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Social Inequalities After Prison Release: The Aspiration of Future within Permanent Liminality. Rotthaus, Hannah Jun 1, 2022 1640
Karpowership extends Ramadan benevolence to FaBB, Tanka Tanka, Prisons ; orphanages. Apr 26, 2022 824
Racial inequality a prominent issue in U.S. prisons. Mar 24, 2022 862
Cambodia's Ministry of Health responds to rights' NGO's on COVID-19 measures in prisons. Dec 12, 2020 462
No estamos todas, faltan las presas! Contemporary Feminist Practices Building Paths toward Prison Abolition. Draper, Susana Jun 1, 2020 10663
Goodbye Prison Blues: After seven groundbreaking seasons, NetfLix's Orange Is the NewBlackls ending. Gilchrist, Tracy E. Oct 1, 2019 824
De Lima to re-file Human Rights Defenders, Prison Reform Bills. Jul 1, 2019 509
State prison service, Saudi Embassy agree to construct rehab center for deradicalization and re-socialization of convicts. May 3, 2019 176
The Comeback: It has been found that community residents that have ties and social exchanges with their neighbors may contribute toward mutual trust and solidarity, promoting pro-social action. Collective efficacy theorists Sampson, Morenoff, and Earls (1999) suggested that friendship and kinship, along with residential stability, has an influence on the buy-in of community residents. Seward, Vanda May 1, 2019 2396
Jailhouse rocks: Prison governor encourages convicts to busk in communal areas as part of a "more caring regime"; From acoustic guitars to flutes, harmonicas, recorders and organs, jailhouse HMP Stocken rocks to pop's best known hits during recreation time at the nick and while on their way to work or meals. Nov 3, 2018 360
By Any Other Name. W., Travis Column Nov 1, 2018 592
ITF pays NECO fees for Jos prison inmates, donates books, toiletries. Oct 8, 2018 428
The Importance of the Company You Keep: THE EFFECTIVENESS OF SOCIAL SUPPORT INTERVENTIONS FOR PRISONERS. Duwe, Grant Oct 1, 2018 4428
Using restrictive housing to manage gangs in US prisons. Pyrooz, David C. Report Jul 1, 2018 2635
The Bombs Explode at Home: Policing, Prisons, and Permanent War. Camp, Jordan T. Essay Jun 22, 2018 7024
Prison Beds and Compensated Man-Days: The Spatio-Temporal Order of Carceral Neoliberalism. Guenther, Lisa Essay Jun 22, 2018 9042
Carceral Rehab as Fuzzy Penality: Hybrid Technologies of Control in the New Temperance Crusade. Whetstone, Sarah; Gowan, Teresa Essay Jun 22, 2018 11532
Brett Story, The Prison in Twelve Landscapes (documentary, 87 min., 2016). Story, Brett; Norton, Jack; Camp, Jordan T.; Spencer, Annie Critical essay Jun 22, 2018 5814
The Root of the Matter: Notes on Judah Schept's Progressive Punishment. De Giorgi, Alessandro Critical essay Jun 22, 2018 1586
Participatory Investigation of Place and Space in an Anti-Prison Movement. Reiter, Keramet Critical essay Jun 22, 2018 1721
Caring Cages: Troubling Progressive Punishment. Schept, Judah Essay Jun 22, 2018 2591
NIB Screens Awutu Camp Prison Inmates. Jun 21, 2018 306
Kyrgyz State Penitentiary Service, UNODC sign cooperation plan to prevent radicalization among prisoners. May 29, 2018 187
Overcrowding and its Impacts on the Reintegration of Prisoners in Selected Jails of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Gul, Rais Report Mar 31, 2018 4502
The missing link in reentry: Changing prison culture. Shuford, John A. Report Mar 1, 2018 2063
Why do we Africans treat ourselves so badly? Despite achieving independence decades ago, why are our governments still maintaining inhuman laws and conditions which were imposed by the colonial regimes? Ankomah, Baffour Column Feb 1, 2018 1344
Prison and the Pure Land: A Buddhist Chaplain in Occupied Japan. Curley, Melissa Anne-Marie Essay Jan 1, 2018 11358
Prevalence and Associated Factors of Depression among Prisoners in Jimma Town Prison, South West Ethiopia. Abdu, Zakir; Kabeta, Teshome; Dube, Lamessa; Tessema, Workinesh; Abera, Mubarek Jan 1, 2018 5912
The faith factor: Prison culture transformation through religious efforts. Drum, Vance L. Nov 1, 2017 1833
Prison organizing as tradition and imperative: a response to Sarah Haley, Toussaint Losier, and Waldo Martin. Berger, Dan Essay Sep 22, 2017 2147
Baseball Before a Captive Audience: The Minnesota State Prison's Sisal Sox, 1914-72. Arpi, Rich Sep 22, 2017 5046
Prevalence and violence-associated factors in the work environment of female prison guards in Brazil/ Prevalencia e fatores associados a violencia no ambiente de trabalho em agentes de seguranca penitenciaria do sexo feminino no Brasil. Ferreira, Marcelo Jose Monteiro; Macena, Raimunda Hermelinda Maia; Mota, Rosa Maria Salani; Neto, Ro Ensayo Sep 1, 2017 7995
The graying and incarcerated: Shawshank Redemption was right on target. Nelson, Floyd Jul 1, 2017 1913
Prison movement history for the era of #blacklivesmatter. Losierf, Toussain Essay Jun 10, 2017 1812
Disciplinary technologies and the school in the Epoch of digital reason: Revisiting discipline and punish after 40 years. Peters, Michael A. Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 7467
Inmate calls to friends/family surge on Christmas Day. Brief article Dec 29, 2016 203
'There is where the artistic life leads a man': James Lingwood at Reading Gaol. Lingwood, James Essay Sep 1, 2016 812
Social justice and feminist activism: writing as an instrument of collective reflection in prison spaces. Castillo, Rosalva Aida Hernandez Essay Jun 18, 2016 6688
Prison won't resolve these women's issues; Some women turn to crime simply because they are desperate or at a low ebb, and experts believe that sending them through the judicial system simply exacerbates the social problem. Rachael Misstear finds out about a pioneering scheme which is helping women turn their lives around. Apr 15, 2016 780
Stress Management workshop on prisons staff held. Jan 2, 2016 169
Locked out--children's experiences of visiting a parent in prison. Brief article Dec 22, 2015 208
Jailhouse rot. Finneran, Kevin Sep 22, 2015 1128
Yours truly. Brief article Sep 22, 2015 122
The Kaiwhakahaere comments. Nuku, Kerri Jun 1, 2015 497
Snout is out in communal prison areas. Mar 6, 2015 118
Are we there yet? Dahm, Jacobia Brief article Mar 1, 2015 128
Just violence?: California's short corridor hunger strikes and arguments over prison legitimacy. Earle, Chris S. Jan 1, 2015 8985
Transforming argumentative dialogue through prison service-learning projects. Hinck, Shelly Schaefer; Scheffels, Erin Lynn Essay Jan 1, 2015 7406
Economic inequality, racism and trauma: growing up in racist combat zones and living in racist prisons. Katz, Rebecca S.; Willis, Hannah; Joseph, Justin Jabar Nov 1, 2014 13145
Precarious presence in contemporary theater. Siouzouli, Natascha Mar 22, 2014 3752
Photographs connect inmates to outside world. Fincher, Megan Jan 17, 2014 1590
Transforming prisons into museums: architectural adaptation in Iberia. Brooks, Iris Dec 1, 2013 1698
House a respite for prisoners' families. O'Neill, Patrick Jun 7, 2013 1567
"Security here is not safe": violence, punishment, and space in the contemporary US penitentiary. Morin, Karen M. Report May 1, 2013 10394
Jail house blues: despite the noblest of intentions, America has become the world's superpower of incarceration. Pitock, Todd Jan 1, 2013 2720
Carceral geography and the spatialities of prison visiting: visitation, recidivism, and hyperincarceration. Moran, Dominique Report Jan 1, 2013 9941
Who's in prison in the U.S.? Who's not? A special call for papers. Mar 22, 2012 392
Five doors, three cameras, and a dead bolt: how fear of crime is filling our prisons and consuming personal liberty. Ireland, Alison Michelle Jan 1, 2011 6096
Countess Almaviva and the Carceral Redemption: introducing a musical utopia into the prison walls. Romero, Luis Gomez Essay Jul 1, 2010 7324
Demystifying prisons through the use of experiential learning. Smith, Hayden P.; Koons-Witt, Barbara A.; Meade, Benjamin Report Jun 22, 2010 5720
No prosecution necessary: the feminist movement has traded ideological purity for power, causing the undermining of due process protections and the imprisonment of men without charges or trial. Baskerville, Stephen Jan 18, 2010 3199
Unlocking men, unmasking masculinities: doing men's work in prison. Karp, David R. Report Jan 1, 2010 9428
Be careful what you wish for? Exploring the personal, social and economic impact of new prison builds. Modoc-Jones, Iolo Report Mar 22, 2009 6338
NSWNA calls on members to stand against prison privatisation. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 249
Worst of the worst: California's hard lessons in how not to run a prison system. Sterngold, James Jul 1, 2008 5109
Taming of the screws: even California's powerful prison guards' union thinks more prisons are a bad idea. Abramsky, Sasha Jul 1, 2008 1379
Tattoo prohibition behind bars: the case for repeal. D'Amico, Daniel J. Report Mar 22, 2008 7518
Autobiography, activism, and the carceral: an analysis of the prison writing of Lady Constance Lytton. Tilghman, Carolyn M. Sep 22, 2007 9079
Jail population rises, US aid ineffective. Brief article Jun 1, 2007 170
Crisis call: phoning the hostage taker: "body alarm in the kitchen!". Mann, Jim Jun 1, 2007 2178
Automated Video Surveillance: improving CCTV to detect and prevent incidents. Turner, Allan Jun 1, 2007 1484
Heart diseases and cancer caused half of all state prisoner deaths from 2001 to 2004. Leone, Lisa May 1, 2007 263
Abolition is abolition. Horowitz, Gad Jul 1, 2006 255
Cultural change in a maximum-security prison: the Wyoming State Penitentiary has improved its work environment through a project funded by the National Institute of Corrections and led by the warden and a professor. Hubbell, Larry; Abbott, Scott Jun 22, 2006 2557
The Islamic republic of Iran: implementing a program to fight HIV/AIDS in prisons. Hill, Gary Jan 1, 2006 2307
Prison rape. Romesburg, Don Brief Article Dec 6, 2005 139
Can gay inmates be protected? Roderick Johnson says he was sold as a sex slave in a Texas prison, but a jury found prison officials had done nothing wrong. Can anyone protect gay inmates from rape and abuse? Hernandez, Greg Dec 6, 2005 1116
Go directly to jail: even before the HBO series Oz, most people were rightly fearful of stepping foot inside the Big House. But prison ministry isn't just for a brave few, argues J. Peter Nixon. All Catholics are called to visit the prisoner in their local correctional facility. Nixon, J. Peter Mar 1, 2005 1285
Faith-based prison announced. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Dec 26, 2003 157
Another Christmas in a prison visiting room: family gatherings give glimpse of next generation of inmates. Soring, Jens Dec 26, 2003 915
Challenging the prison industrial complex: "as states fail to fund health care, welfare, education, and transportation ... the continued growth in corrections spending is extraordinarily stark.". Herzing, Rachel; Burch, Melissa Nov 1, 2003 1303
Parents or prisons. Roback Morse, Jennifer Aug 1, 2003 5045
The role of jails is growing in the community. Weedon, Joey R. Apr 1, 2003 542
Youthful offenders in adult correction: a systemic approach using effective interventions. (CT Feature). Shomaker, Nancy; Gornik, Mark Oct 1, 2002 1468
Re/constructing Black masculinity in prison. Nandi, M. Sep 22, 2002 7709
Women and drugs: destruction by incarceration. Pereira, Margaret Brief Article May 1, 2002 4412
A perspective on long term imprisonment. Wiggington, Tracey May 1, 2002 1343
Paralegal aid in Africa: A case study from Malawi. (CT Feature). Stapleton, Adam Feb 1, 2002 2707
Prison and probation: The swedish perspective. (CT Feature). Osterdahl, Bertel Feb 1, 2002 4031
Using the web for an interactive documentary project: at, the U.S. criminal justice system is examined from many perspectives. (Radio and the Internet). Johnson, Sue Sep 22, 2001 1436
Rape used as control in U.S. prisons. GORDON, NEVE Brief Article Sep 14, 2001 696
The prison as metaphor: Recasting the "Dilemma" of international relations. Marks, Michael P. Jul 1, 2001 9228
Reforming the Incarceration Nation. Allen Jr., Norm R. Jun 22, 2001 3455
Sexual Publications and Inmates: Legal and Ethical Implications. Collins, William C. Jun 1, 2001 1630
Prison Dharma Walk. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 113
Overview: Critical Resistance to the Prison-Industrial Complex. Sep 22, 2000 2193
The History of Critical Resistance. Sep 22, 2000 2236
The Industry of Fear. Abu-Jamal, Mumia Sep 22, 2000 966
Urban Pedagogies and the Ceiling of Adolescents of Color. Duncan, Garrett Albert Sep 22, 2000 6386
The Role of the Immigration and Naturalization Service in the Prison-Industrial Complex. Welch, Michael Sep 22, 2000 6798
State to State. Harry, Jennifer L. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 677
Prisons and Host Communities: DEBUNKING THE MYTHS AND BUILDING COMMUNITY RELATIONS. Thies, Jeanie M. Apr 1, 2000 2317
Funds that `should go to reform' are building more prisons. Jones, Arthur Brief Article Dec 31, 1999 382
The Sociology of Prison and the Self-referential Approach to Prison Organization and to Correctional Reforms. Lambropoulou, Effi May 1, 1999 8574
Dancers are going to jail. Patrick, K.C. Brief Article Aug 1, 1998 414
U.S. Prison system no answer to either crime or punishment. Drinan, Robert F. Jun 19, 1998 811
The fifty first state: lockdown USA. Ziedenberg, Jason May 1, 1998 2264
Mugged by reality. Methwin, Eugene J. Jul 1, 1997 4820
The sound of silence. Siegal, Nina Jul 1, 1997 1866
The effects of the Duran Consent Decree. Blakely, Curtis R. Feb 1, 1997 945
Fighting prison rape: how to make your facility safer. Dallao, Mary Dec 1, 1996 3255
RX for saner prisons. Peirce, Neal R. Jul 29, 1996 809
Prison is not enough. Gottfredson, Don M. Aug 1, 1995 1662
Hell factories in the field: a prison-industrial complex. Davis, Mike Cover Story Feb 20, 1995 3433
Shackled justice: Florence federal penitentiary and the new politics of punishment. Perkinson, Robert Sep 22, 1994 7165
Can prisons be legitimate? Penal politics, privatization, and the timeliness of an old idea. Sparks, Richard Jan 1, 1994 1107
Racial disproportion in U.S. prisons. Tonry, Michael Jan 1, 1994 7543
Mental illness prevails in urban jails. Bower, Bruce Jun 16, 1990 739

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