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Gather Us In: Building Meaningful Relationships in Catholic Schools Amid a COVID-19 Context. Fussell, Ronald D. Sep 1, 2020 4477
The 'tipping point' is here: Catholic schools face questions over connections to Columbus, Serra. Thompson, Alexander Jul 24, 2020 1297
Tolkien's Allegory: Using Peter Jackson's Vision of Fellowship to Illuminate Male Adolescent Catholic Education. Zoeller, Adam P.; Malewitz, Thomas E. Report Mar 22, 2019 7227
Teaching While Praying, Praying While Teaching: An Interactional Sociolinguistics of Educational Prayer. LeBlanc, Robert Jean Mar 22, 2019 9319
On the reservations of Montana: These schools seek to provide Catholic education in a Native American cultural context. Uhl, Tim Feb 22, 2019 1607
Sisters' schools build girls up in Burkina Faso. Meyer, Joyce Jun 29, 2018 1173
High School Options and Post-Secondary Student Success: The Catholic School Advantage. Fleming, David J.; Lavertu, Stephane; Crawford, William Report Jun 1, 2018 8446
Incorporating a Class-Wide Behavioral System to Decrease Disruptive Behaviors in the Inclusive Classroom. Aspiranti, Kathleen B.; Bebech, Alanna; Osiniak, Kristen Report Jun 1, 2018 2955
Church links justice, school choice: Leaders in US Catholic schools say parents should be able to choose children's education, regardless of financial status. Bourbon, Julie Feb 23, 2018 1657
Superintendent's podcast captures the 'higher purpose' of Catholic education. Wilmes, Brittany Feb 23, 2018 985
British bishops tackle anti-LGBT bullying in Catholic schools. DeBernardo, Francis Aug 25, 2017 1181
Seminarian perspectives on catholic schools and the new evangelization/Perspectivas seminaristas sobre las escuelas catolicas y la nueva evangelizacion. Simonds, Thomas A.; Brock, Barbara L.; Cook, Timothy Jay; Engel, Max T. Report Mar 1, 2017 3966
Served through service: undergraduate students' experiences in community engaged learning at a Catholic and Marianist University/ Servir a traves del servicio: experiencias de estudiantes de licenciatura en aprendizaje comprometido con la comunidad en una universidad catolica marianista. Fogle, Elizabeth M.; Franco, Savio D.; Jesse, Edel M.; Kondritz, Brent; Maxam, Lindsay; McMillen, Co Report Mar 1, 2017 10334
The case for a socio-cultural approach to literacy and student support services. Palomino-Bach, Marina; Fisher, Julia Report Mar 1, 2017 2527
Latino parents of English Learners in catholic schools: home vs. school based educational involvement/Padres latinos de aprendices de ingles en escuelas catolicas: Involucracion educativa en el hogar vs. en la escuela. Vera, Elizabeth M.; Heineke, Amy; Carr, Andrea L.; Camacho, Daniel; Israel, Marla Susman; Goldberger Report Mar 1, 2017 10153
Making the case for exploratory world language instruction in catholic elementary schools through university partnerships/Argumentar el caso para la ensenanza exploratoria de lenguas extranjeras de escuelas elementales catolicas a colaboracionesuniversitarias. Burke, Brigid M.; Howard, Eric D. Report Mar 1, 2017 11986
St. George's College, Africa: in Zimbabwe's oldest school library, students are reading. Horan, Timothy Dec 1, 2016 2053
Culturally responsive peace education: a case study at one urban K-8 Catholic school/Educacion para la paz culturalmente receptiva: un estudio de caso de una escuela catolica urbana K-8/Education a la paix adaptee au contexte culturel: une etude de cas dans une ecole catholique de la maternelle au college, en zone urbaine. Buck, Brandon Case study Oct 1, 2016 9414
Losing my religion? The impact of spiritual cues on noncognitive skills/?Perdiendo mi religion? El impacto de las senales espirituales en las destrezas no cognitivas/Est-ce que je perds ma religion? L'incidence des incitations spirituelles sur les competences non cognitives. Bowen, Daniel H.; Cheng, Albert Report Oct 1, 2016 9206
A Muslim woman visits catholic kindergarten: ecumenical practices and lessons to be learned. Bronkhorst, Suzanne Report Oct 1, 2016 3936
The challenge to educate: an account of inaugurating a catholic school in Tanzania/Les defis presentes par l'education: compte-rendu de l'inauguration d'une ecole catholique en Tanzanie/El desafio de educar: relato de la inauguracion de una escuela catolica en Tanzania. Connell, Martin T. Report May 1, 2016 10921
Stigma is the origin of bullying/Stigmatiser est a l'origine des brimades/El estigma, origen del bullying. Huggins, Michael Report May 1, 2016 12323
The Augustinian values institute: preserving a legacy of Augustinian education/'Institut des valeurs augustiniennes: Preservation de l'heritage de l'education augustinienne/El instituto de valores agustinianos: conservar el legado de la educacion agustiniana. Baker, Stephen J. Report May 1, 2016 8634
Cristo Rey system embodies Francis' vision. Sweas, Megan Feb 26, 2016 909
The promise and potential of two-way immersion in Catholic schools. Fraga, Luis Ricardo Report Jan 1, 2016 7437
Brotherhood, social justice and persistent deficit ideologies: Latino students' experiences in an all-male Catholic high school. Aldana, Ursula S. Report Jan 1, 2016 9264
The journey from welcoming to belonging: stories of a new principal in a Latino community. Marasco, Corena Report Jan 1, 2016 6777
Introduction to the focus section: the Cristo Rey Network of schools. Aldana, Ursula S. Essay Sep 1, 2015 1752
Love, charity, and Pope Leo XIII: a leadership paradigm for Catholic education/ Amor, caridad y el Papa Leon XIII: un paradigma de liderazgo para la educacion catolica/Amour, charite et le Pape Leon XIII : un paradigme sur le leadership pour l'enseignement catholique. Davis, Henry J. Sep 1, 2015 6128
Transformation from within: grounded practice of teachers amidst cultural change. Jovel, Jesse; Lucas, Brandi O. Sep 1, 2015 2333
Parent engagement at a Cristo Rey School: building home-school partnerships in a multicultural immigrant community. Crea, Thomas M.; Reynolds, Andrew D.; Degnan, Elizabeth Sep 1, 2015 7019
Difficult knowledge and the English classroom: a Catholic framework using Cormac McCarthy's The Road/Connaissances difficiles et la classe d'anglais : utilisation de la route (The Road) par Cormac McCarthy dans un programme d'enseignement catholique/Conocimiento dificil y la clase de ingles: un marco Catolico usando The Road, de Cormac McCarthy. Jarvie, Scott; Burke, Kevin Critical essay Sep 1, 2015 7207
Culturally responsive caring and expectations for academic achievement in a Catholic school. Dallavis, Christian Report Apr 1, 2014 6733
The Catholic school as a Courtyard of the Gentiles. Franchi, Leonardo Essay Apr 1, 2014 7631
Tucson diocese rescues schools in partnership with new notre dame program. Sweas, Megan Mar 28, 2014 1444
Visitation day. Doyle, Brian Essay Feb 1, 2014 701
School trustee vote undermines catholic teaching. Fonseca, Jack Dec 1, 2013 676
Bishop Gordon caves to Yukon government. Dec 1, 2013 106
Contemplative leadership practice: the influences of character on Catholic school leadership. Schuttloffel, Merylann, J. "Mimi" Report Sep 1, 2013 8492
Honoring King's legacy: Catholic schools provide a beacon of hope to Washington families. Wuerl, Donald Aug 30, 2013 1149
School policy pulled. Brief article Apr 26, 2013 145
The wisdom of youth: how modern Ontario Roman Catholic students challenge and resist the persistent colonial agenda. Brennan, Terri-Lynn Kay Case study Jul 1, 2012 7022
All Are Welcome: Inclusive Service Delivery in Catholic Schools. Popper, Sarah Sep 1, 2011 1228
Bowing before idols. de Valk, Alphonse Jan 1, 2011 828
Catholic schools must bar teachers and parents involved in homosexual activism. Apr 1, 2010 665
Will work for peace: for graduates of peace studies programs at catholic universities, the career track can lead to all kinds of interesting places. Gary, Heather Grennan Mar 1, 2010 3010
Two photos: Catholic education over 50 years. Friel, Kevin; Franklin, James Essay Jan 1, 2010 811
Incomprehensive violence, loss on Mexican border: a teacher relays her students' stories, destruction of a culture, country. Maloney, Maria Miranda Viewpoint essay Jun 12, 2009 970
'Clericalism'. Plaza, C. Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2008 1060
Earning their keep: a new breed of urban Catholic high school asks disadvantaged kids to work for their tuition. Vanderkam, Laura Aug 1, 2008 3437
U.S. Catholic school students and youths. Brief article Jul 11, 2008 85
Developing a predictive metric to assess school viability. James, John T.; Tichy, Karen L.; Collins, Alan; Schwob, John Report Jun 1, 2008 7531
Conflict in independent Catholic schools. Guernsey, Dan; Barott, James Essay Jun 1, 2008 7886
Catholic Education: a Journal of Inquiry and Practice: a ten-year retrospective review of catholic educational research. Frabutt, James M.; Nuzzi, Ronald J.; Hunt, Thomas C.; Solic, Margaret A. Jun 1, 2008 4624
Schools give pope gift of community service. Hamm, Brittani Apr 18, 2008 409
Values trump vanity- ditching the dance: school earns kudos for canceling prom and its discontents. Lefevere, Patricia Apr 4, 2008 1915
Catholic Identity Today: A Position Paper. Cook, Timothy J. Author abstract Jan 26, 2008 151
Church schools' lack of government support 'a disaster,' cardinal says. Allen Jr. John L. Dec 7, 2007 642
Early 20th century education in the United States: the role of the brothers of Holy Cross. Armstrong, Philip C. Dec 1, 2007 3274
Keeping "every Catholic child in a Catholic school" during the Great Depression, 1933-1939. Ryan, Ann Marie Dec 1, 2007 8138
Brothers of the Christian Schools. Salm, Luke Dec 1, 2007 4701
Authentic expression of Edmund Rice Christian Brother education. Vercruysse, Raymond J. Dec 1, 2007 6134
Faith schools and state education: church-state relations and the development of the 5-14 religious education program in Scotland. Coll, Roisin; Davis, Robert A. Sep 1, 2007 6748
Pastor-principal relationship in the parish school. Weiss, Sharon Essay Sep 1, 2007 6839
Supporting children with disabilities in the Catholic schools. Crowley, Abby L.W.; Wall, Shavaun Jun 1, 2007 5700
Including and serving students with special needs in Catholic schools: a report of practices. Durow, W. Patrick Jun 1, 2007 5500
The internship: bridge between marketplace and liberal arts education in the Catholic tradition. Grabowsky, Eric; Fritz, Janie M. Harden Essay Jun 1, 2007 5559
How much does a private school student count? A critical analysis of the athletic multiplier. James, John T. Jun 1, 2007 11017
Gay and lesbian students in Catholic high schools: a qualitative study of alumni narratives. Maher, Michael J. Report Jun 1, 2007 11093
Responses from the field. Jun 1, 2007 1195
Ten dimensions of inclusion: non-Catholic students in Catholic schools. Donlevy, J. Kent Report Mar 1, 2007 11979
The accessibility of American Catholic secondary schools to the various socioeconomic classes of Catholic families. Huber, John B. Report Mar 1, 2007 5590
Responses from the field. Mar 1, 2007 2027
The state of special education in Catholic schools. DeFiore, Leonard Jun 1, 2006 5216
Renewing our commitment to Catholic elementary and secondary schools in the third millennium. Mar 1, 2006 4622
Dialogue could have averted hijab controversy. Morrison, Patricia Lynn Oct 3, 2003 894
The Effects of Catholic Schooling on Civic Participation. CIRCLE Working Paper 09. Dee, Thomas S. Author abstract Jul 1, 2003 457
Catholic football team banned over assault. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Nov 15, 2002 222
Good news. (News). Schlumpf, Heidi Nov 1, 2002 124
Let's be true to our schools: parish-based, urban education is a mission our church should accept. (margin notes). Clarke, Kevin Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 644
School tries to resolve conflict with sports league. McClory, Robert Brief Article Aug 24, 2001 253
THE 21 SCHOOLS. McClory, Robert Brief Article Jun 29, 2001 98
Native residential schools. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 457
`I tell my story to seek forgiveness'. WOKASCH, JULIE Aug 11, 2000 1623
Policing Masculinities: Investigating the Role of Homophobia and Heteronormativity in the Lives of Adolescent School Boys. MARTINO, WAYNE Interview Jan 1, 2000 10541
Private Schools and Public School Achievement. Sander, William Sep 22, 1999 5133
Catholic Education. ALLEN, JOHN L. JR. Brief Article Mar 26, 1999 606
The 'eliting' of the common American Catholic school and the national education crisis. Baker, David P.; Riordan, Cornelius Sep 1, 1998 7124
The so-called failure of Catholic schools. Greeley, Andrew M. Sep 1, 1998 1524
Voucher fans take heed: in politics, cash=control. Tallman, Mark Aug 14, 1998 951
Cultural barriers facing lesbian, gay, and bisexual students at a Catholic college. Love, Patrick G. May 1, 1998 10808
Children can't wait for educational reform. Feuerherd, Joe Nov 7, 1997 754
Pooled efforts start new school; 60 chosen pupils gain skills, beat the odds. Lefevere, Patricia Sep 5, 1997 1689
Catholic education: "how can we give people the tools to succeed in American without communicating the negative values of North American society?"(Prof. Allan Figueroa Deck, S.J., of Loyola Marymount Univ.)(Interview)(Cover Story) Wirpsa, Leslie Interview Mar 29, 1996 566
Catholic schools, dropout rates and educational attainment. Sander, William; Krautmann, Anthony C. Apr 1, 1995 6816

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