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'Amend: The Fight for America' - a good series for anti-racism education. Mar 2, 2021 437
Qantas chief hit with pie over gay marriage support. Jul 13, 2020 338
Sacramental relationship: Netflix documentary shows seven decades of love. Manson, Jamie L. Jun 12, 2020 1019
Rider dean returns to faculty following Chick-Fil-A dispute. Perry, Jessica Brief article Mar 6, 2019 204
It's Bennett vs. Schneider in the 10th House. Mar 22, 2018 662
Curry on 'the Jesus way,' racism in America. Forget, Andre Interview Oct 1, 2016 825
Taiwan. Cairns, Kay Jun 1, 2016 802
The ghost children of Mormon country: when the repressive, antigay policies of the LDS church were leaked to the media, rates of LGBT teen homelessness and suicide skyrocketed. Moore, Chadwick Jun 1, 2016 3099
President proposes changes to constitution to allow gay marriage throughout Mexico. Navarro, Carlos May 25, 2016 1134
Hiltz laments lack of passion for social justice. Forget, Andre May 1, 2016 456
Truly queer TV: how HGTV has changed our world. Anderson-Minshall, Diane Apr 1, 2016 1422
Editor's letter. Breen, Matthew Editorial Dec 1, 2015 636
Bigger piece of the cake. Eleveld, Kerry Dec 1, 2015 1452
Gay assimilation. Musto, Michael Oct 1, 2015 1142
The conservative case for funding: an unlikely constituency is funding the fight for LGBT rights, using the marriage equality road map. Eleveld, Kerry Oct 1, 2015 2757
Mundelein mayor defends July 4 remarks Defends: Mayor responds to single parents. Jul 7, 2015 1507
It's no cakewalk: despite Hollywood's help in stirring a sea change in American opinion, and the Supreme Courts blessing of marriage equality, there's still much more work to be done. Johnson, Ted; Lang, Brent Jun 29, 2015 3060
Love, loss and steadfast commitment lead a nation forward. Obergefell, Jim Editorial Jun 29, 2015 795
It's about more than marriage; it's about dignity and justice. John, Elton Jun 29, 2015 539
Eric Garcetti: marriage equality is only part of an ongoing fight for rights. Johnson, Ted Interview Jun 29, 2015 731
Gay marriage defies human nature. Brown, Brian S. Jun 29, 2015 433
Entertainment's false sense of reality. Scott, Greg Jun 29, 2015 431
Broadway: always ahead of the curve in equality: theater has long pioneered LGBT issues, both onstage and off. Cox, Gordon Jun 29, 2015 815
A question of benefits: health insurance. Taylor, Camilla Jun 29, 2015 408
U.S. workplace protection remains the biggest issue: Wendy Stryker of New York-based law firm Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz is an employment law specialist. Gray, Tim Interview Jun 29, 2015 467
Ted Olson: 'the American public now sees this as a matter of liberty': Ted Olson, former U.S. solicitor general, was joined by David Boies in a suit for same-sex couples, which ultimately overturned Prop 8. Johnson, Ted Interview Jun 29, 2015 417
Ron Nyswaner: 'Philadelphia' writer aimed film at the Mainstream. Setoodeh, Ramin Interview Jun 29, 2015 397
Shariah prohibits gay marriage within Muslim religion. Brown, Jonathan A.C. Column Jun 29, 2015 804
Friedkin wishes he'd kept gay kiss: but 'Boys in the Band' director says he never aimed to make a statement. Bart, Peter Jun 29, 2015 460
Feminists can learn something from LGBT activism. Griffin, Kathy Column Jun 29, 2015 409
Embracing equality before it was fashionable: for many, the fashion business has been a haven for those who are idiosyncratic and unconventional. Feitelberg, Rosemary Jun 29, 2015 832
Teacher reinstated after posts. Brief article Apr 24, 2015 166
Can gay wedlock break political gridlock? Blankenhorn, David; Galston, William; Rauch, Jonathan; Whitehead, Barbara Dafoe Mar 1, 2015 5395
Ruling disappoints bishops. Brief article Jan 16, 2015 155
World Vision's gay marriage flip-flop reflects evangelical angst. Apr 11, 2014 336
Gay marriage fight tests friendship; Man instrumental in helping end ban that AG pal strives to defend. Weber, Paul J. Mar 1, 2014 699
The social consequences of dissociation: lessons from the same-sex marriage debate. Cloud, Doug Report Jan 1, 2014 6210
Pixar's power pair: producer couple Rae and Anderson explain what drew them together. Wolff, Ellen Dec 10, 2013 664
Do homosexuals exist? Or, where do we go from here? Barbour, Hugh Essay Jul 1, 2013 2954
Hell-bent: why gay marriage was inevitable. Wolf, Aaron D. Essay Jul 1, 2013 2795
PM's delight over gay marriage bill; The furore over new legislation for gay marriages dominated the corridors of Westminster this week. The Government's plans to legalise gay marriage cleared the House of Commons despite more Tory MPs voting against the proposals than voting in favour of them. May 25, 2013 1416
Tyranny of the minority? Johnson, Ted Mar 18, 2013 785
Sign language. Brief article Mar 8, 2013 156
Sex after Christianity: gay marriage is not just a social revolution but a cosmological one. Dreher, Rod Mar 1, 2013 2367
Vatican newspaper compares marriage equality to communism. Speciale, Alessandro Jan 18, 2013 1025
Social work faculty support for same-sex marriage: a cross-national study of U.S. and Anglophone Canadian MSW Teaching Faculty. Woodford, Michael R.; Luke, Katherine P.; Grogan-Kaylor, Andrew; Fredriksen-Goldsen, Karen I.; Gutie Report Dec 1, 2012 7479
Free speech? Davis, Crystal Nov 8, 2012 199
AAFP Congress endorses same-sex civil marriage. Ault, Alicia Oct 15, 2012 1218
Anger as Australian senator links gay marriage to bestiality. Sep 19, 2012 423
Gay Marriage's Jewish Pioneer. Sanders, Eli Jun 6, 2012 1007
Neither "gay" nor "marriage". Williamson, Chilton, Jr. Jun 1, 2012 1749
Queering couplehood: Robert & John Allerton and historical perspectives on kinship. Syrett, Nicholas L. Mar 22, 2012 10340
Marriage on the March Part Deux. Klein, Dan Mar 5, 2012 369
Gay marriage is not a priority for nurses. Quinn, Brett Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2011 460
Nurses must take a stand on issues such as gay marriage. Linsell, Charles Aug 1, 2011 435
NY fights over gay marriage. Brief article Jun 10, 2011 186
Stonewalling marriage: homosexuals should reject the blessings of the state. Raimondo, Justin May 1, 2011 1614
Chipping away at the bench: how we failed the judiciary in Iowa. Knief, Amanda Essay Jan 1, 2011 945
Bias in black and white: California's religion-based ban on same-sex marriage parallels historic battle over interracial unions, say legal experts. Boston, Rob Dec 1, 2010 2224
Same-sex marriage in Canada: the impact of legal marriage on the first cohort of gay and lesbian Canadians to wed. MacIntosh, Heather; Reissing, Elke D.; Andruff, Heather Report Sep 22, 2010 7557
U-Hauls vs. federal rights: why we don't want "seperate but equal.". Fisher, Michele Sep 1, 2010 1118
Same sex redux: how did same sex marriage re-emerge as one of the most vexing social issues facing lawmakers? Nelson, Christine Apr 1, 2010 2115
A phenomenological study of women in same-sex relationships who were previously married to men. Boon, Stacey L.; Alderson, Kevin G. Report Dec 22, 2009 11501
Smart family values. Booth, Carol Essay Sep 1, 2009 1902
H'wood's new wedding plan: activists wrangle over gay marriage strategy. Johnson, Ted Aug 17, 2009 974
What's the opposite of disaster? Brief article Jul 1, 2009 219
Love without borders: immigration laws are the next battleground in the flight for equal rights. Thomson, Kyra Apr 1, 2009 938
Mormon-led push to ban same-sex marriage in Wyoming fails. Mar 1, 2009 570
Teen idols. Kilmer-Purcell, Josh Mar 1, 2009 490
Our journey to holy union: the ceremony was everything we had imagined it would be from the moment our families lit the candles to our tear-filled exchange of vows to the closing prayer. Graham, Kate Childs Jan 23, 2009 825
Rick Warren: work in progress? Feuerherd, Joe Column Jan 9, 2009 408
Proposition 8 and black homophobia. Monroe, Irene Jan 1, 2009 629
Blame the God of woe for Prop 8's passage. Morford, Mark Jan 1, 2009 686
The age of ignorance. Barrett, Jon Editorial Dec 16, 2008 508
The Banality of justice. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 122
The perks of marriage. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 180
Taking on Dr. Laura and The Times. Garry, Joan Nov 1, 2008 2176
Debating gay marriage and Proposition 8. Betty, Stafford Oct 31, 2008 917
Why do "I do"? Poet and memoirist Mark Doty didn't want to marry his partner. Sure, they were in love and there were benefits to be had, but Doty was afraid that legal recognition might change his relationship. Then he reliazed that it's the other way around: that his union, and others like it, will likely change the institution of marriage--forever. Doty, Mark Cover story Oct 7, 2008 1474
As Ellen goes, so goes the nation: when Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi got married in California in August, there were no protests, no career fallout, and no media backlash, just congratulations from all. Kort, Michele Oct 7, 2008 566
Gay marriage Hallmark moment. Sep 5, 2008 138
Ready to make nice: how to get along with your right-wing relatives. White, Dave Column Aug 26, 2008 635
Charities refuse to give. Brief article Jun 30, 2008 205
Two concepts of separation of Church and State. Bastien, Richard May 1, 2008 1870
My not-so-big fat gay wedding: getting hitched in Vegas without the kitsch. Friess, Steve Mar 25, 2008 841
Massive pro-family rally. Brief article Feb 1, 2008 179
Is text sex real sex? Dec 1, 2007 1190
Gay Catholic youth group ministers in Mexico. Agren, David Sep 7, 2007 513
Marriage is here to stay in Massachusetts. Citron, Jo Ann Sep 1, 2007 581
How banning same-sex marriage hurts hetero marriage. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 278
Civil Union Act passes in Illinois. Ponciano, Asiana Brief article Jun 1, 2007 103
Marriage equality means "I do" for everyone. Bryant, Carol Brief article May 1, 2007 300
Too many eggs in the wrong basket: a queer critique of the same-sex marriage movement. LaSala, Michael C. Apr 1, 2007 1709
Stop compromising on "civil unions". Decter, Midge Mar 1, 2007 2423
Dobson blasts Cheney's daughter for same-sex child-rearing plan. Feb 1, 2007 397
Marriage activists urge civility; Violence feared if same-sex rights rhetoric stays hot. Jan 12, 2007 677
South Africa: it might be the law, but are gay marriages really African? It is a first in Africa and a fifth in the world. On 30 November 2006, deputy president, Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka, signed into law the civil union bill, ending years of an acrimonious public debate on gay marriages. Kgomotso Nyanto reports. Nyanto, Kgomotso Jan 1, 2007 1096
Sinking Santorum: why are gays and lesbians pounding the pavement for a U.S. Senate candidate who opposes same-sex marriage and won't stand up for gays in the military? Look at whom he has a good chance of defeating. Stevens, Allison Oct 24, 2006 1602
Equal in adversity. Mapa, Alec Sep 26, 2006 530
Second opinions. Brief article Sep 26, 2006 251
Les noces en vrai: les regles changent ... et restent les memes. Matrix, Sidney Eve; Greenhill, Pauline Critical essay Sep 22, 2006 8397
Struggling with tradition: making room for same-sex weddings in a liberal Jewish context. Lash, Shari Sep 22, 2006 9085
Rants & raves. Brief article Sep 12, 2006 187
Not full citizens. Clinton, Kate Sep 1, 2006 595
A nation under attack: forget Osama bin Laden. Queers and immigrants are the new villains. Brownworth, Victoria A. Sep 1, 2006 1052
Bush kicks gays. Rothschild, Matthew Aug 1, 2006 532
No wedding bells: why banning same-sex marriage spells disaster. Davidoff, Judith Aug 1, 2006 1934
Marrying Mounties. Hays, Matthew Brief article Jul 18, 2006 124
Something old, something new. Power, Jennifer Jun 1, 2006 1276
The science of same-sex marriage: with the two-year anniversary of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts comes a flood of studies, books, and research papers on the benefits of marriage for gay couples and the harm caused by denying it. Kuhr, Fred May 23, 2006 1277
Same-sex marriages: legal issues. Smith, Alison M. May 1, 2006 9014
Married to the man: some dykes marry men, and stay married, for more reasons than you think. Selke, Lori May 1, 2006 1612
The right to choose marriage. Brownworth, Victoria A. May 1, 2006 963
Annals of etiquette. Brief Article Mar 1, 2006 130
E-naming names. Brief Article Mar 1, 2006 197
Marriage between homosexuals is good for marriage. Ruether, Rosemary Radford Nov 18, 2005 791
Never going back. Steele, Bruce C. Editorial Oct 25, 2005 566
The reality of gay sex. Steele, Bruce C. Editorial Aug 16, 2005 483
A marriage proposal: with gay marriage now on the agenda, it may be time to consider the institution of marriage itself. Hunt, Mary E. Jun 22, 2005 2220
Yours, mine, ours. Brief Article Jun 21, 2005 84
'Traditional' marriage: a secular affair. Warren, Patricia Nell May 1, 2005 4521
Fight my battles: gay pride month special, June 2005: books to tackle life's legal complications in the black LGBT community. Lyons Larry D. May 1, 2005 905
Religion, politics, and privacy. Seneco, Michael Apr 26, 2005 708
Ending marriage discrimination: America in a civil rights moment. Wolfson, Evan Jan 1, 2005 4837
Insurance for the unmarried. Noyes, Andrew Brief Article Aug 31, 2004 125
Straight talk on gay unions. Prince, C.J. Brief Article Jul 20, 2004 152
Can marriage be saved? A forum. Willis, Ellen; Kennedy, Randall; White, Edmund; Fineman, Martha; Kipnis, Laura; Ephron, Nora; Collin Panel Discussion Jul 5, 2004 10129
Going to the chapel ... or not. Perry, Cynthia; Campbell, Dustin; Roden, Bill; Henderson, Laurel Letter to the Editor Jul 5, 2004 316
Gay marriage shows why we need to separate church & state. Moody, Howard Jul 5, 2004 2747
Gay nuptials combine pomp and protest. Solomon, Alisa Jul 5, 2004 1937
How to have our family and smash it too. Minkowitz, Donna Jul 5, 2004 1066
To wed is to lose one's precious distance from conformity. Stimpson, Catharine R. Jul 5, 2004 1790
Gay marriage vote makes August ballot. Corrigan, Don Jul 1, 2004 934
Rules of engagements. Fisher, Michele Jun 1, 2004 1312
Homophobia of all hues: the marriage-equality movement confronts antigay sentiment among blacks. Lisotta, Christopher May 17, 2004 1920
A marriage bias? San Francisco news outlets sideline gay reporters who choose to get married. Lisotta, Christopher Apr 27, 2004 402
The black divide: African-Americans who refuse to support equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians are shoving their own history back into the closet. Ehrenstein, David Column Apr 27, 2004 1135
Marriage's bloody backlash: legal victories and the movement to legalize gay marriage have meant an increase in gay bashing. Healy, Christopher Apr 27, 2004 858
Gay marriage: sidestep on freedom's path. Cockburn, Alexander Apr 5, 2004 980
Winning it all. Sperber, Jodi Mar 30, 2004 728
What can you do? Caldwell, John Mar 30, 2004 368
Civil marriage, civil rights. Kaiser, Charles Mar 30, 2004 665
Lack of marriage taxes seniors. Brief Article Mar 16, 2004 118
Life after gay marriage: what happens now that gay and lesbian couples can get hitched in San Francisco and Massachusetts? The political backlash has already begun, but the battle for equality may be won in the newlyweds' everyday lives. Graham, Chad Cover Story Mar 16, 2004 2909
Massachusetts may allow same-sex marriages, but most states will not recognize them. Brief Article Mar 16, 2004 137
A maverick on gay marriage: former Massachusetts governor William Weld stands out in the Republican Party as a straight man arguing for same-sex marriage. Bull, Chris Mar 2, 2004 592
Rallying against marriage in the Bay State. Brief Article Feb 17, 2004 133
The sacred and the pop star. Sullivan, Andrew Feb 17, 2004 648
Same-sex "marriage". Brief Article Feb 1, 2004 141
Bishops tackle abortion and same-sex "marriage". Brief Article Feb 1, 2004 257
Opponents. Feb 1, 2004 362
Many models of marriage can and do exist. Cooperman, Jeannette Column Jan 23, 2004 818
No special rights. Steele, Bruce C. Editorial Jan 20, 2004 754
Melissa & Tammy: a love story. Steele, Bruce C. Cover Story Jan 20, 2004 6981
Speak now or forever hold your peace? Why we need queer critiques of gay marriage. Thompson, Susan Jan 1, 2004 1590
The freedom to choose: gay marriage and its radical others. Pilon, Dennis Jan 1, 2004 1294
Qoute unqoute. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 247
Riding the waves. Fisher, Michele Nov 1, 2003 1449
The limits of family. Brownworth, Victoria A. Nov 1, 2003 1149
Confronting Canada: couples who have tied the knot in Canada are forcing U.S. government officials and private businesses to grapple with the reality of same-sex marriage. Delgado, Ray Oct 28, 2003 402
Quote unquote: confessions, obsessions & answers to questions. Brief Article Sep 22, 2003 207
Ding dong. Don't give a damn. Cockburn, Lyn Sep 22, 2003 658
A religious, civil hornet's nest: emotional baggage connected with the word marriage complicates debate over gay unions. McClory, Robert J. Aug 15, 2003 1509
Same-sex adoption supported. (Policy & Practice). Peters, Sally Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 127
Finnish church meeting members do not want employees registered in same-sex partnerships. Brief Article Apr 5, 2002 152
No salvation after all. (Benefits). Ghent, Bill Brief Article Dec 25, 2001 106
December 10, 1996: A model gay marriage goes bad. Romesburg, Don Brief Article Sep 11, 2001 223
Europe's right gives nod to new family forms. ALLEN, JOHN L. JR. Brief Article Feb 2, 2001 497
What is this thing called love? Vincent, Norah Dec 19, 2000 648
No Slippery Slope. CORVINO, JOHN Jun 22, 2000 2556
On Being Homosexual in the 21st Century. Wheatley, Mickey Jun 22, 2000 2419
Standing on ceremony. Nissing, Douglas F. Brief Article Dec 8, 1998 744
Notes & Comments: November 1998. Nov 1, 1998 1721
A new marriage mantra. McConnell, John Brief Article May 12, 1998 648
The marriage moment. Gallagher, John Column Jan 20, 1998 3054
Why same-sex marriages. Bullough, Vern L. Dec 22, 1997 612
... Domestically attached. Wolfson, Evan Oct 14, 1997 938
Gay ... with children. Benkov, Laura Oct 14, 1997 764
Keeping the faith. Gallagher, John Jul 22, 1997 714
Creating a new gay culture: balancing fidelity & freedom. Rotello, Gabriel Cover Story Apr 21, 1997 3315
The Homosexual Surge. Knight, Robert H. Apr 1, 1997 2570
Wedded to an illusion: do gays and lesbians really want the right to marry? Johnson, Fenton Cover Story Nov 1, 1996 4523
Remembering Herve. Ireland, Doug Jun 24, 1996 922
Here comes the groom..: (marriage contracts for homosexuals) Jun 22, 1996 932

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