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Social transformation through women's education. Oct 16, 2021 700
For the climate's sake, empower African women. Oct 3, 2021 554
Casteing Gender: Intersectional Oppression of Dalit women. Sharma, Bhushan; Geetha, K.A. Oct 1, 2021 3605
Dalit Women in History: Struggles, Voices, and Counterpublics. Sarvesh, Tarushikha; Singh, Rama Shanker; Alam, Tehzeeb Report Oct 1, 2021 7859
Dissenting Dalit Voices: An Analysis of Select Oral Songs of Dalit Women in Kerala. Placid, Anne Report Oct 1, 2021 6461
NGC presents vocational starter packs to 40 women in Edo, Kogi. Sep 2, 2021 559
Three empowered women in agriculture share their roles, experiences, and lessons from the industry. May 4, 2021 1025
Goodbye, Maria Clara. Hello, modern Filipina! Apr 21, 2021 662
Call for safeguarding rights of minority women. Mar 10, 2021 384
Acquire Skills To Support Your Family, Association Tells Women. Jan 31, 2021 586
Aid cut off from war-torn Ethiopian region. Karombo, Tawanda Jan 8, 2021 1206
Women are largely carrying burden of pandemic and losing jobs. Dec 14, 2020 417
WOMEN'S HEALTH STATUS IN NEPAL: APPRAISING CONTINUITY AND CHANGE. Subedi, Govind; Dhakal, Rojana; Yadav, Manju Dec 1, 2020 8964
Women empowerment link to education: Khalid Maqbool. Nov 4, 2020 516
WOMEN IN FRANCHISING: THROUGHOUT THE YEARS: The Women's Franchise Committee (WFC) was established in 1996 with a mission to promote women's participation in franchising through networking, exchange of ideas, resources and experiences. Rowan, Michelle; Gagnon, Robin Nov 1, 2020 1580
Suburban women march, call attention to voting, racial and gender rights. Madhu Krishnamurthy and Mick Zawislak Oct 22, 2020 922
Suburban women march calling attention to voting, racial and gender rights. Madhu Krishnamurthy and Mick Zawislak Oct 18, 2020 922
Improving Life for Women with Parkinson's Disease. Schenkman, Melissa Sep 22, 2020 980
From Sight to Touch: Female Identity in Brian Friel's Molly Sweeney. Chang, Hawk Critical essay Sep 22, 2020 6727
Feminism and its implication in Afghanistan. Sep 20, 2020 949
Rice exporters organize training to protect rights of agri women's children. Sep 11, 2020 681
Rice exporters organize training to protect rights of agri women's children. Sep 11, 2020 610
THEY INSPIRE US: 7 Seven bold women with fresh ideas and big dreams. Sep 1, 2020 1783
Bilingual gatekeepers' experiences of immigrant women's acculturative stress and mental health improvement in Korea: A qualitative analysis. Choi, Yun-Jung Sep 1, 2020 4356
Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness among Pregnant Women in a Secondary Health Facility in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Anikwe, Chidebe Christian; Okorochukwu, Bartholomew Chukwunonye; Ikeoha, Cyril Chijioke; Asiegbu, Ob Report Aug 31, 2020 8598
How women's beauty affects men. Aug 16, 2020 842
Comparison of the Levels of Fear and Perceived Social Support Among the Women Having and Not Having Mammography. Cinar, Ilgun Ozen; Tuzcu, Ayla Aug 7, 2020 5115
Socioeconomic Status and Maternal Health-seeking Behavior: A Comparative Study between a Rural Site and an Urban Community in Bangladesh. Hossain, Delwar Report Aug 1, 2020 4735
[Anniversary Roundtable] Ministry to set up women's framework against COVID-19. Discussion Jul 23, 2020 629
A Study on the Status of Women's Empowerment in urban Bangalore, India. Menon, Sangeetha; Ranjitha, M.; Sharma, Shweta Report Jul 1, 2020 4338
Women's Choice to Deliver at Home: Understanding the Psychosocial and Cultural Factors Influencing Birthing Choices for Unskilled Home Delivery among Women in Southwestern Uganda. Atukunda, Esther C.; Mugyenyi, Godfrey R.; Obua, Celestino; Musiimenta, Angella; Agaba, Edgar; Najju Report Jun 30, 2020 9853
My Journey with Reproductive Justice. Salas, Gabriela Personal account Jun 22, 2020 1026
Women Get the VOTE. Weiss, Elaine May 11, 2020 3021
Egypt leads international initiative supporting women, children through COVID-19. Daily News Egypt May 4, 2020 258
Voicing their stories: A discourse on the relationship between education and the social position of Indian women in the mid-twentieth century. Singh, Shivani Report Apr 1, 2020 6753
SEWING CHANGE: Days for Girls. Lockhart, Kaylee Mar 31, 2020 1824
Determinants of Noncompletion of the Third Dose of Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine in Pregnant Women in Dschang Health District, Cameroon. Fouelifack, Florent Ymele; Kenfack, Bruno; Nguefack, Skinner Lekelem; Ndenkeh, Jackson Nforbewing, J Mar 31, 2020 5121
Exploring equal pay, women's vote and counting minorities. Mar 15, 2020 571
100 years after women's suffrage, pay gap remains. Krishnamurthy, By Madhu Mar 15, 2020 634
Fighting for women's rights now synonymous with man -hating. Mar 10, 2020 462
Women Wonder Awards 2020 held to honour women contributions. Mar 5, 2020 445
World Women's Day: About 1,500 Women Benefit Breast/Cervical Screening/Test In Ilorin. Mar 5, 2020 350
Speakers stress the need of providing more rights to women. Feb 7, 2020 268
Women's March Chicago draws thousands of women downtown. Submitted by Syed Ullah Jan 24, 2020 522
CARIBBEAN-LABOUR-ILO report says women still underpaid in the Caribbean despite attaining higher education. Jan 21, 2020 646
Role of Women in Hur Movement. Sodhar, Zain-ul-Abdin; Laghari, Muhammad Ali; Kabooro, Nasrullah Essay Dec 31, 2019 2049
In the 16 days of activism, deal with plight of women detainees. Dec 6, 2019 783
Gender discrimination in the United States: Experiences of women. SteelFisher, Gillian K.; Findling, Mary G.; Bleich, Sara N.; Casey, Logan S.; Blendon, Robert J.; Be Dec 1, 2019 8680
Tyup district discusses role of women in local council polls. Nov 27, 2019 111
Empowering women in entrepreneurship to ignite growth, prosperity, says Sheikha Hanadi. Nov 17, 2019 369
Govt to ensure women's right to inheritance: minister. Oct 18, 2019 408
"Me Gritaron Negra": The emergence and development of the Afro-descendant women's movement in Peru (1980-2015). Lewis, Eshe; Thomas, John Oct 1, 2019 11332
Caregiver Stress, Perceived Stigma and Mental Health in Female Family Members of Drug Addicts: Correlational Study. Report Sep 30, 2019 2827
First Sexual Experience Was Forced for 1 in 16 U.S. Women. Gordon, Serena Sep 16, 2019 724
Social gender and nursing in Turkey: A qualitative research. Report Aug 31, 2019 1901
Pakistan Women: The real architect of society. Aijaz, Urooj Essay Aug 25, 2019 912
Psychosocial Stress Can Lead To Bone Loss In Aging Women: Study. Aug 6, 2019 456
Facilitators to Accessibility of HIV/AIDS-Related Health Services among Transgender Women Living with HIV in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Fauk, Nelsensius Klau; Merry, Maria Silvia; Siri, Theodorus Asa; Tazir, Fabiola Tazrina; Sigilipoe, Jul 31, 2019 8508
CJ calls for reforms for pro-women environment. Jul 26, 2019 348
Time to end global injustice towards women. Jul 4, 2019 456
Saudis social acceptance of women driving on the rise. Jun 23, 2019 584
WOMEN KEY TO PEACE TALKS. Jun 22, 2019 266
Choir Strikes Chords of Connection. Nicol, Doreen Jun 22, 2019 387
Budget expenditures on social support for women and families with many children grew five times in Kazakhstan. May 16, 2019 227
Sexual function and Dyadic adjustment in women with urinary incontinence. Apr 30, 2019 3789
BP UK Oil Ltd.--BP named as a top employer for women in the UK--25/4/2019. Apr 30, 2019 534
Govt committed to give women protection in society: President. Apr 3, 2019 427
Learning to deal with freedom and restraints: Elderly women's experiences of their husbands visiting a Men's Shed. Hedegaard, Joel; Ahl, Helene Apr 1, 2019 6078
'Do what makes you scared -it is absolutely the best way to grow' Former leader of Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood, now shadow minister for social justice, was raised in a traditional working class home. Here, she gives her view on women, leadership and Welsh public life... Fs g. Mar 9, 2019 886
Exploring new approaches to social protection for women. Mar 8, 2019 719
Experiences of women in survivorship following mastectomy in the Cape Metropole. Stecher, N.E.; Cohen, M.A.; Myburgh, E.J. Mar 1, 2019 3707
OUR BODIES, OUR CELLS: Women's health is often viewed through the lens of fertility, a bias that stymies innovation in other areas. NextGen Jane is among a vanguard of startups aiming to fix that. Evans, Dayna Mar 1, 2019 1598
Ban of Menstruating Women to Enter Hindu Temple Lead to 'Chain' Support all Over India for Gender Equality. Darwish, Randa Jan 2, 2019 475
The Irish Women's Club: Cumann na mBan in Sydney 1919-1935. Whitaker, Anne-Maree Jan 1, 2019 4673
Video of Young Saudi Women Running Food Truck Sparks Wide Anger. Dec 20, 2018 135
Oman Post Launches Commemorative Stamp Championing Women Empowerment. Dec 19, 2018 355
In Review: 2018 was Big Year for Saudi Women. Dec 19, 2018 812
Harassment faced by women with disabilities global issue: Dr Mazari. Dec 8, 2018 1035
Gulf women's creativity versus obstacles highlighted. Dec 5, 2018 571
Family Influence, Critical Consciousness, and Career Calling in Women of Color. Marks, Laura Reid; Harrell-Williams, Leigh M.; Tate, Kevin A.; Coleman, Monica L.; Moore, Kanesha Dec 1, 2018 6734
Need for women's empowerment stressed to ensure just society. Nov 21, 2018 614
Affirmative Action Bill will not empower women over men is to correct social injustice. Nov 15, 2018 642
FROM ROCKING THE CRADLE TO ROCKING THE WORLD: "By joining violent extremism, females are committing acts that ultimately are selfish, senseless, and sorrowful. Oddly, the ultimate goal for pious, practicing Muslims is the same as for Muslim extremists, only the latter use violence in hopes of securing a place in Paradise....". Qazi, Farhana Nov 1, 2018 2110
Post-abortive woman: "If my words lead you to save your child's life, I will also feel that you saved mine.". Andrusko, Dave Nov 1, 2018 551
Continue to add value to humanity, Ambode, Obaseki urge women. Oct 23, 2018 1171
'More women from rural settings should participate in decision making'. Oct 17, 2018 503
Development and Psychometric Properties of Menstrual Health Seeking Behaviors Questionnaire (MHSBQ-42) in Female Adolescents. Darabi, Fatemeh; Yaseri, Mehdi; Rohban, Alireza; Farahani, Farideh Khalajabadi Report Oct 1, 2018 4830
Maori cervical screening data to be protected. Brief article Oct 1, 2018 170
The Place of Southern Baptist Women in the Church, Home, and Society, 1950-1979. Early, Joseph, Jr. Sep 22, 2018 6687
Images of woman and her search for happiness in Cynthia Jele's Happiness is a four-letter word. Makombe, Rodwell Critical essay Sep 22, 2018 5923
BACK TO LIFE: A radical wing of the anti-abortion crusade has returned, emboldened by the prospect of the end of Roe v. Wade. Liss-schultz, Nina Sep 1, 2018 1511
SEEKING ANEW RULE BOOK: "Men... are both a product and keeper of this system that women are subjected to. Contrary to popular belief, however, men are not the problem in this dilemma". Steindorf, Leeza Carlone Sep 1, 2018 1888
The Role of Partner Autonomy Support in Motivation, Well-Being, and Weight Loss Among Women With Higher Baseline BMI. Gettens, Katelyn M.; Koestner, Richard; Carbonneau, Noemie; Powers, Theodore A.; Gorin, Amy A. Report Sep 1, 2018 5636
How women with intimate partner violence (IPV) reason about other's intentions: effect of IPV on counterfactual inferences among healthy high socioeconomic level women from Turkey. Gul, Ahmet; Gul, Hesna Report Sep 1, 2018 4685
How were women portrayed in Ramadan season 2018? Jul 24, 2018 1849
World Connecting Japanese Singer, Ayumi Ueda, and Her Vision. Love, Juri Jul 12, 2018 830
A New Women's Work: Digital Interactions, Gender, and Social Network Sites. Cirucci, Angela M. Report Jul 1, 2018 9094
Pakistan's Struggle against Extremist Onslaught, Assimilating Women in Pakistan's Counter-Extremism Efforts; A Critical Appraisal. Javaid, Umbreen Essay Jun 30, 2018 5841
WOMEN OF COLOR AND HEALTH: ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS. Cross, June; Weeks, Nia Discussion Jun 22, 2018 7775
Sexual Behaviors, Experiences of Sexual Violence, and Substance Use among Women Who inject Drugs: Accessing Health and Prevention Services in Puerto Rico. Collazo-Vargas, Erika M.; Dodge, Brian; Herbenick, Debby; Guerra-Reyes, Lucia; Mowatt, Rasul; Otero- Jun 1, 2018 8824
Women's Autonomy and Intimate Partner Violence in Ghana. Tenkorang, Eric Y. Report Jun 1, 2018 8882
Will abortion become illegal in the United States? There is growing anti-abortion rhetoric which could have a major impact on women's health care in the US; There is growing anti-abortion rhetoric which could have a major impact on women's health care in the US. May 26, 2018 850
Pope: Reflect on role of women. Brief article May 18, 2018 133
Experiences of women engineers from forty countries at annual conference of Tunisian women engineers' association presented. Conference news May 12, 2018 532
Egyptian woman fights connotations attached to divorced women. May 3, 2018 1219
Arab women urge gov'ts, parliaments to enforce gender equality. Apr 28, 2018 131
Women who seek freedom from cultural constraints. Apr 1, 2018 1488
Imaging the Woman through Tanzanian Women's Maxims. Omari, Shani; Senkoro, Fikeni E.M.K. Report Apr 1, 2018 7814
A Comparative Study of Influential Factors Impacting Women's Activities in Traditional and Modern Neighborhood Spaces in Tehran, Iran. Mohammadi, Maryam; Rafiee, Arezoo Report Apr 1, 2018 5422
Changing Equations: Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and the Welfare of Women. Raghunandan, Varsha Report Apr 1, 2018 5974
A bridge to understanding smoking among women in rural Central Appalachia: Qualitative interviews with local nurses. Baker, Cathy Jo; Showalter, Sarah-Catherine Report Mar 22, 2018 6877
Islam gives honourable position to women. Mar 13, 2018 729
Islam gives honourable position to women. Mar 13, 2018 427
Islam gives honourable position to women. Mar 13, 2018 729
SDPI celebrates success of struggle of women leadership in Pakistan. Mar 9, 2018 791
SDPI celebrates successes of struggle of women leadership in Pakistan. Mar 9, 2018 778
SDPI celebrates success of struggle of women leadership in Pakistan. Mar 9, 2018 677
I am tomorrow: Let's talk about women empowerment. Mar 4, 2018 729
One out of five women is part of labour force: report. Mar 3, 2018 554
New research shows major efforts are required to enhance women's representation. Mar 3, 2018 591
Societal barriers discourage women's representation in civil service: UN study. Mar 2, 2018 513
Modern African Women Versus Traditional African Women: A Reply to Simphiwe Sesanti's "African Philosophy for African Women's Leadership: An Urgent Project for the African Renaissance". Omotoyinbo, Femi Richard Report Mar 1, 2018 3901
Bias in Contraceptive Provision to Young Women Among Private Health Care Providers in South West Nigeria. Sieverding, Maia; Schatzkin, Eric; Shen, Jennifer; Liu, Jenny Report Mar 1, 2018 8857
Civil society hails women participation in LG polls. Feb 22, 2018 335
Initiative to empower women. Jan 17, 2018 614
Women in Turkey in the Context of Being Deprived of Capabilities and Feasibilities. Topuz, Senem Kurt; Erkanli, Hulya Report Jan 15, 2018 5617
Health-Related Quality of Life and Associated Factors among Women on Antiretroviral Therapy in Health Facilities of Jimma Town, Southwest Ethiopia. Weldsilase, Yetnayet Abebe; Likka, Melaku Haile; Wakayo, Tolossa; Gerbaba, Mulusew Report Jan 1, 2018 9267
Agents for Change: Local Women's Organizations and Domestic Violence in Indonesia. Afrianty, Dina Report Jan 1, 2018 8865
From Women Empowerment to Nation Branding: A Case Study From the United Arab Emirates. Allagui, Ilhem; Al-Najjar, Abeer Case study Jan 1, 2018 7972
The Mediating Role of Social Support on the Relationship Between Perceived Locus of Control, Quality of Life and Depression Among Male and Female Migraine Patients. Ghazal, Sara; Akhtar, Tanvir; Aqeel, Muhammad Report Dec 31, 2017 5568
The Challenges of Women Empowerment in Pakistan: A Retrospective Analysis. Ishaque, Waseem; Mahesar, Ghulam Akbar; Zaidi, Zulfiqar Haider Report Dec 31, 2017 5847
Cost of marginalising women. Dec 26, 2017 894
Safe working environment for women stressed. Dec 22, 2017 378
NCSW to protect rights of women. Dec 22, 2017 333
Women Who Suffered Emotionally from Abortion: A Qualitative Synthesis of Their Experiences. Coleman, Priscilla K.; Boswell, Kaitlyn; Etzkorn, Katrina; Turnwald, Rachel Report Dec 22, 2017 5470
Why Stress Is More Likely To Cause Depression In Men Than In Women. Reprint Dec 13, 2017 1152
Speakers for creating awareness about women rights. Dec 9, 2017 422
Speakers for creating awareness about women rights. Dec 9, 2017 422
"Blessing" a Texas abortion clinic and what that says about pro-abortionists. Andrusko, Dave Nov 1, 2017 487
The attitudes of fertile and infertile women to Oocyte donation in a Muslim and Secular population. Oct 31, 2017 2750
Most women feel unsafe in public transport: research. Oct 20, 2017 710
Women's power in the American West: Mary Hallock Foote and Honore Willsie Morrow's Tales of Electrification. Lieberman, Jennifer L. Critical essay Sep 22, 2017 9835
Postwar reentry narratives in Leslie Marmon Silko's ceremony and Ben Fountain's Billy Lynn's long halftime walk. Johnston, Carrie Critical essay Sep 22, 2017 9465
Birthright Denied: The Sterilization of Indigenous Women. Stote, Karen Sep 22, 2017 1948
The experience of illness of women with endometriosis: narratives about institutional violence. de Souza Sao Bento, Paulo Alexandre; Moreira, Martha Cristina Nunes Ensayo Sep 1, 2017 6240
Q&A with Christine Gervais, studying women religious. Araujo-Hawkins, Dawn Interview Aug 25, 2017 1137
Educated women can help change perception of Pakistan: Syed Ibne Abbas. Aug 16, 2017 294
Socioeconomic changes and women empowerment through kudumbashree mission-study of mukkam municipality. John, Annie Report Jul 10, 2017 2128
Elevating deprived women is social responsibility. Jul 9, 2017 449
Subjectivity and intersectionality: sickness experiences of black women with sickle-cell disease/Subjetividade e interseccionalidade: experiencias de adoecimento de mulheres negras com doenca falciforme/Subjetividad e interseccionalidad: experiencias de enfermedad de mujeres negras con enfermedad falciforme. Xavier, Eliana Costa; Rocha, Katia Bones Jul 1, 2017 8204
We need to wage war on the economic marginalisation of women: with the World Economic Forum estimating it will take 170 years to close the economic gender gap, what can be done to unlock more opportunities for women in Africa and across the globe? Erogbogbo, Vanessa Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2017 1408
WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AND INTRA-HOUSEHOLD DIETARY DIVERSITY IN NIGERIA. Voufo, Belmondo Tanankem; Uchenna, Efobi; Atata, Scholastica Ngozi Report Jul 1, 2017 10400
The house that Bev built: creating an intentional community of women. Suek, Beverly Essay Jun 22, 2017 2760
Striking oppression, silent sisterhood. Pacatte, Rose Essay Jun 2, 2017 1586
Stroke risk in women deserves greater attention. Dotinga, Randy Jun 1, 2017 243
Women hardest hit by opioid epidemic. May 1, 2017 384
Recognizing special women. Tobias, Carol May 1, 2017 555
Indian expat women's group plans support measure. Apr 4, 2017 500
A study on strategic leadership styles among Kudumbashree in promoting agricultural business. Prasad, Preethi. M.; Ambily, A.S. Report Apr 1, 2017 4189
Women parliamentarians to establish pro-active network for raising women issues collectively. Mar 24, 2017 547
West African women and the development question in the post-World War II economy: The experience of Nigeria's Benin province in the oil palm industry. Ayokhai, Fred Ekpe F.; Rufai, Bwashi Report Mar 22, 2017 9476
Women parliamentarians to establish pro-active network for raising women issues collectively. Mar 16, 2017 546
Women's quality of Life and perceived stress: Role of joint and nuclear family. Dubey, Vachaspati Report Mar 1, 2017 2850
Sleeping beauties: mummies and the fairy-tale genre at the fin de siecle. Dobson, Eleanor Essay Feb 1, 2017 7939
After the marches, the hard part: striving for unity: women of all backgrounds, beliefs, and politics must find a way to move forward together. Littleton, Cynthia Guest commentary Jan 24, 2017 823
Women, serpent and devil: female devilry in Hindu and biblical myth and its cultural representation: a comparative study. Chakraborty, Suman Essay Jan 1, 2017 5249
Nailed it: Paul Ryan's perfect answer to why planned parenthood should be defunded. Chretien, Claire Jan 1, 2017 512
"The redemption has begun": pregnancy center opens next to infamous abortion clinic. Hobbs, Jay Jan 1, 2017 609
Occupational Stress among Women Managers. Fei, Lai Ka; Kuan, Ng Yin; Yang, Fong Chee; Hing, Lim Yoong; Yaw, Wong Kok Jan 1, 2017 5013
"I Cannot Get Out": The Self-imposed Afterlife of Maria Bertram. Sundet, Leta Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 3645
Evaluation of relationships, self-evaluation and self-esteem of women's with histerectomy. Ilknur, A.A.; Birsen, A.; Busra, A. Report Dec 1, 2016 3945
Trafficking discourses of Dominican women in Puerto Rico. Cabezas, Amalia L.; Campos, Ana Alcazar Report Dec 1, 2016 7724
Subversive Maryam or a Qur'anic view on women's empowerment. Buisson, Johanna Marie Critical essay Dec 1, 2016 3849
Career experiences of women with major financial barriers. Clark, Madeline E.; Bower, Jamie D. Dec 1, 2016 6820
Queen Rania meets with women from Ma'an. Nov 9, 2016 493
'Big Bang Theory' acknowledges life in the womb: 'there's a baby in there!'. Ashford, Justin; Coombs, Alexa Moutevelis Brief article Nov 1, 2016 343
How empowered are women to choose contraception? Kiran, Talapere Usha; Katke, Rajshree Dayanand; Mane, Priyadarshini; Pimple, Purva Ganesh Oct 1, 2016 4546
The women in my life. Kambinda, Winnie Column Oct 1, 2016 895
Looking forward, working for change: Puerto Rican women and the quest for educational justice in Chicago. Velazquez, Mirelsie Report Sep 22, 2016 10542
Racial stress on pregnant African-American women: the impact of racial stress on pregnant African-American women and the affects on them and their babies. Card, Mini Myers Report Sep 22, 2016 5919
When women don't have a choice. Muse, Deborah Reprint Sep 1, 2016 1711
Examining progress and equity in information received by women using a modern method in 25 developing countries. Jain, Anrudh K. Report Sep 1, 2016 8923
Access to resources imperative for women to excel in respective fields. Aug 18, 2016 405
Empower women for peace. Williams, Mariam Jul 1, 2016 718
Ndau women, informal cross-border trade and the changing socio- economic dispensation in Zimbabwe. Mutsagondo, Samson; Karimanzira, Edith; Makanga, Jennipher Report Jul 1, 2016 5466
Young Women's Friendships across Three Generations: Insights from Norway. Nielsen, Harriet Bjerrum Essay Jun 22, 2016 11336
Making Equals: Classical Philia and Women's Friendship. Schweitzer, Ivy Jun 22, 2016 11911
Women's Friendships, Feminist Friendships. Gardiner, Judith Kegan Critical essay Jun 22, 2016 7155
Reassessing Caribbean migration: love, power and (re) building in the diaspora. Baldwin, Andrea Natasha; Mortley, Natasha K. Essay Jun 1, 2016 7035
Interview with Patricia Mohammed: the status of Indo-Caribbean women: from indenture to the contemporary period. Roopnarine, Lomarsh Interview Jun 1, 2016 6523
Empowering women and youth. May 31, 2016 269
Muriya, Omani Women's Association open community centre in Sifah. Apr 27, 2016 350
The forbidden space in Mary, Lady Chudleigh's "Song: To Lerinda" (1703). Alexander, Laura Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 4359
Walking with patients is a privilege: a clinical nurse specialist at Wellington Hospital considers it a privilege to walk alongside women coping with cancer. Manchester, Anne Mar 1, 2016 1464
A century-old diversity quest. Gaydos, Steven; Gray, Tim Feb 23, 2016 859
No women allowed: Stores in Saudi Arabia face backlash for barring women from entry. Feb 2, 2016 713
While women in traditionally male-dominated fields, such as engineering, construction and other technical careers, can face societal hurdles, Community College of Denver (Colo.) students Khadiyja "DJ" Lynch and Kelci Brady have both decided to break through that social stigma and find the right fit for their education and career goals. Feb 1, 2016 257
'What on earth is she drinking?' Doing femininity through drink choice on the girls' night out. Nicholls, Emily Essay Feb 1, 2016 7155
Formal institutions and women's electoral representation in four European countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands. Lu, Sophia Jan 1, 2016 4664
Resisting the male gaze: feminist responses to the "normatization" of the female body in Western culture. Ponterotto, Diane Report Jan 1, 2016 8564
Multilevel analysis of state variations in women's participation in household decision-making in Nigeria. Lamidi, Esther O. Report Jan 1, 2016 7496
Discovering my own Black feminism: embarking on a journey to explore Kenyan women's oppression. Gatwiri, Glory Joy; McLaren, Helen Jaqueline ess Jan 1, 2016 4753
Strategy aims to improve health status of world's women, kids: targets unveiled. Currie, Donya Jan 1, 2016 971
The going forth of Mahapajapati Gotami in T 60. Analayo, Bhikkhu Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 7750
The Spartan woman: symbol for an age? Antebellum-era images of the ideal female citizen in the North and South. McInnis, Edward Essay Jan 1, 2016 6409
"With truthful tongue and faithful pen": Arcangela Tarabotti against Paternal Tyranny. Weaver, Elissa B. Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 7950
Camelback Ventures Invests $450,000 in Women and Entrepreneurs of Color Creating Social Impact. Dec 18, 2015 562
Continuity and change: cracks in traditional family and gender systems in Punjab, Pakistan/Sureklilik ve degisim: Punjab, Pakistan'da geleneksel aile ve toplumsal cinsiyet sistemlerindeki catlaklar. Bhatti, Feyza Abstract Dec 1, 2015 9936
Acculturative trajectories descriptions and implications for health among 12 Mexican deported women who inject drugs. Rodriguez-Montejano, Silvia; Ojeda, Victoria D.; Valles-Medina, Ana M.; Vargas-Ojeda, Adriana Nov 1, 2015 6270
Shan women traders and their survival strategies on the Myanmar-Thailand Borderland. Lertchavalitsakul, Busarin Report Nov 1, 2015 10834
Understanding and responding to HIV risk in young south African women: clinical perspectives. Dellar, R.; Waxman, A.; Karim, Q. Abdool Report Nov 1, 2015 3087
GynePunks: Reimagining women's health. Oakes, Kari Nov 1, 2015 1216
Experiences of infertile women seeking assisted pregnancy in Iran: a qualitative study. Ranjbar, Fahimeh; Behboodi-Moghadam, Zahra; Borimnejad, Leili; Ghaffari, Saeed Reza; Akhondi, Mohamm Report Oct 1, 2015 5373
The alienation of Nigerian women in widowhood. Iheanacho, Ngozi N. Report Oct 1, 2015 8854
In defense of Myrrhina: friendship between women in Plautus's Casina. Feltovich, Anne Sep 22, 2015 9319
A photographer's quest to share the stories of Yemeni women. Brief article Sep 17, 2015 289
Methods in HPV surveillance: experiences from a population-based study of hpv infection among women in the San Juan Metropolitan Area of Puerto Rico. Ortiz, Ana Patricia; Marrero, Edmir; Munoz, Cristina; Perez, Cynthia M.; Tortolero-Luna, Guillermo; Sep 1, 2015 9375
Mental health in women abused by their partners. A study with samples from Mexico and Spain. Oramas, Maria Jose Garcia; Aznar, M. Pilar Matud Report Sep 1, 2015 4103
Mencken on women: the bad boy of Baltimore was a sexual counterrevolutionary. Hart, D.G. Sep 1, 2015 2481
Fuel wood Collection and Gender Time Poverty: Implications for Development Policy. Jan, Inayatullah; Pervez, Sidra Report Aug 31, 2015 3128
Just down the coastline to another world. Aug 20, 2015 335
In Kuwait, a brutal beating is caught on film, and a Twitter storm follows. Aug 12, 2015 1480
A community practitioner abroad: listening to women in Dailekh, Nepal. Nixon, Catherine Report Jul 1, 2015 3497
Women, DDR and post-conflict transformation: lessons from the cases of Bosnia and South Africa. Kaufman, Joyce P.; Williams, Kristen P. Report Jul 1, 2015 19212
Brand intimacy, female friendship and digital surveillance networks. Winch, Allison Jun 22, 2015 8995
Black club women and the establishment of juvenile justice institutions for colored children: a Black feminist approach. Young, Vernetta D.; Reviere, Rebecca Jun 22, 2015 8462
Gaining weight and skin bleaching: women knowledge and practices of body modification and their impact on females in the Tamboul area in Central Sudan. Hadi, Abu Baker Ahmed Abdel Rahman Al Report Jun 1, 2015 5636
Maternal filicide among women admitted to forensic psychiatric institutions in Malaysia: case series. Razali, S.; Salleh, R.M.; Yahya, B.; Ahmad, S.H. Report Jun 1, 2015 6335
The life source of Egypt is turning from water to waste. Brief article May 25, 2015 186
Exploring women's lives through dance. Childs, Karen May 1, 2015 358
Eating disorders during adolescence may have lasting socioeconomic consequences for women. McCarthy, Kathleen May 1, 2015 301
Focusing and art as ways to explore the implicit and non-verbal aspects of women's abortion experiences. Brooker, Miriam Rose Report May 1, 2015 8272
The power of (thoughtful) women. Setoodeh, Ramin Apr 28, 2015 418
Being a woman in Lebanon. Apr 26, 2015 411
Cultural femicide. Meg, Vicky Apr 1, 2015 526
Criminal justice system involvement and gender stereotypes: consequences and implications for women's implicit and explicit criminal identities. Rivera, Luis M.; Veysey, Bonita M. Mar 22, 2015 7893
The systematic and widespread attacks on female education and what we must do. Rihani, May Mar 12, 2015 860
Equality, dignity women's sacred right. Mar 8, 2015 339
Anthropological study of empowerment of women as heads of household (case study: women as heads of households supported by the Imam). Akbari, Shahnaz; Mireskandari, Fariba; Farbod, Mohammad Sadegh Case study Jan 15, 2015 7137
Negotiating two cultures: Hmong American college women's experiences of being a daughter. Peng, Shuling; Solheim, Catherine Report Jan 1, 2015 6227
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