalization of the rural Swazi weaver: Lavumisa women in the commercial handicraft industry, 1981-2013. Matsenjwa, Goodwill Nkosinathi; Musiiwa, Estella Jan 1, 2016 7326
Globalization's influence on cultural identity and its impact on the Romanian consumption behavior. Ionescu, Alexandra; Dumitru, Nicoleta Rossela Report Dec 22, 2015 3130
Urban experiences unearth future of world: Olive Mongin. Oct 10, 2015 260
Migrant crises and the failure of globalisation. Adejumobi, Said Oct 1, 2015 1132
Rule of law as a fundamental principle in the work of the Eurasian economic union. Imashev, Berik M. Essay Oct 1, 2015 1189
Being young in the age of globalization: a look at recent literature on neoliberalism's effects on youth. Turner, Justin Essay Sep 30, 2015 6313
Popular culture & globalization: teacher candidates' attitudes & perceptions of cultural & ethnic stereotypes. McGaha, Julie Sep 22, 2015 5426
Preservice teachers' student teaching experiences in East Africa. Kulkarni, Saili S.; Hanley-Maxwell, Cheryl Report Sep 22, 2015 10208
Our real enemy is self-interest. Sep 18, 2015 785
The Official Development Assistance Accountability Act: global justice and managerialism in Canadian law. McKee, Derek Jul 1, 2015 8159
The Official Development Assistance Accountability Act: global justice and managerialism in Canadian law. McKee, Derek Jul 1, 2015 14090
Unveiling the mysteries of Aceh, Indonesia: local and global intersections of women's agency. Kusujiarti, Siti; Miano, Elizabeth W.; Pryor, Annie L.; Ryan, Breanna R. Report Jul 1, 2015 8153
The production of irregular migration in Canada. Ellis, Basia D. Essay Jun 22, 2015 8890
25 Years After Berlin, Do We Still Need Walls? Reprint May 1, 2015 362
The processes of emigration from Lithuania in the conditions of economic globalization/Emigracijos is Lietuvos procesai ekonomikos globalizacijos salygomis. Naulickaite, Indre; Melnikas, Borisas Report Apr 1, 2015 10502
The Role of Culture in the European Integration Process in the Context of Globalisation. A Romanian Case. Petrila, Laurentiu Dec 1, 2014 4941
Map Of International Phone Calls Explains Globalization. Brief article Nov 12, 2014 266
City of globalists. Corbin, David Essay Sep 22, 2014 4406
Italy And Japan: Troubled Twins Of Globalization. Aug 26, 2014 1478
"World Trade Organization" performance and right to health. Tarazkohi, Hossein Sharifi; Bagheri, Mahmoud; Cheshmehkhavar, Sayed Salaheddin Report Jul 23, 2014 8259
Public relations in Ghana: professionalism and impacts of globalization. Wu, Ming-Yi; Baah-Boakye, Kwame Report Jul 1, 2014 6402
Can Namibia become a regional gateway by developing a logistics hub around Walvis bay's port? Savage, C.F.; Fransman, L. Report Jun 1, 2014 8243
Recent developments of the Lithuanian and Romanian "testate successions" (terminological peculiarities). Gvelesiani, Irina Apr 1, 2014 4622
Identity, belonging and diversity. Dynamic aspects of citizenship in a globalization era. Macovei, Mariuca Apr 1, 2014 5000
Foreword. Bucea-Manea-Tonis, Rocsana Apr 1, 2014 389
CONTEXTUAL KNOWLEDGE: FROM GLOBALIZATION TO GLOBAL AGING. Chen, Hongtu; Levkoff, Sue; Kleinman, Arthur Report Mar 22, 2014 6771
SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION FOR THE AGED SOCIETY. Ossewaarde, Marinus Report Mar 22, 2014 8947
TOWARDS A GLOBALIZATION OF AGING. Powell, Jason L. Report Mar 22, 2014 5287
Trauma, virtud et pulsions : vers un << devenir inorganique >> de la mondialisation ? Brunet-Georget, Jacques Critical essay Jan 1, 2014 9030
Deregulating markets, deregulating media: the globalization of gender stereotypes in the age of corporate media. Cernat, Maria Report Jan 1, 2014 4033
Pollinating resilience: The Beehive Collective draws out the big picture of resistance to exploitive development in Mesoamerica. Mcdonald, Laura Jan 1, 2014 1382
National identity: e pluribus unum or e pluribus "pluribus"? Mauduit, Remy M. Dec 22, 2013 778
Globalization Helps Preserve Endangered Languages. Turin, Mark Dec 3, 2013 1472
In defence of geo-cultural identity: an argument against Kymlicka's view of multiculturalism and minority rights. Talukder, Munir Hossain Report Dec 1, 2013 8937
Nation state and cosmopolitan identity in a postmodern world of globalization/Nacionaline valstybe ir kosmopolitinis identitetas postmoderniajame globalizacijos pasaulyje. Pirc, Tadej Report Dec 1, 2013 8224
Setting up a social support program for accompanying spouses of international knowledge workers. van Hoorn, Willem G.; Eijsenring, Carola L. Dec 1, 2013 1665
Conversations on indigenous education, progress, and social justice in Peru/ Conversaciones sobre educacion indigena, progreso, y justicia social en el Peru. Huaman, Elizabeth Alva Sumida Dec 1, 2013 6440
Effect of early onset Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus on hearing. Veena, Pani M.K.; Swathi, V.M.; Jasmine, A Clinical report Nov 18, 2013 2537
Turkey, the Middle East and the media special section: editorial introduction. Karanfil, Gokcen; Kaptan, Yesim Editorial Oct 1, 2013 2105
Transnational media flows: some key questions and debates. Christensen, Miyase Report Oct 1, 2013 7856
Preparing teacher-researchers for local-global, multicultural classrooms: prospects for postcritical and feminist qualitative methodologies. Sprecher, Katharine Sep 22, 2013 9943
Studying the educational barriers of the internationalization of curriculum in Azad universities in the 6th state. Negad, Shahrzad Khosravi; Assareh, Alireza Report Aug 1, 2013 11218
Re-stitching Bangladesh's social fabric. McConnachie, David Jul 1, 2013 486
Theorizing global media as global discourse. Olausson, Ulrika Report Jul 1, 2013 7539
Building common ground: going beyond the liberal conundrum. Chatterjee, Deen Essay Jun 22, 2013 3962
Singapore, State Nationalism, and the Production of Diaspora. Naruse, Cheryl Narumi Jun 1, 2013 6111
Intermarried Couples and 'Multiculturalism' in Japan. Want, Kaori Mori Report Jun 1, 2013 5273
Globalization and Theater Spectacles in Asia. Wang, I.-Chun Essay Jun 1, 2013 4710
Will learning social inclusion assist rural networks? Marchant, Jillian Report May 1, 2013 10172
Changing genres and language styles in contemporary Chinese lifestyle magazines. Chen, Ariel; Machin, David Report May 1, 2013 5613
National culture, country-level competitiveness, and economic development. Overbaugh, Svetlana N. Report Mar 22, 2013 7103
Conservative Causes Go Global. Jan 16, 2013 1434
Theorizing intercultural adaptation from the perspective of boundary game. Chen, Guo-Ming Report Jan 1, 2013 7018
Voices of Chinese Web-TV audiences: a case of applying uses and gratifications theory to examine popularity of Prison Break in China. Li, Li; Chen, Yea-Wen; Nakazawa, Masato Case study Jan 1, 2013 7818
Entrepreneurial assemblages from off the map: (trans) national designs for Tangier. Kanai, J. Miguel; Kutz, William Essay Jan 1, 2013 10361
New requirements facing the training of engineers for economic gobalization. Cus, F.; Balic, J. Report Jan 1, 2013 6700
Toward a critical multilingualism in Canadian classrooms: making local inroads into a cosmopolitan identity. Guardado, Martin Dec 22, 2012 6059
Well-being in a globalized world: does social work know how to make it happen? Gamble, Dorothy N. Dec 22, 2012 8528
International programs: advancing human rights and social justice for African American students. Acquaye, Lucinda A.; Crewe, Sandra Edmonds Case study Dec 22, 2012 8625
Work-to-school transitions in the age of the displaced worker: a psychology of working perspective. Hees, Charles K.; Rottinghaus, Patrick J.; Briddick, William C.; Conrath, Julia A. Dec 1, 2012 4860
Borders, migration, and the changing nature of sovereignity. Ivan, Ruxandra Report Dec 1, 2012 7335
Toward common ground: the uses of educational anthropology in multicultural education. Demerath, Peter; Mattheis, Allison Dec 1, 2012 7808
Neoliberal globalization and the politics of migration in sub-Saharan Africa. Tobias, Saul Essay Nov 1, 2012 7520
Incarnation of faith: voices from the east, voices of the oppressed. Nov 1, 2012 1427
Africa's film industry embraces transnationalism: African filmmaking is exploding into a new era. If you cast even a quick glance at the production companies and funding agencies behind a handful of recent African films, you can see multi-national origins. Lindiwe Dovey, co-director of film Africa 2012, explains just what this trend means. Dovey, Lindiwe Oct 1, 2012 759
Appropriating globalisation to revitalise indigenous knowledge and identity through Luhya children's play songs. Khasandi-Telewa, Vicky; Liguyani, Rosemary I.; Wandera-Simwa, Sheila Report Sep 1, 2012 5955
Relational public diplomacy: the perspective of sociological globalism. Yun, Seong-Hun Report Aug 30, 2012 9122
The utopian challenge to global capitalism by Walter van den Broeck in Terug naar Walden/Walter van den Broeck se utopiese uitdaging aan die globale kapitalisme in Terug naar Walden. Visagie, Andries Critical essay Aug 1, 2012 8078
Views on the process of globalization and its effects on human beings. Galateanu, Oana Jul 1, 2012 1783
The state and gender ideologies: a framework to understand anti-human trafficking politics. Duong, Kim Anh Report Jul 1, 2012 8227
Three dimensional transitional relationships: a study on Indian women entrepreneurs/Uc boyutlu gecisken iliskiler: Hindistanli kadin girisimciler uzerine bir calisma. Ganesan, R. Report Jun 1, 2012 9173
Gender Anxiety and Contemporary Indian Popular Fiction. Turner, Elen Critical essay Jun 1, 2012 6386
Urbanization and Development in Asia: linkages with globalization and migration. Telfer-Taivainen, Lorraine Jun 1, 2012 640
Stewarding the human good: understanding the nature of research and its ethical horizons. Gabriele, Edward Mar 22, 2012 4913
Vietnamese students' transitions in study abroad programs. Nguyen, My Linh Thi Report Mar 22, 2012 6517
Has Globalization Caused Death of Nation-States? Abbas, Yawar Feb 29, 2012 1245
Gurinder Chadha's Bride and Prejudice: a transnational journey through time and space. Aldea, Elena Oliete Report Jan 1, 2012 7728
Trauma, virtuel et pulsions : vers un << devenir inorganique >> de la mondialisation? Brunet-Georget, Jacques Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 9028
Human trafficking in a globalized world: gender aspects of the issue and anti-trafficking politics. Duong, Kim Anh Report Jan 1, 2012 7527
The hybrid approach: an interview with the filmmaker Branwen Okpako. Fenner, Angelica Interview Jan 1, 2012 9187
Globalizing Comparative Literature. Aslam, Saiyma Essay Dec 31, 2011 4807
The Year Of "Two-G" Protests. Chanda, Nayan Viewpoint essay Dec 28, 2011 939
Riots, Language And Britain's Globalized Underclass. Robson, Garry Viewpoint essay Dec 22, 2011 1374
Going global with "Gorby": since Mikhail Gorbachev presided over the dismantling of the soviet union, he has been lauded as a beacon of freedom. But he wants a worldwide "soviet": global government. Jasper, William F. Dec 5, 2011 2778
Globalization of cultural heritage: issues, impacts, and inevitable challenges for Nigeria. Nwegbu, Mercy U.; Eze, Cyril C.; Asogwa, Brendan E. Report Dec 1, 2011 3033
"Negotiating with China, that's like playing baseball without a bat". Interview Nov 9, 2011 4653
Crunchy currency: communities secede from globalism by making their own money. D'Agostino, Vincent Nov 1, 2011 2145
Cultural phenomena and processes in contemporary society--determinants of cultural policies. Nita, Andreea Report Oct 1, 2011 3539
Continuity and res novae in the encyclical letter Caritas in Veritate. Spieker, Manfred Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 7164
Socioeconomic and environmental effects of globalization on the transitional economies of Eastern and Central Europe. Pologeorgis, Nicolas; Overbaugh, Svetlana Report Sep 22, 2011 6914
Raising happy children in a new world: The Economics of Happiness is a balance between how we choose to spend our time and money reports Regina Lane. Lane, Regina Jul 1, 2011 633
Du corps absolu au sujet: comment les africains construisent-ils leur identite au temps de la mondialite? Banywesize, Emmanuel M. Report Jun 1, 2011 11384
The internationalization of a catholic university's graduate education and professional programs: preparing global educators, family therapists, counselors, and leaders for the 21st century. Quezada, Reyes L.; Estrada, Ana Ulloa; Ammer, Jerry Jun 1, 2011 1476
Bound to fail. May 31, 2011 1366
Segerlund L., Making Corporate Social Responsibility a Global Concern: Norm Construction in a Globalizing World. Gilbert, Dirk Ulrich; Graf, Christian May 1, 2011 1578
Parade, celebration and representation of identity. Zhang, Pinggong Report Apr 1, 2011 7103
Global transmission and local consumption: Navajo resistance to mainstream American television. Pack, Sam Case study Apr 1, 2011 6944
Employment-related mobility and the health of workers, families, and communities: the Canadian context. Newhook, Julia Temple; Neis, Barbara; Jackson, Lois; Roseman, Sharon R.; Romanow, Paula; Vincent, Ch Report Mar 22, 2011 16137
An iPhone in every hand: media ecology, communication structures, and the global village. Valcanis, Tom Jan 1, 2011 4860
Organizational incentives in the globalization process. Cercel, Mihai Ovidiu Report Jan 1, 2011 1722
Engineering soft skills: a comparative study between the GCC area demands and the ABET requirements. Yaacoub, Hala Khayr; Husseini, Farah; Choueiki, Ziad Jan 1, 2011 6896
Globalization in the life of small island towns: changes for better or worse? The case of the island of Kos (Greece). Kaurinkoski, Kira Case study Jan 1, 2011 6095
Analysis of the international system of social responsibility tools. Ruzevicius, Juozas Jan 1, 2011 7562
Why grooming for leadership is essential: onerous challenges lie ahead of Africa, and because of this Africa's new leaders need to go through some form of apprenticeship or grooming to prepare themselves for the demands of modern nation-building, writes John Agyekum Kufuor, Ghana's former president. Kufuor, John Agyekum Nov 1, 2010 1210
Motives of social solidarity in the oeuvre of the architect vytautas Landsbergis-Zemkalnis/Socialinio solidarumo motyvai architekto vytauto Landsbergio-Zemkalnio kuryboje. Petrusonis, Vytautas Report Sep 1, 2010 4079
America, land of paradox: the country that launched corporate globalization should be first to end it. Costello, Joe Sep 1, 2010 938
From cyberspace to offline communities: indigenous peoples and global connectivity. Belton, Kristy A. Report Jul 1, 2010 9911
The locality of the "global village" in the aspect of communication: pro et contra M. McLuhan/"Globaliojo kaimo" lokalumas komunikaciniu aspektu: pro et contra M. McLuhanui. Bareviciute, Jovile Report Jul 1, 2010 4920
Globalisation and the commodification of labour: temporary labour migration. Rosewarne, Stuart Report Jul 1, 2010 5483
Prospects for Truth and Freedom: a religion professor offers three scenarios for globalization's effects on Freedom. Cohen, Aaron M. Essay May 1, 2010 694
Euroregion's "mission" and the success of the Lisbon strategy. Greta, Maria; Lewandowski, Krzysztof Apr 1, 2010 3558
Normative and legal pluralism: a global perspective. Twining, William Mar 22, 2010 20579
The global species. Tonnessen, Morten Report Mar 22, 2010 7259
Challenging globalization head-on: women respond to poverty. Bell, Beverly Feb 19, 2010 692
Media, mediums and metaphors: the modern South African sangoma in various texts. Postel, Gitte Report Jan 1, 2010 6189
Out of Africa ... is the message a newly formed alliance of NGOs and communities is sending to uranium miners and the nuclear industry. ACF's Dave Sweeney recently joined African and international campaigners on a tour of Tanzania--the new uranium frontline. Sweeney, Dave Jan 1, 2010 1015
Lithuanian modern culture and images under global transformation/Modernioji Lietuviskoji kultura ir ivaizdziai flobaliosios transformacijos salygomis. Astra, Lilijana Report Jan 1, 2010 2215
The global lives project: making new media matter in a global world. Jorgensen, Stina Marie Hasse Jan 1, 2010 2131
Nursing and globalization in the Americas; a critical perspective. Book review Dec 1, 2009 140
Second annual Arabia CSR Awards highlight growing commitment of companies towards societal causes. Awards list Nov 2, 2009 1259
Islam, cultural hybridity and cosmopolitanism: new Muslim intellectuals on globalization. Kersten, Carool Essay Nov 1, 2009 11149
Punjabi delights in Forbidden City Singapore: the space of flows and place. Roy, Anjali Gera Report Oct 1, 2009 4893
Between three worlds: the internet and Chinese students' cultural identities in the era of globalization. Chen, Yanru Report Oct 1, 2009 7781
On identity: an alternative view. Chen, Guo-Ming Report Oct 1, 2009 7752
Setting history's course. Jowitt, Ken Essay Oct 1, 2009 4759
China attracting global talent: central and local initiatives. Litao, Zhao; Jinjing, Zhu Report Sep 1, 2009 4569
Internationalization and diversification strategies of agricultural cooperatives: a quantitative study of the agricultural cooperatives in the State of Parana. Ritossa, Claudia Monica; Bulgacov, Sergio Report Jul 1, 2009 8279
The coming capitalist consensus. Bello, Walden Essay Mar 22, 2009 1682
Global inequality: the current debate, it's importance and policy recommendations/kuresel esitsizlik: guncel tartisma, onemi ve politika onerileri. Aytac, Selim Erdem Report Mar 22, 2009 8545
Globalization and film style: an introductory note. Lindner, Christoph Mar 22, 2009 411
Trends and indications in international business: topics for future research. Czinkota, Michael R.; Ronkainen, Ilkka A. Company overview Mar 1, 2009 7672
eGovernment implications in the context of globalisation. Catana, Emilia Lucia; Catana, Marius Cristian Report Jan 1, 2009 1748
McCulture: Americans have developed an admirable fondness for books, food, and music that preprocess other cultures. But for all our enthusiasm, have we lost our taste for the truly foreign? Kushner, Aviya Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2009 4432
On the traditional Chinese notion of "harmony": resources to the intercultural communication. Li, Meng-Yu Report Jan 1, 2009 3076
Feeling homesick at home: a dialogue. Starosta, William J. Report Jan 1, 2009 6289
Globalization, political geography, and deterritorialization. Paun, Elena Jan 1, 2009 1182
DOTA's software re engineering group: what's going on in your department, Jimmy? Luthar, Harsh K.; Wilson, Shirley Case study Nov 1, 2008 6515
DOTA's software re engineering group: what's going on in your department, Jimmy? Luthar, Harsh K.; Wilson, Shirley Case study Sep 1, 2008 4441
Global trends in culture, infrastructure, and values; electrification and broadband communications are contributing to profound shifts in global values and cultures. Hines, Andy Sep 1, 2008 3904
The new biology paradigm; In the future, the best will be better than perfect. Brown, Arnold Sep 1, 2008 1642
From Chicano/a to Xicana/o: critical activist teaching revisited. Rios, Francisco Essay Jun 22, 2008 7116
The intersection of school desegregation and economic globalization in America. Brown, Frank Jun 22, 2008 9555
Globalizing solidarity: Christian anthropology and the challenge of human liberation. Groody, Daniel G. Essay Jun 1, 2008 8448
Globalization with a human face: catholic social teaching and globalization. Himes, Kenneth R. Essay Jun 1, 2008 9056
Globalization's shifting economic and moral terrain: contesting marketplace mores. Barrera, Albino Essay Jun 1, 2008 7887
Economic globalization and Asian contextual theology. Wijaya, Yahya Essay Jun 1, 2008 4873
Neoliberal globalization: critiques and alternatives. Sniegocki, John Essay Jun 1, 2008 8194
Migrant, tourist, pilgrim, monk: mobility and identity in a global age. Cavanaugh, William T. Essay Jun 1, 2008 7601
Between identity and security: theological implications of migration in the context of globalization. Cruz, Gemma Tulud Essay Jun 1, 2008 8233
Religious pluralism in an era of globalization: the making of modern religious identity. Fletcher, Jeannine Hill Essay Jun 1, 2008 7650
Where is the church? Globalization and catholicity. Miller, Vincent J. Essay Jun 1, 2008 8380
Mundializacao do capital, "questao social" e servico social no Brasil. Iamamoto, Marilda Villela Jun 1, 2008 10728
Globalization and the role of the state. May 11, 2008 635
Continuity and change in the pursuit of a democratic public mission for our schools. Bellamy, G. Thomas; Goodlad, John I. Apr 1, 2008 4243
Sharing memories of the past: the healing of memories and interreligious encounter. Schreiter, Robert Apr 1, 2008 3943
Globalization as meta-axiological dilemma: the sociological implications of rational choice criteria for local cultural deep structure. ibn-Hyman, Sundjata Report Mar 15, 2008 3324
Do norms still matter? The corrosive effects of globalization on the vitality of norms. Keenan, Patrick J. Mar 1, 2008 23535
Thinking locally before acting globally: the rise of selective provincialism. Messitte, Zach Essay Mar 1, 2008 2179
The world is not enough: art and globalization. Butler, Rex Essay Jan 1, 2008 5067
Review of David Denemark, Gabrielle Meagher, Shaun Wilson, Mark Western and Timothy Phillips (Eds), Australian Social Attitudes 2: citizenship, work and aspirations. Betts, Katharine Dec 1, 2007 1038
El incierto proyecto del "cine nacional" puertorriqueno ante el colonialismo y la globalizacion. Geliga Vargas, Jocelyn A. Critical essay Dec 1, 2007 6934
Poverty, health, and the world in which we live. Stewart-Amidei, Chris Oct 1, 2007 708
New directions in maritime strategy? Implications for the U.S. Navy. Till, Geoffrey Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2007 7145
Developing transnational relations and subjectivities: the politics of virtue and empowerment in Gilgit, Northern Pakistan. Cook, Nancy Essay Sep 22, 2007 12528
The antinomies of Samuel P. Huntington: some anthropological reflections on the American Pundit. Keles, Fethi Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 5510
Globalism is the natural state of humankind. Speech Sep 22, 2007 3940
The globally competent teacher in secondary level of education. Omoregie, Norah Report Sep 22, 2007 2801
An appraisal of globalisation and Nigerian educational policies. Ifedili, Chika Josephine A.; Ojogwu, C.N. Report Sep 22, 2007 3681
A global civil society in a world polity, or angels and nomads against empire? Reitan, Ruth Jul 1, 2007 6604
Africa raising its game in telecoms: it is often said that Africa's information and telecommunication technology is poor compared to the global growth in technology. But as Regina Jere-Malanda finds out, Africa is fighting the "divide" to the hilt and is winning. Jere-Malanda, Regina Jul 1, 2007 1673
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