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CHITCHAT OVER COFFEE: Respect begets respect. Carvill, Zee Jun 28, 2022 1028
Some superstitions and points of ignorance among our people. Jun 22, 2022 1091
Today is family day. May 15, 2022 529
Minister of Social Development and Family Wins GCC Humanitarian Work Award. May 11, 2022 173
Re-imagining marriage and its original values. Apr 28, 2022 846
Re-imagining marriage and its original values. Apr 27, 2022 859
Reimagining marriage and its original values. Apr 20, 2022 844
Influencers to Advocate Gender Equality, Family Planning in Communities. Apr 7, 2022 200
Narrowing the Front Door: Using Economic and Concrete Supports to Create a Just and Equitable Child and Family Weil-Being System. Maurici, Jennifer Apr 1, 2022 968
Minister of Social Development and Family Wins Arab Women Award for Social Responsibility. Mar 23, 2022 171
Anxiety, Knowledge and Lived Experiences of Families with COVID-19 Patients: A MixedMethod Multi-Center Study in Iran. Khaleghparast, Shiva; Ghanbari, Behrooz; Maleki, Majid; Zamani, Farhad; Peighambari, Mohammad Mehdi; Report Mar 1, 2022 4910
PS145m paid out to hard-up households. NEIL POORAN Feb 8, 2022 185
Extra cash to help families pay for rising energy bills. Feb 1, 2022 388
Greenlandic 'Experiment Children' Demand Compensation From Danish State. Nov 23, 2021 453
Influence of maternal attitudes and parenting style on children's dental caries experience. Abbasoglu, Zerrin; Kuvvetli, Senem Selvi Report Oct 6, 2021 3736
Prevalence, Determinants and Impact of Haemoglobin Phenotype Misdiagnosis Among Parents of Children Living with Sickle Cell Disease in Nigeria. Adekunle, Motunrayo Oluwabukola; Ojewunmi, Oyesola; Animasahun, Adeola Barakat; Lawani, Faith Ozavis Report Sep 1, 2021 3740
LAURA McALLISTER; LauraMcAllister is a sports mad academic from Bridgend. She is Professor at Cardif f University's Wales Governance Centre and former captain of the Wales women's international football team. Jul 17, 2021 1661
Plan to end PS20 Covid credit payment slammed as 'cruel' Durkan warns many face poverty. SHAUNA CORR Jul 14, 2021 383
Diagnostic challenges in shared delusional disorder (folie a deux). Case presentation. Veresanu, Ligia; Chirita, Vasile; Dobrin, Irina; Stefanescu, Cristinel; Chirita, Roxana Jun 1, 2021 2639
PS37K minimum income for Scots families; EXCLUSIVE SNP'S S INDY CASH WINDFALL 'GUARANTEE' MSP claims plan would beat poverty.. but can't say how it would be paid for. PAUL HUTCHEON May 26, 2021 1512
Drawing the Curtain: A Racial Equity Framework for Pediatric Professionals. Boles, Jessika; Ferrer, Kia Column May 1, 2021 4306
Healing with Homeopathy: Homeopathy for Stir-Crazy Kids During the Pandemic. Reichenberg-Uliman, Judyth Apr 1, 2021 2922
Respectability and its discontents: Sexuality and marginalisation in the Marxist tradition in the United States. Mishler, Paul C. Report Mar 22, 2021 10438
7,000 family members of 2,837 martyrs given social support payments. Feb 3, 2021 355
More martyrs' family members receive social support payments. Jan 25, 2021 336
6,790 family members of 2,778 martyrs receive social support payments. Jan 22, 2021 335
Let's Talk About The Pandemic Within A Pandemic. Jan 6, 2021 738
2,100 martyrs' family members receives social support payments. Jan 6, 2021 297
2,100 martyrs' families receive social support payments. Jan 6, 2021 297
Families in Oman learn the importance of saving during pandemic, reveals SQU research. By: Times News Service Jan 5, 2021 502
Relationship between Familial-Monitoring and Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students in Multan Division. Ghulam Murtaza Dec 31, 2020 4667
Azerbaijan boosts social support payments in 2020. Dec 28, 2020 569
Family Communication Central to Mothers' Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management. Fisher, Carla L.; Mullis, Michaela D.; Lee, Donghee; Ledford, Christy J.W. Report Dec 1, 2020 5623
Kate Middleton asks for more support for young families in 'milestone moment' speech; Kate is seeking ways to provide better support for families with children aged under five. She is concerned that a poor start is a cause of social problems such as family breakdown and addiction. By, Richard Palmer Nov 27, 2020 358
Achieving Improved Child and Family Well-Being Through Prevention: A Call for System Adaptation. Weiner, Dana Oct 1, 2020 1592
Food bank use surges during pandemic with families hardest-hit by crisis; Trussell Trust warns there will be 670,000 additional people classed as destitute who cannot afford essentials by the end of 2020. By, Brett Gibbons Sep 14, 2020 551
Lockdown a challenging time for all family relationships. Aug 5, 2020 568
Lockdown a challenging time for all family relationships. Aug 5, 2020 568
Assessment of pre-natal and post-natal attitude and practice of family members towards the birth of a female child among people residing in district East, Karachi. Bhatty, Sumera Inam; Naqvi, Syed Muhammad Zulfiqar Hyder; Jafry, syed Imtiaz Ahmed; Jameel, Nazia Report Jun 16, 2020 4594
Bank Muscat's Tadhamun programme to support 168 families in 2020. Times News Service Jun 16, 2020 382
Holiday gifts from Azercell to families of martyrs and disabled persons on the occasion of May 28th - The Republic Day [PHOTO]. May 29, 2020 535
Quarantine ideal for examining family relationships. May 26, 2020 980
41,000 individuals, families receive aid under RTA's Ramadan initiatives. Angel Tesorero, Staff Reporter May 22, 2020 362
Family Support and Its Association with Glycemic Control in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Haidar, Adwa M. Al; Shehri, Norah A. Al; Hussaini, Munira A. Al Apr 30, 2020 4065
Azercell supports thousands of low-income families in Ramadan! Apr 30, 2020 308
Relationship of Work-Family Conflict with Job Demands, Social Support and Psychological Well-Being of University Female Teachers in Punjab. Mahvish Fatima Akram and Abid Hussain Ch Apr 30, 2020 6940
Parenting Style, Personality Traits, and Interpersonal Relationships: A Model of Prediction of Internet Addiction. Sun, Yanshu; Wilkinson, Jeffrey S. Mar 1, 2020 8375
Children's Career Expectations and Parents' Jobs: Intergenerational (Dis)continuities. Oliveira, Iris M.; Porfeli, Erik J.; Taveira, Maria do Ceu; Lee, Bora Report Mar 1, 2020 7317
Qatar Charity distributes food baskets in Gaza. Jan 23, 2020 221
Family's Social Standing May Be Key to Happiness for Teens. Jan 10, 2020 389
In Search of Confianza: A Qualitative Analysis of Salvadoran Parents' Experiences in U.S. Urban Schools. Colon, Ingrid T.; James, Marlon; Chowdhury, Mahjabin; Rector-Aranda, Amy; Monroy, Miguel Burgess Jan 1, 2020 6820
Challenges experienced by South African families caring for state patients on leave of absence. Mothwa, Nchaesa G.; Moagi, Miriam M.; van der Wath, Anna E. Jan 1, 2020 5283
Sibling Relationships, Personality Traits, Emotional, and Behavioral Difficulties in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Longobardi, C.; Prino, L.E.; Gastaldi, F.G.M.; Jungert, T. Dec 31, 2019 6802
90% of school dropouts come from poor and low-income families (Minister of Social Affairs). Dec 20, 2019 158
Looking Beyond the Individual: How Family Demands and Capabilities Affect Family Adjustment Following Pediatric Solid Organ Transplant. Cushman, Grace K.; Gutierrez-Colina, Ana M.; Lee, Jennifer L.; Reed-Knight, Bonney; Mee, Laura L.; G Dec 1, 2019 5723
Women's Resilience in Preserving Family Life Following an Earthquake in North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Budirahayu, Tuti; Farida, Anis; S., Sughmita Maslacha Amala Report Dec 1, 2019 6466
Family resilience. Sadaf Zindani, Dr Tazeen Saeed Ali - Karachi Nov 17, 2019 317
Caregiver Stress, Perceived Stigma and Mental Health in Female Family Members of Drug Addicts: Correlational Study. Report Sep 30, 2019 2827
Type 2 Diabetes as a Familial Illness: Findings From a Focus Group Study. Didericksen, Katharine Wickel; Das, Bhibha M. Sep 1, 2019 5345
Cementing Family Ties. Aug 2, 2019 502
A parent's greatest gift. Jul 28, 2019 416
A parent's greatest gift. Jul 28, 2019 298
Dreama workshop helps create awareness on serving orphans better. Jul 18, 2019 489
Social passport of low-income families system presented in Bishkek. Jul 17, 2019 197
Youth's excessive dependency on smartphones causing social detachment. Jul 9, 2019 371
DIFI Participates in 'Disability, Training and Social Intervention' Conference. Conference news Jul 8, 2019 313
More than 18,000 families denied targeted social support in Kazakhstan. Jun 24, 2019 153
Developing an Anti-Racism Methodology: Considering Japanese and White Canadian Fishing Family Relations in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Baird, Ian G. Jun 22, 2019 9863
Government proposes to provide one-time social assistance of 100,000 soms to poor families in Kyrgyzstan. Jun 17, 2019 143
Ramadan baskets to help needy families. May 25, 2019 195
Twenty families receive keys to their new homes in GoraA3/4de. May 22, 2019 640
Budget expenditures on social support for women and families with many children grew five times in Kazakhstan. May 16, 2019 227
Raising Sons and Daughters. May 12, 2019 975
Dubai expat watches on video call as family experiences Sri Lanka clash. May 7, 2019 798
New support group for dementia established. Apr 29, 2019 793
1 in 5 Irish children lives in poverty; Charity reveals damning figures in new survey. Apr 15, 2019 425
President Jeenbekov says orphans should be raised in families. Apr 11, 2019 109
The Impact of Alcoholism on Family and Children/Alkolizmin Aile ve Cocuk Uzerine Etkisi. Erdim, Leyla Apr 1, 2019 4148
Counseling and advocacy in Ireland. Jain, Sachin; Faimon, Kristina; Mallory, Monique; Shoemaker, Shannon Mar 1, 2019 5235
Corporate social responsibility and Chinese family-owned small- and medium-sized enterprises. Xue, Ke; Yu, Mingyang; Xu, Sheng Report Mar 1, 2019 6532
ABL holds seminar on family owned structure to corporate structure. Feb 8, 2019 274
Shifting the Center: Understanding Contemporary Families, 5th Edition. Book review Feb 1, 2019 253
Medical Kidnapping: Could it Happen on Your Unit? Casey, Donna Report Jan 1, 2019 1813
Representaciones en torno a la eleccion de la docencia desde el discurso de las familias y el estudiantado de pedagogia. Gomez, Hector; Castillo, Silvia Jan 1, 2019 7661
Caracteristicas sociales y familiares asociadas al maltrato al adulto mayor de Pasto, Colombia 2016. Agudelo-Cifuentes, Maite Catalina; Cardona Arango, Doris; Segura Cardona, Angela; Segura Cardona, Al Jan 1, 2019 5766
Shame and Humiliation of Breast Cancer Patients--Communication Pitfalls with Oncology Cases. Silistraru, Ioana Oct 1, 2018 4838
Returning Thanks: Re/Defining Identity and Family in the Search for My Father. Sayman, Donna Sep 22, 2018 9350
Potential Stressors of Undocumented Latinx Youth: Implications and Recommendations for School Counselors. Talleyrand, Regine M.; Vojtech, Jennifer Thanh-Giang Sep 1, 2018 5625
Lots of LaCotts: Duck Guide Pioneers Perfect Craft Through Generations. Hebda, Dwain Aug 27, 2018 1115
A helping hand for split families; Mediation can ease the pain when relationships break down. Aug 8, 2018 856
Relationships between adolescents' values priorities and social positions established by their income and family's education levels/Relacoes entre prioridades de valores de adolescentes e posicoes sociais de renda e escolaridade/Relaciones entre prioridades de valores de adolescentes y posiciones sociales de ingreso economico y escolaridad familiar. Wachelke, Joao Jul 1, 2018 7206
Taylor Family YMCA promotes healthy living. Jun 15, 2018 272
Illinois ranks fifth in hospitable places to live for low-income families. Jun 5, 2018 253
Hippie Family Values. Stein, Nancy Movie review Jun 1, 2018 1510
Psychiatric Hospital or Poor House? Socio-economic precariousness and weak family support. Borzin, Aurelia Essay Jun 1, 2018 2712
Autism Spectrum Disorder in Latin American Families: Experiences in Chile. Hartmann, Kathrin; Kozikowski, C. Teal; Urbano, Maria R.; Ba, Caroline Luong-Tran; Williams, Takeshi Jun 1, 2018 2724
Coping Strategies and Support Structures of Addiction Affected Families: A Qualitative Study from Goa, India. Church, Sydney; Velleman, Richard; Orford, Jim; Bhatia, Urvita; Velleman, Gill; Rane, Anil; Nadkarni Jun 1, 2018 5090
Mondelez International donates to BRCS. Apr 15, 2018 110
The Role of the Family in Crime Causation: A Comparative Study of 'Family of Orientation' and 'Family of Procreation'--A Study of Women Prisoners in the Central Jails of Rajasthan. Bhandari, Asha Report Apr 1, 2018 3827
SOMOS FAMILIA. Rodriguez, Rosa Mar 1, 2018 555
From Negligence to Perception of Complexities in Adherence to Treatment Process in People with Diabetes: A Grounded Theory Study. Mousavizadeh, Seyedeh Narjes; Ashktorab, Tahereh; Ahmadi, Fazlollah; Zandi, Mitra Report Mar 1, 2018 4962
DIFI discusses Canada refugee families' issues. Feb 25, 2018 149
DIFI Holds Symposium on 'Gender, Family, and Marital Relationships Among Arab Refugee Families' in Canada. Feb 25, 2018 354
400,000 families need social support in Kyrgyzstan u MP. Feb 22, 2018 111
Moving from survival to fulfillment: A planning framework for community schools: The authors suggest a three-part conceptual framework to help community school coordinators plan and assess the wide range of services they provide to children and families. Shaia, Wendy E.; Finigan-Carr, Nadine Essay Feb 1, 2018 2061
A powerful convergence: Community schools and early childhood education: The most successful elementary schools partner with community organizations to support young children and their families beginning in early childhood. Jacobson, David Essay Feb 1, 2018 2748
Commensal meetings strategies regarding youth orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil. Moreira, Sueli Aparecida; Franca, Ivan, Jr.; Jacob, Michelle; Cabral, Alicia; Martirani, Laura Alves Jan 1, 2018 6022
Common Issues Seen in Paediatric Diabetes Clinics, Psychological Formulations, and Related Approaches to Management. Deeb, Asma; Akle, Mariette; Ozairi, Abdulla Al; Cameron, Fergus Report Jan 1, 2018 6396
Does family outweigh risk? Surveying probationers on the importance of social support and the presence of coercion. Galli, Phillip M. Jan 1, 2018 2364
"Imagine a Clinical World Without Family Systems Thinking". Fogarty, Colleen T.; Mauksch, Larry B. Editorial Dec 1, 2017 2509
"Miscarried Helping" in Adults With Type 2 Diabetes: Helping for Health Inventory--Couples. Tanaka, Rika; Trief, Paula M.; Scales, Kasandra; Weinstock, Ruth S. Report Dec 1, 2017 7241
Family Functioning and Child Asthma Severity: A Bio-Behavioral Approach. Ghriwati, Nour Al; Winter, Marcia A.; Everhart, Robin S.; Fiese, Barbara H. Report Dec 1, 2017 6313
Clinical findings, child and mother psychosocial status in functional constipation. Appak, Yeliz Cagan; Sapmaz, Sermin Yalin; Dogan, Guzide; Herdem, Ahmet; Ozyurt, Beyhan Cengiz; Kasir Clinical report Nov 1, 2017 4144
estate, 50 years on radical; Fifty years ago a 'revolutionary' new council estate in Wales offered young families a better life. ABBY BOLTER finds out how things turned out in Wildmill, Bridgend. Oct 22, 2017 2245
It's not just skittles and beer - 'it's like family' Social clubs in Cardiff are still a haven for people to meet friends, play skittles and have a drink. Thomas Deacon pays a visit to three of them. Oct 7, 2017 1379
The Relationship Between Counseling, Social Support, and Depression In Mothers of Fragile Families. Delaney, Megan E. Oct 1, 2017 7450
IT'S NOT JUST SKITTLES AND BEER - 'IT'S LIKE FAMILY' Social clubs in Cardiff are still a haven for people to meet friends, play skittles and have a drink. Thomas Deacon pays a visit to three of them. Oct 1, 2017 1416
Gender power dynamics in rural area of India. Gupta, Subodh Sharan; Maliye, Chetna H.; Deshmukh, Pradeep R.; Raut, Abhishek V.; Dongre, Amol R.; G Report Oct 1, 2017 4841
Domesticating the 'troubled family': Racialised sexuality and the postcolonial governance of family life in the UK. Turner, Joe Essay Oct 1, 2017 10507
Gender and Care Relationships in Transnational Families: Implications for Citizenship and Belonging. Tastsoglou, Evangelia; Dobrowolsky, Alexandra Case study Sep 22, 2017 9054
Treatment for cases of violence by Brazilian emergency services focusing on family relationships and life cycles. Avanci, Joviana Quintes; Pinto, Liana Wernersbach; de Assis, Simone Goncalves Ensayo Sep 1, 2017 7531
TRANSGENERATIONAL TRANSMISSION OF VIOLENCE AMONG PARENTS OF PRESCHOOL CHILDREN IN CROATIA. Rikic, Josipa; Beljan, Petrana; Milosevic, Milan; Miskulin, Ivan; Miskulin, Maja; Mujkic, Aida Report Sep 1, 2017 4980
Abu Dhabi Fund for Development Pledges Financial Contribution to Dar Zayed for Family Care. Aug 24, 2017 422
Experiences of adolescent crack users and their relatives with psychosocial care and institucionalization. de Paula, Milena Lima; Jorge, Maria Salete Bessa; de Lima, Leilson Lira; Bezerra, Indara Cavalcante Ensayo Aug 1, 2017 5761
The crossover of work-family experiences among supervisor-subordinate dyads in India. Sampath, Pavithra; Baral, Rupashree Jul 1, 2017 5311
Tendencias de investigaciones sobre la familia en Colombia. Una perspectiva educativa. Paez-Martinez, Ruth Milena Report Jul 1, 2017 9432
A profile of families in the emergency family homeless shelter system in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Sylvestre, John; Kerman, Nick; Polillo, Alexia; Lee, Catherine M.; Aubry, Tim Report Jun 22, 2017 6829
Family vulnerability index to disability and dependence (FVI-DD), by social and health conditions. Amendola, Fernanda; Alvarenga, Marcia Regina Martins; de Oliveira Latorre, Maria do Rosario Dias; de Ensayo Jun 1, 2017 4688
The Latinx Family: Learning y La Literatura at the Library. Davila, Denise; Nogueron, Silvia; Vasquez-Dominguez, Max Report May 1, 2017 6148
Re-imagining family and gender roles in Aminatta Forna's Ancestor Stones. Ng'umbi, Yunusy Castory Report Mar 22, 2017 6987
A Psychological Perspective on Preterm Children: The Influence of Contextual Factors on Quality of Family Interactions. Gatta, Michela; Miscioscia, Marina; Svanellini, Lorenza; Peraro, Chiara; Simonelli, Alessandra Report Jan 1, 2017 7561
Personal and family sources of parents' socialization values: a multilevel study/Fuentes personales y familiares de los valores de socializacion de los padres: un estudio multinivel/Fontes pessoais e familiares dos valores de socializacao dos pais: um estudo multinivel. Barni, Daniela; Ranieri, Sonia; Donato, Silvia; Tagliabue, Semira; Scabini, Eugenia Jan 1, 2017 6863
Challenges and Progress in Ensuring the Right to Be Heard and the Best Interests of Children Seeking International Protection. Kanics, Jyothi Dec 30, 2016 9088
Factors influencing family care by immigrant women in Spain: a qualitative study/Factores que influyen en el cuidado familiar prestado por mujeres inmigrantes en Espana: un estudio cualitativo/Fatores que influem no cuidado familiar prestado por mulheres imigrantes na Espanha: um estudo qualitativo. Casado-Mejia, Rosa; Ruiz-Arias, Esperanza Dec 1, 2016 6674
Share the wealth: 4 rules for couples living on one income. O'Connell, Stefanie Dec 1, 2016 464
'Of course we do': inequality, the family, and the spell of social mobility: families play a very important role in preserving social immobility. Calder, Gideon Sep 22, 2016 3996
"We pray, and we read.... I let them watch some TV": African American preschoolers' bedtime experiences with literacy. Kelly, Jenell N.; Jarrett, Robin L.; Williams-Wheeler, Meeshay Sep 22, 2016 11873
"I have the worst fear of teachers": moments of inclusion and exclusion in family/school relationships among indigenous families in Southern Ontario. Milne, Emily Report Aug 1, 2016 8158
A Catholic role in healing US culture. Editorial Jul 29, 2016 999
Paternal Involvement in Families from Different Socioeconomic Status/O Envolvimento Paterno em Familias de Diferentes Niveis Socioeconomicos. Gomes, Quele de Souza; Alvarenga, Patricia Jul 1, 2016 7156
Effect of Social Support on the Relationship between Relational Aggression and Family-Maladjustment: Adolescents' Perspective. Bibi, Neelam; Malik, Jamil A. Report Jun 22, 2016 4033
All in the family: today's fathers face complicated progress in achieving a healthy work-life balance, too. Raymond, Chris Jun 1, 2016 1985
QRCS empowering 28 families with funding from Oxy Qatar. May 14, 2016 366
Report reveals shocking level of poverty in region. Report Apr 29, 2016 466
Extent of poverty in the North East is revealed in shock new report; More than a third of crisis families in the North East lack every day essentials most take for granted. Apr 26, 2016 441
Parent perceptions of how nurse encounters can provide caring support for the family in early acute care after children's severe traumatic brain injury. Roscigno, Cecelia I. Apr 1, 2016 11525
Two perspectives on demographic change and the future of the family. Cahn, Naomi; Carbone, June; Lavine, Howard Report Feb 1, 2016 12905
'Well, how can you be Jewish and European?' Indian-Jewish experiences in the Toronto Jewish Community and the creation of Congregation BINA. Train, Kelly Amanda Jan 1, 2016 10230
Constructing and negotiating identity in "birth culture": an intercultural communication approach. Chang, Changfu; Chen, Zhuojun Joyce; Chatham-Carpenter, April Report Jan 1, 2016 8015
Relationship between parent supervision and anti-social behavior in juvenile offenders from the State of Morelos. Amezcua, Lorena Carrillo; Garcia, Francisco Juarez; Gonzalez-Forteza, Catalina; Velez, Nora Angelica Jan 1, 2016 4964
Family matters, but sometimes chosen family matters more: perceived social network influence in the dating decisions of same- and mixed-sex couples. Blair, Karen L.; Pukall, Caroline F. Report Dec 1, 2015 10865
For-real holiday survival. Cornwall, Deborah Nov 1, 2015 1364
Low-income working immigrant families in Quebec: exploring their challenges to well-being. Pitt, Rebecca S.; Sherman, Jessica; Macdonald, Mary Ellen Report Nov 1, 2015 5939
Newcomer civic participation: the alliance homework club and the integration of next generation youth in Ottawa. Belanger, Nathalie; Dalley, Phyllis; Turner, Karine Report Sep 22, 2015 10591
Francis: market takes family 'hostage'. McElwee, Joshua J. Aug 28, 2015 596
What makes a family? Gramick, Jeannine Jul 17, 2015 1105
Trajectories of young people from Zaragoza (Spain) in configurations of working-class families/Trayectorias de jovenes de Zaragoza (Espana) en configuraciones familiares obreras/Trajetorias de jovens de Zaragoza (Espana) em familias operarias. Pac-Salas, David; Ventura de Pedro, Tirso Jul 1, 2015 7723
A tale of two crises: America and the American Black: a perspective. Lattimer, Robert L. Jul 1, 2015 3130
Stress & coping strategies in families of mentally retarded children. Morya, Mukesh; Agrawal, Atul; Upadhyaya, Suneet Kumar; Sharma, D.K. Jun 29, 2015 3607
Is Carole Samaha expecting a girl? Preggers starlet goes baby shopping for all-things-pink! Brief article Jun 25, 2015 143
My own public funding story. Ratcliffe, Sara Hutchinson Jun 22, 2015 1674
Summer vacation tips military families should know about. Woodworth, Jennifer Cover story Jun 1, 2015 1431
The Acquaviva family from Atri: books, culture and feudality. Palmieri, Giorgio Critical essay May 1, 2015 3506
Family and Social Network Care, Interaction, and Well-Being: A Case of Chronic Illnesses (Pakistan). Apr 30, 2015 7340
Investigating the new legal concepts on the real protection for the child at risk: shifts in family relations and caregiving. Dobre, Raducu Razvan Report Apr 1, 2015 5548
Affective and Family Relationships of Women with Anorexia and Bulimia/Relacionamentos Afetivo-Familiares em Mulheres com Anorexia e Bulimia. Leonidas, Carolina; Santos, Manoel Antonio dos Apr 1, 2015 8611
Will-making prevalence and patterns in Australia: keeping it in the family. Tilse, Cheryl; Wilson, Jill; White, Ben; Rosenman, Linda; Feeney, Rachel Report Mar 22, 2015 8200
One-parent students leave School earlier; educational attainment gap widens. Ziol-Guest, Kathleen M.; Duncan, Greg J.; Kalil, Ariel Report Mar 22, 2015 2464
The way we weren't: the myth and reality of the 'traditional' family. Koontz, Stephanie Column Mar 22, 2015 2508
Contribution of socioeconomic factors to reproductive tract infections and infertility in rural India. Rana, Minakeshi; Rana, Virender Mohan; Atri, Surinder Kumar Mar 12, 2015 2644
Dehabilitation in the era of elimination and rehabilitation: a study of 100 leprosy patients from a tertiary care hospital in India. Seshadri, Divya; Khaitan, Binod K.; Khanna, Neena; Sagar, Rajesh Report Mar 1, 2015 5874
Patterns of parent involvement: a longitudinal analysis of family-school partnerships in the early years of school in Australia. Daniel, Graham Feb 1, 2015 7570
Ruling disappoints bishops. Brief article Jan 16, 2015 155
4,151 low-income families in Bishkek to receive social coal. Oct 9, 2014 120
Working [on imperial] families: Bettina Bradbury's imperial re(turn). Henderson, Jarett Essay Sep 22, 2014 3054
Time to tackle domestic violence: identifying and supporting families. Dennis, Tanya Report Sep 1, 2014 3961
Marriage Fund promotes family life. Aug 6, 2014 239
Lack of social support network may cause family suicides. Jul 24, 2014 679
For family advancement. Jul 4, 2014 427
Parent involvement: perceived encouragement and barriers to African refugee parent and teacher relationships. Tadesse, Selamawit Report Jul 1, 2014 4434
Reflections on "crossing borders in birthing practices": Hmong in northern Thailand and Saint Paul, Minnesota. Culhane-Pera, Kathleen A. Report Jul 1, 2014 2265
Family variables as moderators between beliefs towards medicines and adherence to self-care behaviors and medication in type 2 diabetes. Pereira, M. Graca; Pedras, Susana; Machado, Jose Cunha Jun 1, 2014 4708
Caregiver burden and sibling relationships in families raising children with disabilities and typically developing children. Roper, Susanne Olsen; Allred, Diane W.; Mandleco, Barbara; Freeborn, Donna; Dyches, Tina Jun 1, 2014 2800
Rosalyn Kahn Emcee to Open Asian Americans Advancing Justice Family Empowerment Event. May 6, 2014 281
Enacted social support and cultural practices among women and families observing a postpartum rest in Taiwan. Sandel, Todd L. Report Apr 1, 2014 9200
Courage to make the sacrifice. Huhtanen, Shelly Apr 1, 2014 931
Working with culturally diverse families. Quezada, Reyes L. Report Mar 22, 2014 2432
Contextual influences on work and family roles: gender, culture, and socioeconomic factors. Perrone-McGovern, Kristin M.; Wright, Stephen L.; Howell, Desiree S.; Barnum, Emily L. Mar 1, 2014 3787
Study seeks strengthening of family structure as basic societal institution. Feb 24, 2014 174
The heart of it all: This February, take some time to think about what changes can be made to keep or improve your family's cardiovascular health. Whether it is taking a walk together, learning your blood pressure number, or eating more vegetables, each of these activities is a step in the right direction for a healthy and happy heart. Bonhomme, Natasha Feb 1, 2014 1175
"One Hundred Good Wishes Quilts": expressions of cross-cultural communication. Hanson, Marin F. Jan 1, 2014 6489
Intervention in community family therapy with ten Cali families from the west hillside/Intervencion en terapia familiar comunitaria con diez familias calenas de la ladera oeste/Intervencao em terapia familiar comunitaria com dez familias locais do bairro Ladera Oeste. Terranova-Zapata, Lina Maria; Acevedo-Velasco, Victoria Eugenia; Rojano, Ramon Jan 1, 2014 8496
Family separation and the impacts on refugee settlement in Australia. Wilmsen, Brooke Report Dec 14, 2013 8593
Child Care & Preschool Open House at the YMCA of Eastern Union County. Oct 10, 2013 786
Quality in family child care settings: the relationship between provider educational experiences and global quality scores in a statewide quality rating and improvement system. Hallam, Rena A.; Bargreen, Kaitlin N.; Ridgley, Robyn Report Oct 1, 2013 6642
Supporting breastfeeding through workplace, early childhood centre and family relations: educators' experiences. Monk, Hilary; Gilmour, Carole; Hall, Helen Sep 1, 2013 6395
Current situation of research on family life in Malaysia. Wan-Ibrahim, W.A. Aug 1, 2013 2171
Postpatriarchy. Nguyen, Dzung Kieu Report Jul 1, 2013 8254
Cross-cultural comparison of the effects of optimism, intrinsic motivation, and family relations on vocational identity. Shin, Yun-Jeong; Kelly, Kevin R. Report Jun 1, 2013 9638
Sand in their shoes: Belle Harbor families struggle to return home. Waldroupe, Amanda Jun 1, 2013 3483
A month of milestones. Editorial May 24, 2013 596
Families struggle to get access to one year old in gov't care. Apr 1, 2013 1175
How deployments affect military families: managing the impact, coping with change. Arvanitis, Hope Apr 1, 2013 3765
The weeklies: in the Denver suburbs, as in much of the U.S., the Great Recession turned formerly stable families into the new homeless--and left many living in budget hotels. Potts, Monica Essay Mar 1, 2013 7273
Vatican newspaper compares marriage equality to communism. Speciale, Alessandro Jan 18, 2013 1025
Do preschool programs affect social disadvantage? What social workers should know. Herman-Smith, Robert Report Jan 1, 2013 6108
The impact of self-esteem and social support on college students' mental health. Merianos, Ashley L.; Nabors, Laura A.; Vidourek, Rebecca A.; King, Keith A. Jan 1, 2013 5193
Parental stress and children adjustment in kinship foster families. Jimenez, Jesus M.; Mata, Estefania; Leon, Esperanza; Munoz, Alicia Report Jan 1, 2013 7410
The teenager as a medical patient: the influence of social factors on the health care activity of teenagers in the field of reproductive health. Surmach, M. Dec 1, 2012 4247
Work is a beacon of Light to North families. Oct 10, 2012 482
Family dynamics in families with children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Chu, Kangkang; Li, Shasha; Chen, Yixin; Wang, Mingchun Report Oct 1, 2012 3835
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