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Kenya upholds ban on gay sex. Jul 1, 2019 283
Exploring Pronatalism and Assisted Reproduction in UK Medicine. Warnes, Alexa Apr 1, 2019 8531
DECRIMINALISING THE RIGHT TO LOVE: An Indian Success. Narrain, Arvind Essay Mar 1, 2019 1239
Scrapping Section 377 worries India's ruling party. Sep 9, 2018 701
Gay Realtors welcome advocates for LGBTs. Knopp, Elana Jun 18, 2018 754
SAME-SEX COUPLES FACE UNIQUE PROBS. Brief article Apr 1, 2018 160
SOMOS FAMILIA. Rodriguez, Rosa Mar 1, 2018 555
Being at Home With Privacy: Privacy and Mundane Intimacy Through Same-Sex Locative Media Practices. Hjorth, Larissa; Pink, Sarah; Horst, Heather A. Report Mar 1, 2018 7788
Gay (super) power: writer Steve Orlando is helping usher in a new era at DC Comics in which LGBT characters are among the world's greatest superheroes. Peeples, Jase Dec 1, 2016 559
Colourful families: the importance of Gayby Baby. Long, Claudia Cover story Jan 1, 2016 2217
Banned camp: is today's New Gay--businesslike and comfortable in straight environments--an entirely new creature? Benderson, Bruce Dec 1, 2015 1667
Creditable marriage goals and government interests: a systems approach for handling complexity, apportioning expertise, and using federalism (anticipating Obergefell). Kuykendall, Mae Report Jul 1, 2015 12309
Clergy will disobey any ruling that permits same-sex marriage. Scarborough, Rick Jun 29, 2015 718
It's no cakewalk: despite Hollywood's help in stirring a sea change in American opinion, and the Supreme Courts blessing of marriage equality, there's still much more work to be done. Johnson, Ted; Lang, Brent Jun 29, 2015 3060
SAG-AFTRA will continue its fight for workplace equality. McNary, Dave Interview Jun 29, 2015 809
Norman Lear: 'family' man helped get the ball rolling. Gray, Tim Interview Jun 29, 2015 466
'The Sims 4' Forbidden Mods: Same-Sex Relationships, Teen Pregnancies And More. Sep 25, 2014 413
Monetizing marriage. Brief article Aug 22, 2014 298
Can less be more? Comparing duration vs. frequency of sexual encounters in same-sex and mixed-sex relationships. Blair, Karen L.; Pukall, Caroline F. Report Aug 1, 2014 9770
World Vision's gay marriage flip-flop reflects evangelical angst. Apr 11, 2014 336
Court Violates Cake Baker's Right not to serve gay weddings. Armstrong, Ari Mar 22, 2014 432
Adoption agency wins appeal. Feb 14, 2014 177
Turkish Muslims versus Dutch foster care. Freire, Emma Elliott Jul 1, 2013 1586
Spate of firings happen without official policy. McElwee, Joshua J. Jun 7, 2013 1195
PM's delight over gay marriage bill; The furore over new legislation for gay marriages dominated the corridors of Westminster this week. The Government's plans to legalise gay marriage cleared the House of Commons despite more Tory MPs voting against the proposals than voting in favour of them. May 25, 2013 1416
Obama seeks upper hand on social issues. Oct 7, 2012 666
The gay parent report card. Sep 22, 2012 540
Integration, multicultural counseling, and social justice. Hook, Joshua N.; Davis, Don E. Report Jun 22, 2012 3315
'Same-Sex Couples Should Be Able to Get Married'. Tracy, Marc May 9, 2012 502
Does Heather have two mommies? The importance of full faith and credit recognition for adoptions by same-sex couples. Lombardo, Lauren May 1, 2012 16590
Queering couplehood: Robert & John Allerton and historical perspectives on kinship. Syrett, Nicholas L. Mar 22, 2012 10340
'8' equals million. Cox, Gordon Brief article Sep 26, 2011 138
Surrogate health care decisions and same-sex relationships. Murphy, Timothy F. May 1, 2011 2723
What Child Is This?: Closely Reading Collectivity and Queer Childrearing in Lackawanna Blues and Noah's Arc. Stephens, Vincent Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 13178
Bullets over Broadway: Toronto pastor leads way for social justice. Swift, Diana Mar 1, 2011 462
Reach out and touch me! Or, wait, don't. What does your fear of PDA say about you? Oct 1, 2010 1489
Getting sex "right": heteronormativity and biologism in trans and intersex marriage litigation and scholarship. Cruz, David B. Sep 22, 2010 11421
Same sex redux: how did same sex marriage re-emerge as one of the most vexing social issues facing lawmakers? Nelson, Christine Apr 1, 2010 2115
Same-sex marriage questioned. Brief article Feb 5, 2010 160
Archdiocese says DC vote legalizing gay marriage regrettable. Dec 25, 2009 361
"Stabane," Intersexuality, and Same-Sex Relationships in South Africa. Swarr, Amanda Lock Essay Sep 22, 2009 10404
Stuck in a Middle eastern closet: a Western couple finds out what it means to be queer in the U.A.E. Rhodes, Ceri Sep 1, 2009 1557
A pair of queens. Kilmer-Purcell, Josh Jun 1, 2009 407
Public rights, global perspectives, and common law. Davis, Martha F. Jun 1, 2009 15452
Love stories. Cover story Nov 4, 2008 5915
Debating gay marriage and Proposition 8. Betty, Stafford Oct 31, 2008 917
Israel at 60: as the Jewish state celebrates its diamond anniversary, its progressive policies continue to shine like a gay jewel in the Middle Eastern rough. Kaufman, David Sep 9, 2008 1162
Gay marriage Hallmark moment. Sep 5, 2008 138
What a GAY DAY; New draft laws to recognise same-sex relationships revealed by Government. Jun 25, 2008 393
Exclusive excusado. Brief article May 1, 2008 208
Uruguay recognises same-sex civil unions. Mar 1, 2008 199
Marriage, cohabitation, and same-sex marriage. Dnes, Antony W. Jun 22, 2007 7114
Civil Union Act passes in Illinois. Ponciano, Asiana Brief article Jun 1, 2007 103
Gay, Catholic and parents of three: couple invites Pope Benedict to come for dinner. Colbert, Chuck Mar 23, 2007 1267
Demanding healthy love: isolated and ashamed no more: gays and lesbians abused by their partners are finally speaking up and getting help. Moore, Patrick Legislation Dec 5, 2006 1657
Competitive ballroom dancing is back! Gainor, J. Ellen Nov 1, 2006 2242
British Journal of Social Work: 'Genealogy's desire: practices of kinship amongst lesbian and gay foster carers and adopters'. Hicks, Stephen Reprint Sep 22, 2006 272
X marks the spot. Sep 1, 2006 1096
All cried out over a girl. Sep 1, 2006 810
Gay families, keep out! The recent case of a straight couple denied an occupancy permit in Missouri has once again shone a light on city ordinances that forbid unmarried couples with children to live together. Gay families are particularly at risk. Larson, Nancy Jul 18, 2006 1154
American exodus. Brief article Jul 1, 2006 180
Belgium passes same-sex adoption law. Brief article Jun 22, 2006 99
A wedding-day protest. Kuhr, Fred Brief article May 9, 2006 167
Married to the man: some dykes marry men, and stay married, for more reasons than you think. Selke, Lori May 1, 2006 1612
A new entity in the history of sexuality: the respectable same-sex couple. Valverde, Mariana Mar 22, 2006 2930
Chapter 57: Planning for non-traditional relationships. Jan 1, 2006 11556
Little Catholic gifts: the Vatican says allowing gays and lesbians to adopt is doing "violence" against children. So why are some Catholic agencies placing foster kids with same-sex couples? Henneman, Todd Dec 6, 2005 1109
Cross country. Brief Article Nov 22, 2005 229
Raising good children. Brief Article Nov 22, 2005 158
Found: 85,000 black gay households. Dang, Alain; Frazer, Somjen Jan 1, 2005 1684
Same-sex benefits are 'business as usual'. Rundles, Jeff Jan 1, 2005 750
The kids are all right: three teens who are being raised by gay parents are taking on the conservative establishment to defend their families. Neff, Lisa Jul 20, 2004 1428
My dad's core values. Kerry, Vanessa Jul 6, 2004 750
May 7,1975: gay couples get marriage licenses. Brief Article Mar 30, 2004 164
Legally wed in Colorado, 1975: pioneering gay couple Anthony Sullivan and Richard Adams didn't just get legally married 29 years ago; they stood up and demanded to be recognized. Caldwell, John Mar 30, 2004 404
A gay old divorce: want the full rights of marriage? Get ready for the full cost of divorce: from $1,000 to $100,000 to ... well, the sky's the limit. Henneman, Todd Mar 30, 2004 540
Unfit parents? Brief Article Mar 2, 2004 184
July-August 2003: animal magnetism. Jul 1, 2003 679
A tale of two billboards. (BTW). Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 198
Towards full citizenship: sexual orientation and human rights. (Human rights: unfinished business). Sevilla, Rebeca Jan 1, 2003 6003
The brides wore white. (Free Press). Pompilio, Natalie Oct 1, 2002 1057
Somewhere over the rainbow: love, trust and monogamy in gay relationships. Worth, Heather; Reid, Alison; McMillan, Karen Sep 1, 2002 7620
Look ma, no heteros: gay and lesbian couples could be giving birth to babies genetically related to both same-sex parents if current research pans out. (Science). Adams, Bob Mar 19, 2002 1365
No salvation after all. (Benefits). Ghent, Bill Brief Article Dec 25, 2001 106
Tracking violence at home. Condon, Lee Brief Article Sep 11, 2001 175
December 10, 1996: A model gay marriage goes bad. Romesburg, Don Brief Article Sep 11, 2001 223
What to do about these "marriages"? Coren, Michael Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 788
Queering the Apocalypse, II: Skirting Eco-Apocalypse by Reconstructing Sexual Ethics. CLARK, J. MICHAEL Mar 22, 2000 3732
Consumed by couplehood. Lemon, Brendan Aug 31, 1999 706
Gay and gray. Kornblum, Janet Jul 8, 1997 1785
Male bonding. Boyd, Malcolm Column Jun 24, 1997 642

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